Best Practices for Conscious Creation

A best practice is “a method or technique that is generally accepted as superior to alternatives because it produces superior results.”

So what are the best practices for conscious creators in achieving excellent law of attraction results?

We put our heads together at Good Vibe University to compile this best manifesting practices list.

Next time you’re wondering how to amp up your creation skills, engage one of these for supercharged results:

1. Easy does it.

Don’t work too hard at this manifesting stuff. A light touch works wonders. Many a fellow creator can attest to the power of doing nothing! Remember Abraham’s reminder to chill out and not make it a big deal. Easy, light, and loose is the way!

2. Feel better first.

Rather than requiring results in order to feel good, choose to feel better regardless of what is or isn’t happening. Getting happy now helps reduce attachment and enhances your alignment to more good things.

3. Let inner guidance lead.

Pay attention to how you feel and honor those emotional cues. Use vibrational signals to steer yourself into the path of higher magic and create an unparalleled efficiency in getting what you want. Learn the difference between gremlin input and guidance from above, trust your intuition, and let Universe do the work.

4. Weed out tolerations.

Don’t let energy-drainers get out of control in your life. Good vibration maintenance is to manage these irritations and downers when they’re small.

5. Question negative thoughts.

Give yourself permission to opt out of thoughts that don’t feel good. Just because everyone else buys in, doesn’t mean you have to. And just because it’s always been that way doesn’t mean it has to continue. Practice good belief management by withdrawing attention from thoughts and ideas you don’t want to create.

6. Go Pollyanna.

Appreciation is your best manifesting friend in LOA world. Develop a perspective for what’s good and right. When you become a pro at spotting the bright side, life gets brighter. This habit alone changes everything!

7. Make friends with contrast.

Instead of resisting or judging the unwanted things in life – leverage it! Use it for what it’s meant to do – catapult you to the “even better”! When you take the crappy stuff in stride you can learn to ride it straight to your expanded well-being.

8. Tend your energetic environment.

Energetic entrainment means it’s easier to feel good when you’re around others who do. Cultivate your surroundings by being picky about who you hang out with and what you listen to/read/watch. Upgrading your physical environment is also a powerful way to enhance vibrational alignment.

Even though these are the best law of attraction practices for creators in general, yours could be quite different. We’d love to hear your personal best practices in the comments! 🙂

  • April 26, 2016
  • Karen says:

    I’ve had enough of #7 thanks; I’ll stick to the others 😉 Meantime, looks like I need some brushing up on those tolerances in #4. Thanks for the reminders!

  • Michael says:

    I love number 6. Genuine appreciation increases pleasure for all concerned!

  • Elle says:

    Would someone also explain tithing? I was told that it is best to tithe when you feel it, not just because, and not when you have nothing. Yet, I see people who are giving get much more in return so this is also a mindset worth working on. I also see people not giving at all and reaping rewards, so to give or not to give is the question.
    What is given the universe replaces in all its infinity, so we get stuck with the finite, not enough mentality that would need switching.

    • Jeannette says:

      It always comes down to doing what feels best, doesn’t it? Knowing that what feels best could very well be different for each of us. Good reminder when reviewing a list of best practices. Thanks for your contributions to this conversation, Elle. 🙂

  • Mia says:

    Anonymous, I understand you so well! I don’t think you are the only one feeling this way.
    From what I have learned it is impossible to manifest anything positive while you are still stuck in negative energy – or stuck in being frustrated/disappointed that things don’t manifest for you.
    Sometimes it’s difficult to override all the negativity that has accumulated throughout the years, too.
    Perhaps you should first try to get into what Richard Dotts (LOA author) calls the “zero state” in his books. Don’t try to manifest anything new, don’t try to be more “positive” – but don’t try to resist or suppress your negative emotions either. Just be in peace with feeling what you feel first and go from there.
    What I find difficult is the issue about eliminating tolerations and the “need” to feel happy first – what if you can’t eliminate tolerations and thus feeling truly happy is out of reach, too? Yes, I’m still working on that unconditional kind of happiness. 😉
    Maybe Jeannette has some more advice on this?

    • anonymous says:

      I agree, sometimes negative momentum is too strong and shifting it through though alone doesn’t help as much as it should. I’m also curious about unconditional happiness if toleration cannot be eliminated.

    • Jeannette says:

      I think that’s a great tip, Mia. Love the reminder about the power of unconditional happiness, too! That is definitely a worthy endeavor.

  • anonymous says:

    I definitely need to remember these, especially since I’ve been feeling quite stuck in manifesting for a while.
    Lately I’ve been feeling really upset and frustrated with manifesting and the absence of the things I want. I’m worried that I won’t get the things I really desire, because I have resistance towards them. Thoughts and beliefs that are very difficult to shift, and whenever I attempt shifting them I just end up feeling like crap.
    But don’t we have to do the conscious work to shift beliefs and resistance? I’ve always heard this, that if an issue is too deep or has been around for a long time, then you can’t his feel good and expect your desires to manifest. I’m nervous that I will never clear enough and will then end up living without ever getting those things I want.
    I also find it really, really difficult to let go of the physical manifestation and make the emotion most important. I don’t get why I have so much trouble manifesting things I’ve been wanting for years.
    I’ve been at this for so long and know it should be easy, but it’s been extremely hard. I thought by now I would have so much of what I want coming to me, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.
    I just don’t know what to do anymore. It doesn’t even feel worth it to try anymore. I feel like I’ve given up on life.
    Seeing people with what I want, people for whom these things came easily to, breaks my heart. I know I should feel happy for them and should see them as evidence of my alignment, but i don’t feel this way at all.

    • Amanda says:

      oh my goodness……..right now all i’m gonna do is just put my arms around you and hold you real tight. then we’ll sync up our breathing and slow it down. maybe we’ll get so relaxed we’ll nod off…….and talk about this tomorrow….

    • vera says:

      I feel the same way…

    • Heather says:

      A friend in GVU shared something very inspiring and I am inspired to share here.
      Seeing LOA in Bible is so inspiring fro me, I hope it does the same for you.

      • Elle says:

        Thank you for this Heather. Everyone should watch it over and over again to sink in!

        • Heather says:

          I totally agree, Elle!
          I watched it twice today! And everytime I felt inspired TO BE.
          I AM!

        • Elle says:

          Exactly!!!!!!!! I hope Anonymous sees this. It doesn’t matter what everyone else is doing. We must stop comparing anyway. The Universe does not do that.
          Want something? Be it! Feel it! Do what it takes to feel and then be and viola! Put on the suit and take the blessing. It doesn’t matter what you did or didn’t do. This is great stuff. We really are our own worst enemy, not allowing ourselves to live life to the fullest.
          Sorry about the rant but I needed to hear this myself.

    • anonymous says:

      Thank you all of you who replied! I will watch the video when I have extra time today.
      I just feel so tired and frustrated with manifesting, and feeling like I’m not going to get those things I dream of. I’ve been feeling very desperate lately, extremely worn out, not at all in a good place. I’m not sure what to do anymore.
      I’m just sick of not even seeing evidence of what I want manifesting. Sorry to be so negative. I don’t want to be in control and am sick of waking up hating life.
      I know, I need to work on shifting this and find some way to feel better.

  • Amanda says:

    i’m thinking that i want to take a week to “deal” with all the tolerations:-) because they’re small, it feels like i need to take care of big things first. but! everytime i see one of these little irritations, it triggers some feeling of “there’s always too much to do”, “i’ll never get everything done”, “if it’s not the hogs, it’s the windmills”, or some oppression that overlays everything else. the word “mileau” comes to mind. and something tells me that there’s an upside to this for me. i’m gonna figure this out! and i welcome any input:-)

  • Elle says:

    This would make a great bookmark, screen saver, poster, etc.
    I’d like to add one more, making them 9 in all, which is also one on my lucky numbers- Trust. Trust that everything is working out in your favor, no matter what the contrast in your life. Even if it’s contrast after contrast after contrast. Ok, at that point it’s time to talk with the Universe again, which you should always be doing anyway, and get clear on what is wanted. Trust that things will work out for the better with the common good in mind.

  • Ming says:

    hi Jeannette,
    I have been able to manifest money even faster now. Its pretty incredible. I have manifested over $1000 in less than 24 more than once. I started to ask myself HOW am I doing this.. and as I was listening to the call yesterday with you, I realized THIS is how, I practice all of these things at times simultaneously. Its so awesome to be able to put it all in words and writing (I sent you an email with details) One of my favorites is my #loveithere and I have learned to focus that into not just a physical place but any where I am at. I agree with Heather too, this is all really self love.. all these practices. I realize I am actually putting myself first, well, my vibration.. and then every thing else just falls into that ole sweet spot.

    • Heather says:

      Kudos to you Ming!! 😀
      Practicing all of these simultaneously must be/ is a wonderful place to be. 😀 I think I had it occasionally. lol 😀 I want more of it.

  • Kathi says:

    What is MFC?

  • Kathi says:

    I remind myself that the present circumstances are just based on previous vibrational offerings and have no power over me at the moment, and I’m free to offer another. In other words, I don’t scare myself. It’s just nice to say out loud. I love your list. Really look forward to all of your posts, they always come at the right time.

  • Heather says:

    Oh great list!!!
    My favorite could be considered one of these as well but I always want to count it as a special practice. lol
    Which is Self-Love. Self-compassion!
    It ALWAYS works for me.
    And another one is my MFC, Most Fundamental Cleansing! I think I had mentioned about it in GVU. But if anyone wants to know, I can copy paste it here. 😀
    Thanks Jeannette for a wonderful reminder. 😀

    • Jeannette says:

      You’re right, Heather! That one definitely belongs on the list. I can’t believe it’s not already on there! 🙂

    • DMS says:

      Hi Heather, thanks for sharing the idea of MFC—I don’t know about it. Could you tell us about it?

      • Heather says:

        Oh with pleasure, DMS! 🙂
        Most Fundamental Cleansing:
        Step Zero: Align with Spirit, Source, Self.
        Step One: Take responsibility for the manifestation.
        (Taking responsibility is NOT to blame or feel guilty though, it is just HONEST ACCEPTANCE and ACKNOWLEDGEMENT of the fact that we create our lives with our thoughts, feelings, words, actions, habits and beliefs. Plain light-hearted acceptance. :))
        Step Two: Gratitude or Apologies to Self (depending on manifestation being what we want or what we don’t want.)
        Step Three: Love to Self (Simply saying I love myself. I love myself. I love myself is enough.)
        These steps done at least 3 times or until one gets a relief from each 🙂 creates PEACE, LOVE, ACCEPTANCE, RESPONSIBILITY, LIGHT-HEARTEDNESS and al the wonderful feelings and thought that are fundamental to manifesting good things.
        I highly recommend it 🙂

        • Katharina says:

          Heather thank you so so so much!!! It really dies feel like cleaning a computer after a virus! Amazing. Much love to you for sharing!

        • Heather says:

          You’re welcome, Katharina! My pleaaure.
          And thank you for your comment because I was wondering if it is clear that on step one, when I said manifestation, I meant what ever is in front of us, whatever we manifested, good or bad. lol
          As you said, ‘it feels like cleaning a computer after a virus!’ (I like how you described btw. :)) I feel that it is clear. lol
          Have a great Sunday and great May! 🙂

        • Gorgeousophie says:

          How cool is that?! Thanks Heather! And as always, thanks Jeannette!

        • DMS says:

          Thank you so much!

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