By the Power Vested In Me

Last weekend mom made a fabulous pasta salad filled with all sorts of good things – cucumbers, tomatoes, garbanzo beans, black beans, olive oil, cheese cubes, and other good stuff that I can’t go confirm because I ate all the leftovers already.

When we were enjoying our first helping, someone asked what kind of cheese it was. (Mozzarella.) Which launched a discussion about which kind of cheese is best for you.

We were remembering differently about what the healthy cheeses are, and that’s when I decided the consensus isn’t important to me.

I get to decide what’s healthy for me.

And I declare this cheese as the healthiest for me. Right now. Because I’m cool like that. I say what goes (for me).

Then earlier this week I was wondering about our puppy adoption process, and whether we needed to do home checks to make sure we got everyone in good homes. Just to confirm we did right by all those foster puppies.

As I was grappling with whether we needed to follow up or not, I decided that all those adoptions were fabulous, all those adopters are amazing, and all those puppies are set to live happily ever after where they are treasured and adored members of their new families.

Because I said so. Because I know how to use my conscious creation powers.

Instead of trying to figure out is it “this” or is it “that” – I remember that everything is happening. Everything “good” and everything “bad.” It’s all happening.

The only question is which do I choose? (i.e. which do I vibrate?)

So of course when I’m in my right LOA mind I choose the preferred thing. The one where mozzarella is good for me and puppies live happily ever after.

I’ve been liking this routine so much that I turned the process into an official declaration:

I declare, by the power vested in me as a Conscious Creator from Source Energy, that this is a good idea.

And it settles the matter. There’s no longer any doubt in my mind. I no longer entertain any unwanted options. It’s settled.

The Powers That Be have spoken. (Me being the “Powers that Be.”)

(Yes, I am name-dropping when I invoke Source Energy, but it makes it feel even more official. Kind of like a “Do you know who I am?” sort of acknowledgement. I am a Creator. Descended directly from Source Energy. It doesn’t get any more authoritative than that.)

It’s been really fun making new declarations:

  • I declare, by the power vested in me as a Conscious Creator from Source Energy, that things are looking up.
  • I declare, by the power vested in me as a Conscious Creator from Source Energy, that business is good.
  • I declare, by the power vested in me as a Conscious Creator from Source Energy, that my body is getting better every day.

I like it so much I could go on all day.

In fact, I have been. I’ve been pointing my power all over the good places. Because I can. (“I declare this tree will live.” “I declare this show will be worth watching.” “I declare they will call when my phone is recharged.”)

It kind of makes me giggle.

Thought I’d share it with anyone else who is in the mood to use their power by declaring good things for themselves. 🙂

  • June 13, 2018
  • Anne R says:

    I declare that you are a real hoot Janette, make the Law of Attraction simply fabulous and that you are on to the Secret of the Universe here.
    We Declare That WE are are Officially Impressed

  • Janette says:

    I especially like “I declare that things are looking up”. A great place from which to decide what happens next!

  • Benjamin says:

    Attract alternating currents.
    Totally love this reAlly and easily share the perspective+. I like seeing the truth of animal nature trumped about freely–what a pack, most in need of rest. Funny how animals–mosquitoes and most creatures–just love those animal natures so mauch now how they always adapt to the effects of their own poor resource management strategies. Most just love to eat and fuck without attending too, just too much (4most).
    Not proud to exist in membership with a species in denial and dissonance, even overt estrangement from it’s own integration with intelligence. Not that I’m too ignorant or arrogant, but I certainly recognize I am at least sumwot pry more even than many. But it is fuckin sad and stupid to see ppl wasting energy allegedly caring from the depths of their hearts when all could just realize that any being not of this world yearns for full disclosure harmoniously with the maturation of the species and recognizes that once openly legal access to medicines like mescaline occurs, there will be easier and better access to more diverse forms of mosquito nets in Africa, which really do, perhaps counter-intuitively, decrease the strain of human population growth on planet resources. So just quit caring in all those treadmill ways and accept that while yes, we can do something about overpopulating earth with primates, the easiest way to protect everyone from diseases spread by lovely creatures out for the sweetness of replicating with variations really just comes down to word up yo neighbor​ about the common agreement from all extremes and even centralizing tendencies, that human beings can centralize intelligent agency thru full allowance of cognitive liberty via bodily autonomy.
    I am not ashamed of the fact that I should not even have to spell out how just fucking legalizing all substances for human ingestion actually does help poor people all over the planet contract less infectious diseases from our insectoid friends. And I’m very glad that I both really fucking care and don’t give a shit at all. If my shit lands in the toylet, I can eat another dead fly floating. If my shit ends up in the woods, there’s a family of happy flies. What a year for Brown Earth Dogs. But I’m just a Pig who thanks last year’s flight of the Firebird.
    Time for the human animal to graduate into true humility of the true power of intelligence within which it lies embedded, open to responsibility within awareness of carrying heat (fire) as an externally adaptive capacity with landscapes of resources. #freethelusid for whole human dreamscape.
    Happy birthday me, not proud to be born but for duty. Fuck pride. It’s deadly.
    Thank you so much, I just love you All really more than I can show just bcuz I rye eye n ai through so high many flows directions.
    Aiowowow, yeaweally, I do not “exalt” the birth while enjoying gratitude just for life a day as a day. I do feel the “emptiness” both of soul and ego while really appreciating both the whole personality and all the arrangements it configures with all beings born whenever. I do feel highly over-privileged beyond simple acceptance and gratitude for the astral chart of this birth in relation with others most especially learning to feel and act both genuinely humble with “star privilege” and as seriously empowering all encountered.. so that’s what I got as it for a beautiful birthday

  • zaf says:

    Great post, i read somewhere that it’s also good to do a declaration first thing in the morning in front of the mirror in the third person.
    For example Zaf meet Zaf an important a really important person, Zaf you’re a big thinker so think big. Think big about Everything.
    I kind of felt foolish to begin with doing this but you know what it really has made a difference starting my day this way.

    • Jill says:

      I like this. I haven’t been doing my morning intention setting lately or declaring any sort of awesome powers (been feeling sort of yuck and depressing following a big change in monthly expenses). I noticed that when I’m feeling yuck, I spend sooo much more time theorizing about how to feel better and I don’t go out and just live or exist in the world as much. When things are great, I’m not thinking about how it’s happening, I’m just enjoying life…
      Thanks for the reminder

  • Annette Clarabut says:

    Brilliant! Oh, you got me again Jeannette. When I read that, all the resistance left my body with a whoosh. I’m gonna be putting some miles on this affirmation. Thank you!

  • Marisa says:

    Quando fumo dico sempre dichiaro che questa sigaretta è innocua per la salute

  • Anonymous says:

    I was struggling this weekend to regain a solid, positive footing…this is great. I feel like I am back in the driver’s seat with this statement…I can feel the energy shifting…
    Jeannette, you are always great…and a lot of the time you are absolutely genius…

  • Susann says:

    I just love this, Jeannette! I found out last week that my next door neighbours are planning on putting their house up for sale this fall. Their house & mine used to be part of the same property years ago & are VERY close together & while the people there now are fabulous — I never hear them — I immediately fell into worry mode: what if they sell to noisy people, what if they sell to someone who rents to noisy people? What if . . . ?? I keep catching these thoughts & reminding myself — hey, I’ve manifested bigger things than good neighbours, this will be a piece of cake. But still the bad thoughts sneak in. After reading this post I am now declaring with much relief that by the powers invested in me as a Conscious Creator Extraordinaire, all my neighbours are considerate, quiet, pleasant & a joy to know! The instant I say this — out loud, usually, to the bemusement of the cats — I feel this huge sense of relief, as though it’s already happened. Which, of course, it has! Gotta love it!

    • Susann says:

      Vested!! By the power VESTED in me, not invested! LOL! Although maybe that works, too 🙂

  • eva says:

    I’m going to use my wand when I do this!
    Thanks for a great post.

  • Meg Alexander says:

    I love this post on so many levels it’s makes me giggle. I’ve been practicing this on my race Saturday. My coach wrote: lots of good food. You know what chocolate and ice cream make me feel good! I’m also enjoying a fabulous bean salad and tomato sandwiches. And for my race – easy course, lots of fun spectators, hilarious signs, easy hydrate stops and perfect running weather (50s and 60s) and because I said so, just a light drizzle or mist. You got me Universe? 🙂

  • Great post when your declaring that you are something your sending a powerful suggestion to the subconscious mind that mirrors the outer world great post.

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