Bashar on How to Change Beliefs

Bashar on How to Change BeliefsWhat if changing your beliefs was way easier than we thought?

That would be good news for deliberate creators, since we know the world unfolds according to what we believe, know, and expect.

(Which is why I wrote about how to change beliefs last year.)

Some of us manifesters spend a fair amount of time identifying and reworking our dominant thought patterns.

In fact, I’ve wanted an effective, fast and EASY way to change beliefs ever since I learned how important they are.

Because it’s normal to get caught up thinking it’s hard work and takes a long time to switch up old thoughts.

While psych-k seemed to hold great promise for instantly rewriting new beliefs, I don’t personally experience the process as super downstream.  (Plenty others love it, though, so check it out if you feel inspired.)

But I recently heard a different approach to this subject from Bashar that fits the fast, easy and effective criteria.
In this video clip a lovely young woman asks how to change beliefs and Bashar answers to this effect:

Your emotions are the key.

When you feel an “idea” you don’t prefer (like fear, self doubt, sorrow, sadness, etc.) the first thing is not to ignore or suppress it, but to feel it fully. Own it.

“Because you cannot change what you do not own.”  (Love that!)

So just recognize, acknowledge, and own it.

Then ask yourself this question:

What would I have to believe is true about my relationship to this situation in order to feel this way; to react like this?”

Your higher mind will help you find the beliefs that are generating that emotional experience.

Next, as soon as you identify the belief, it is gone.

“Because any belief, any definition that you consciously identify, that is out of alignment with your true self, when you identify it will automatically appear illogical and nonsensical.  It won’t make sense.  That’s how you know it’s out of alignment with your true self.”

So as soon as you identify the belief that’s out of alignment, it will automatically appear illogical to hold on to it, and in that second you will no longer have it.

Identification IS release!

Some say looking at what we “don’t want” isn’t a helpful practice (Abraham and Mike Dooley included), but despite that advice, I know many of us have had the experience that bringing something to light – just becoming aware of it – dissipates it!  It’s like the conscious light of day poofs it away.
Bashar on Changing Core Beliefs

Bashar also shares that believing in your ability to change beliefs is the key that unlocks you and allows you to create the reality you prefer.

(Which, again, we do by getting in touch with the belief that is creating our current reality and replacing it with the belief we prefer.  Thus generating the reality we want.)

If you’ve been making it hard work to change your dominant thought patterns, consider that it may be as easy as using your emotions to trace back to the source thought.  And that simply identifying that thought allows its release.

Let’s face it – if we believe it can be easy, then indeed it must be.  🙂

Would love to hear your experiences with your belief work, if you care to share …

  • July 7, 2012
  • Pijer says:

    Believe you can choose what you belive. Be in a now and act on things that excite you the most. Period ;). If you believe it is not enough, you are right.

  • helen says:

    I listen to both these teachers and I find that Abraham says the same thing as Bashar and vice versa they just have different ways of putting the message out there. Abraham too says allow the negative emotion, play with it …I have a whole discourse from them on how Esther planned delicious revenge when she felt angry and powerless about something, and when you feel done, when you know what it is you truly want then turn in the direction of what you want.
    Beliefs are just what Abe says they are ………thoughts you keep thinking………seems some thoughts linger around longer sometimes or resurface because they are in the collective consciousness so they are never not going to exist. What I think both of them are putting out there is that you cant run away from a negative or limiting belief you have to address it but not for long and once you have faced it, it’s power is negated. As Abraham says some of these beliefs are so ingrained that they do crop up again and again but what we find is that it becomes easier to identify them and to change them into beliefs that serve us better. At no time does Abraham say don’t allow the feeling, in fact you can’t change it until you do allow it.
    Just seems some people hear things differently and some non-physical entities say things differently but they are still the same things. Seth was the first entity I came across who channeled through Jane Roberts said all of this too but his language is of an older time & construct and until you get used to it, it’s pretty hard going (also the questions asked were different)………which is why i love to listen to as many of them as possible just to see how much they say the same thing that my higher self says to me. We don’t need any of them to tell us how to do things you know but it is handy to have different slants and ways to get to the same place as possible ………..anything to make the way clearer and easier!!
    Me I use whatever tool works at any given time to get where I want to be.
    Peace xx

  • Brian says:

    I read this earlier today and thought i’d give it a try. There’s this person I haven’t been resonating with although I really wanted too. It’s been going on for quite a while. so i tried it. I relaxed and waited after asking what’s the problem here?
    Immediately it popped into my head, ” You don’t think you’re good enough.” Nothing more and nothing less.
    Well I immediately felt good enough and no longer resisted that person wanting to hang with me or not wanting to hang with me. I felt quite relieved and also delighted to find such a simple, easy and effective technique for growth.

  • Yes, Jeannette! Such a juicy topic! One that I love diving into….
    In my own explorations about this subject what has really been profound is looking at what I believe about ‘Reality’. Much of the rest of our beliefs will have this core ‘reality belief’ in whatever else it is that we believe about any other situation in our lives. For example if we believe ‘all men are jerks’ which I recently heard a woman say(thankfully she wasnt talking to me, lol) sure you can change that belief through a Bashar or Abraham technique or many other out there, but this will not effect your core belief about reality, how the world works, what our divine potential is, and so on. If we believe life(‘reality’) is mostly physical, tangible, no pain no gain, hard to change, i’m a loser, its all too hard, etc. its going to be quite a leap to:
    All Things Are Possible
    However, when we change the core belief we have about what it is we are experiencing in life, essentially our belief about what is Real, whether we believe more in the power of The Source, Force, Spirit, Faith, Energy, Quantum Reality etc. or if we see this physical life as an illusion, temporary, changeable, malleable, etc we become much closer to the statement: All Things Are Possible because our core belief about Reality/Life is that we are in command of our destiny and not outside forces of any kind. Once we adopt a belief system around Reality as being one of our own inner Perception is Reality, that our lives are truly experienced only in our Minds….all of sudden changing ANY belief becomes possible and therefore ANYTHING becomes possible…..
    Ill stop there. lol.
    Cat, as far as the auto/pop up thoughts that I call ‘Circling Thoughts’, what I do is get grounded, get present, awaken my senses, fully inhabit my body temple, watch the breath moving in and out of my body, feel life coursing through my veins, my mind, my heart, and start building that powerful pattern of experience rather than the circling, ego, at times fear based and worrisome thoughts…..feeling this ‘Aliveness’ moves me into an inspired state and away from one of anxiety, worry, and fear.

  • S.M. says:

    Hi, thanks for the video, totally awesome !
    Asking what would I have to believe in order to feel good in relation to this situation is the most miraculous instant shift tool I have come across until now. I have applied it to few burning issues I had on the stove today and every thing shifted instantly. Powerful stuff!
    Thank you for sharing!

  • Jessica says:

    Right on!!! Emotions are the key. I cant explain in detail but most of my great improvements in health cama thru sadness. I dont Believe in “negative” emotions. Feeling them, owning them provides great reliefU

  • BarbaraM says:

    I loved this piece from Bashar – because that is the way I “erased” a gazillion of limiting beliefs….
    I was really working sistematicaly on particular areas of my life and I noticed – as soon I conciously identified the belief – it was gone. There was a lot of self observation and a lot of introspection – but this didn’t feel bad to me – on contrary – I was really enjoying this work. However I did this by attending Landmark seminars – and through doing certain homeworks, connected with that…
    Thank you Jeannette for bringing this to us in even more convenient way – now we have even a question for identifing the belief which is holding us back in particular situation. Thanks! Will try it immediately 🙂

  • Deb says:

    Love all the Bashar material, been following him for a couple of years now,however releasing limiting beliefs is the bit I`m mostly working on. I have really bad limiting beliefs around money, always worry when I have to spend more than usual and I know where it comes from and have tried Bashars technique, I know my beliefs illogical and non sensical and still I hae it, and I know I have it because when I have to pay for something, or have a bill come in I get those same feelings, proper annoying it is 🙁

  • Cat, do you have any experience with Psych-K?
    Alison, thanks for sharing those words. I’m all for not “poking around in the muck” if it’s not required!

  • Alison Primrose says:

    Bashar’s suggestion is a handy way to learn more about how your own brain works. But it’s only one way out of many. If someone is mistreating you, then you might hold a core belief that you are here to please others, no matter what their behaviour. You could come to a recognition of this with Bashar’s method, but you might just as easily focus on the feeling of your worthiness and value, for the sake of the feeling itself, until the grid fills in. The filling in of the grid will include positive new beliefs about the value you place on yourself and the ability to recognise the old beliefs for what they were. Bashar’s method involves recognizing the old beliefs in a conscious way with the intellect; but if you were thinking about your beliefs, to do anything else would be denial, resistance, which certainly isn’t what Abraham teaches. Abraham just emphasises a way of going about it that doesn’t necessitate poking around in the muck, and reactivating an old, worn out grid in the process. That feels better to me.

  • Cat says:

    I’m all for it’s-easier-than-you-think (’cause often, it IS!), but I find that when I have investigated a belief, even if I have identified it as nonsensical and “no longer ME,” thoughts and feelings that articulate that belief continue to pop up. There’s less charge on them, but it’s as if my mind is a broken record, or some insane version of that game “Marco Polo,” where whenever some-given-thing enters my attention, my mind sounds off that belief/thought/emotion like roll call at boot camp. (Price tag: “can’t afford it”, or whatever.) Does anyone else experience this, and if so, how do you approach these pop-up automatic thoughts?

  • Brenda, I suspect you’re onto something with that – that all this belief work out there contributes to the belief that it’s hard work!
    Here’s to embracing the thought that it really can be easy. And fast. And effective.
    I like that thought. 🙂

  • Brenda says:

    Ohhh, I ‘love’ the responses thus far!
    I feel that where Bashar says that “believing in your ability to change beliefs is the key that unlocks you and allows you to create the reality you prefer…I feel the truth of that..
    There are a dizzying number of processes to choose from in effort to change one’s beliefs. That in itself can give rise to the belief that beliefs are hard to change…which can easily lead to believing that they can’t be changed.
    So far, I’m resonating with Bashar’s approach the most, because in its simplicity, it eradicates my revisiting idea that maybe beliefs are ‘hard’ to change.
    I have used the approach he’s described and, yes, I’ve found it really does work that slickly; the idea or belief that produced the discordant feeling disappears the second I identify it and gave it a good look.
    A revelation I’ve had with Bashar’s process is that when, on occasion, another discordant feeling seemed to come right on the heels of the one I just dealt with, I would think that the feeling from “illogical” thought had returned. Now I know that the secondary feeling is that sinking feeling that comes from the deluded idea that maybe ‘that’ particular belief is so ingrained that it ‘can’t’ be changed. That belief has been replaced by the belief that beliefs CAN be changed – without that belief, there’s no hope for me. 
    Great post, Jeannette!!! Thank you for introducing me to Bashar material!!

  • Evan Griffith says:

    Omg (oh my goddess, in your case) — thank you so much for airing this here. I’m also a passionate Abraham acolyte, but from personal experience I’ve seen how diving into something painful can be the first step for alleviating it.
    A good example in my life, small scale: Years ago I discovered that meditators — and others I presume — can easily get rid of headaches. I’m a meditator (!), I thought, let’s give it a go.
    Here’s the simple process: When you feel the first tinglings of a headache, you stop what you’re doing and get into a calm, meditative state. From there you bore into the incipient pain. You feel it thoroughly . . .
    And then you use imagery that works for you to release the blocked energy. For me, I open a pipe. It looks and feels like a pipe running through a submarine, with the circular wheel to open the port and all. I see the built-up pressure whoosh out. And, truly, it is gone.
    I haven’t had a headache in 6 or 7 years. If I feel something coming on, I’ve so trained myself that I needn’t even stop and meditate now . . . I can think it in an instant and BLINK, and it’s gone.
    Thank you Jeannette!

  • Wow, Evan! You’re right – I hadn’t thought of handling physical pain in this context when I wrote this post – but I totally get the power of that!
    And I hadn’t realized how natural it is for me to resist an oncoming headache – kind of looking forward to playing with my next one, with your example in mind! Thanks for that!

  • Thanks for sharing more experience, Nancy, that it is as simple as awareness to shift something. Love that example!!

  • Nancy says:

    This reminded me of what David Hawkins says in his book, Healing and Recovery, about losing weight. One thing which is when the we believe we are hungry to stop and sit with the feeling, find out what and where it really is and sit with it. I find it so amazing that the feeling disappears like magic when I sit and observe and don’t judge. Thanks for this post, I’ve gotten to eating for the wrong reasons again and will try this once more.

  • If it feels helpful, Ashley, it undoubtedly is! I like how you describe the “swinging energy,” too.
    Michael, agreed, that’s a big and powerful belief to get a handle on. Sending good thoughts for you on that.

  • Michael says:

    Very cool! My main undesired belief that I tend to cycle back to is that the universe is not safe, which manifests in a kind of low-level static of fear. Even in identifying that though, I have a slightly difficult time actually know the universe IS safe. I don’t watch news (though my Facebook account lets a lot of political, environmental and other topics filter through) and have a spent a fair amount of time practicing shifting my focus.
    It would be great to shift that prominent belief that the Universe isn’t safe…but I haven’t yet found a way to do that permanently.

  • Ashley says:

    I really identify with Bashar. I find it very helpful to know what I don’t want in order to swing energy (and that is how it feels a surge of swinging energy) over to what I do want or how I want to feel.

  • That makes total sense to me, LovelyMe: “… belief is either your roadblock that gets in Universe’s way, or the vehicle you use to get out of the Universe’s way.” I see it the same way.
    Which is why it’s so important for us to get a handle on them, huh? On being able to recognize what they are, whether they’re serving us, and being able to swap them out.
    Thanks for reading and for posting, LovelyMe. 🙂

  • LovelyMe says:

    lol, as I see this post after watching 5 Bashar videos on YouTube…
    I am a huge follower of Abraham Hicks, but as I said on the GVU forum, Bashar completely has my attention lately.
    What Bashar says about identifying a limiting belief and it automatically going away…in my experience, that is true.
    As I personally continue my journey/studies, whatever you want to call it with LOA-related topics, I can tell you that all of my A-HA! moments have always centered around belief. Limiting or otherwise.
    I feel belief is either your roadblocks you put out that get in the Universe’s way, or your vehicle you use to get out of the Universe’s way, if that makes sense.
    No matter how far I get into all these different techniques and tools, it always comes back to belief and faith.

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