Because I Said So

Familiar words for many of us growing up, right?

Whether asking why we couldn’t sleep over at our friend’s house or why we had to take a bath when we didn’t want to, often the reason decreed by mom or dad was: “Because I said so.”

And so it was. The ultimate authority had spoken!

If your family was anything like mine, that was the end of it. There was no cajoling or whining or trying to turn the tide in one’s favor. It was a done deal. Those four words put a stop to all negotiation.

Maybe we even express that power with our own charges today – whether kids, employees or partners.

I said it to Russ just the other night when he asked on behalf of the dogs why they couldn’t go back outside – for the third time that night. Helloooo, because I said so, that’s why! That’s reason enough; I do not need to explain it. It’s my desire. End of story. So shall it be.

I am the authority when it comes to the dogs. And the cats.

And myself, it turns out.

As well as my world.

That’s what conscious creators know about how the world works.

Which is why I’m so fond of using those four words to my own manifesting benefit.

I want the foster kitties to go to amazing homes where they’re loved and adored as treasured members of the family? So shall it be. Because I said so.

I want an easy answer or good news from the tax person or the banker? So shall it be. Because I said so.

When I stop doubting it or fretting about it, and Universe gets my clear instruction that “this is how it is for me,” it responds in kind. Because that’s all it can do – give us back what we’re putting out.

I’m not even a parent and I’m a pro at those four words.

Because I am a conscious creator who knows that as she speaks, so shall it be.

Reminds me of when Will Smith said that although it seems like two plus two equals four, the truth is that “two plus two’s gonna be what I want it to be.”

What I’m suggesting is that those of us who have been trained to believe in the power of the words “Because I said so,” can leverage that power in our manifesting work.

  • Fabulous financial abundance? Yep. Because I said so.
  • Dream come true cake walk of a job? Uh-huh. Because I said so.
  • Smokin’ hot lover, speaking only Italian, in black leather pants, whose greatest wish is to inspire another’s satisfaction? Yep, that too, if I say so!

(Hey, no judging. We get to want whatever we want!)

Can you find that ultimate authority within yourself? Can you connect with that part of you that knows you have final say about everything – that you are the ultimate creator who calls all the shots?

I’m all for going with the flow and letting divine guidance lead the way, on the right occasion. But sometimes declaring how it’s going to be for you is the best way to go.

Speak with conviction when you proclaim what you’re creating. Know you’re the authority of your life and your words are all powerful. Say it like you mean it and like you expect Universe to jump to it.

Just because you said so.

  • February 11, 2016
  • I definitely needed to read this today although it’s a Feb post. Thanks Jeannette!

  • Elle says:

    I love that segment with Will Smith! I saw it when I was first learning about LOA! Also, a great guru said the same words- well, you want something, so are you willing to keep going until you get there or die doing it and even get “points” for the next life while doing so? It is a question of how far are you willing to go- all the way or not. The true spiritual way is that of not settling, after all.
    I needed this because I get off track at times when thinking about my crazy family and the fact that there is mental illness in it. Will it hold me back or not? I know I myself am getting off the track even asking myself this and it is me who puts on this break on but I cannot help it, I am human and have this human tendency. I know my nature is not my mom’s but the fact that I carry her genes spooks me out. Any thoughts with this one?

    • nieuwevis says:

      hi! i also have a family history of mental illness…i used to worry about that for myself and my children. but i like what neville says about it: that we do not have to be bound by our physical lineage. if our thoughts produce our reality, then i can declare “i have a sound mind”, “i am healthy in my body, mind and spirit” and experience that reality.

  • Dosen’t my email name say it all? I chose it years ago because “It is better to have `Say So’ than `Know How,’ because if you have `Say so,’ you can hire all the people with `Know How’ that you need!
    “True mastery of life, is the ability to do “with,” or “without!” – Arlo R. Hansen, B.O.T.O., 1928 – ?
    “What is Divinity…if it is not “fudge?” – Arlo R. Hansen, B.O.T.O., 1928 – ?
    Much good stuff here, J. M., but then the Cosmic always sees to it that I am taken to where the “Good Stuff” is, or It brings it to me!

  • Arlo R. Hansen says:

    Dosen’t my email name say it all? I chose it years ago because “It is better to have `Say So’ than `Know How,’ because if you have `Say so,’ you can hire all the people with `Know How’ that you need!
    “True mastery of life, is the ability to do “with,” or “without!” – Arlo R. Hansen, B.O.T.O., 1928 – ?
    “What is Divinity…if it is not “fudge?” – Arlo R. Hansen, B.O.T.O., 1928 – ?
    Much good stuff here, J. M., but then the Cosmic always sees to it that I am taken to where the “Good Stuff” is, or It brings it to me!

  • Bob says:

    Amusing really that this man is a well known closet Scientologist. He’s now running a school teaching Scientology to kids, including his wife. I wouldn’t recommend him or his teachings on a blog…

  • If God created the world with His Words, “Let there be light!” Consider, we are created in His image. We have the god-like DNA to speak things into being.
    Further, if we again pull from the Christian Scripture it says that “the Power of Life & Death are in the Tongue.” That’s a lot of power.
    The trouble is that our life is what it is “because we said so” whether we acknowledge it or not. Every time we say we’re “sick and tired” it is so – because we said so.
    I am learning to change the words I am applying my authohrity to because I don’t want to be “sick & tired”! And no food is “to die for”.
    This post struck a chord, can you tell?

  • danae says:

    I thought I’d try this one today as I was driving along thinking about money patterns I’ve recognised as being ‘caught’ from my parents – and started saying outloud – “I’ve got LOADS of money and its here to StAY – because I SAID SO!” (and MINE to KEEP) seconds later the radio started playing “she’s a rich girl” – which is now stuck in my head along with “because I said so!!” 😆 LOVE IT!

  • Cathy says:

    I used that phrase a lot when my kids were growing up – even though I hated it when my parents would say that to me!
    As a professional hand analyst I, of course, was watching Will’s hands as he spoke. 🙂 What I noticed is that both of his ring fingers were almost equal in length to his middle fingers – which are tall and strong. The significance of this is that the tall/strong middle finger indicates that the person can be a teacher; is frequently career driven; and is organized and responsible. The tall ring fingers indicate the desire to be on stage/in the spotlight. Obviously, Will exudes all of these qualities – and more!

  • Agreed, Kristy. He’s definitely a fine example of LOA in action.
    And Lorena, you are part of what it makes it so! Thanks for being here. 🙂

  • Kristy M says:

    I also realized that Will has and done it all and theres so much more hes going to do. He has done tv, film, cds, talk shows, benefits ect. He has an amazing marriage with a gorgeous girl and beautiful kids… and not to mention hes rich 😉 I had an acting teacher that said that there is something about Will, he said hes not the best actor in the entire world (even though hes still amazing at everything!!!), but he could make the worst movie ever and it would still make 30 million opening weekend… because hes Will Smith. He is definitley special and its refreshing to see its all the way he thinks

  • Great Blog and great people here, can feel the good energy.

  • Kristy M says:

    I absolutley love Will Smith. He pretty much is an alchemist. EVERYTHING he touches turns to gold. Hes amazing and very inspiring. Its nice to have a role model in showbiz that has the same philsophy

  • Amy, I appreciate your perspective on the last half of Will’s video. That feels MUCH better and is likely much more lined up with who he is and what he’s about.
    You’ll love The Alchemist, too. It’s one of my all time favorites. 🙂
    Thanks for joining the conversation, Amy!

  • Amy says:

    Your blog is such a blessing in my life, I am always renewed after reading it, thank you! I loved the Will Smith video, although I don’t know much about him. I looooved that clip. I am wondering if what he meant at the end may have been about always following our bliss, answering the “call” when it comes, following up on those great ideas that come to mind when we aren’t trying to, following hunches… I’m thinking that he was talking about “just do it.” Intense desire, keeping life passionate, like you are, in your LOA pursuits. I am often amazed by the intensity of your focus on this topic, and so relieved, because your constant blog emails keep me on track because I always read them and I didn’t have to do any research. You did it, because you love it!!!!! OK, I’m rambling like stream of consciousness now, sorry, but I’m really feelin’ it!
    We just watched a documentary called Man On Wire last night. In 1974, a French man secretly strung a high-wire between the towers of the World Trade Center and walked, danced, layed down, and ran on this wire for 48 minutes! (My hands are sweating just thinking about it.) The whole documentary illustrates his sheer, undaunted focus and will to do this (and other) amazing feat. His drive reminds me of this energy Will Smith showed in his interview. The high-wire walker danced with death, and while that was part of it, it was so much more. There’s something about the idea that these guys will do what they want to do right through the idea that the possibility of death is just not stopping them… I was super impressed by this guy, well, both of them.
    I not only love your blogs, but also the comments section that expands and expounds on the topic. I feel so lucky to have come across it.
    Now, to find a copy of the Alchemist ;).

  • Ha – you just inspired a whole new post for me, MissyB! Thank you!

  • Missy B says:

    Whenever I say anything with conviction, my intentions always go tits up ! Can I say that ?! I feel when I proclaim my desires, the Universe gives me the opposite and says “NO – because I said so ! ”
    Obviously this is an issue and as usual one has to look within for the answers, but in the meantime, I’ll stick with the more gentle, whimsical, wouldn’t it be nice game.

  • Thanks for saying so, Col! That means a lot coming from you. 🙂
    And Kim, that’s perfect: “panache!” Thanks for giving me better access to the energy with the word that represents it so well!
    Like the peacock. I think it’s time for a new picture on the office board!

  • Col @ life by muse says:

    Wow, what an amazing interview this was with Will Smith … I never saw it before … thank you so much for sharing this with us! And I love your flip of the words “because I said so” … so beautiful and perfect! Thank you for your wondrousness Jeannette! Thank you for rocking *so* very hard! 😉

  • Kim Falconer says:

    I think the word we are after is pansche! ‘Because I said so’ is bursting with it!
    Panache from the French ‘pennache’ or Pinna, meaning wing or plume. It’s Confidence with flair! A Peacock!

  • Ha! I love your BISS method for handling the Internal Logistics Team, Janette!
    What a hoot!

  • Janette says:

    At last a way to skip past my gremlins!
    I’ve managed to knock many of my old ones on the head, but the ones which still catch me out are the members of my internal Logistics Team. They demand to know HOW something is going to be manifested. They want details – what, why, when, how, project management and gantt charts and all the rest. They are complete control freaks and sometimes I struggle to make them SHUT UP.
    They will have no answer whatsoever to “Because I Said So”. It withstands all those attempts to make “logic” intrude. AND I LOVE IT!
    PLUS the acronym BISS rhymes with kiss! 😀

  • Nice analogy, Nancy! Way to help us tap even MORE into our creative power!

  • LOVE your spin on this all-too-familiar phrase, Jeannette! I’m chuckling because what you say IS SO TRUE!!!
    When God created the world, I *doubt* she said…”Ok, I really want this, but I’m not sure it’s even really possible. So, instead, I’ll settle for less-than…” NO!!! God was very clear about what was desired and considered IT SO!
    Made in the image of God, we have the same gift…if we choose to use it. To pray rain is to see the world as if it is already as we desire it to be (because we said so!).
    Thank you for this funny & enlightening shift of thinking!
    Many blessings,

  • You are SUCH a hoot, Deb!!
    I just found myself having that old thought .. um, how to describe it .. you know the one where you recognize something super valuable in your life and you make note of it to ensure you don’t lose track of it? Like, “in case of fire, bring the blanket from grandma, the wolf statue, all the animals ..” ? Well, I just had that thought about you. hee hee “Bring DEB!”
    I guess that’s what we’re doing here together, huh?
    Rendezvousing in time and space, having the great time we knew we would!
    What a treat that you’re learning so much from Destin! I think you nailed it about kids teaching US about LOA.
    Thanks for being here and sharing your absolutely lovely energy, Debra. Namaste.

  • Debra says:

    Love this! Why? Because I said so! :0)
    Good thing you put the disclaimer right where you did under the red hot lover in black leather pants bit…I almost stopped reading right there to head for the comment box! LOL :0)
    Funny story about attempting to use the old school version of “because I said so” with our son.
    Destin trained us very early on that using such a phrase was not the best conscious, compassionate parenting communication tool. He simply wouldn’t accept it.
    He would continue to ask why until he felt he had a reasonable explanation for what ever he felt was being denied him.
    I loved his approach as he ‘came in’ knowing that absolutely everything is available to him…he’s an incredible manifester. (Our kids are the best LOA teachers ever!)
    I can assure you that many times he got what he wanted because when it came right down to it there was no good reason for saying the ‘no’ which led to the ‘because I said so’ routine.
    Funny how the patterning from parents comes in. Awesome how easily we can let it go when we want to. Amazing the wonderful new paradigms we can create…just because we said so!
    Thanks Jeannette. This is a magical re-frame that will tickle me every time I use it. The Universe is gonna love it!
    In Harmony… Debra
    PS~I just watched this vid of Will Smith a couple days ago. I love how he’s been using his fame spots in interviews to share his LOA loveliness. I love Will. …and yeah, the dying on the treadmill part, we’ll let that go.

  • You know what I LOVE, Mitch? That someone is doing this OUT LOUD: “But I will and do openly proclaim that I am not remotely worried about money or the economy, and that I know everything is going wonderfully for me.”
    Amen for that!
    I know for some of us (myself often included), it can sometimes feels more comfortable to keep it to ourselves, to be under the radar with it – but what a GIFT to be able to stand so strongly in it that you express it to others out loud! That “out loud” energy has such power!
    Ever since I tuned into Money Coach Shell Tain’s work years ago, every time I hear the word “enough” used in conjunction with the idea of “money,” I automatically replace it with “plenty.” That might not be a big vibrational difference for some folks, but for me it’s huge.
    I think I know you well enough to know that “plenty” is more your style, right, Mitch?! 🙂 An abundance of it .. plenty to play with! That feels good, doesn’t it?
    I mean, if we’re liberating .. why not go all the way, huh? lol Or maybe now I’M the one projecting?
    Love you dearly, my friend!

  • Look at us embracing our “Said So” power, Bonni!! WOO HOO!!
    I love it!!
    Gosh, can everyone else feel how much more powerful this is when we get it on it together?!
    I sure can!!
    So thanks for that, everyone!
    (And no apologies on my part for all the exclamation points – you guys just inspire me to this energy every time I tune in to you!)

  • bonni says:

    I only say “Because I said so!” to my children when I’ve explained at least twice why I made some decision and they keep asking me, “Why not?” or “Why? Why?”
    There’s a parallel of this concept with a Creator God who speaks things into existence. You know, “And God said let there be…” and there was. It happened because God Said So.
    I’m definitely going to be incorporating this idea into my own life. And it’s going to work perfectly, every time. Because I said so.

  • Mitch says:

    Am I projecting, or is this also a nice deflector for LOA naysayers? lol These days, I don’t bother trying to explain to the skeptics in my life what I’m up to. But I will and do openly proclaim that I am not remotely worried about money or the economy, and that I know everything is going wonderfully for me. Instead of trying to explain why I feel that way, I can just say “Because I said so!” (And, actually, that *completely* explains it. I have enough money because I say so!) I love how you’ve liberated the phrase! 😀

  • Glad you’re connecting with the “kick” of it, Danae! I love how you worded that – that’s exactly what I was trying to convey in the response to Kim.
    Thank you for sharing your perspective here – MUCH appreciated! 🙂

  • danae says:

    Yeah, I love it too 😆
    I’ve been ‘speaking the word’ for all my heart’s desire’s for a while now – and now I’ll be using this new command phrase – which DOES have a real kick!

  • It does to go show, Kim, doesn’t it – that no matter we’re looking at – whether a person, situation, thing, or even a phrase – that there’s a way of seeing it that feels better and more empowering.
    I think the reason the “feistiness” of this phrase could be so effective is because that energy involves some .. what is it? .. confidence? conviction? Something in there very (potentially) empowering.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, my friend! You’re a legend in this circle (as well as many others, I know)! 🙂

  • Kim Falconer says:

    I’m smiling ear to ear! Thank you Jeannette!
    This is the best pivot ever. I used to cringe when I heard those words…now I am laughing and smiling.
    Love love love it….You are the best there is!!!
    Wooo Hooo
    🙂 Kim

  • And that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it, Leslie?! Putting ourselves in charge on a very conscious basis.
    Well said! Thanks for reading, and especially for writing!

  • You’re a natural for this, huh, Ms Nikki?!
    Thanks for posting! 🙂

  • Leslie Richter says:

    Funny how a different perspective on those four famous words can put YOU back in the driver’s seat and a grin on your face.
    I so love that!
    Love Leslie

  • MsNikki says:

    “Because I said so” is a phrase that I *love* to hate and is probably why I am not a parent! I also heard this phrase a lot at my old Gitmo-like job and trust me when I say things got a tad uncomfortable for everyone when I questioned the sentiment! But, I do heart your wonderful spin on the old school phrase! I am going to pass on the black leather pants dude because it tends to get really hot here in Phoenix which translates to sweaty/funky! I will trade that in for a hot dark haired guy with long hair, wearing a cool T-shirt, a pair of nice jeans, and no sandals. Why? Because I said so!

  • Okay, I don’t know what’s more cool, Nikki – that you had that sign up already, or that the sign now has the potential to remind everyone of their creative authority. !!
    My dad reminded me at lunch today of another phrase we heard regularly while growing up: “When YOU’RE the dad, YOU can make the rules.”
    Here’s to making up our own rules!
    Thanks for posting, Nikki.

  • Phillis says:

    Ms. J. Have I told you lately how wonderful and awesome you are????? Love it! Thank you! Cheers P.

  • Melissa, I enjoyed your power thought, especially when tacking on the “Because I said so” at the end of it.
    Isn’t it time for us to get a little sassy with our creative powers?! hee hee
    Or maybe it’s just a mood thing.
    At any rate, thanks for posting, my friend!

  • Nikki says:

    Jeannette– I have got the words “Because I said so” on the wall in my kitchen. It is a carved metal sign, and it was given to me by my parents. Kind of a fun way to pass along the parenting mantra… now that we have children of our own.
    I’ll admit, when I saw the title of your post, I thought, OH geez, I don’t want to read something to make me dislike this sign or feel bad for having it up. Everyone who sees it gets a chuckle… and lets face it, used sparingly it sure is a handy retort to have in your parenting arsenal.
    Anyway, I’m so thrilled that I had nothing to fear when reading your post, and I’m so grateful that you put a spin on it that will forever color how I look at that sign. I actually like that the phrase is now empowering for me as a creator, and I have a feeling my kids will probably learn BOTH meanings of the phrase!!
    As always… well done, Jeannette! Thanks!

  • Melissa says:

    Who’s the guy in the leather pants? What does he wear in summer?
    he he he.
    Hhhmm, I’ve never tried, “Because I said so” with clients, although it’s at times tempting! But clients have said, “Why don’t you believe I need to (insert painful and arduous task here) to find a job?”
    Thoughts are so powerful. My power thought for yesterday and today is that the bronze sculpture to go to uber-biologist E.O. Wilson will be beautifully repaired, he will feel grateful, and Mark will feel the joy of giving.

  • Dawn says:

    Love love love love LOVE this and you, Jeannette!!!

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