The Best Manifesting Process

Best Manifesting ProcessSomeone asked what my most effective manifesting process has been in my experience with conscious creation.

I’ve engaged many different creation tools, methods, processes and aids in the 15 years I’ve been playing with law of attraction:

  • Mantras & Affirmations
  • Visualizing
  • Scripting
  • Pray Rain Journaling
  • Guided Meditations
  • Acting As If (this one is huge!)
  • Focus Wheels
  • Positive Aspect Lists (recently reengaged the power of this)
  • Immersion
  • Outsourcering (we do this at GVU, too)
  • Spells
  • Crystals & Magick Oils
  • Pre-Paving (aka Segment Intending)
  • Mind Movies
  • Thought Pivoting (aka find a better feeling thought)
  • Appreciation
  • Letting Go (or sometimes it was giving up!)
  • Slacking & Enjoyment
  • Self Love (this has to be a contender!)
  • Setting Intentions
  • Eliminating Tolerations (Jack Canfield said this is where to start!)
  • Amp It Up exercise
  • Wouldn’t It Be Nice If … (serious magic here!)
  • Placemat Exercise
  • Magic Creation Box (such a fun one!)

But the one that’s been most reliable and effective for me over time?

Well, scripting was what got me hooked about deliberate creation to start with.

But I made miracles come true with pray rain journaling.

I’m famous for some of my mantras. (“I’m a brilliant coach in high demand” is a favorite in some coaching circles.)

I’ve no love for Abraham’s focus wheel, but I’ve had some recent fun with spells, crystals and oils for harnessing and amplifying creative power.

When it really matters I call in the Big Guns (outsourcering to angels, guides, Universe, fellow creators, etc.).

But the one that’s served me the absolute best over all these years?

I’ll share that in the comments.

For the record, though, I believe the best manifesting process is the one we’ll use. Because a practice does us absolutely no good if we don’t engage it.

Let’s hear your favorites, though …

What’s your best manifesting process, method or technique?

  • March 6, 2014
  • sonia says:

    @Daniel, you took me right there! 🙂 I felt the sun, the breeze… and the walk hands in my pockets 🙂 thank you!

  • Thanks for the audio compliment, Isabelle. Have fun with your new journal!

  • Isabelle says:

    Hello everyone out there,
    My first step into this community, exciting!
    Just purchased the Pray Rain Journal and listened to the audio material. Btw, you do well on audio, you have a pleasant voice to listen to, so no worries.
    I started my journal today by dedicating the first two pages to words or sentences written in many colors and ref to what I found important in your book and Q&A session.
    It looks nice with words as simple, alterate state, powerful, no gremlin thoughts, etc. Ready to start writing and defn looking forward to it.
    At the same time, some two months ago, I started an RI training program with a focus on the different mind levels and must say that it is very interesting and capturing as well. Can recommend it. Quite a number of similarities between LOA and RI, although the approach is somewhat different.
    In any case, it feels good to read all the experiences of others, that in itself creates good vibes and of course that is what this site is all about.
    Wish me luck with the journal, I’ll keep you posted.
    Happy thoughts everyone,

  • Mrs. C says:

    @ Maria I don’t know why I over looked your post because it hit the nail on the head for me big time as this is what happens to me too but there was no way that I would of been able to put it into words without blabbing on leading to nothing LOL.
    With Gratitude!
    I just love hearing other peoples experiences.

  • Daniel says:

    I have a method I like to use which involves listening to really upbeat music. For me it would be older Jazz, even swing. I particularly like Django Reinhardt of late. It’s got this bouncy, carefree, happy-go-lucky kind of feel and when I listen to it I imagine one of those perfect days when I feel great and everything seems to be going well. For instance, the sun is shining but there’s a nice breeze in the air. The humidity is low and I’m going about my day’s business with contentment but also purpose. I feel light and airy and unfettered by stress or anxiety. Everything I do from simple things like mailing a letter to going grocery shopping to getting the car washed feels like the right thing to do. Or maybe I’m a character in one of those classic films who’s just strolling along the boulevard in the evening, hands in one pocket, my hat tipped to the side a little, taking a nice, slow relaxing stroll. Not thinking about where I’m going but just letting the night carry me along to wherever it wants me. And the whole time this music is playing in the background. It gets me into a carefree state of mind and then all sorts of happy thoughts and scenarios pop into my head. It works. Heck, I may have invented something new here. Think I’ll call it ‘soundtracking’:-)

  • Mrs. C says:

    OMG I am so loving reading all your posts 😀
    With Gratitude

  • Good question, Margaret. I use the word “scripting” to mean speaking out loud about what we want as if it’s already done, but others sometimes use the word to mean writing it down. (That’s what I call journaling.)
    So here’s my script about how easy it was to get my taxes done next month: “I love how easy the whole process was! I had all the paperwork and numbers I needed; the software worked perfectly; I really was on top of everything this year. And the results were also easy to appreciate – the whole process was actually rather delightful!”

  • Margaret says:

    I love this conversation..and I have a question: can someone describe “Scripting” for me. I think I know, but an illustration would be much appreciated! Hope it’s okay to ask this. Of direct me to a site that describes it! Mucho thanks!

  • Pam, that is a very cool story! Huge testimony to the power of daydreaming/visualizing!
    I love that it’s something you’ve been doing nearly your entire life. 🙂

  • Pam gibb says:

    I have been practicing manifesting skills by accident since I was 5 years old. I was home sick a lot, so I began practicing daydreaming. Visualizing good things I wanted to happen and playing it out in my mind for an hour a day. It made me feel that I actually already had what I wanted and kept me smiling all day. You know I was floored when those good day dreams started happening and they are to this day. When I was 11, I daydreamed every night about my favorite pop star, that I was his girl. You know I ended up dating him on and off for 20 something years. And it happened so easy, just like in my daydream scenes! So God gave me the natural ability to manifest starting at 5, and I have been forever grateful for it. Back then, I thought everyone was doing it, just not talking about it.

  • Oooh, nice tip, Judiesjuice, about the next new moon! Thanks for that.
    And how cool you had such a good time with the manifesting success list! That’s a good one for us to remember to play with.

  • Judiesjuice says:

    Like most of us, I have tried various manifestation techniques over the years. I love creating vision boards. My success rate with a vision board never ceases to amaze me. Side note: the next new moon on March 30th is an incredible time to put together a vision board since it’s the new moon in Aries, first new moon in Spring.
    I recently implemented a technique that I read here: Every single wish that was on my list manifested! I was blown away. I took me 5 minutes to write; I placed it on my nightstand and would look at it every so often. Then I piled some books on it and forgot about it until I was cleaning. Such a fun thing to do. I need to do it again!

  • You rock, Marion! You’re inspiring me to pick up my own journal again.
    And Steve, yes, the right EFT script can make all the difference, doesn’t it?

  • Steve says:

    Every once in awhile I’ll use EFT. There’s a guy on the net that seems very gifted in coming up with scripts.

  • Hands down, PRAY RAIN JOURNALING baby! I absolutely love it and it just plain works.
    I love how it feels when I do it. I love how it feels when exactly what I write happens. And, even though it’s happened over and over again, I love how it feels so FRESHLY AMAZING every single time.
    So glad you shared this tool. It’s my go-to. Big love to you!

  • That sounds like a powerful spell, Mrs. C! Thanks for answering my question about it!
    And thanks for the intro to Claude Bristol – I think I’m new to his work. Will check it out!
    LovelyMe, by Immersion I was thinking of that process where we fill our environment with signs of success that help put/keep us in alignment to what we want. Like, someone who’s manifesting marriage might put a ring on her ring finger, and split the closet up to make room for his clothes. Or like when I was manifesting clients I wrote pretend appts on the calendar and made up clients files as if I already had clients. Just trying to get my world to look now how it would look then …
    Or remember the aspiring writer who wanted to live in New York? She got a picture of the New York skyline for her office wall, and a map of the subway system as her mousepad, and she wore black and ate bagels. “Immersion.”

  • LovelyMe says:

    I have to come back and read all the comments, but I was curious what you mean by immersion, Jeannette?
    I sat and thought about this and I realized for me it is immersion in LOA savvy material. Listening to Marie Forleo, Denise Duffield-Thomas, Abraham, Bashar, and Teal (where it’s either one person talking, or Q&A) as much as possible really fires me up and inspires me. It even brings the magic back in, and is a way of clearing away doubts that LOA is a bunch of hooey.
    There was a period where I was on LOA fire, and that’s because I immersed myself in Abraham material almost constantly, and as a result, I was truly walking the walk. I was always listening to or watching Abraham stuff. I’d listen to it putting on my makeup/getting ready for my day, waiting for the bus, on the bus, youtube on my phone with earphones while doing design homework, and while people watch TV and eat dinner, I was watching/listening to Abe stuff. I didn’t get tired of it, actually. It was constant inspiration.

  • Mrs. C says:

    Regarding my post it note spells I done it was I was deeply broken hearted and returned back to my country to move in with may dad at age 30. This was not easy to say the least.
    I decided to give the spell ago go but I was not even ready for love or anything because I was still not over my ex whom I loved so much but was full of anger. I was a bit scared of doing spells because my sister got into it bigtime with the candle and oil burning and had her results… I knew that she was doing something evil LOL But anyways I went and hunted down all the love spell and money spell books that I felt connected with.
    I find one spell out of all the books I ordered and it was a simple post it note spell. I can’t remember which book it was but I still have it somewhere in my boxes.
    All the love spell: Get a block of pink post it notes and write down “I am in love” So I done this about 50 times or so i didn’t really count but the main goal is to cover your walls in places that you will see it. I used tiny post it notes and plastered them all over my bedroom wall. I felt like a bit of a teenager with this whole love spell thing but said if it works I will know for sure because love was not on my mind. I was just giving it a test even though I wanted my ex bf back but I had no intention of contacting him., plus I hated all men from his country buy then LOL
    A few days after I decided that I had to get out of victim mode and make new friends again but the strange thing was I had a strong feeling of wanting to move back to the country where my ex was from but not to get back with him but because I loved living there.
    I went on a language exchange meeting up both men and women from the EU and ended up having rapport with some guy. I did not see him in a sexual way at all and I believe it was mutual which made me feel safe. Jeezus where can I start… We ended up going to an art gallery and both loved the exhibition and the chemistry sparks started flying. I don’t know how we both ended up rolling around kissing on the grass out side the gallery in full view of everyone.
    We just didn’t care. The attraction on both sides was amazing we had a relationship that lasted a few weeks because he had to go back home to his country. Which I was happy with as I was a not ready for a new full on relationship and he just came out of a 5 year one. I got into touch with my ex but asking him to help me move back but as platonic friends. I needed his help and had to swallow my pride. This was over ten years ago and my and my ex are best friends and even lived together at one point for 3 years not as lovers but friends. The guy that was rolling around with kept in touch for a few months until I had to stop all communication because I was really into him but knew it was infatuation even if he was trying to keep the passion burning.
    So all in all I done the spell and forgot about it and it happened. Of course seeing them every day was the magic. Sorry I had to put my whole life up but I just prove how easy it was esp. that I didn’t put on the post it “I want my ex bf back” after all I did want to marry him back in the day. I did find someone better for that moment in my life and it also made me think that my relationship with my ex bf was never going to work out as lovers but only as good friends. I still have that now. Detachment was the key.
    I must add to the list MIRROR work
    This one is also powerful and worked within days.
    What you do is look into your eyes and tell your self either in the first or second person that you will get what you want and you have it already. I will write about all this in a book but I didn’t know what I was doing and found out many years later that this technique is used by Actors, sales people etc. It can be found in the book “The Magic of Believing by Claude M. Bristol” also on youtube.
    I noticed that Louise Hay does work with mirrors too in her books. As mentioned I never knew what I was doing but only saw it as self talk to get myself out of the darkest pit in my life. I only done it once back when I first gave it ago. You can do this with your affirmations too.

  • It’s so funny, Mrs. C, every time I read what someone’s using I think, “Oh yeah, that’s probably the MOST powerful process out there!” lol
    I am a HUGE fan of appreciation and it’s both easy and enjoyable to practice. And that group energy is powerful to engage, too! Yay for the success you had with acting as if – that feels like a high pressure situation you used it in, too.
    Would love to hear more about your post it note spells … ?

  • Mrs. C says:

    I forgot that Acting As If really is a good one for me but it does take a little while for me to get into teh flow of it. I had to do this years ago when I was living with my ex bf for a year after we broke up.
    I cooked as normal as it was easier to cook for 2 than just myself. I still let his rottweiler use me for making him chicken soup, grooming and many other spoilt pet treats.
    However after I had dinner I just went upstairs and got on with my own life as if he was not there. I had everything packed up on boxes piled up high. Looking at them just gave me a sense of knowing one day I would be gone. This also helped me big time with the feeling of being trapped.
    @Steve I did use EFT/ TFT back in the day but it only seemed to work for a very short time an not reliable thereafter. But when it did work I knew that it was the EFT that worked.
    and this twist from ‪Dr. Henry Grayson Teachs A Simple Technique to Create New Neuro Pathways‬
    I will wait until I’m done with a few thing then give them a go for month at a time to see if it works or not.

  • Mrs. C says:

    Mantras & Affirmations, hypnosis, spells and eliminating tolerations was a big one that I needed to do to move forward. I found this the most hardest of all because I like to have fun with my manifesting process. I mean who doesn’t?
    I done a post it note spell back in 2002 and forgot about it and voila. So I am just now getting back into that even though I used to think spells where a pile of BS before. I am grateful that my belief changed.
    last but not least I done daily gratitude journaling as if it already happened. The result were amazing.
    I am doing this now but I just have to get back into the daily habit of doing it every single day instead of every other day or two. I find it a chore I may well start to just do audio recordings or vblog on my phone as I can talk to myself for ages LOL.
    I think what ever you do that works stick to it as I made the mistake of trying lots of different methods for less than 2 weeks when one needs to give at lest 30 days – 90 days to create any real change. When you find your mojo you will notice that things can happen over night or within a few days.
    I found that things manifested super fast when I took part in a group.
    I also love Cassies method.

  • Deanna, I suspect it really is that easy to work with angels! I haven’t had much formal instruction myself, but it sure seems to work for me, too.
    We’ve got a couple posts about spells for manifesting, but Stella Seaspirit and Kim Falconer are the experts there. (Maybe I can get a guest post from one of them!)

  • Deanna says:

    I am still learning. I only started “trying” to practice and read about LOA in June-July of 2013… but in these months I have seen magical changes within myself. I am playing with many of the techniques listed… Jeannette – do you have any blog entries or more info on spells, magic oils and crystals – those all sound interesting too. I don’t know how to work with angels, but apparently, they know how to work with me – because I have recently been asking “Angels, please remove doubt fear.. ” and. they. have. even though I do not know their names etc

  • Yay for worthiness, Sonia! And for appreciation … did I get that on the list?! I may have to go back and add that one!
    Steve, I wondered about putting things like ho’oponopono and The Work and EFT on the list … I suspect many here employ techniques like that as very effective manifesting aids.
    Thanks for chiming in, you two! 🙂

  • Steve says:

    Visualization using Meditation.
    Does anyone here use EFT?

  • Oh Julie, I can totally feel the power of that!
    I think that “lightness” you engage is a key to its effectiveness, would you agree?
    Here’s to claiming your specialty! 🙂

  • sonia says:

    visualizing and appreciating what is and by appreciating, I mean every day I write what’s been cool about the day that ended. But since the Money vive bootcamp, I play with the “I am worthy of” and it’s doing miracles 😀

  • I like this question, because I never really stopped to think about what my “area of expertise” is in manifesting. I’m best when I picture & think lightly about what I want, only it’s more like I plug into already having it, it’s in the works. It’s kind of a cheerful, dancy, “Yes!” thought. It only takes a second or two.
    Wow, I can’t believe I know this! How handy! Thanks <3

  • Gillian, even though it’s not how I learned it, I’ve always found my journaling to be more effective if I just do it a couple times a week rather than force myself to do it every single day without fail. The flexibility and room to honor the inspiration seems to be a big key as to my enjoyment of it.
    Here’s to powerful pray rain journaling for you this month! 🙂

  • Gillian says:

    Valuable information, Jeannette. Coming from the expert, its the 4rd time I am hearing this since yesterday, so I know it’s a hint to get to Pray Rain journaling again. Merci <3

  • Agreed, Christina, that it’s geared to the individual. I know people who LOVE focus wheels, for instance, but I never got the hang of them.
    We do have a lot of favorite processes in common – acting as if is a super powerful shifter for me! I don’t engage it as often as I “should” – if there’s any such thing as “should” in manifesting.

  • Christina says:

    I love scripting, acting as if and future journaling. I guess the future journal is a form of scripting and pray rain journaling. I basically write out a journal as if something has already happened. Writing and speaking, playing the “what if” game is also fun for me. I’ll try anything, really, as long as it’s fun. I do believe it’s geared to an individual.

  • “There’s no substitute for self-love.”
    I totally agree, Cassie!! I think that may very well be the most powerful practice here.

  • Cassie says:

    Oh Jeannette you are right!!! I guess Self-Love isn’t an optional method for me so I totally missed it as a tool option. I’m always playing with self-love. There’s no substitute for self-love. If I’m not working that one it doesn’t matter what I choose there’s very little juice. Self-love is like recess for me. It gets you to the playground and then I decided where and with what I want to have fun!

  • Janette, it was your Brain Whisperer call at GVU this week that reminded me the best tool is the one that we actually USE. lol Doesn’t matter how powerful the process is if no one wants to engage it!
    That’s actually very much in alignment with what I was, thinking, too … in that the best process is the one we ENJOY the most.
    Because it’s really easy to pick up a method or technique in order to get results from it (i.e. make something happen). But as Abe reminds us, the purpose of these processes is to put us in alignment in the doing of them – i.e. to raise our vibe on the spot. So whatever we ENJOY the most has to be the most effective process, right?
    Having said that, my best manifesting process – despite the dramatic successes I’ve had with scripting and journaling – is just plain old visualization & intention setting. Seeing things go how I want them to before we get underway & focusing my mind on the outcome I want – that’s my best process because it’s easy, I can do it on a dime, I actually DO do it all the time, and it’s effective at shifting my energy.
    But as Helen said on the facebook page, I suspect the best manifesting process is potentially different for each of us. So it’s really for each of us to discover on our own – and I think that’s quite a fun adventure!
    And I love getting ideas and inspiration from fellow creators, so I’m really looking forward to what everyone else has to say on this subject!

  • Janette says:

    The best manifesting process has two qualities:
    1. The doing of it lights you up and gets your juices flowing; it connects you with the reality you want and the way you want to feel
    2. The how-and-when of it is easy for you, so you will actually… you know… DO IT.
    I think we each get to choose our own best way, and we do it by experimentation and self-awareness and noticing what works for ourselves.
    AND I think we have to engage self-love, or at least disengage self-criticism.

  • I like your process, Amy! Yay for finding the sweet spot that serves so well.
    And Nicole, you know, that’s one of the things I love about journaling so much – easy record to reflect back and revel in the progress! Thrilled to hear it’s treating you so well!

  • Nicole says:

    My most powerful tool has been pray rain journaling with I started in 2008 after reading Jeannette’s ebook. SO MUCH MAGIC happening with writing those intentions and feeling them already come to be. Looking back in the journals, there’s so much which has manifested, smoothly and with my pure intention.
    Very appreciate for that life changing tool!!

  • The best manifesting process I’ve experienced is to find my way into a place of peaceful receptivity–doing what I’m meant to do, and leading with the things that leave me to me revel in the joy of creativity. If I then allow everything else to follow, no other effort is required, no further incantations. Especially not the ones that involve stamping of feet and wringing of hands. Or w*rds that r*quire asterisks because they’re salty.
    I suppose all of this falls into “letting go” with a healthy side of “slacking and enjoyment” and perhaps a small taste of “setting intentions.” So I suppose the answer for someone else might be, “Try whatever on the menu looks most interesting at this moment, and go from there.”

  • Cassie, I thought for sure you’d be a proponent of Self Love! But I know what you mean about the power of scripting. It’s HUGE!
    Nicole, really good point. That’s what I love remembering about all these tools – that it isn’t the process itself that’s powerful. Rather, it’s US that’s powerful. Whatever best connects us with that power – that’s the method that serves best. Which is why it’s likely not going to be the same thing for us all. Or even for myself on one day vs. another, potentially!

  • Maria says:

    Mine is to settle in, kind of go out of focus and drift into the world where things have already happened just as I want them too. I can’t explain how it feels other than to say I know when I’m there, and out of that space things happen in the 3-D world very quickly and with great accuracy.

  • Cassie says:

    Scripting what I refer to as “the other side” is hands down my most favorite and reliable manifesting tool. I love to write it and I also really love when I get someone else on board and we play with it together in an actual phone call. I have been having so much fun with it lately. I’m looking forward to hearing yours!

  • Nicole says:

    I like the bottom line from the Bashar video someone posted to GVU over the past day or so: the ritual is only useful in that it will help you *believe* – and give you a *permission slip* to let that thing you want INTO your life.

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