Better Questions for the Vibe

question2A quick peek at my in-box would reveal a variety of questions from clients and readers that go something like:

  • “Why is this such a struggle?”
  • “How come this works for everyone but me?”
  • “Why am I so stuck?”
  • “What’s taking so long?”

I wish I were exaggerating, but these are typical questions from some of my favorite folks.  Not hard to imagine how a person might come to feel like they need help after pointing themselves in this direction, huh?

Because we get what we vibrate, and because these questions reveal vibrations ranging from frustration to despair, you can see how the good stuff can’t make its way in under these circumstances. 

We gotta raise the vibe before we can expect anything good to happen.

And Coach Suzanne Hansen recently shared a powerful way to do that – by asking new questions

(I’d heard of afformations before, but never played with them until now.  Thanks, Suzanne!)

Afformations are new questions that allow you to better align with the results you want.  Noah St. John says they’re more powerful than regular affirmations because they don’t trip up the conscious mind (which rejects statements that aren’t true) and because they cause your mind to focus on what you want

Plus, our brain tends to fill in the gaps of missing information, so we’ll start finding answers to any question we ask. 

I’m a huge fan of regular old affirmations, but I gave these a try because of Suzanne’s enthusiasm.  And now I understand why she was so excited!

Here are some of the questions I started entertaining:

  • How did I get to be such a great writer?
  • Why am I so happy?
  • How did I get so thin?
  • Why am I so RICH?
  • Why do I have such a great life?!

And seriously … you guys wouldn’t believe the upgrade my days have been experiencing since then!  (And they were pretty good to start with!):

Two of my foster kitties were adopted together yesterday!

I wore a skirt to a wedding that got rejected for the last formal event because it was a little snug around the hips.  This time it was like my big sister stretched it out in advance!  (And I don’t have a big sister!)  I also noticed less jiggle the next day.  Huh.  Now I’m paying attention.

I delivered a draft article to my editor ten hours before deadline!  (That’s unheard of for me.)

You money mojo folks who said you wanted to pay after the event – man, you are really rolling the dough my way!  I can’t say I didn’t expect that, but honestly – it’s very cool! 

Today as I started a fabulous day with several things “supposedly” not going my way (appointment reschedules and cancellations and such), I imagined this is what it must be like on ecstasy or something, because I was on cloud nine for no reason other than it was a gorgeous Monday and there were fresh strawberries in the refrigerator. 

Seriously, I smiled and waved at construction workers in traffic.  I waved people in who were trying to merge in my lane.  I rolled down the window to chat with a nice lady who was looking at my dog in the car.  And I’m drug-free!

And guys, I’m just getting started with these!  Just wait till I come up with even BETTER questions!

In fact, how about we share some with each other now?  Let’s create a nice bank of powerful questions to entertain!  I’ll start us off with a few from this guest post by Noah St. John:

  • Why do I lose weight so easily?
  • Why am I so enchanting?
  • Why am I allowed to do, be and have all that I want in life?

Your turn, everyone!  What are the questions that line  YOU up with what you want most in life?! 

Can’t wait to hear them and try some out myself!

  • August 10, 2009
  • Jase says:

    Do the questions have to be thought about? I have a program that flashes questions/affirmations on the screen for about .5 second so the idea is the conscious mind doesn’t read them. So I changed them to questions. Will this be as effective? Wouldn’t the conscious mind go looking and find evidence of the opposite?
    Also can you ask questions of the future, a lot of the questions are ‘how did I get this’ but can you write ‘how do I get this’?
    My questions:
    Why am I so attractive to women?
    Why do women find themselves drawn to me?
    Why am I so sexy?
    Why is it easy for me to talk to attractive women?
    Why do I find it easy to access my core sexual state around women?
    How did I become so sexually open?
    Why do I feel so powerful and calm around hot women?
    Why do I feel like I can’t say or do anything wrong?
    Why am I so good at drawing women?
    How did I get so good at drawing?

  • Mia says:

    Hey everyone,
    I was again reminded of the importance of using positive phrasings when I read this afformation in JM’s post:
    “How can it be that I don’t have to go back to my day job when I return to the city?”
    My mind was visualizing this statement as I read it and immediately concluded: “Aha! Go back to my day job. So JM wants to go back to her day job.” That’s how I’d interpret it if I were the universe… (which I am, like all of you – parts & particles of it all). Without getting personal (and sorry, JM, for picking out this statement, but it just jumped at me) – this was the first time that I saw such a vivid illustration of what I’ve always been told: use positive statements. When you try to visualize something that is combined with a negation, you can’t help but visualize the negated thing.
    Why is it so easy for me to formulate all my afformations in clear, positive statements? 😉
    Mia x

  • Sonya Vicars says:

    Well I wrote my “volume” worth of afformations a couple of days ago and a few of them had to do with healthy eating. A couple of them are
    Why do I no longer want to eat between meals and after 6PM?
    Why can I no longer stand the taste of sugar and processed foods?
    Over the last six months I’ve been taking more and more sugar in my tea – to the point that I will have a tea just for the sugar. But yesterday I began to notice that I didn’t enjoy the tea with all the sugar and the last cup I made – I didn’t even get half way through it.
    Now this morning I’ve been working on a cup of tea for over an hour and I swear to God – it’s leaving a foul taste in my mouth – even as I sit here now typing it tastes horrible – like I need to rinse out with water.
    At this point I’m not sure if it’s the sugar or the tea (not sure if tea counts as “processed” but I do know they say caffine is not good for you). Either way – it looks like my “addiction” to tea and sugar is dwindling away.
    Also noticed the last couple of days I’ve had no desire to eat between meals, only eating when I’m hungry and I’m not eating in the evenings. That’s huge since I’ve always done both – even if I wake in the middle of the night and go downstairs I’d find myself in the kitchen making a peanut butter and jam sandwich.
    I’m loving these “afformations” and although I’ve been feeling peaceful and living in the “Now” for quite some time, over the last few days it seems to have “intensified”
    Sonya 🙂

  • JM says:

    Oh Susie…I don’t know WHY you are getting all those free estimates signed up, but I am so giddy for you!!!
    It is so fun to come back and read all your posts!!!
    I am still in awe…
    -Why am I feeling so perfect for this role in these rehearsals?
    -When did I become such a great dancer?
    -Why is everyone so happy with my quirky/fun take of this character??
    -How can it be that I don’t have to go back to my day job when I return to the city?
    -Why do I have so many other performing jobs lined up already???
    I loooooooooooooooove it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Judiesjuice says:

    TIA! First of all, Congrats! Secondly, spill the beans!! How can you keep a secret like that 🙂
    I need to spend time today with afformations. I need to get my juice back up.

  • I afformed about something and let it go. A few days later it happened exactly the way I afformed!! I can’t say what it was cos I’ve been sworn to secrecy (it’s THAT amazing that this thing happened cos it never does) so all I’ll say is OMG!!! Why am I always SO lucky!!? 😀 Why do I get everything I want?!

  • Heather says:

    Actually I know a better description of the “open heart” feeling. I heard it from Adelle Davis when she talked about vitamins:
    “The buoyant feeling of ‘Come what may, I can take it.'”
    Yes, this is what it feels like.
    Why do I love afformations so much??

  • Heather says:

    I know exactly what you mean. Actually, me too, all day I was feeling and thinking about my heart. I said so many times:
    My heart is open and I’m not afraid.
    Why is my heart so open?
    Why can I communicate from my heart?
    Why am I not afraid that I might get hurt?
    This feels so good. Actually I had some communications that hurt me today, but I was able to heal my heart so quickly and easily.
    Blessings to Noah and Jeannette and all the friends here.
    PS: Hey, these afformations broke my “quite visitor” habit too (yeah, not lurking) I made a comment in this blog first time yesterday, because of them)
    Much love, all!!!

  • Joann says:

    Hi Jeanette,
    I’ve been visiting(don’t like the word “lurking”.) less frequently, but decided recently to join the fun again. I’ve been just reading and so enjoying your blogs and the loving community of people who comment here.
    Well I have to tell you this “AFFORMATIONS” thing is awesome. I tried them briefly last year, for a couple of days, but didn’t really get into it. I already use LOA, EFT and TAT.
    While reading your blog and all the Afformation lists, I thought “What the heck. I’ll try them again.” And I said a few last night, and then this morning lying in bed. Well, this morning, I FELT it in my body. I F-E-L-T energy flowing through my body. I F-E-L-T a tingling energy – an aliveness, a joy. The energy moved into my heart and I felt a tender, gentle loving warmth. And then I bounced out of bed. Very unusual for me. WOW -E.
    And now as I’m writing this hours later, I’m feeling that warmth in my heart. It’s as though the Afformations flow up and around and through my body and center in the heart and then flow up and around again. It’s like it puts the heart in charge.
    So neat.
    Blessings to Noah and to you and to all of this community.

  • Susie Beifuss says:

    hi jm…
    i love your afformations!!!! and i’ve been using them at work this week….asking myself, “why is it so easy to sign people up for free estimates?” and after three days with none, had two one day, two another and three yesterday……i lovvvvvve this!!!!
    why is it so easy to manifest things asking and feeling these questions??????

  • Heather says:

    Thanks Jeannette for pointing out to afformations again. At first I didn’t understand the meaning of afformation and reluctant to use but I gave it a try as you suggested. They are wonderful.
    Why am I so wealthy, wise and happy?
    Why am I manifesting everything I want so easily?
    Why is life SO GOOD?
    Why does God love me so much?
    Why am I blessed by God?
    Why am I so grateful to God for this abundance we have in this world?
    By the way, I listened to Noah’s audiobook about Afformations. He says that the derivation of the word “affirm” comes from Latin and it means “to make something firm.” He says that before making something firm we need to give it a form, hence he came up with the word “afformation”, meaning we are “giving a form” first before making it firm.
    Now it makes sense and I am using this term afformations comfortably.
    Hope this helps,

  • Sonya Vicars says:

    Wow – I love all the posts and afformations – they truly are inspiring!!
    As I read the first three chapters of Noah’s ebook it reminded me of listening to Abraham in Louise Hay’s “You Can Heal Your Life” movie. They said that many of us expect to manifest our affirmations or in this case afformations, simply by saying them but it’s not through the saying of them that will manifest them but through the FEELING of them that will manifest them.
    So whether we choose to use affirmations or afformations – remember to FEEL as though those statements are already true or your reality right now and it’s through the FEELING that they will be. manifested.
    Sonya 🙂

  • JM says:

    I love this post and reading all your comments!! I could really use a bit of this right now.
    -Why was it so EASY to find an affordable and beautiful studio apartment for myself in Manhattan?
    -Why is my new nextdoor neighbor so trustworthy and able to take care of my cat if I go away?
    -Why do agents all want to represent ME?!?!
    -How did I pick the most ideal agent out of all the ones who were interested?
    -Why does success in this career come so effortlessly to me?
    -Why am I so happy and proud of myself?
    -Why am I so well-respected and adored in the broadway theatre community?
    -How come I make so much money doing what I adore?
    -How do I make everyone laugh so much?
    -Why didn’t I start writing sooner?
    -How did I become such a prolific writer?
    -Why does this person adore everything about me?
    -Why am I endlessly inspired and amused by this unbelievable person I am in love with?
    -How are people so inspired be me?
    -How did I get such incredibly caring friends?
    -Why does this role I am rehearsing for just click so easily for me?
    -How am I so funny in this role?
    -Why do I feel so incredible when I am performing in this show right now???
    -Why are these the absolute best reviews I have ever received?
    -When did those producers from that great other theatre come to see this show I’m in and,
    -Why do these people want to cast me in all of their really great shows??
    Thanks all!!!!

  • MissyB says:

    LOL Judiesjuice – yes I want to attract the unattainable…they’re the most attracting ones…and then once I’ve attracted them…BANG – I’m gone !
    Seriously – I see your point.

  • Susie Beifuss says:

    This morning at work I said to myself, “Why is it so easy to get appointments?”
    I’m supposed to meet a quota of at least one appointment per shift and the last two days I worked I had nothing.
    In a couple of hours, I got one appointment and then a friend came into the store and we were talking and he made an appointment too!!(for free estimate for kitchen cabinet refacing)… my boss is happy again!

  • Kimberly Gauthier says:

    This will be fun…
    Why do I have such a great friends?
    Why do is my relationship with my parents so loving?
    How did our homes sale so quickly?
    How were we able to negotiate such a great price on our new home?
    How did I attain financial freedom in twelve months?
    How do I balance empathy and boundaries?
    Why do great things come so quickly and easily to me?
    How do I manage to stay so thin?
    How does my brain wrap so easily around complicated tasks?
    How have I become such an amazing photographer?
    How did I get my new business to start turning a profit in under a year?
    Where are all of these new and repeat clients coming from?
    Why is my social networking so effective?
    How did I get my website to rank so high on the major search engines?
    Why am I so successful in and outside of work?
    How lucky am I that I get paid to do what I love AND I can also support my dream of becoming a business owner?
    How did we get so lucky to find the perfect dog?
    How lucky am I to live my life with the love of my life?
    I can go on and on…

  • Tiffany says:

    I absolutely adore this method. I’ve had nothing but the warm fuzzies of alignment since I started thinking these yesterday!
    Today has been a pristine day, and I’m only expecting things to keep getting better! I know this works. I have no idea how, I just know.
    How does everything just work out perfectly for me?
    Why is my brand new Macbook Pro so AWESOME!?
    Why is my body so healthy, inside and out?
    Why do butterflies suddenly appear out of nowhere?
    Why am I always surrounded by people that just “click” with me?
    Why do my wishes always come true?
    Why is Good Vibe Blog so incredibly helpful and insightful?
    Why am I so great at speaking, reading, and understanding Spanish?
    Why can’t I stop making powerful, amazing afformations?

  • Judiesjuice says:

    After reading this post, I wrote a few afformations over the course of the past couple of days. I really didn’t spend much time or energy on it but I certainly enjoyed writing them and coming up with some very funny answers.
    This morning, an editor contacted me. She had assigned me a story that was due in October. However she said that she suddenly got an increased budget for this month and asked if I could submit the story within a few days AND that she would be able to increase my pay. Yeah baby!!!!!!!!

  • Judiesjuice says:

    MissyB, did you mean to say attainable men or do you really want to attract unattainable men?

  • MissyB says:

    Just the one for now…but I love it…
    How the hell did I attract all those unattainable men to want a committed relationship with me ?

  • Patia says:

    What am I going to spend all this money on?
    Who knew being a millionaire was this much fun?
    Why are men so attracted to me?
    How did I get so healthy so fast?
    Where did all that weight go?

  • Susie Beifuss says:

    Why was it so easy to find, pay for and move into my Laguna Beach Cottage finally?
    Why did I suddenly start painting after all these years?
    Why did it become so easy for me to be happy and free, yet grateful and sercure?

  • Jeannette, as always, you are welcome!
    I love the energy of everyone’s questions here. Know that affirmations DO work for millions of people. Abraham, Louise Hay, Shakti Gawain, myself and countless other teachers wouldn’t use and teach them everyday if they didn’t work! Beyond the amazing experiences I’ve had, some of my clients have resolved long-term health issues, had amazing increases in business and income, and experienced major personal breakthroughs in consciousness because of affirmations.
    However, for those who struggle with affirmations because their mind cannot believe in them and constantly doubts, Afformations (Questmations/Questformations) are an awesome stepping stone to shifting consciousness!
    Many blessings,

  • Ah, Judie – way to bring to success to everyone here with that question! You rock!!
    Thanks, everyone, for the inspiration to ask better questions. I can tell we’ve got great company and having lots of fun with this!

  • Judiesjuice says:

    Hi Noah!!
    Michelle, wow, thank you for sharing your success! How come we are all experiencing such amazing success stories by using this technique?!?!

  • Yep, that would be my hero, Michelle.
    LOVE YOU!!
    Thanks for sharing this, my friend – very inspiring!

  • Michelle Dobbins says:

    This is so cool! I love everyone’s questions and wanted to share my experience. I heard about this from the Money Mojo class and I bought the book last week and I’ve had some amazing results!
    I was asking questions about my husband’s and my business and I just said a few like:
    Why do all of our employees love us?
    Why is my hussband so good to our employees?
    Why does everyone at our office get along so well?
    I only did this once in my head as I was driving in my car. The reason these questions came up is because I sometimes feel that my husband isn’t giving enough to our employee’s and I feel like if we treat them better they will do better. Anyway, the next day, my husband said, I need you to print up a certificate for Larry in his paycheck and tell him we are giving him a paid day off on Friday! This has never happened before. I’m like why did you decide to do that? He said because he’s a hard worker and he did two installs out in the heat this week, he deserves it. I was blown away!
    I also have been afforming, Why does our business always make $5000.00 dollars a day and I’ve had 2 days where our depostits have been over 5000.00–this has only been in w week mind you–but every day I’ve had at least 1500.00 to desposit and we have enough installs lined up for next week that it looks like I will be able to deposit $5000.00 a day–the best part is that I’m going to be in Las Vegas-so someone else will be delivering the money to the bank for me.
    Thats not all! I’m have been trying to lose the 20 pounds I’ve gained over the past 2 years and any diet I trieddid not work. I had decided just to try to stay in the vortex and not worry about it. So I started saying :
    Why is my metabolism turbo charged?
    Why did I easily acheive my perfect wieght?
    I’ve been doing this for a week and I’ve lost 5 pounds! I didn’t consciously change my diet but I notice that I’m not craving chocolate and I ate none of my kids Chuck E. Cheese Pizze yesterday, but I’m not denying myself. I just don’t want it! It feels like a miracle.
    I also wanted to share that in his book and his audios, Noah says that you should try to stick with Why questions ( or How come, which is the same as why) I can’t remember why off the top off my head, but something about how the brain processes it. I just took it as the same thing as when Abraham says the how is not for me to figure out.
    I’ve just been saying them in my head as I do other things and at night before I go to bed and when I wake up. I also programmed my I phone it alarm about every hour or so while I’m working with one. So I look at my phone and it says, why am I so Happy, etc. I’ve also been saying “why does this work so fast and esy for me?’ I think it’s a great tool and I think that all I’ve cleared out over the past year or so with Jeannette has helping this work faster because there’s so much less junk in the way now!
    So I’m adding some of my favorites to the list:
    Why did my metabolism, joy and money triple?
    Why do I feel so much bliss and peace?
    Why do my children get along fabulously?
    Why are my huaband and closer everyday?
    Why does my busniess florish?
    Why does my writing bring me so much joy?
    Why do I always take time to do the things I love?
    Why do I always maintain the perfec wieght no matter what I eat?
    Why are we all such magical beings?
    I could go on and on–but all just end with, Why do you all have as much or more success with this than I have and continue to have?
    🙂 MIchelle

  • Erika says:

    Thanks for such a fun game!
    Why am I always so adorable no matter what I wear or what my hair looks like?
    Why do I find such awesome and like-minded friends?
    Why do I end up with having such a great time and understanding with my teens?
    Why do I always end up with all the right clothes in my closet?
    Why do I make so much money doing what I love?
    Why am I so healthy and energetic every day?
    Why am I always thinking so positive?
    Why am I so successful in my personal relationships?
    Why so I have so much money to play with?

  • Woo woo woo!!!
    Did you guys see this?! We attracted Noah St. John HIMSELF!!
    Noah, THANK YOU, for this vibration raising technique and for popping in to offer everyone here encouragement and more resources! I for one will be picking up my book copy promptly.
    Namaste. 🙂
    PS – thanks, Nancy, for the correction earlier and Noah, if you have anything to add or correct me on in the blog post, please let me know!

  • Hi everyone,
    This is Noah St. John, the inventor of Afformations.
    Wow, I am thrilled that you all GET Afformations and are already using them in your lives!
    Ever since I began teaching Afformations in 1997, it’s been so cool to see the light bulbs go on over people’s heads when they learn this.
    That’s why it’s awesome to see the light bulbs going on for all of you, too!
    By the way, if you’d like to learn more about Afformations – what I was doing when I discovered them, the 4 simple steps to get the most out of your Afformations – you can get the first 3 chapters of The Book of Afformations (free) at
    Hope this helps you, too.
    Thanks everyone and ask away!

  • Kim Falconer says:

    On you guys! Why do I get so very much from Jeannette’s posts AND from all your comments?
    Why am I so photogenic?
    Why am I a billionaire?
    Why am I enlightened?
    Why am I in a ‘perfect for me’ romance?
    And my favorites from you:
    Why am I so happy?
    Why do I always manage to be next to the most awesome/hot guys?
    How did I get so lucky?
    Why am I topping ALL the bestseller’s lists?
    How did I get so damn gorgeous?
    Why does my creativity flow and flow?
    And . . . why did I attract such wonderful people?
    You guys all rock!
    Thank you 🙂
    MWAHS 🙂 Kim

  • Janette says:

    LOL – last night I came up with a new one and just blurted it out loud:
    How did I get so damn GORGEOUS??
    Hubby happened to be in the room – he just grinned and shrugged…. not even one dissenting thought in that man’s head. You gotta love it… 😉
    Thanks Jeannette, so cool

  • Erik says:

    Here are some of mine:
    Why does my passive income grow so fast that I hardly can follow?
    Why did my health improve so immensely these last days?
    Why does my bank account grow so quickly???
    Why do I always have time at the end of the day and am so relaxed and full of energy?
    How did my writing improve so very quickly?
    How did I come to speak Japanese so fluently in such a short time?
    Awesome idea, let’s see what it does :).

  • Kat Crowley says:

    …Wow, that is a long list!
    Why is it that Jeannette always provides the topic that is so completely what I needed to read?
    Thanks, Jeannette!

  • Kat Crowley says:

    How is it that I am loved by the most wonderful, generous, prosperous man on Earth?
    Why is it that I can eat all the ice cream and apple crisp that I want and still remain so thin and trim?
    Why is it that body fat is like teflon – it just doesn’t stick to me!?
    How did I get so outrageously sexy?
    Why are shoes with 4 inch heels and pointy toes so darn comfy and easy to wear?
    How is it that I am an elite clothing model showing fashions for the perfectly proportioned American woman?
    How did I come in first on that 5K roadrace?
    How is it that the LOML always cleans up after he cooks, puts tools back in their places, and throws away his Splenda wrappers?
    How is it that all my clothes and shoes are stored in my closets in a perfectly organized manner?
    Why do I always get the best seats on the airplane on each trip that I take?
    Why do I make so much money doing something so easy effortless, and FUN?
    How was my first book published so easily, and with such overnight, wild success?
    Why do perfect private clients who want to pay me large sums of money [even though I would work with them for free] appear when I have openings for them in my flourishing SLP business?
    How is it that I can travel all over the country, and provide telepractice speech therapy to all who need it?
    How is it that I am a sought-after speaker who says the exact things that each audience member needs to hear?
    Why is it that I always have a constant flow of money and abundance coming to me, yet I work so few hours?
    How is it that I have a credit score of 849?
    Why is my yard so beautifully manicured, with not a blade of crabgrass in sight, when I work an hour a week on it?
    How is it that I own outright this beautiful home on the ocean by Nubble Light?
    Why is my life so abundant, easy, healthy and fun?

  • Leslie Richter says:

    How did I get so lucky reading all these sweet wonderful halarious absolutely adorable questions?
    How indeed did I get such a funny Mom who asked,
    How did my husband get so charming and communicative?
    And I said and how did I get so gorgeous?
    And my friend said how did she get so naturally beautiful?
    And then I said how did Toni get to be such a great mind reader because she asked absolutlely my same questions???
    And Annette reminded me to wonder how I laughed so much while making so much money?
    And how DID I do such a great job of getting over my money mope and razze up my money mojo?
    What will I do with all this extra money?
    How great does it feel to have money to do what I want to do with?
    How did it come so easily and clearly to me my next step?
    How did I come to own my power so perfectly and beautifully?
    How did I get so lucky? so blessed? so happy?
    How is it possible to just keep loving Jeannette and this blog more each time?
    How can I send love and blessings your way?

  • Berta Bauer, Lighthouse Coaching and Retreats says:

    This is a great post! It is especially useful when I have a fear or other low vibe thought. I can delete, delete, delete and enter the the “I wonder How . . . ?” question.
    I wonder how the buyers of my house will find it?
    I wonder how the sale will easy, quick and great for everyone, including the renter presently living there?
    I wonder what common interests we will have that will make the new buyers such great neighbors and friends?
    I wonder what they will do to the house and yard to transform it beautifully into there own?
    I wonder how I will help my clients live the life they want?
    I wonder how much my income will increase from coaching amazing clients?
    I wonder how my novel will find its way into the world, and inspire millions?
    It feel sooooooooooo DOWNSTREAM TO THINK OF MY QUESTIONS? Thank you for your continued bursts of LOA tools, explanations and support. Love your blogs.

  • Annette says:

    I love seeing everybody here! YaY! I’m late, but it’s because I am now a PAID audio editor!! YAY me! WooHoo Money Mojo Magic!
    This is a game I can sink my teeth in to!
    How do I manage to make so much money by laughing so much?
    Where DID this gorgeous house come from?
    Why did this fabulous production crew eagerly scramble to get my street productions done?
    How did I manage to pull off that money give-away without being ‘caught’?
    Where am I going to put all these Thank You notes?
    How will I get all these Thank You’s written?
    Why do I have such a marvelous assistant?
    Lawdy Me – I simply MUST find another rescue organization to give some of this money to – I am running out of room in the bank account!
    Why is it that my ‘Feasts of the World’ parties are so successful?
    How did I get so many fabulous friends?
    Why am I getting so many venues for the LightWay Dancers?
    How did I get such a great deal on the Teacher’s resort construction?
    Why is the teacher’s resort crew so happy to work for me?
    Where did all these teachers/coaches who booked with us come from?
    Why am I such a successful green-conversion real estate investor?
    ANOTHER cruise??? When am I going to find the time??
    What is my horse thinking when he joyously greets me?
    How many purrs can two cats make??
    Where DOES all this energy come from?
    Can anyone tell me how the Universe knew this man was, like – PurrFect for me!

  • Mitch says:

    Well, in the long while that I’ve been using afformations, which is only today ;), here’s what I’ve done. I’ve just been thinking the questions and enjoying the good feeling that comes up around them. And *really* enjoying the total lack of resistance they offer.
    It’s only been tonight as I’ve continued to ask some of the same questions a few times, that actual answers that make a lot of sense have started to come to me. That’s my take on it. Maybe I’ll try writing them down and see what else happens!
    Why does Universe make everything so easy for me?

  • Kristy M says:

    How did success come to me without struggle?
    How did this happen so fast?
    How did I get these amazing and supportive friends?
    Why do I have amazing health?
    How do I get the best movie roles?
    How did my album go double platinum?
    How did I originate a role on Broadway?
    How did I land me quirky dream boy?
    Why is this work so much fun?
    Why are my videos on Mtv and Vh1?
    Why was I in “People’s 50 Most Beautiful”
    Why am I invited to all the cool award shows?
    How did I get into ‘that’ movie?
    Why do all my roles allow me to throw my whole self into them?
    How am I a guest on all these talk shows?
    Why am I constantly working (and loving it)?
    How am I so in demand and well respected in Hollywood and New York?
    Why is my agent so awesome?
    How do I belong to one of the ‘top 5’ agencies?
    How did I get nominated for all these awards?
    Why did all these people cheer for me and ask for my autograph?
    Why am I such a positive role model?
    How do I have more than enough money to live on and donate to charity?
    Why am I on the cover of those (non-tabloid) magazines?
    How did I win a Grammy, Tony, Oscar, VMA, Teen Choice Award, ect.?
    How did I get this thin, beautiful ‘bikini ready’ body?
    How am I playing some of my dream roles?
    Why is my life so frickin awesome?!?!
    .. okay this is awesome! Thanks, Jeanette.. I feel the powerrrr 🙂

  • Judiesjuice says:

    PS Jeannette or anyone else who has worked with afformations before. Did you just think these questions or did you write them down and then wrote down any answers? I’m curious to hear how others have used this technique.
    Thank you!

  • Judiesjuice says:

    Jeannette, I had a pit in my stomach when I started reading this blog post. “Uh oh, here is yet another blog post about my bitching and moaning!” Hee hee 😉
    I’d love to play this game:
    Why on earth does Jeannette love me so much?
    Why do Self and Shape editors constantly hunt me down and beg for me to write assignment after assignment for them?
    Why do I receive presents on a daily basis?
    Why do I win every single contest or sweepstakes that I enter? Why do I keep winning every single spa or yoga contest that I enter? Or don’t even enter?? These people find me, pay for my trip so of course I have to go!
    Why am I so patient and loving with my daughters?
    Why am I suddenly manifesting all my goals at once? Wow! Go me!!!
    Why are book editors and agents fighting over the rights to publish my book when I just got started on it?
    Why am I such an amazing manifestor?
    Why do I have a body that is 100% happy and healthy?

  • Laura says:

    Wow – this is totally cool – I was just reading about afformations on the week-end and been practicing them for a couple of days and then – here’s Jeanette’s newsletter talking about afformations. That’s the LOA for you!
    Here are some of my afformations:
    Why do I feel so abundantly blessed?
    Why do I always have a financial surplus?
    Why does money and prosperity flow to me so easily and effortlessly?
    Why does everything I desire come to me in perfect timing?
    Why do I love and accept everything about myself?

  • Adrienne, I’m glad you found my comments helpful. I’ve studied affirmations (read about them, wrote them, used them, read more, rewrote them, taught them, rewrote them, LOL!) since the mid-80s and am *amazed* at the success I and others have had using them.
    Truly, *anything* is possible as *everything* is made of energy. Affirmations or Afformations or Questmations are just a few of the ways we consciously mould the energy around us. Deliberate creation at it’s best!
    Many blessings to all!

  • Mia says:

    Rhonda, I love your term “ego babysitter”.
    And thanks for the warning about “dough” – it did occur to me, what you said there, but the words work for me. I’ve found out that affirmations and afformations work best for me when the language isn’t too polished 😉 Then I can really give them the right emotional power.

  • Lori says:

    Why do my friends take care of me so well?
    Why am I always so over-run with amazing ideas for my art?
    Why does money keep finding its way into my paypal account?
    Why do I seem to get so much done withough even trying? Why is it so easy for my body to get back into shape?

  • Purepotentialcoach says:

    What joy manifests in my life

  • Rhonda says:

    I absolutely love this!
    Ekhart Tolle has taught us that the ego constantly needs a perceived “problem/puzzle” to solve. If we do not have one, the ego will invent one. It is, afterall, the ego’s job to solve problems!
    I have been formulating questions for the last 24 hours and the difference is amazing! I call it my ego babysitter. If you (my ego) really really needs a puzzle to solve, then try this —–!
    Mia, I adore you but please be careful about the “rolling in dough” afformation. You may end up working in a bakery! Personally, I would love that but it may not be what you are after.
    My only question is “Why” vs “How”. Are both acceptable when formulating a question? Afterall, the answer is not the objective. I am asking because Noah St. John is really set on the “Why”

  • Adrienne says:

    omg I love this post. My left brain is constantly questioning (and evern worse, not believing 🙂 )… so, I’m going to start writing my list of afformations!!
    AffirmingSpirit … I loved reading what you wrote, because I’m intrigued by (and trying to figure out how best to reprogram) the subconscious mind .. thank you for sharing all that!

  • I LOVE THIS!!! I’m a total convert… 🙂 Here are mine:
    How did I get soooo unbelievably lucky that my husband and life partner is not only absolutely CRAZY about me, but is also 100% committed to the spiritual path and to using the LOA to create our ideal life??
    How is it possible that my brand new ebook has already sold over 1000 copies??
    How did I manage to sell out my new LOA teleclass in only a DAY??
    How is it that my body and skin look ten times better than they did when I was in high school??
    How did I get so lucky that every day I check my bank account, more money has been transferred from PayPal??
    How did my website already build up to 1000+ unique visitors a day??
    How is it possible that I get happier and HAPPIER, every single day??
    This is soooo fun!! 🙂
    Thanks for sharing, Jeannette.

  • Mitch says:

    I have more. This is fun. 🙂
    Why am I so relaxed and confident about meeting this casting director tonight?
    Why am I always so captivating and engaging in my auditions?
    Why do I feel so centered and connected when I’m acting?
    Why do I *know* that acting abundance is already mine?

  • Janette says:

    Ooh Jeannette, you’ve done it again! I’m very left-brained and never got on with afFIRMations so I love this idea! Here are some of mine:
    How did my elbow heal so fast it amazed even the doctors?
    Why does my bank account keep growing faster than I can spend it?
    How did we get such perfect neighbours?
    How did I get headhunted into the fabulous high-paid part-time job that I love?
    Why has the publisher given me a three-book deal based on just my first novel?
    How did my lovely hubby suddenly lose his animal allergy?
    How did I get my perfect house?
    How did I get my perfect body without even trying?

  • Mia says:

    Why do I look so fabulous?
    Why am I suddenly rolling in dough? It sure feels good!
    Why are translators from all over the globe lining up at my doorstep to translate my books?
    How do I keep track of the royalties from all my bestsellers rolling in in oceanic waves? Woohoo!
    How did I end up with this golden success team around me? Man, I must have done something seriously right! So cool!
    Why do I have the best sex ever these days (weeks – months – years)?
    Who is this hunk by my side? Oh right, my Mr. Right! Why are we so incredibly compatible? Why do we get along so fabulously well?
    Why am I so happy?
    What brought my dream house in Norway to me so fast?
    Why does everybody love me?
    Why does everything I touch turn into gold?
    Why do I have this incredible flow of ideas and inspiration?
    Why do I always get a spontaneous upgrade to first class whenever I set foot on an airplane?
    How did I get so lucky? Why does everything go my way?
    How many times have I travelled around the world now? And why does it get better every time?
    Why do I look so goddamn sexy?
    Why do I feel like I could set the place on fire with one look?
    Why does the party start wherever I show up?
    Why does it keep getting better and better?
    What am I doing so right?

  • Gillian says:

    Ok, here we go:
    Why am I so healthy and fit?
    Why is my life so fulfilling and fun?
    Why am I a lady of immense good fortune?
    Why am I so happy and light-hearted at all times?
    Why am I a magnet to all my desires?
    Why am I married to one of the most lovable, healthy, wealthy and powerful man in South-East Asia?
    Why does my husband pamper me with such an abundance of love, affection and luxury?
    Why have I become a famous bag designer?
    Why is my bag-line known as one of the the luxury brands?
    Why do I make a few thousand dollars in sales everyday just from my bags?
    Why is money always making its way to me every minute of the day?
    Why am I among the top 10 wealthiest women in Asia?
    Why am I a rich and wealthy socialite?
    Why am I jet-setting all over the world?
    Why is my family so proud of me?
    Why do I look younger and more beautiful as time passes?
    Well, talking about lifting my vibes here!
    Cheers, Gillian

  • Toni says:

    Why am I such a happy and nurturing mother?
    How did I manage to get this relaxed and happy regardless of what is going on around me?
    How do I stay so fresh and vibrant even at this age?
    Why is my marriage such a strong and successful union of two otherwise very different souls?
    How did I ever reach this much peace of mind?
    How did I manage to be so calm and uninfluenced around negative people?
    How did I become so rich and financially independent?
    Why am I so happy all the time?
    How did I master deliberate creation?
    How did I find and commit to my true purpose in life?
    Why do I make a real difference to my clients?
    Why am I always blessed with attracting the right people (friends, colleagues, clients, mentors) into my life?
    How did I figure out how to stay focused on the present moment?
    How did my life become so easy?
    – Afformations are new to me, too, but immediately get my mind working on answers – I love that! Thanks, Jeannette – and everybody else who’s posted so many great questions here; fantastic inspiration – as always

  • Jenny says:

    Jeannette, Why do you always have the funnest ideas?!
    Why do I work so little and make so much?
    Why do I have the greatest husband in the world?
    Why does he always do the dishes, the laundry, and give back massages?
    Why is it that the greatest ideas just keep coming, and coming, and coming to me?
    Why is it that I get so much done AND have so much free time?
    Why did I get so luck to get the deed to my house in my hands?
    Why has all of my knee pain disappeared?
    Why do I now have the awesomest relationship with my mother?
    Why does traffic to my blog keep going up and up?
    Why could I go on and on with this?
    So much fun!!!

  • How do I attract such wonderful clients to work with?
    Why does money fly to me from all directions?
    Why are prospects so happy to hear from me?
    How am I a success in all that I do?
    Why is my life a constant stream of miracles?
    (this is a fun exercise)
    Why do people love to give me money?
    Why are people always wanting to book me to speak?
    Why do my stories keep people on the edge of their seats?
    Why do I always have more than enough of all that I need?
    Why I am always filled with the light of love, peace and joy?
    Why do I have an amazing, loving man who adores me?
    Why does my intuition lead me to the most lucrative opportunities?
    Thanks Jeannette!

  • Yes, I’ve heard these called Afformations…seems like their name would be better if it contained the word *question* in them, since they all contain one.
    Similarly, creative coach Eric Maisel suggests we cultivate a sense of wonder by asking, “I wonder how…”, then let the subconscious figure it out. This works great at night, just before we fall asleep!
    Just one correction to your post, Jeannette. The subconscious mind does NOT reject statements that aren’t true. The subconscious doesn’t know past from present, is very literal, takes what we say/think/believe directly, and mostly functions in auto-pilot. However, our CONSCIOUS mind *often* questions or rejects affirmations it doesn’t see as true or cannot believe are possible.
    I especially find this true with analytical left-brain dominant clients. The more left-brained my clients are, the MORE they struggle with affirmations because their logical brain is *always* demanding *proof*. Often, it’s necessary to create *baby* affirmations to step them into the possibility gently.
    I’ve noticed a distinct difference in how left or right-brain dominant folks process affirmations. I highly recommend these Afformations (Questmations?) for the more logical, left-brained folks. Right-brained folks can easily, happily use either and often get much better success, much quicker. The right-brain dominant folks allow their imaginations to *go there*. All the way there. :o)
    BTW, most entrepreneurs have equally dominant left and right brains. That’s why so many are *visionaries*.
    Many blessings,

  • Mitch says:

    Why am I having such success with afformations?
    Why am I earning thousands of dollars a month in passive income?
    Why am I represented by a SAG film agency?
    Why do I have an abundance of high-paying acting roles?
    Why is my creativity so limitless and free?
    Why am I in the best shape ever?
    How come I’m surrounded by positive, successful, loving friends?
    Why do I live in a beautiful LA high rise?
    Why am I more satisfied with my life than I’ve ever been?
    Why am I so excited right now??? Whoa! Afformations! 😉

  • I didn’t think my night could get ANY better until I just popped in here before bed and burst out laughing at how much I LOVE your questions!!
    I am totally borrowing from ALL of you!!! lol Specifically:
    Why do I always manage to be next to the most awesome/hot guys?
    why are my photos always so fantastic?
    how do I always find such great friends?
    Why does he always do the dishes, the laundry, and give back massages?
    Why is it that the greatest ideas just keep coming, and coming, and coming to me?
    How did I get to be so lucky?
    Why is there always so much extra time in the day?
    Why are we so happy together?
    You guys are on a ROLL!! I KNEW you’d deliver!!
    WOO HOO!! (and huge thanks to you!)

  • Robert says:

    Sounds like fun, can I play?
    Why are beautiful young single women always drawn to me? And why do they always want to hug me?
    Why do people pay me thousands of dollars to give presentaions when I would gladly do it for free?
    How did I get to be so lucky?
    Why does the balance in my checking account keep getting bigger?
    Is it even possible for my garden to be more beautiful?
    How long will this perfect weather last?
    Hey, how fun is this?

  • Dawn says:

    Why do I always have so much money left over no matter how much I spend or give away?
    Why is my home always so tidy?
    Why is there always so much extra time in the day?
    Why is it always so easy for us to take a vacation anywhere we choose?
    How did I get such a huge wardrobe that suits/fits me perfectly?
    Thanks, Jeannette! xo

  • ooooh love it 😀
    How did I become such a happy, successful 6 figure coach working just 15 hours a week?
    Why did so many amazing coaches ask me to collaborate with them on courses and products where we earned big $?
    How did I get to be SO fit, toned, strong and sexy?
    Why did the LOVE of my life fall in love with me and ask me to marry him?
    Why are we so happy together? Why am I always sooo happy!?
    How did my perfect dream home materialise so fast?
    How come I have the life I dreamed of and it’s still 2009!?
    Holy cow — this IS working better than affirmations!! Cos even though it’s not about answers, it does make me think of reasons why and VOILA, focus is on what I want! I likey, me likey thanks J and Suzanne!

  • elizabeth says:

    why is my neighbor always grilling on the days I think it’d be fun to borrow grill space if it were on?
    why are my photos always so fantastic?
    why does my puppy walk so nicely on a leash? (and ride so quietly in the car?)
    how do I always find such great friends?
    why do I always wind up with free movie tickets?
    how does the weight just seem to roll off of me?
    how did I get to be such a good/funny writer?
    how do I always manage to get my job stuff done in time?
    how do I always write the wellness post that is just what someone needs to hear right then?
    how do I attract such love, fun, and abundance?
    mmmmmmm .. that is fun! 🙂

  • MSNikki says:

    Why am I always in the right place at the right time?
    How do I always win those movie passes?
    Why do I always manage to be next to the most awesome/hot guys?
    Why do I always attract eclectic people to me?
    Why I am so witty and why do I always make people laugh?
    Why I am a humorous writer?
    How do I always find the perfect red lipstick?
    Why do I attract abundance everywhere I go?
    Why do I always attract opportunities to travel to Europe?
    Why am I so good at French?
    How do I always manage to attract the most awesome Dooney’s on sale??
    Why am I so happy in my real vocation?
    Why am I so happy living here?
    How did my LOA vibe reverberate into the stratosphere?

  • >