Your Favorite Posts of the Year

Best of 2014 at Good Vibe BlogOf the 98 posts published here throughout the year, you guys had a handful of favorites that got way more attention than most.

Here’s where the big love was flowing at the blog in 2014:

1. How to Practice Being Rich

We’ve talked before about why it’s powerful to practice being rich; in this post we talk about how exactly to do that. This post had quadruple the traffic of other articles.

2. Sleep Your Way to Success 

How can sleep help manifest your desires? This post on how you can sleep your way to success written by LOA expert Nancy Barry-Jansson was your second most highly clicked.

3. Best Manifesting Process

What’s the most reliable and effective manifesting process for those leveraging the law of attraction? Conscious creators weigh in to share the best manifesting process. The gold is in the comments on this one!

4. 25 Affirmations Louise Hay Didn’t Write

This post is not approved for all audiences! If your old affirmations are falling flat, try one of these “affirmations with attitude.” (These are not your mother’s affirmations.) And it was a ton of fun to write!

5. Work Wonders With These 2 Questions

Lots of us know the frequency of contrast (“ugh, not this!”) or the desire (“man, I really want that”) or the frequency of the effort (“I’m gonna make this happen”). But do you know the vibration of having it? That’s what we want to nail.

6. How to Speed Up Manifestations

One of the most frustrating answers to one of the most common questions asked by conscious creators: how to speed up the manifesting process. (Understandable why this one is so popular!)

7. How to Erase Debt with LOA

Want to manifest zero balances on big bills, or use law of attraction to erase or eliminate existing debt? Here are three stories of creators who did just that.

8. Easy Peasy Manifesting

Here’s a simple LOA formula for manifesting what you want fast and easy. It works for big and small projects, and whether you’re an LOA newbie or a seasoned manifesting pro.

9. Ten Pinterest Boards for Conscious Creators

Deliberate creators will love the inspiration found on these popular law of attraction pinterest boards. Tuning into these pages is an easy way to upgrade your social media surf time!

10. In Case of Emergency Read This

This is the letter I read in troubled times to keep the vibration dialed on good things. May it bring you peace and resolution for whatever might be ailing you.

11. 5 Ways to Manifest Free Money

Are you in the mood for some free money? Here are five easy ways to manifest money for nothing. (Seems that money-related topics are very popular here!)

12. What Does It Feel Like

When you want to manifest something new, there’s a powerful question to answer that paves the way there.

13. The Affirmations Solution

The second most popular guest post of the year is from Namaste Faustino, who shares his inspired thoughts and experience with using release techniques to create successful manifestations.

14. The Way to Easy World

If your world doesn’t feel particularly easy these days, this tip via Julia Rogers Hamrick could change everything. It’s easy to forget the power of this one, so I’m delighted to see it on the “best of” list for the year!

15. LOA Tools Used by the Pros

What are the manifesting tools that the pros use? We asked leaders in the law of attraction field what their favorite go-to methods were for getting what they want. This is what they had to say.

My personal favorites didn’t make the list, but I hope you enjoy this recap of the highlights from 2014.

Thank you for making Good Vibe Blog one of the most popular LOA resources on the net!

  • December 19, 2014
  • Casara says:

    “how I know it’s all good” should be in the top spot! That was the best post ever! It’s making such a difference to some contrast I’m going through now. I love this site, keep being amazing and posting amazing things!

  • Thank you for that, Casara! I love this site, too, and the biggest reason is because of the amazing co-creators like you who show up to share their thoughts here.

  • Practically Always Pollyanna says:

    I feel so blessed to have ‘stumbled’ across your amazing site this year. Thanks for the recaps Jeannette. Lots to put into practice 🙂

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