Better Feeling Thought-aganza

better feeling thoughtsA brilliant client shared her list of “general truths” which I found to be extremely vibe-enhancing.

I wasn’t the only one.  This list of better feeling thoughts (BFTs) was a big hit at GVU, too – so I thought you all might appreciate this resource as well.

Next time you’re looking for a way back to the neighborhood of your vortex, this general BFT list from my super smart co-creator in the UK  might help:

It’s on its way.
Now it’s getting even better.
The process has begun.
I can have whatever I want. I can have it any way I want to.
It’s already ready for me.
I just need to feel good/better. Right now.
I decide what to feel – how to focus my attention.
I can do it.
I’m on my way.
I am ready.
All is well.
I’m doing a good job – a really good job.
I can just relax and appreciate my life.
The work IS done – I’m just letting things come to me.
I can get happy and appreciative about where I am.
I AM happy where I am and eager for more.
I can’t do it wrong.
Nothing’s ever wrong.
LOA works!
It’s already in my vortex – it is real, it exists there.
There’s so much to appreciate about my now
I’m getting better at this all the time.
I can be all safe and calm.
It’s natural for me to evolve.
There are no mistakes.
I am worthy.
I am so loved.
I can choose my thoughts and emotions, and change my world.
I enjoy my life.
I have already done the work.
I can live with this.
I can just relax.
There are things about him/it that I can appreciate.
I can accept him/it as he/it is.
I don’t have to fight it.
Things are a lot easier when I let go.
The most important thing is that I feel good – right now.
I’m eager for things to change, but not desperate.
When I’m looking for what I wish to see, it appears before me.
I can have fun no matter where I am, what I’m doing and whom I’m doing it with.
I enjoy watching it unfold.
I can manifest whatever I want – fast; simply by changing my vibration.
I don’t have to account for where I’ve been – just focus on feeling good/better right now.
I don’t have to fix the past.
They don’t have to be different for me to love them. I can allow them to be as they are and pretend they’re different.
There’s already a lot of support and love in my life.
Everything comes to me easily.
We’re all connected.
It keeps getting better all the time.
I keep meeting more and more wonderful people that I genuinely harmonize with.
I’m so open to life and love that more people than ever before love me.
I love life.
It never stops; when one door closes, a 1000 new ones open up.
I have everything already.
I’m already everything that I want to be.
I’m whole and happy within myself.
I already have what I want to have.
I know my way into the vortex.
I am good at this.
Life is good.

If you read through that whole list I am pretty sure you are feeling better already. You might even be in the middle of your vibrational sweet spot!

Big thanks to my inspiring fellow creator who let me share it with you. Feel free to add some of your own favorite BFTs (better feeling thoughts) in the comments!

  • August 3, 2012
  • Dana Boyle says:

    I DID feel better after reading this, and I felt pretty good before I read it. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  • Sophie says:

    How does it get any better than this?

  • Jrnnigrt says:

    I like to throw in a ‘yes yes yes yes YES!!!!!’ too 🙂

  • Nikky says:

    Awesome list…..thank you very much ….definitely dived into the the vortex as I read the complete list.
    Thank you

  • You guys are good! Thanks for these additions, Cat and Natalie!
    And Cat, I’ll second your thanks to my brilliant client for sharing these around. It was lovely of her!

  • Natalie says:

    Thanks You so much. It was perfect timing for me!I must have been vibrating the desire and it was fulfilled!
    Here’s my contribution.
    -I am worthy of all that my heart desires.
    -Today, I let my light shine.
    -I have joy in my heart
    -I am a multimillionaire in the making.
    -I accept the blessings of joy and abundance.
    -I am destined to have an incredible life.

  • Cat says:

    Thank you to that “brilliant client” for compiling this list and to Jeannette for sharing it with all of us — as well as to everyone who has added their own items to it! I have printed it out on beautiful paper and am going to hang it where I can see and read it every day. One of the thoughts I’ve added in that printout is Abraham’s only-partly-humorous reassurance that “There’s always another boat!” 🙂

  • “and that can be funny” – love the vibrational twist that offers, Jen! I’m using it!
    Barbara, love the “I ams” and especially the “it’ll work itself out.” I use that one a LOT.

  • Barbara says:

    Beautiful! Here’s some more:
    It will all work itself out. It has before and will do so again.
    I can relax in my knowing that this unwanted contrast is creating beautiful new experiences. I will now allow them in.
    It’s ok to get mad/sad/frustrated (you fill in the emotion). Connecting with my feelings is a wonderful guide for reaching for the next better feeling of relief. Before I know it, I’ve reached “hope” and then life really gets fun!
    I am whole.
    I am enough.
    I am love.
    I am deserving.
    I am worthy of all good things.

  • jen says:

    There are awesome! Here are a few of my favorites:
    Everyone is perfect, but they don’t always know it, and tthat can be very funny
    I can easily alter the fabric of the universe (OK, Project Runway overload)
    I can be happy anyway

  • Katy says:

    Lol I love the ‘doesn’t mean it ain’t cooking’ reference! I may have to borrow that one…and aren’t they all true? I can be terrible at ‘waiting’ and really have to make an effort to distract myself from always looking at the pot to see what’s happening. So this hits home for me!

  • Wherever you picked that one up, S, I love that you repeated it here. Fabulous!
    Reeya, glad you enjoyed this one, and Helen, the vibration of the word “blessed” is especially resonating for me – so thanks for that.

  • Helen says:

    Love this Jeanette! Thank you for sharing!
    One of my favorites is:
    I am an unlimited being, accepting from an unlimited source, in unlimited ways.
    I am blessed beyond measure!

  • Reeya says:

    Oh this is great golden nugget and the first thing I read this morning. So I KNOW I’m having a good day better yet a great weekend! It’s already done and waiting for me. Thanks do much for sharing Jeannette!

  • S says:

    ‘ just cuz the stew aint boiling dosent mean it aint cooking’
    LOVE this line! its THE best pacifier for anxiety.
    i think i mustev picked it up from a post or comment here on either GVblog or melodys blog at , not sure which one 🙂

  • Lovely thoughts, Brenda! Thanks for sharing them!
    Kim, I forgot how much I loved that one. woot!
    Carolyn, that “this too shall pass” is a gem, huh? And the other is a powerful pivoter. Thanks for posting!

  • carolyn says:

    ‘This too shall pass’ seems to do it for me. Plus ‘I can have what I want’ and also asking myself ‘So what do I want?’ and answering from the heart :-).

  • carolyn says:

    ‘This too shall pass’ seems to do it for me. Plus ‘I can have what I want’ and also asking myself ‘So what do I want?’ and answering from the heart 🙂

  • Kim falconer says:

    LOVE this, Jeannette! Thank you.
    Here’s one you’ll recognize. I got it from you, a Native American saying:
    All roads are good.

  • Brenda says:

    What a beautiful list, Jeannette! It’s a keeper, and one I’ll be saving. It’s hard to think of anything to add, since it’s pretty comprehensive.
    But when I’m feeling alone in believing in my dream, something I’ll remind myself of is:
    ~ There are unseen universal beings who are cheering every degree I become vibrationally closer to my dream.
    And from Martha Beck’s “Steering by Starlight”:
    ~ Realize that there is an infinite supply of others who can love you. In fact, you are already loved by people you haven’t yet met.

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