Being Sick in the Vortex

illness in the vortexEarlier this week on her GVU call Flavia Daay and I discovered we’re both sick with cold/flu symptoms.

It led to a sweet conversation about our mutual experiences, that sounded suspiciously like “being sick in the vortex.”

(Click here for a reminder of what the vortex is.)

We’re sharing thoughts here in hopes they help you next time you want to release resistance to illness …

From Flavia:

I love how I’m navigating the different aspects of this cold. In the past eight years each time I’ve experienced flu symptoms, the experience of allowing the healing to happen has gotten progressively better. The love and appreciation I feel for my body, my brilliant co-creator, gets deeper.

With each experience I notice I trust my body more and more. I’m letting it lead me in such a smooth, gentle way towards what feels better and most comfortable in any moment, toward what feels most like ease. I let go lovingly for the sake of enabling my body to do what it knows how to do.

I’m really glad I’m not bothered by the occurrence of this cold. I accept it wholeheartedly. I feel no judgment around why I attracted this. This time I know that if it’s happening, it’s happening FOR me. It’s for the best somehow and I can find many reasons. Like Abraham says, when you are sick, your body is asking for health and well-being stronger than ever before. So maybe every now and then a little cold fortifies the body?! That thought feels good to me right now.

I also feel clear about what caused my life force to be pinched off a bit. A feeling of overwhelm (on Saturday I did say it would take me 3 days to do what I wanted to do that day) and the letting go of a relationship, which I felt my way through and now feel at peace about.

I’ve taken lots of actions, like drinking lots of lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, coconut oil, some fresh veggie and fruit juices. I even received inspiration to watch a Teal Scott video that reminded me to gargle with salt water.

And when I couldn’t sleep well the first night I let it be okay instead of resisting it. And it actually helped me feel more refreshed during the day on much less sleep and the subsequent nights it actually helped me fall sleep despite not being able to swallow easily.

But it’s really not the actions that matter. It’s how I felt doing them.  I did them with loving care. I even love my echinacea honey lemon drops that have helped me ease into sleep. I used to not want to buy cough drops thinking it would mean I expected to be sick and need them. But then I decided nothing has inherent meaning and I choose to buy it with the idea that I may never need it (like an umbrella that you take with you and it never rains) but if I did need it, then it would be there for me.

I can really see so many valuable things that have come out of this experience. I’m in genuine awe and appreciation and the result of that can only be it moving faster, more un-hindered through my body. The Communion of Light says “everything wants to evolve” and I’m so happy I have been enabling my body to do just that.

When you put it like that, Flavia, who wouldn’t want to get sick now and then?!

I myself noticed how interesting it was to be in the house yesterday just resting, without all my usual busy-ness online or on the phone. I cancelled everything I felt comfortable cancelling, and prepared for a day of mostly “nothing.” To just be present to the stillness of the day.

The dogs and the cats snoozed nearby as usual, and it was rewarding to get a glimpse of their every day life. This is how it could be for me, too – if I just created more stillness to be present to it.  The sun moving slowly through the living room. Birds flitting about the trees outside. The sound of the heater turning on, and then off again. So still and lovely.

And here I was still and lovely, too. Because of this cold that required me to slow down and rest.

What a gift!

Flavia and I laughed about how interesting our new voices were, with sore throats and stuffy noses. I shared how nice it was to have support from friends and family – mom offering to send over soup, ex-beau covering vet appointments for me, friend & colleague Lisa asking what she could take over, another ex-beau picking up cleaning chores. How gratifying to remember how much everyone loves and supports us.

Being at rest while my body manages this bug has also given me the opportunity to embrace my diva self. Finding a way to know what serves me best and allow that to unfold. No martydom here. I’m a diva with gusto!

Flavia mentioned this video where Teal Scott says it’s not so much a crisis of illness that we’re experiencing as it is a crisis of healing. That’s what the body’s doing to rid itself of the internal toxins – sneezing, coughing, etc. to remove the buildup of toxicity.

That’s a nice way to think of it. This isn’t something gone wrong, this is perfectly healthy!

Maybe you have some nice thoughts or experiences to share about appreciating “illness”?

If so, we’d love to hear them!

  • March 1, 2013
  • Nejie says:

    I so appreciate you Jeannette!
    I am nursing a cold right now and this was the best medicine I could had ever asked for. I checked out Teal Scott’s site and got alot of healing from her perspective.
    Thank you again for all you do and who you are!
    Feeling better now! xo

  • Flavia says:

    I’m feeling back to normal and guess what? The relationship I thought I let go of? Turns out, it came back in a new version. New me, new relationship.
    All is well and getting better.

  • I really love this post! As usual, I love the way that you and Flavia have found something amazing about every aspect of the situation.
    For about a year now, I’ve been actively engaging with what I used to push away or cover up and it’s been quite amazing.
    When I feel a fever coming on, I stop and invite the fever to burn.
    When I feel the tickle in my throat, I feel it completely.
    If I feel nausea, I let it bubble and be profoundly uncomfortable.
    I still get annoyed about it all, but that’s not my dominant vibration on this topic. Now, it’s primarily about allowing, although anything else is OK.
    I’m totally OK with cancelling appointments (which was previously a big never-do!), sleeping all night and all day, loitering in utterly diva-like ways, and generally feeling icky.
    Since I started this active engaging, I haven’t once been sick in any way that is like how I used to experience illness.
    More than anything, it all feels really easy.

  • Marti says:

    Here’s another few thoughts about colds…
    they help us tune up our immune systems!
    They give us practice in finding out homeostasis.
    Our mucous membranes certainly get a work out.
    Our bodies get to practice defending us from really bad things like pneumonia viruses.
    And they sure do enhance our appreciation of normal breathing and sleeping (which we can take for granted sometimes).
    And don’t you just love what colds do to our taste buds? Contrast, we can’t live without it!!!

  • Yeah, Nancy, this wasn’t the “how to not get sick” post, otherwise that tip would have definitely been included! lol

  • Flavia says:

    Nancy, funny you should say that!
    I had a fabulous experience a while back doing just that. I started feeling that chill in my bones and at the same moment I realized I was feeling overwhelmed, and I just knew my body was getting ready to get sick.
    So I quickly got up, thanked my body for the awareness and committed to taking care of myself and giving myself more time to do nothing. And I also wanted to really ENJOY that time, un hindered by any symptoms. Sickness is unnecessary. I got this. And then I did something fun.
    I liked the clarity I had in that moment of turning it around. Basically thank you, but no thank you.
    This time I didn’t catch it in the early subtle stages but had a fabulous time anyway. I can even say the symptoms didn’t take my enjoyment of this week away and I’m feeling close to my regular self today.

  • So true, Jeannette. Once I finally recognized that I was “getting ill” in order to have time to relax, I decided I wanted to enjoy lounging around without the physical symptoms. I started scheduling in the relaxation and found myself healthier. If I find myself feeling tired or run down, I stop THEN, clear my schedule and rest.
    Although, it is *delicious* to embrace the illness and make the best of it, it’s even better to do it while you still feel relatively good!
    My favorite thing to do while recuperating is listen to Abraham’s 5 CD Law of Attraction set in between naps. 🙂
    Many blessings,

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