5 Biz “Truths” That Don’t Apply to Conscious Creators

Whether we have a traditional job or run our own show as a solopreneur or business owner, we’ve likely heard what’s required to succeed …

We’re supposed to research the market, identify pain points and confirm proven needs.

They tell us that the customer is always right, and hustling is required.

You know what? That’s a bunch of crap.

And conscious creators know it.

Because we know where results really come from …

It isn’t from jumping through muggle-made hoops; and it isn’t from a roll of the cosmic dice determining our fate. It’s from our reality-creating habits.

Which is why it’s worth remembering that the “rules” or “truths” commonly expounded in business are optional.

If it feels good to engage these things, then do. If it doesn’t, skip them! You can opt out – and still succeed – if there’s no joy there.

(In fact, if there’s no joy there, these “truths” are more likely to hinder your success than support it.)

So don’t let anyone tell you this stuff is required in order to succeed in work or business:

Myth #1: Know your market.

You don’t have to research the competition or survey your audience about price points or locate your prospects before you proceed. What you choose to create in your business is outside of these muggle constraints. Don’t fall for it! You are unlimited as to what you manifest when you engage your true creative powers.

Myth #2: Find a need and fill it.

They tell us to make sure there is an actual need for what we’re offering before we try to make a living with it. But that’s not how the system works. If you have a desire to offer something, your customers automatically exist. You don’t have to research pain points or survey the marketplace to confirm their existence. If you want customers and believe in them, they’re there. All you have to do is become a vibrational match to receiving them.

Myth #3: Get ready to hustle.

We’ve all heard that there’s no gain without pain, and that failure is imminent if we aren’t willing to work our asses off. But conscious creators know that struggle and sacrifice does not put is in good alignment with our highest success. Inspired action is what we’re much better off engaging rather than overworking ourselves into exhaustion and misalignment.

Myth #4: Make a realistic plan.

Goal setting and business plans are a staple in the professional world, because they believe we can’t hit the target without knowing how we’ll specifically get there. While it’s true that seeing possibilities about how we could achieve success can be empowering (it boosts belief), it can also backfire by closing us off to universal magic. The “hows” are not our job. Our job is to focus solidly on the “what” and allow the best path there to reveal itself.

Myth #5: Know your numbers.

They say if we don’t have the right measurements in place we are at a loss to control what we create. But everyone has likely felt the disempowerment of taking score too soon. And it’s the vibration that matters more than the numbers. Get a good vibration going and you’ll get good numbers to follow. (If/when you feel like looking at the numbers.)

And don’t even get me started on the ridiculousness of unique selling propositions, or 30 second elevator speeches, or essential social media tactics, or policy and procedure docs, or personal branding benefits, or catering to customer needs, etc.

Because you don’t need me to tell you what rules you can ignore. That’s what your inner guidance is for.

When something doesn’t feel fab, that means it’s not for you. There’s either a better perspective to see the situation from or it’s just simply not part of your path.

This actually goes both ways, though …

Sometimes there IS a traditional truth that feels very good to honor. So don’t dismiss everything just because muggles quote the importance of doing it.

Trust your higher wisdom within and let that be the truth you follow.

PS – for those who’d like help engaging their creative powers in business, check out my home study Perfect Client Creator course.

  • May 10, 2016
  • Heather says:

    This is so true!
    All of these worked for me ONLY and ONLY when I felt that’s what I want to do and was inspired about them.
    I also remember times they didn’t work and guess what… 😀
    My inner guidance was not actually interested.
    Great post, Jeannette! Thank you.

  • kelli says:

    Hey Jeannette
    Great post. I totally agree with everything you said here. It truly does come down to how our actions and decisions make us feel. If traditional business wisdom vibes, go for it. I think for a lot of us, we may not be able to buck it totally or completely early on and it is a gradual moving away from certain things as our confidence in our manifesting abilities grows and we manifest more ‘evidence’ of how things really go down.
    In my own business, one decision I made awhile back was doing away with phone consultations for my private coaching. I realized that my perfect client wouldn’t need a consultation and for me personally my reasons for doing them weren’t very manifesting friendly, and were driven by traditional thinking,thinking that was kind of fear-based and limited, like it giving you the opportunity to ‘convince’ people or ‘sell yourself’ or walk people through their money ‘objections.’ Anyone that would require any of that isn’t likely to move forward anyway, or might due to my ‘convincing’ them but anyone requiring that isn’t my ideal client nor am I their ideal coach, so working with them would not be the best situation for either of us.
    Also, I don’t know if you have any interest in doing guest posts for other blogs, but if you did, I would love to post something from you so feel free to get in touch if that interests you. As a fellow LOA coach, I resonate totally with your work and know you would provide great value to my audience.
    Great stuff.

  • ramonasun says:

    This is lovely. Thank you for writing this, it seems I have come here just to see this <3
    All that ever matters is the vibrational alignment! How can we forget that? The world gets myself so caught up in silly facts and lists. All the matters is vibrational alignment. That's it.
    Thank You!

  • Shan says:

    Woohoo–!! Beautiful, Jeannette. What a glorious invitation to be authentic, to be in one’s own rhythm and shine. I realise I’ve been buying into a lot of those myths re. my business and struggling – and NOT having fun. Today, I took a chill day and took some time to read your material, and look what I found! There’s still some fear and coming from scarcity (help, I need to earn money). But I’ll keep tuning in here and to GVU to keep my vibe high and change my perspective and open myself to co-creating with the Universe. I am so passionate about my biz, sometimes that gets in the way and becomes attachment.Thank you so much!

  • Fen says:

    I’ve been running a YouTube channel for several years now. I did absolutely nothing but make videos in the first couple years, and I grew briskly despite being in a tiny niche. Soon as I started trying to be more professional, I hit a slump. My fans are always saying I should be bigger and that I deserve more subs; every once in a while I half-heartedly try to oblige them by trying to do what you’re s’posed to or whatever. Of course I don’t believe in it so it does nothing.
    I’ve heard YouTubers say that if you miss a week, you’re done for. I once went on a six-month hiatus and *gained* subs during that time. I even officially quit once. No problem. My fans LOVE me. I’m not Big(tm), but really, that’s because I’m ambivalent as heck and that’s a whole nother story. But hey. I just don’t believe in the marketing wisdom, it all sounds like a load of sloblock to me. Which is probably the sole and direct reason it’s never worked for me. Obviously for people to whom it sounds right and believable, they’ll prolly have a great time with it, but meh.
    I’m aware I can change my beliefs on the matter. Most saliently, “I can’t be any bigger than I am without becoming dull, stressed, stuck in this line of work forever, and having no fun at all due to pressure, business crap, and trolls everywhere all the time”. I could probably stand to change that one. Yeehaw.

  • Amanda says:

    This is absolutely perfect and came at the right timing for sure ❤️ Was Just evaluating my market and im going to just breathe and trust my gut on this one. Thank you!

  • Mindy J says:

    This feels so refreshing and light. Thank you Jeannette!!

  • Exactly the article I needed to read today! I do a lot of market research in my line of work but sometimes I wonder about what value it really brings to the table… reading this article brought a new insight: market research is a tool to help you build your BELIEF that you’re on the right track and boost your manifesting vibes… thanks!

  • Lizette Balsdon says:

    I LOVE IT!!!! Especially since this just came naturally for me. I’ve placed an ad for my business once – last month when my mind was in a funk. I had 35 website hits and the one thought I’m too expensive and the rest were all spammers (Note to self: Don’t waste money – just get out of the funk). For 7 years, my business has run on miracle fume, because I have not had the time (and previously the money) for all the research and marketing. Besides, nothing feels better than referrals. Thanks so much for the affirmation, Jeanette!

  • Dana says:

    Beautifully stated! Feeling good, AKA Alignment is all that’s required. In that wonderful state, we’ll know and be divinely inspired to do what’s perfect for us individually and for our businesses. Bravo Jeannette!

  • I’ve been practicing the new story of business being easy and fun and that clients find me as if by magic. I tap (EFT) on it just about every night for the past week. It feels good to think about so I’m continuing to solidify that story. I don’t want to have my business become successful through struggle and hustling – I want to be delighted with how the Universe brings it to me.

  • Christina says:

    I love breaking the “find a need a need and fill it” rule and the “know your market” rule. I sell on ebay and I hear other sellers say you need to niche down. But I like finding cool stuff to list instead because if I think it’s cool, someone else will too. And as a writer I hear the so-called six figure kindle gurus talk about keyword research and having a team of ghostwriters write 100 books for you based on that research. But what feels good to me is writing my own books based on my ideas and inspiration. So if it takes a while to get those 100 books that’s fine because I know I’m not putting out gibberish. I have to run a business that feels right to me and that’s not based on the latest gimmicks.

    • Jeannette says:

      Anyone who understands the role of vibration in what we experience in life will get why this is the best approach you could engage, Christina: “But what feels good to me is writing my own books based on my ideas and inspiration.”
      And if someone else had joy for the ghostwriting SEO path, they’d have success, too!
      Because that’s how vibration works. It’s not WHAT we do; it’s how we feel about it. So cool to remember that!
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this subject, my friend. I know that others get courage when they see others trusting their joy. 🙂

  • Karen says:

    Great advice! I work for a corporate entity that has focused more and more on “the metrics” since I’ve been there. I have heard all the spin from the top about success, but what I see is unhappiness from all the stress. I’m just cruising, watching from the outside because I am not going to follow anyone into their drama. What keeps me out of feeling down about it myself is that I know I am well on my way to creating my own world and before they know it, I’ll be walking away from all the drama into the world of my creation.

    • Jeannette says:

      That’s important (and sometimes, for some, tricky) to remember – that just because everyone else is doing it one way doesn’t mean you have to go along. Even in the world where it “seems” like others are calling the shots, we still have some creative wiggle room to start with, and when we engage that, it can’t help but grow!
      Thanks for chiming in here, Karen. 🙂

  • Deanna says:

    Dear Jeannette – wow – as always your blog posts really “hits the spot” and came along RIGHT ON TIME. to Mia who commented above – I do not have concrete advice except to say – I bet I would like to read what you are passionate about writing – so do not give up on your love and passion for topics. Jeannette – once again this is soooo true -heck all of us would have given up entirely if we listened to too much muggle thinking. 1000 thanks for putting into words what is sometimes difficult to articulate. I am rebranding myself as “the Possibilities Realtor” because I believe that all things are possible 🙂 in real estate and in life. thanks much for reminding us that we get to choose the “truths” to believe or the new truths to replace… – Deanna

    • Elle says:

      Thank you for this Deanna. I love your new title. This is needed so much in real estate because so many do not believe one can have their dream place so you must settle where you are and make the most of it. I believe it is out there for my husband and I to move in and spread our great energy, even though he does not believe we will ever have it either, but I do not let it bother me!

    • Jeannette says:

      Deanna … I just got goosebumps reading Possibilities Realtor. That is SO cool!! And Lord knows everyone could use a magic realtor on their side when it’s time to change residence! 🙂

  • Mia says:

    Thanks for this post, Jeannette! Having the “permission” to do business my way feels like such a relief to me. I *do* ignore some muggle rules in my online business, too, and I feel that I need quite a bit of courage to do so … It isn’t that easy to go against conventional wisdom, at least for me.
    I’m an author and write articles for online publications as well as my own website. Where I get stuck: I feel forced to write what the readers want (“know your market”, “find a need”). From my experience during the past few years, I feel that I need to find topics that are in demand. I’ve noticed that whenever I write about what *I* love, what I would really like to share, what makes me enthusiastic and passionate – those articles don’t get read much or at all. I still enjoy writing but it isn’t as much fun for me as it used to be. I feel that I can’t be as authentic and true to my own interests as I would like to be.
    Any idea how I could turn that around?

    • Karen says:

      What I have seen with authors is that once they get noticed and begin to enjoy their success, they get pushed into pushing out what “the market” wants. I think these rules steal their joy right out from under them and often I can see it in the final product. I have stopped reading more than one author because of it.
      I say, just you be you. Do what your heart says.

    • Jeannette says:

      I understand about how it requires courage to buck the “rules,” Mia. And I have found it much easier to do as my understanding of conscious creation has grown. In the beginning, that would have been challenging enough for me to do that I’m not sure it would have been wise to do. Sometimes the path of least resistance is to just make the “rule” work for you.
      But definitely, the more I play with law of attraction, the more freedom I feel to conjure what I want.
      As to your question on how to turn something around – the work is simply to tell yourself a new story, often enough that it becomes a new expectation. Our beliefs stem from whatever we think – repeatedly. So tell it differently and you’ll get different results if you stick with it long enough! 🙂

  • Jiya says:

    This is so good!! I am into Digital Marketing field and would love to be a great Digital Mktg. Professional in my city for it. (I’ll cover Country later! :D)
    We reply on data and such numbers way too much when it comes to apply it for a client. However, I’ll always remember that when it comes to me… no-no not for me!! I’ll keep going.
    Thanks much for this post.

    • Jeannette says:

      There is a way, Jiya, to make friends with the numbers and the stats and to learn how to expect good news and to be able to interpret success in whatever you’re looking at. That could be an effective approach, too!

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