Best Way To Manifest What You Want

What’s the swiftest, most reliably effective way to manifest what you want?

You likely know the answer to that question better than anyone else does.

Because it might not be the same answer for all of us, all the time.

Sometimes the best way might be to let go and forget about it.

Sometimes the best way is to commit to a more aligned focus.

I’ve written before that the best way to get what you want is to love yourself.

But I have a suspicion that there’s one answer that would serve us all exceptionally well in nearly every circumstance.

That is to love your life.

To do more of what you enjoy. To minimize tolerations and maximize fun. To engage what makes you smile or laugh, and to amplify what makes your heart sing.

That’s what I suspect could be the best ticket to aligning to what we desire.

Which is the same message we hear all the time – emphasizing the power of appreciation and getting happy.

But truly prioritizing a good time could very well be the trick that helps all formerly elusive desires manifest.

We don’t have to know about vibration. We don’t have to be aware of thoughts and know how to shift them. We don’t have to converse with higher power every day asking for guidance.

It could be as simple as following our hearts and having fun. Whatever that means for you.

I’m not just theorizing, though …

I’m putting it to the real life test.

By turning an already good life into something even better. By intending and expecting and choosing whatever makes my heart soar.

So far that’s included:

  • clearing the air with an ex
  • expanding my musical horizons, and listening more often
  • saying yes to more fabulous food options
  • making time for engaging stories (thank you, Hulu!)
  • picking up new hobbies (paddle boarding and target shooting)
  • arranging dog care (thanks Grammaw!) so it’s easier to get to live concerts, the drag races, gem faires, and weekend hiking trips
  • got my own sex pillow (thanks, Karen!) and also might have sexted someone for the first time (more fun than I realized!)
  • volunteering at my local wildlife rehab center, and lots more.

My colleague Lisa Hayes was the one who suggested this to me. And I think she was right on the money.

And here’s the thing …

Having a good time isn’t even something we have to figure out or coordinate ourselves.

A simple intention to experience more life joys and delights is all it takes to get results. (That’s all I started with, and the surprise joys were rolling in within hours!)

You’re invited to join me in this “loving life even more” experiment …

See what you can say yes to that brings higher levels of happiness and enjoyment in your life, and see if you also notice lots of other things starting to go your way, too.

Either way, I figure there’s no way to lose on this gig. 🙂

  • September 23, 2017
  • Amanda says:

    This is the second time this week I’ve heard a similar message – that in order to manifest anything, the best way is to feel good in your life right now and to appreciate all that you have. Which is funny because then you’re less likely to NEED to manifest anything anyway. Lol! It messes with my brain.

  • Karen says:

    I loved this so much! Yay!!! I am going to do it myself, starting today.
    And go you with your bad, pillow-owning, sexting self!!!

  • Kathleen says:

    What a great reminder! I do love my life, and I tell it that regularly. I think writing out more of my deliberate intentions for what I want, the things that really give me joy, will move me on my way! Thanks, Jeannette!

  • Geraldine says:

    Some great advice here and a good way to get the new week started, thanks so much.😂 It is so easy to get too busy and to then let the REALLY important, fun stuff, slide. I’m going to bookmark your blog to return to soon.

  • Susan Dickson says:

    Wow !!! So timely.
    I’ve just been running through all the things I’ve got planned for the next couple of months. A friends wedding, 2 concerts, a couple of days away to christmas markets etc and thinking how much I have to look forward to and enjoy. Then I read this post.
    Somehow I think the Universe is saying ‘that’s the way to go girl’
    Love the synchronicity ❤

  • DANA says:

    Great blog reminder! Up the joy and gratitude! I’m in!!!

  • Ming says:

    Looks like a fantastic list. What’s a sex pillow? 🙂 What a great start to a new year for you Jeannette!

    • Jeannette says:

      Ming, I finally put a link in that facebook post after multiple friends asked about it. Racy photos there. Click at your own discretion. lol

    • Wendy Onizak says:

      Hahaha Ming, I’m glad you asked! I was wondering the same thing. lol
      Great article Jeannette.
      It is a reminder to stop looking for the hard answers to creating a better life and allow the easy stuff to make it so.
      Have an awesome day, everybody!

    • ZooBeZooBeZoo says:

      Ha ha ha! I don’t have anything that racy but I do have a photo of him under the pillow (the one I don’t sleep on). I’ve woken up holding it too, how weird is that?

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