May 5, 2011

Q&A: Big Things Harder to Manifest?

good at manifesting little thingsThis reader’s question struck me as worthy of being addressed by this community, since it is one many creators ask at some point.
Here’s the summarized question:

I can get law of attraction to work great for me on things like rock star parking and green lights in traffic, but on the things that really matter nothing seems to work.  I visualize, use affirmations, listen to guided meditations, “act as if” and take inspired action.
But for the last three years my financial struggles have only gotten worse.  It seems to me – and dishearteningly so – that law of attraction works on the stuff that just doesn’t matter that much.  The stuff I really need continues to elude me.
If there is something I’m doing wrong, I would appreciate any tips or suggestions you have.

How about it Good Vibers?  I’m sure some of us can relate to this experience, and have helpful advice or similar experiences to share.
Thanks in advance for your responses!

  • I remember a friend saying something about ‘you cannot try but do’ and so Ive eliminated the word try from my vocabulary. Im with Rebecca on this, using the word try suggests the possibility of failure and I prefer to eliminate this possibility.

  • Rebecca Cheng says:

    So much great LOA food for thought here. And if it’s all food, I’ll be well, pretty big and round – lol!
    The prime concern in this blog seems to be about manifesting and money. My experience echoes that of George’s. In making money issues bigger than they are, we are in fact saying it’s difficult or not possible to reach it. And LOA obliges.
    I’ve lived through some tough situations and similarly with money. Looking back, I realized I manifested anything I wanted with great gusto – the good, the bad and the ugly. Even with money, I got it all. When negativve, I got money through debt. When just wanting something to live by, I got that too. Now, the good…I am getting what I ask for.
    What I did was to change my habits. Life long habits are some of the most devious and difficult to change. Your cells and neurons have been carved from all those habits. You can become addicted to feeling bad or the bad habits (most of us are). It takes a concious effort at first to change those negative signals into positive ones. But then, with perseverence, you will win. You’ll feel so much better, Your emotions are under your control. You can claim your power. LOA sees to that.
    One little thing I’d like to add is that when “trying” to manifest lots of money, in that trying you are actually doubting the money. Your likely result is the greater the doubt, the greater the debt instead.
    To manifest a better financial life? I’d go with what George has to say…lighten up! Getting more money is actually easier than getting into debt. Just know you can.

  • Yes, I think it is personal and relative and that even changes over a life time and even day to day.
    I suggest it is better to chunk for success by starting small and hitting the mark and then building up – the impossible takes a little longer to manifest 🙂

  • Jeannette says:

    Agreed, Amanda. That’s what I experience – there’s an “acclimation” process to the things I think of as “bigger.” Even though I’m the one making that up. ha
    Thanks for the link, Jesann!
    Scott, that positivity is clearly working for you! What great stories! As to your question about the feeling in the stomach – I know Gregg Braden and Mike Dooley are big on incorporating strong FEELINGS into the visualizations.
    George, I love your definition of wealth and totally agree we (most of us) make it a bigger deal than is helpful.
    Rosemary – I think you nailed it there, that what is big for one person may be a cinch for another. It’s totally personal, isn’t it?

  • Is there such a thing as big being a relative and personal term?
    What is big for one person may be fairly pedestrian for another?
    Food for thought.

  • George says:

    We make the money issue bigger then it needs to be. I have made and received large amounts of money over the past few years.
    The key for me has been to redefine “wealth.”
    I no longer concern myself with chasing money. I concern myself with living within my means and staying “money conscious.” That means you stop concerning yourself about what anyone else thinks of you and be happy being in control of the money you have. Once you gain the self confidence that come with self control, you have step one down.
    From there you need only in-vision a prosperous future. Allowing yourself to daydream on the detail of what’s to come.
    The key is not seeing yourself has “beneath” where you like to be, but simply working from “where you are”- and in complete control.
    The definition of wealth; I am in control and happily traveling on my way towards the things I want.

  • Fernando says:

    The first step is knowing what you really and truly want
    second step is picture yourself having that desire in the (present form)third is getting yourself emotionally involve(positive feelings) thats how you properly send out your desire
    now getting what you want comes in the law of receiving, there is a scientiffic way of getting into receiving mode want to learn more join me at. and i will show you the truth

  • Kati says:

    @Tammy- I was inspired by the manifesting “orange rock” story, so I thought to myself, why not manifest one for me too!? 🙂
    The next day, I went to my Facebook page and the first thing I saw was somebody’s post about an orange rock with a picture and some text about what the color represents! 🙂
    – Wow, that was fast, I thought, but then my mind went: No no no!! This is NOT what I wanted! I want a REAL rock that I can touch!!..
    So, sometimes later that day I felt like cleaning out my shoulderbag.. Had been postponing that for some time, but since I use it every day, it is nice to have it organized. And in the midst of going through my stuff, I suddenly found my lucky carnelian gemstone that had been missing for a long time!! And it just happens to be ORANGE!! 🙂
    – Hehe, okay, satisfied with this one, universe! =)
    I just wanted to thank you for this powerful reminder! =) xxx

  • Scott says:

    Okay, I did some YouTube refresher research, and the belly is extremely important. I do not remember everything to exercise and continually want to refresh myself on the teachings of the gurus to stay my authentic self.

  • Scott says:

    I was wondering. Do you think it helps to give yourself that nervous feeling in your stomach when visualizing?
    I have a hunch that this is a secret killer technique. Anyone know?

  • Scott says:

    I just want to say that I really love your blog!
    I just come here for positive energy most of the time. Please keep updating with great stuff! You are creating a lot of positive energy that I love!
    On the topic: I think it important to stay focused and in the moment and working towards goals. There have been a lot of big things that have manifested for me, but I still don’t think I am by any means where I really want to be. However, everything is coming together and I can actually see it all happening! As boring as the day to day can be during this time,the huge incredible things are manifesting and just taking a little time. Bso, I am chanting and honing new techniques. I am also setting things up so that when these things manifest, I will be ready. I’ve actually made some decent progress and had small successes from working towards these goals. This leads me to believe that taking action to assist big things in manifesting can actually add momentum to other goals.
    I’m just keeping a loving attitude and trying to be positive about everything. A new person that met me after the Secret came out told another new friend of mine that I was really positive and I still think about how great that made me feel. I had just moved across the country and landed a great gig on the set my first film, a horror movie out in the woods. That manifested like a dream! I’m trying to get back to being that positive person that manifests so easily. Just a little fine tuning should do it.
    Actually, I manifested a meeting with Shaquille in less than a month. I just followed the instructions completely. Really felt bliss about meeting him for maybe half an hour then let it go. Probably did that every night for a week. Three weeks later, I’m sitting in the massage chair on lunch for a temp job for a bank and WHAMMO! Shaquille in his Superman t-shirt walks into the room. Only a couple other people were there. All the access I could ever want. And the kicker… I VISUALIZED HIM WEARING THE SUPERMAN T-SHIRT!
    It caught me so off-guard that I forgot to accept it and pitch my comic for him to invest in. I always tried not to bother celebrities in LA, so my natural ettiquite clouded my mind and. Totally missed pitching him. But I had to have manifested it. That is why I know for an absolute fact that The Secret works.
    Still takes effort to acheive these things, but it can certainly be done with ease!

  • Jesann says:

    Jeannette, here’s the column on residual energy from Wendy’s site. She’s redesigned everything and included guest posters in the past couple of years, but this column’s hers:

  • Amanda42 says:

    Maybe they are harder to manifest because it’s harder to get acclimated to what it would feel like to be/do/have them. It can be much easier to imagine and feel and believe in the ability to have, say, a new dress than a high-paying job. Acclimation seems to be the key (so thanks for the acclimation call at

  • I have sure found this to be true, Mitch: “These “bigger” issues often require more consistent focus.”
    And I love your commitment to feeling good about money regardless! That’s a powerful vibe there.
    Thanks for posting, Mitch! 🙂

  • Mitch says:

    Don’t discount rockstar parking as insignificant! I’ve been living in Los Angeles for 2 1/2 years and I’m only now working the bugs out of my parking vibe. 😉
    I don’t think I’ll say anything that hasn’t already been said here, but my advice is to look really honestly at how you feel about the things that you feel you “need.” It’s definitely valuable to use whatever manifesting tools appeal to you to improve your financial situation, but if, after using those techniques, you go right back to saying “Where’s my money? I need more money!” you’re still holding the money away from yourself.
    These “bigger” issues often require more consistent focus. Money is a subject that we all think about all of the time, so it’s always a good idea to really look at what kind of money thoughts you’re having all day every day, and make an effort to choose better-feeling thoughts whenever you catch yourself worrying.
    My mantra has become, “With or without money, I’m going to feel good about money.” That way, I’m not depending on the money to make me feel better. And when I can hold that feeling, money always shows up!

  • I love that your daughter recognized her orange rock when it appeared! And that you’re having so much fun with her as she learns her creative power.
    Does kind of make me fantasize about a world where we all had smart moms like you.

  • Tammy says:

    I have been speaking about “attracting, intending and allowing” to my 15 year old twin girls. (They tease me that I have a “parking fairy” because we always have a spot waiting for us wherever we go.) Anyway, my daughter decided to try this out. She intended to have an orange rock come into her life. I told her I was feeling what it was like to have her call me and tell me how excited she was to have come across this rock.
    Well lo and behold she just texted me a picture of this orange rock that she came across at school. She is beyond excited and I have goose bumps for her.
    She wants to know why people don’t practice this all of the time and will it work for bigger things? I told her it can and does work for absolutely anything as long as she believes, knows it will come to pass and has fun with it.
    This experience has been a great reminder for me, manifesting anything, large or small, is as easy as we make it.
    Happy thoughts to you all!

  • Kati, thanks for the suggestion to introduce peace and ease to the equation. No doubt that will have huge payoffs.
    I especially love it when someone shares their personal experiences, so others can see what it looks like and know that it is really possible. It’s not just abstract theory – it works!
    Thanks for that, Kati. 🙂

  • Kati says:

    The first thing that comes to mind: You are trying too hard! =p
    Stop, breathe and relax, cos even if you don’t realize it- everything is always working out for YOU! 😉
    I have had moneystruggles myself and I know that it’s not the easiest thing in the world to just stop worrying and feeling tense! But here’s what I did to get out of it: I made peace with the current situation as best as I could! As in to the point where I didn’t get a heart attack every time a new bill came in! =) I constantly reminded myself that: The way I feel about money is what is gonna manifest in my reality! So, every time I got these negative feelings, I stopped and thought to myself: Is THIS what I want to manifest? … How would I want to feel about money instead? – and stayed in these betterfeelings as long as it was easy! I didn’t get specific at first, I thought how I GENERALLY want to feel about money and ofc, the main feeling I was after was EASE.. So that’s where I focused my energy every time money came up!
    AND it didn’t take me long, a few weeks actually, when I received some unexpected money and that wasn’t all! Like magic all my “problems” around money started to solve by themselves.. =)
    Now as I am feeling better about the subject, I am after even MORE and excited about it! 😉
    Just RELAX.. Just BREATHE.. Struggle brings more struggle.. Worry brings more worry.. Feeling ease, happy, excited.. will bring manifestations that back these feelings up! Stop seeing money as struggle and instead try to see it as easy… And as you feel better- a better experience with money has to follow! 😉
    Happy manifesting! =)

  • It does seem to always boil down to what we believe, huh?
    Thanks for popping in, Justin.

  • The reader has some limiting beliefs about money that is keeping him from attracting it.

  • “Getting back to love” – that has to be fun homework, huh, Danae?
    I just had a conversation today with another coach about “unconscious incompetence” (from Maslow’s hierarchy) and I can so feel the power of your suggestion of aligning consciousness with unconsciousness.
    I’ll be using your “How can I apply love to this?” question next time the (fear) occasion arises! Thanks for posting.

  • I’m *so* glad this question has been asked… I’ve been processing this exact train of thought myself. I even went through a long period of not believing in LOA (or half believing – I still got the good parking spots!) and attempting to ‘make things happen’ myself – HA!
    then, when the burden of that got so huge I couldn’t carry it any more I had no choice but to hand it all back to the Universe and ask for help.
    *instant realisation* that a lot of my life has been built out of fear – fear of poverty, fear of loneliness, fear of losing, fear of growing up, growing old, growing in any way. The things that work in my life are the ones that are founded on love. So now my work-in-progress is to get myself back to love.
    When I was at art school my teachers would tell me that I’m at my best when ‘not thinking’ – that I’m an ‘unconscious’ creator. This may well be true in all areas of my life. The remedy, I believe, is to get consciousness and unconsciousness to align – to end the conflict between what is not being acknowledged (unconscious) and what I’m attempting to create with sheer thought. The only way is love.
    So my daily question is ‘how can I apply love to this?’ and when I see things that aren’t working I tell myself ‘this is what I created out of fear, and love can cancel this out’.
    ..and even though the present reality isn’t so great, it FEELS so darn great to really know that everything is shifting, and that with the Divine on my side (ready to take over any problem when I ask it), I don’t have to fear any more.

  • Lots of great vibe-shifters here, Kimberly! Thanks for offering specifics on the subject of money.

  • Through the Lens of Kimberly Gauthier, Photography Blog says:

    One thing that I’ve learned is that I can’t create from a place of lack. The story that comes to mind is one in a A-H book about rain.
    Whenever I want a sunny day, I can’t create it while grumping about the rain. Instead I thank the rain, because it’s helping things grow and it’ll help me celebrate the next sunny day. Then I think of all the fun things I’ll do on that sunny day. Boom – sun. I think it’s cool that several people are creating the same time independently of each other.
    The same goes for money. Whenever I focus on the lack of money, unexpected bills arrive. But when I look around to see all the cool things money has allowed me to buy, I get excited. I live in a gorgeous home on 5 acres. I’m able to promote my photography blog and my dream to turn it into a revenue generating business.
    I also write “thank you” on the memo of my checks. I go to the bank to pay our mortgage just so that I can have that positive interaction. I’ve called vendors to leave messages of thanks and sent them cards. The response back has been fantastic. And what’s cool is that if everyone I touch pays my happiness forward, then more great things come back to me!
    Money comes up so much when LOA is the topic. It’s tempting to complain, but it’s important to turn those sentiments around to the positive. Instead of “I had to spend money on _____” say “I’m so thankful that I had the money to spend on _____.”
    It took me a long time to get this and now that I do, I’m jumping for joy that I figured it out. In my mind, LOA is a counter we approach with our wish list. A group of people are in the back getting everything together for us – all we have to do is keep that positive energy going. What causes delay is when we start to doubt.

  • Bec, I haven’t been leveraging this one much myself yet, but I LOVE it!!! (Only recently learned it.) That is: “I’ll think about you later, I don’t have to think about you right now”.
    Beautiful method for staying out of resistance!
    And of course your tip to feel good now is a juicy one. Thanks so much for posting!

  • Bec says:

    A few suggestions that have really helped me…
    As Noelle has already mentioned, get in the Vortex and THEN…(do your affirming or whatever), and go general with your thoughts about money.
    But sometimes, that doesn’t work either. When I have a big wad of resistant thoughts (very aware of what I don’t want) about a subject, I find it better to leave that subject alone, and think about other things that do feel good…I find other things in my life to appreciate; I notice the moments when I feel good (I’m in the Vortex), and make the most of them – I do whatever I can to feel good. And if that resistant subject pops into my mind, I just say “I’ll think about you later, I don’t have to think about you right now”.
    We all want the stuff we want because we believe that having it will help us feel good. But you know what I realized? I can feel good right now (without the stuff)…I just find ANY subject that feels good when I focus on it, and keep focusing on it. My vibrational frequency is then in sync with my Inner Being and Law of Attraction responds to that higher vibration.
    Law of Attraction is always working…it is always responding to our vibration – and we can easily change our vibration by focusing on things that feel good.

  • Kathleen, I love the connection you’ve made between FUN and the easy stuff, and how that leads us to manifesting the “bigger” stuff.
    Also appreciating your comment: “you’re gonna love what you figure out along the way.” Way to encourage enjoyment of the process!

  • Kathleen says:

    Take the one element that is present when you’re working on the easy (less important) stuff and apply it to the “hard” (more important) stuff: the Feeling of FUN 😉
    The easy stuff is there to show us it is possible and to teach us how it’s done. A little bit at a time. You’re gonna love what you figure out along the way to the “big” stuff, and you’ll love how much fun it is, too.

  • Thanks for the wise words, Abigail.
    I totally agree that continued practice grows our confidence and the “big” stuff doesn’t seem so out of reach with experience.
    And loved: “… be at peace with where you are right now, enjoying your life as it is. So paradoxical, but it is seriously the magic formula!”
    Well said. 🙂

  • I think it’s just all about practice! The more you play with your LOA skills, the easier it gets to attract the more emotionally charged things, because you become less and less attached to the outcome of actually getting those large things. I recently attracted something HUGE, simply by thinking casually, “Hmmm, maybe it would be fun to have X in my life…” It was really light, casual, and almost accidental. That’s the sweet spot, so to speak, for bringing something to you FAST. In order for it to work, you really do need to be at peace with where you are right now, enjoying your life as it is. So paradoxical, but it is seriously the magic formula!
    If you’re not there yet with something big, I say, don’t worry about it! Just slowly take your time loosening the grasping or strong desire, noticing what helps you do so as you go. That way you can remember what worked for you for next time!

  • Malu, I’m thrilled you posted here! And I’m positive this isn’t the first time you’ve had something very valuable to offer.
    Thanks for the Love tip … one that I sometimes overlook myself!

  • Malu says:

    I am glad to finally get an opportunity to share something good, I think it may be of great help, as it has been for me. My life has changed in the past weeks, and I´ve been very close to the law of attraction philosophy for years, I can say the catalyst is “”LOVE””. If we visualialize, act as if and relax “Loving” what we want, I mean really Love Life, Life will give it to us 100% guarantee, Thank you Jeannette for your guidance all this time!

  • I say this almost every time I read someone’s post on this blog and I’m saying it again, Jesann: “You guys are SMART!”
    Make it small (from Janette), start smaller from you – it makes good sense.
    And I’m definitely not annoyed, but rather pleased to hear wherever the LOA wisdom comes from. I’ll be looking up Wendy’s work. (Unless you want to pop back with a link to it?) Love the “burn off” analogy!
    Thanks for chiming in, Jesann!

  • Jesann says:

    One thing that gets me is getting my intentions and where I’m coming from in sync over and over again. I’m sure you know about the whole “If you keep saying you need it, then you’ll always need it and never get it” thing that trips up a lot of LOA intentions. Well, it runs deeper than a lot of people realize. My issue is that there is something deep inside me that still comes from “I don’t have it,” and I have to literally tell myself, “Stop. Wait. Where am I coming from with this.” I can say all the right things and even consciously intend the right things, but then I feel this little bit somewhere inside that’s not quite on board.
    For big things specifically, for me at least it’s a matter of internal trust. I still feel like I’m guessing or asking instead of just telling the universe. As annoying as it is, I’ve realized I have to start smaller.
    Something that’s helped me — and Jeannette, I hope you don’t mind my mentioning this, because it’s from another LOA site — is what Wendy Betterini calls burn-off. When something negative happens, consider it old negative energy burning off like morning fog. Listen, what’s happening now is a result of older thoughts, yes? So even though you’re now thinking positive, if you somehow managed to properly intend (albeit unwillingly, just through old thinking patterns) something negative, it might show up. Let it burn off.
    Easier said than done when you’re in the thick of it, I know, and I had a major financial rant last week that probably set me back a few months energy-wise. 🙂 But keep at it.

  • Janette says:

    If I had my act 100% totally together, I’d be saying “of course not – no difference between a castle and a button” (to quote Abraham) and I would MEAN it.
    But I don’t. In my head, big things are way more difficult to manifest because I don’t yet believe I deserve them. And I’m not sure I’ll ever get to that stage.
    So here’s my trick, and it seems to be working. When something seems too big to manifest, I find a way to make it smaller. I guess others would call that “releasing resistance” and I like calling it that, too.
    Money was always a big bad nasty topic, and for the LONGEST time I could NOT believe it would ever feel anything other than awful. Affirmations, visualising, acting as if – they ALL felt horrible because they just reminded me I STILL DIDN’T HAVE ENOUGH MONEY!!! And the only way to solve my problems was the good ol’ lottery win. Sigh.
    But thanks to Jeannette and a load of other GVU folks, I FINALLY changed my approach. I stopped all those activities that made me feel awful. I followed Amanda Owen’s program (The Power of Receiving) because it felt lovely.
    And I changed my money goals from one giant hairy scary PROBLEM. I didn’t try and break money into several bite-size chunks, because that felt way too hard (where to start????). Instead, I found ONE bite sized chunk that I could think about without freaking out. And I fell in love with that one tiny chunk blessing it and welcoming it (without taking any action), and before I knew it – that chunk had transformed into a better outcome than I could have imagined.
    So yes, big manifestation is easy for me if I approach it the same way as eating an elephant – one bite at a time!

  • Wow, that is beautiful to hear, Janette! Not just for the success you’re creating in your own manifesting habit, but for how easily others could play with it, too: make the big thing smaller.
    I can imagine a couple different ways to explore that. Huh.
    Very fun! Thank you, Janette, for sharing that!

  • Nikky, I have to say, it means SO much to hear it from someone who has actually experienced it (“the high that you will feel (from the process) is much greater than getting that money in reality”).
    So glad you weighed in on this one – thank you!

  • Nikky says:

    Well that stuff happens to most of us deliberate creators as part of our journey to get better at our skills to manifest.
    I agree with the suggestions offered above and most of them have worked for me at some time or another.
    To add to that whats important to remember is that the process of coming into alignment with our desire is definitely more exciting then the manifestation itself. I know its hard for you to hear this at this time but believe me as you work towards aligning yourself to the big money that has already been lined up for you, the high that you will feel is much greater than getting that money in reality.
    Trust me I speak from experience of discovering the same for myself.
    Having said that — the process of aligning ourselves
    ( which is all that stuff on getting happy NOW, acting as if, being in the vortex and my favorite enjoying the anticipation of whats to come) is more exhilarating when the desire is big like in your example – More Money.
    So my friend enjoy the ride and get aligned coz thats what it is………
    Also there are many processes in Abraham hicks books that help you get aligned.
    You could also read loads of amazing information on this website to get aligned.
    All the best

  • Noelle says:

    Oh boy don’t I know this one!!! I am just on the other side of this, since now I at least KNOW(really know;) that every week no matter what things “look like” it’s all going to work out somehow, some way! And it ALWAYS does, money(not a LOT but just enough) comes, no matter what, from somewhere, sometimes just out of the blue someone gives me some:)!
    And honestly when I look back this is a big improvement and RELIEF(very important emotion when it comes to money), even though if I just thought about how much I REALLY want it wouldn’t be enough! But, my gosh, what a huge RELIEF it is to not have to worry about basic needs(and a few fun things I love) anymore!!!
    And so I KNOW that if I can get here(not worrying about bills, rent, wine;) etc…) knowing they will be there, then of course I can get to the point where I expect and receive a whole LOT more, it’s just a matter of enjoying and making the best of where you are while looking forward to the future! And….feeling the “POWER” of even making a little progress, and therefore knowing you can make a lot more eventually!
    So, here’s what you gotta do; KNOW/ACKNOWLEDGE where you are right now….DON’T wallow there, just be HONESTLY where you are emotionally around money, cause like Abe says about Magellan(the thingy that maps out the routes in the car) you have to know where you are to know how to get to where you want to be!
    Then start finding some relief emotionally from there, such as; well, at least I have food all the time, and at least I have a job(if you do), and I know I’ve had times where I’ve had some extra money anyway(if you have), just find any words you can possibly find to soothe yourself! I also always say, “Universe is My Supply”, you may find a better one for you, just make sure you can FEEL some(any) RELIEF from it, and just keep self-soothing til you feel better!
    THEN you can start visualizing, affirming, acting “as if”, from that “Having/Good Feeling” place! Abe’s been saying lately Get into the VORTEX and THEN….visualize, affirm etc…. What they mean is that if you do all those things from outside the “vortex”, you are doing them from a stance of “not having” in order to “get something”, and then it’s impossible to “have” from a vibe of “not having”, but if you feel good first then you have what you “really” want already(feeling as good as you’d feel if you had the money already), and you can then receive more from there!
    That’s what I think has kept me back for sooo long too! I was doing all the things you are doing “religiously”, in the am, and pm every day….and not moving hardly an inch and like you moving backwards sometimes! But once I “got” that I had to acknowledge where I was, and feel better BEFORE I flowed energy towards money, THEN things started moving quite a bit! And like I said, I am not exactly where I really want to be yet, but that’s ok most of the time;) anyway, cause I know what to do now and it’s just a matter of time!!!
    Good Luck to you, and feel free to email me if you want to know more!

  • Noelle, I love how you’re “leap frogging” your way to your ultimate desire, but having lots of appreciation and enjoyment along that way.
    Your “acknowledge, but don’t wallow” tip is a good one, too.
    I’m laughing because at first I thought your relief thought about food was taking relief IN food – not just the having of it. ha (Can anyone say “chocolate”?) lol
    Thanks for posting, Noelle!!

  • Good point, Anonymous! (That there’s a potential misalignment in even doing the manifesting exercises!)
    Loved your tip to focus on financial abundance, too. Thanks for starting the conversation here!

  • Anonymous says:

    I visualize, use affirmations, listen to guided meditations, “act as if” and take inspired action.
    Would you do all these things if you already had the thing you want? In most cases probably not as you’d be too busy enjoying the manifestation of it. Sometimes you just got to relax and look at the things going on in your life, e.g if you’re trying to manifest finances do you have projeects/a business that has potential to bring you what you want? If yes then know that finances will improve, somethings do take a while. Even Jesus didn’t start his full on ministry untill he was 30! We live in a society where if we don’t get everything instantly then we think something is up.
    You also say “financial struggles” is that how you see finances as a struggle? Things get better when even when you are short of money you work through those moments fixed on abundance, money has to then show up as you are rooting for abundance and not struggle. Hard to do but a great thing to get hold of.

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