July 9, 2007

Animals and Law of Attraction

dog1.jpgThose of you who have been reading me for a while heard about my Sophie girl (9 year old retriever mix) who died last year. She underwent two ACL surgeries at roughly 7 years old, which honestly didn’t make a big difference in her mobility (probably because of the arthritis) and both surgeries were tough for her to recover from.
I bring that up because Sadie started limping two weeks ago. Vet suspected she blew her knee out. I suspect he’s right. He wants to do x-rays and probably perform corrective surgery.
I haven’t been back in since.
She’s skipping dog walks so as not to exacerbate the problem. (Man, is it tricky sneaking Joe and Koda out for walks without Sadie finding out!)
The thing is, I keep thinking about Abraham telling us to simply “get out of their way” so they can heal. That it’s our vibration that likely caused the imbalance, and that it’s our vibration that often hinders their natural healing.
“Get out of their way.”
(I mean, Abe said that to a vet!!)
They know how to heal. Their bodies are excellent at coming back into balance – when they’re allowed to do so. That’s why their natural inclination is to slink off and be alone when they’re not feeling fabulous.
They want to be left alone to come back to equilibrium.
I get that. And so Sadie’s not getting x-rays because that feels like the next step to a surgery that I can’t get on board with being in her best interest. And Shadow, who my clients have heard sneezing in the background for the past three months, is not getting a steroid shot for allergies. I’m getting out of his way too.
As best I can.
(This coming from a girl whose entire paycheck used to go straight to the vet. I was on a first name basis with the entire staff; I didn’t need an appointment; they let me sleep in the back room overnight when the occasion called for it; I mean we treated everything and we did it aggressively. With mixed results.)
Get out of the way?
Man, this feeling sure reminds me of that post about positive thinking vs. irresponsibility. All I can do is what feels best, and right now that is to avoid the vet. I’ll trust these beloved animal friends of mine know better than we do about healing. I’ll trust that the best way I can support their healing is to see them as whole and healthy and perfect, and to lavish them with good love. And I’ll trust that when the time comes that I can do something else to better support them, I’ll know it, and then I’ll do it.
Until then, this dog’s driving me nuts without getting her daily exercise! But I love her dearly. Isn’t she a sweetie?

  • Good Vibe Coach says:

    Indeed – teaching us MUCH about grace.

    Sophie’s walking perfectly normal now; has been for several days. I’m thinking we might be ready for short walks again, soon. 🙂

  • Anonymous says:

    She sure is! And yeah to giving her space and allowing her to her healing her way.
    A close friend went through similar stuff you have gone through and takes as golden care of her critters as you do. Her most loving and devoted Willy Dog got sick and she paid for his operation. She wishes she had not given him that extra stress and just let him go with grace and with all his favourite people and things around him.
    It’s been my experience that animals teach us a lot about grace.

    Love Leslie

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