I Love You, Buffer of Time

manifesting with the buffer of timeHave you been hearing the same thing I have over the years, that the manifesting process will eventually speed up and our buffer of time will get shorter?

They’re talking about the trend toward instant manifestation, which I used to think would be so cool!

Bring it on!!

And yet, as it’s happening … (you’ve noticed it, too, right?) I realize how much I appreciate that buffer of time.

  • Time to realize what I’m focusing on.
  • Time to clean up the negative thoughts.
  • Time to find my way to a better feeling thought.

I used to be impatient that the good stuff arrive faster, and now that it’s all arriving faster, I realize how much cleaning up I have to do.


On the way to the airport last week to present at Michele Woodward’s Revenue Rocks event (which rocked!), I had left the house a half hour later than planned and noticed I was driving with some nervous tension. Evidenced by my grip on the steering wheel, my leaning forward in my seat instead, and imagining obstacles ahead that could cause me to miss this plane. (Hard to find parking, long wait for shuttle, long lines in the terminal, getting delayed in security, etc.)

Yay for a little awareness, because my white knuckle grip on the steering wheel clued me in that I was preparing for exactly what I didn’t want.

I took a deep breath and released the tension (or much of it, anyway) from my body. I leaned back in my seat. I smiled in remembering that it all works out. I imagined myself arriving in perfect time.  (“I don’t know how, but I do.”) Smooth operations inside the airport. I am making this plane.

And then I realized that’s not what I want – just to make the plane. Because Universe could deliver that, but if I missed the connection later in the day, or if the plane was late in arriving, it could screw up the meet and greet that night. And even if I made the meet and greet, what if it was no fun? What I wanted was bigger than just “making this plane.”

I dialed in on the deeper desire: an easy (hello, maybe even enjoyable!) travel day, allowing everything to work out perfectly, not micromanaging what that looked like, having a lovely time with Michele and all my fellow coaches.

The reality being I hate traveling, I was late for this plane, and I’m an awkward introvert at social events.

But only muggles get tripped up by reality. Not deliberate creators.

I know I get what I focus on. Universe makes a way. All I have to do is focus on what I want. Easy travel (maybe even enjoyable!), everything works out perfectly, great fun with coaches.

I let it be okay that maybe I missed the Thursday night event and I arrived Friday instead. Who knows? I’m easy.

And with that, some how some way traffic got very congested. For about 30 seconds. Because everyone else seemed to be taking the same exit. Which wasn’t mine.

So the freeway opened up. For me, anyway.  !!

With no one in my way, I made good time to the airport.

I took a chance on the close parking, where my ex-beau says there’s never any spots. (He always skips it to drive further out.) But things are working out for me, so why wouldn’t there be a space there? Surely someone arrived this morning and has just left!

Sure enough, I spy one open spot. Right by the shuttle stop.

I easily gather my stuff from the car and check myself as I start hustling to the shuttle. (No need to run, things are working out!) I stood at the shuttle for less than 60 seconds before a shuttle arrived. A nearly empty shuttle, I might add. Easy on, easy off, making quick time to the terminal.

Inside the terminal, I quickly find the line for check in. I’m not in it for more than a minute before the woman behind the counter hollers out asking if anyone was there for the 9:20. I raise my hand. She waves me to the front, admonishing that I’m going to be late for my plane. It’s my own little secret that I suspect she’s wrong.

She stops helping two other people who were already underway with the check in process at the counter – not to mention the two dozen people I’ve just stepped in front of – to get me checked in and on my way. The guy next to me at the counter and the first guy in line both mention that they’re also on the 9:20. It was as if she were deaf to them. I apologized to them on her behalf and for my cutting in front. But I was smiling inside knowing Universe was working its magic.

One of the (hello, cute!) guys laughs with me about the situation.

Long story short, security was not only a breeze, but a joy. (Two TSA agents having a good time on the job! When does that happen? And the machine didn’t reject me for jean bling that usually gets me stopped.)

After sailing through security and enjoying the flirting agents, I had a short walk to my gate, where they were announcing apologies to weary travelers for a 3 hour mechanical delay, but ours is doing just fine. (Of course it is.) I even had time to pick up new reading material at the bookstore.

Arrived in D.C. in perfect time to get picked up by Michele, escorted by one of my best friends to a very lovely time with fellow coaches at a hopping gathering, all the while relishing in my sweet sense to check the vibe and make the shift before I manifested a disaster of a day.

Notice, I am sharing the story of my HAPPY fast manifesting, not the one about the stolen wedding ring or the bedroom stink bug, because I am being smarter about my focus. That’s what this shorter buffer of time will do – inspire you to drop any lazy habits of focus!

This experience and many others are showing me more than ever that now is a fab time to clean up a negative focus fast, because that’s what’s happening with our manifestations.  They’re getting fast.

Before you get too excited about that, thinking that’ll only be a good thing, I suggest that anyone who’s thinking they desperately want things to happen faster is already a sign you’ve got some cleaning up to do.

I expect it will be a while before I get impatient again for the good stuff to happen faster, as I realize how well it serves me to have some extra time to become aware of and shift the vibe.

Because life really is good right now, so what’s the hurry?

All this reveling in our power to create whatever we want makes me wonder whether we can speed up or slow down our own personal buffers of time. What do you guys think? And is anyone else here noticing that things are indeed manifesting faster?

  • October 7, 2012
  • Agreed, Marshall – it’s easy to see it on those “smaller” things especially!
    And JG, I can’t believe how many times I’ve realized that micromanaging isn’t the best path to happiness, and yet I still find myself doing it on occasion.
    Alexandria, I’m looking forward to your update on this dream job in the GVU forum. 🙂
    Michelle, you’re making me want an app that lets me see where my fellow creators are in the world when I’m out and about!! (Like Grindr except not for sex) Would have been great to share an in person conversation at Reagan!

  • michelle says:

    Hi Jeannette –
    I was in DC last weekend too. I was at Reagan for my return flight on Sun at 4pm. I heard a call for boarding for a flight to SLC and I thought of you. I’m a long time reader and member of GVU. I haven’t commented here for a while.
    This post – like pretty much all of your posts – really hits home. I have been thinking of something that I would like to happen and now I realize that I have been inserting some kind of crappy scenarios into it. Why in the h*** would I do that???
    Now I realize that the buffer has given me the opportunity to imagine what I want in the most delicious way!! The universe is always looking out for us!!
    Yay for the buffer 🙂

  • Alexandria Barker says:

    This was very timely for me Jeannette! I realized, while waiting for my ‘dream job’ official proposal, that my vibe was kinky, and not in the fun way! I was visualizing negative things – had people telling me a salary job was better for the employer than the employee, and how I had to really nail him down about ‘extras’ such as helping out in laundry room & kitchen on occasion – and oh yeah, he still hasn’t said exactly what the job will pay, and what sort of job security there will be. So while I admit these are valid points, I’m grateful for this buffer of time so I can visualize all of these factors being very much to my liking! Back to my ‘dream job’ imagery (and back to Greg’s post on ideal job!)

  • JG. says:

    Hi Jeannette!:
    I am not sure manifesting is getting faster. It may be that you manifestors are getting better!
    But anyway, what impressed me more about this piece, was the detail about micro-managing vs. medium term outcomes. I mean, how you changed your focus from getting to the airport on time to having a good time altogether.
    Great lesson!

  • marshall says:

    Great story, Jeanette. Like others above, I’m impressed that you noticed the “white knuckle grip” and shifted your energy.
    In terms of buffer time, I’ve noticed that smaller things like parking spots and phone calls from the person you needed to talk to are manifesting faster, especially if I am aware of my emotions. Yet the larger things like a soul mate or a mansion still take time to manifest. Like Jeanette said, this may be the Universe’s way of asking, “Are you sure you really want THAT?” They say you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince/princess, but it could be that we have been asking for frogs all along without realizing it. After we kiss enough frogs we amend our request, then lo and behold, a prince/princess arrives.

  • Of course we can speed up or slow down our own personal buffers of time. We do this all the time, and how could it be otherwise? Some outside force feeding us reality at a pace not in perfect sync with our being? That would be impossible, because there is no outside force, and no reason for anything to be out of sync, because we (each of us) are the reason for everything and everything serves us. As your story perfectly illustrates!

  • I agree, Katy, spotting our opportunity for when a redirection would serve us is key. Evan gives me more credit than I deserve for catching those, but the more we practice it, the better we get at it!
    Thanks for pointing that out. 🙂

  • Katy Lowe says:

    I so loved this…(I love play by play stories!) and I have to say a key point you made here is also the ‘noticing’ of any uncomfortable or unwanted emotion or outcome. I think this is so important and I have recently been trying that throughout my days of late – isn’t it great that your post reinforced that even more for me? Especially as the work week approaches! Thanks Jeannette

  • Kim says:

    Love this, perfect timing for me!

  • Janette says:

    Wonderful post Jeannette!! And Evan – I’m in love with the notion of the caesura!
    Back in my days as a puppeteer, we learned from our Japanese Bunraku about the power of the pause. Each motion of the puppet has more power, more significance, if it is subtly punctuated with moments of stillness.
    I’m thinking about how powerful that is in our day; the moments of stillness where we get to check in and catch any white knuckle vibes while we’re in the cocoon of the time buffer.
    And of course, when it comes to the manifestation of desires, we know time is malleable anyway, so we get to decide whether it feels like a long delay or not. Right? Heheh.

  • Kim Falconer says:

    Jeanette! I am bookmarking this with a big ol’ FAVORITE so I can read and re-read before I buy my next plane ticket! Seriously. You and I are have very similar thoughts about travel and I love the way you managed this vibration.
    Things are happening at the speed of light and I’m finding more and more joy in appreciated the present moment. Thank you for this wonderful reminder!

  • Maybe that IS it, Barbara! lol
    And Evan, I love the concept of that – enjoying the “caesura” in our manifesting … !! “Pause for effect.” Oh, I am milking that one!!! Thank you.

  • Evan Griffith says:

    And PS — Congratulations on making the travel work for you in helping create a successful and enjoyable event! Knowing that you’re not fond of traveling, the fact that it was such a delightful experience demonstrates even more how well you were able to finesse your way from beginning to end.. . . .

  • Evan Griffith says:

    Buffer me up, baby! You make such a great case for the buffer of time, Jeannette, I want more of it.
    Now that you’ve got me thinking about it, I really DO enjoy the buffer. Including especially all those little pauses in the middle of an engaged day. Those few minutes in the car, those few minutes waiting at the bank, those few minutes before my son arrives home on the bus . . . . since I don’t think I’m as adept as you are at catching myself in the middle of an action that might take me further away from what I really desire, those little breaks in the rhythm of the day help me check in.
    It’s called a caesura in music — a pause for effect. In my case, each pause is a chance to check in, and if needed change the effect my thoughts are creating.
    Thank you for another insight-infused piece!

  • Barbara says:

    Yes! I’ve really noticed this in the past year. Good things, people, situations manifest almost instantly! I thought it was because of my manifesting skills and the Master Creators at GVU! hee hee

  • BarbaraM says:

    Yes, I am noticing this too!I think that things, where you have really “clean vibe” are manifesting quickly. Where the vibe is still “kinked” somehow there’s more buffer. So – working on feel good and clear focus without attachment would in my opinion do a lot to speed up the manifestations.

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