Brag Your Way to Enlightenment

Looking for an unconventional path to enlightenment?

Lisa Hayes has thoughts on that, my favorite of which she gave permission to republish.

I love this particular tip for conscious creators because:

1) self-love is essential to high alignment,
2) alignment is the name of our manifesting game,
3) most people are unskilled at the art of self-love, and
4) bragging could be your untapped way to access it!

(The following excerpt is from 5 Steps Toward Enlightenment When Love and Light Aren’t Cutting It at

Bragging is basically do-it-yourself therapy.


An adolescent version of a brag is pointing out you’re the best, implying obviously, other people aren’t as good as you.

The “humble brag” on social media is a perfectly designed post to make it look like you’re not still feeling like desperate teenager counting likes as if they are party invites.

But a grown woman bragging delights in the absolute unspeakable glory of being herself, thus making room for other women to do the same.

Bragging is good for the soul – and it takes practice. It’s crazy-uncomfortable at first to acknowledge out loud how absolutely amazing you are or what a blissed-out life you’ve created. However, the more you practice, the better you feel.

And here’s a secret, there is no harm in bragging even when you feel like a total loser. Sometimes you’ve got to speak some awesome into existence.

I mean, basically, therapy is about recovering your self-esteem or identity most of the time. So, why not just start digging yourself out on your own by practicing being fully transparent with your splendor?

And it’s a public service. It’s like holding the door of awesome open for other women to walk through.

So, brag it up – really. It’s a hell of a lot sexier than being self-deprecating or insecure.

Lisa HayesLisa Hayes is the Love Whisperer and an LOA Relationship Coach helping clients leverage the law of attraction to 

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  • August 2, 2018