February 18, 2008

Believing in Blood Stains?

Okay, this was inevitable.  (1)  I’m now living in a new house with a triple Virgo.  For those of you who don’t know what that means, Virgos are known for being really attentive to detail and rather particular about how things are (2).   For my boyfriend who is a TRIPLE Virgo (sun, moon and ascending sign all in the sign of Virgo), that’s a lot of .. oh, how to put it nicely .. let’s just say that’s a lot of critical attention to detail.  (3)
Now, I love Virgos.  My dad’s one, all my best girlfriends are, and I’ve got a lot of Virgo in me – so I can appreciate these qualities. 
Until it’s time to experience the first stain in the house.  This just isn’t going to be much fun.  (4)
It’s like when you wash the car, it’s guaranteed to rain, right?  (5)  Or after you have the rugs cleaned, that’s when you get a foster dog who’s not housetrained.  Or after you go to the doctor to confirm a clean bill of health, you have unsafe sex the next weekend.  (Oh, is that just me?  hee hee – blush blush)
My point is, sometimes it seems certain circumstances call forth exactly what you don’t want.  (6) 
Being in a new house with three dogs and five cats (I have six, but renegade Little Jack stayed behind) – AND a triple Virgo boyfriend is really tempting fate.   (7) 
So you know how this story goes.  Our first night there, Koda, who has never thrown up in his entire life, does so on the bedroom carpet.  (Apparently my movers shared their roast beef sandwich with him and he didn’t like the sesame seed bun.  More detail than you needed, sorry.)
At MY house, this would be no big deal.  We can clean up throwup in our SLEEP.  (Literally.)  (8)  There are no throwup stains on rugs.  They simply don’t exist!  But now I’m living with triple Virgo, and I can’t get a simple throwup stain out!!!  This is ridiculous!
The next day, I hit my head on the chandelier – for the twelfth stupid time (who would hang this thing so low??!) – and I throw at it the cat toy I was holding.  I apparently have really bad aim, because the cat toy missed the indestructible light and hit the wall, leaving a really nice gash in the pristine wall.  Not good. 
Next day I pull a sliver out of my index finger, no big deal – but next thing I know, I’ve left a teeny tiny drop of blood on the fourth stair.  Carpeted stair.
Blood on carpet.
Now I can clean up a lot of stains, but blood … whew.    This one is going to be tricky.  (9)  And sure enough, it is. 
Trying to clean the little single drop of blood has now discolored almost the entire stair. 
Big sigh.
I don’t want Triple Virgo to have to look at this his whole life.  (He has assured me several times we are never leaving this house, so it really would be for his whole entire life.  10)
Can I get blood out of carpet?  Can I?  I don’t know.  (11)  In my old house sure, but here I’ve lost my confidence.  I couldn’t even get a throwup stain off this carpet, so I don’t know about blood.
Triple Virgo tries to get it out, but he just makes it worse.  (Which doesn’t even give me any secret pleasure.)  I really want this blood stain out.
And FINALLY, I realize what I’ve been vibrating.  STAINS.  PERMANENT STAINS.  Fear of creating permanent stains!!  Throw up, gashes, now blood … look what my vibe’s led us to!  Oh my!!! 
Thank God I’m a Law of Attraction Coach and I know how to get what I want.  (12)  (It’s nice when I remember that!)
Vibe switch: Of COURSE I know how to get blood out of carpet.  I remember I’m all powerful.  Blood out of carpet?!  Phfffff!!!  SIMPLE!! 
What does blood out of carpet feel like?  Relief.  Satisfaction.
So I vibe Relief and Satisfaction for a couple of seconds.  And then a couple more for good measure.
I tell my triple Virgo sweetie we should go now.  Let’s shop and when we come back, this thing will be dry and looking much better.  I feel really good about this.  I really do, and I say so out loud.
All for the sake of the vibe.
The vibe can get blood out of Carpet.  If it can get me on and off Oprah, it can certainly get blood out of carpet!  If it can get me out of corporate world and doing what I love – for even more money – it can SURELY get blood out of carpet!  Miracles have been proven before, and we can do it again.
So … we shop.  We return.  This stair looks great.  I’m gonna look at it again right now just to feel that Relief and Satisfaction all over again … ha ha!  Sure enough, I had to count which stair it was because you totally cannot see it any more!!  (I challenge even Triple Virgo to find it.)
But I won’t really (challenge him) because that would be a contrary vibe.  And I’m remembering now that the vibe is what matters.  The vibe is ALWAYS what dictates what happens. 
I realize it would serve everyone in this house for me to give up what I think it means to live with a Triple Virgo.  In fact, I have a bunch of beliefs that aren’t serving me, as tallied up here in this post.  #8 and #12 were good for me; I’ll keep those.  But the rest I might want to release.  Unless I find them so entertaining they’re worth keeping for the humor factor.  (Not.) 
My point is not to gloat over my blood stain cleaning skills – but rather to remind us that we get what we expect.  So check in on your expectations, beliefs, worries, stories, affirmations, perspectives – whatever you want to call them.  Pay attention to your vibe.  When it’s not serving you, change it. 
Here’s to two things: 1) not having blood stains on carpets, and 2) not caring about blood stains on carpets. 

  • sandrar says:

    Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

  • Rick says:

    ~Maybe husbands are naturally more particular than we are, huh, Lesli? Or is that a limiting thought?! lol~

  • Maybe husbands are naturally more particular than we are, huh, Lesli? Or is that a limiting thought?! lol
    Thanks for posting – it’s good to know someone else is contributing to the thought pool of easy carpet cleanup! 🙂

  • Lesli says:

    I can relate to all of this so well since I have cats and a Pug and an anal husband. He is a Libra like me but I suspect he has a lot of Virgo somewhere in his sign! Great posting, I loved it. I must remember to practice this vibe for future incidents involving carpet. 🙂

  • Well that’s very true, Leslie! ha ha! He knows what he wants, he expects to get it, and he appreciates it when he does. In that respect he’s a perfect LOA model for me. lol
    He’s also doing a great job of teaching me to raise my standards (expecting more), where I was a master at appreciating what is – not needing anything to change in order to be happy. I can certainly say I love having a big back yard for the dogs and a jetted tub and a guy who is so particular he’ll wash my car FOR me.
    Plus – get this – he’s never missed a payment or bounced a check in his entire LIFE. (It’s the first time I’ve ever dated someone with a better credit score than me!) And he always remembers to pack the necessities. I mean, this guy pays attention!! I’d be lost if it weren’t for auto payments and hotels with sundry shops!
    Okay, I’m feelin’ it. Thanks, girlfriend. This is a good perspective. I think I’ll spend more time on this one. 🙂
    Love you!

  • Leslie says:

    Okay the thing about your triple virgo is that he is probably a rock of gilbraltor for you. I recently have done this cool switch of thinking upon my husband. I dwell upon his incredible grounded still energy that I really really love.
    Whenever I start to think of the yada yada stuff or start to go with the why doesn’t he..I pause and recall the deep still energy that I love about it him. And it’s working for me, he is picking up on my deep appreciation.
    The thing I really like about Russ, ha ha is that he is fussy and particular and picked you. He has incredibly good taste and I also like how he makes things happen – you are both living in a new home together and it isn’t just any home – it looks like a really adorable home. There is something to be said about people who know how they like things and want things to be. Don’t buy into the script dearheart just admire the intent.
    Love Leslie

  • Yeah, that’s been deliberate re-working of thought for me, Rick, on the topic of astrology. I grew up first fascinated by it, and then thinking of it as a mandate. Learning LOA made me rethink how I thought of astrology, and it took me a while to reconcile the two.

    Kim Falconer (www.falconastrology.com) is an amazingly gifted astrologer who does this more beautifully than any I’ve ever met before. I aspire to her understanding of how the stars can not only guide but empower us without restriction.

    In fact, Kim, maybe you could offer your perspective on triple Virgo. lol I will say this – he is really talented for the work he does – managing the non-destructive testing department of a nuclear weapons/rocket propulsion thingymajig. His job is to look for flaws in motor cases and such. Triple Virgo – looking for flaws for a living. That’s gotta be a good matchup, huh?

    Thanks for posting, Rick. It always lifts my day to hear from you!!

  • Rick says:

    LOL …. that was beautiful. After the first paragraph I felt my vibe changing from secure/happy/genius to “Holy Moley, she’s right, we’re under attack!!!”
    Then you brought us out. Phew!
    And it’s as easy as that. Even easier if we live in Always Eden.
    Thanks for the reminder, Jeanette.
    Also, the references to horoscope bring up another thing for me: while I am fascinated and amazed by what astrology can reveal, I feel that it can be restrictive; a self-fulfilling prophesy. But I guess if I use it as a tool instead of being lazy and letting it do my thinking for me, I’m okay.
    I am delighted that you guys are feeling so much at home there!

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