Catching the Contradiction

black-cat1“All riiiiight,” I said to my six year old black cat crouched and hiding behind the reading chair.  “I’m trusting you then.”

Cher’s not usually allowed free rein of the house, since she has been known to do bad kitty deeds.  (She’s actually notorious for it, thanks to me.) 
But I couldn’t catch her to return her to the office.
So I opted for taking the leap of faith that she was trustworthy and would behave herself properly while unsupervised.  (Last time I did that it didn’t turn out fabulously well.)
As I walked away from the chair she was crouched behind, I found myself starting a mental tally of the damage she could do.  “Maybe I should put a blanket on that couch; it might be smart to close the bedroom door.”
And I realized these are not the thoughts nor actions of a person who is feeling trust.
Nice catch on not vibing what I thought was.  (Note to self: clean it up!)
Which made me wonder how many other times and on what other occasions I’ve done the same: saying I felt one way but really not coming anywhere close to it.
Sound familiar?
I’ve seen it a handful of times this last week in others, as well.
Like when my sweetheart said he trusted his son to follow through on filing paperwork for the insurance claim, but when it was revealed the forms weren’t sent, Russ wasn’t surprised. 
(If you really trusted someone to do something, you wouldn’t expect the opposite, right?  That was nothing but nice lip service, sweetie.)
Or when one of my clients said he was confident he would get the job offer, and he then spent the week worrying he might not. 
(Confidence doesn’t rendezvous with worry.)
Or when my computer said a really bad thing the other day (so bad I won’t repeat it), and I shut her down to let her get her head together, then hit the restart button and left the room so she could do her happy & good thing in peace (without interference from my nervous vibe). 
But when I approached the office door ten minutes later, I could feel anxiety growing as I wondered whether I would see anything on the screen or not.  (Luckily, I caught the contrary vibe flowing then, too, and detoured myself before coming back an hour later after playtime with foster kitties, completely forgetting I even had a trouble to start with.)

The point being: we can say the words, but if we’re not feeling the feeling, Universe is getting a completely different instruction from us!

And we know how this stuff works – we get what we’re vibrating (i.e. what we’re feeling.)
So, Cher, I’m gonna do a little cleaning up of the vibe right now before I make the rounds. 
Actually, a person who truly trusted her cat was on her best behavior wouldn’t be making any rounds, so scratch that!
And now I invite you to check in on where you might be saying one thing but doing another, cause I kinda got a feeling I’m not alone in this one.  😉
Would love to hear your experiences of how you catch the contradiction and how you clean it up, as well!

  • July 2, 2009
  • Kudos to you, Kimberly!
    I don’t know if you realize how helpful it is when you (and others) pop back over here to share the positive effect putting something into practice has, but I can tell you lots of people will be inspired by it. THANK YOU!
    And Susan, you’re totally right – realizing what we’re up to DOES deserve a big WOO HOO!!
    Thanks for pitching in, everyone!

  • Susan says:

    Wow, I love this post. So often I find myself saying one thing but completely vibeing something else.
    However I’ve started using these times to give myself a big pat on the back for realising what I’m doing and being able to change it.
    A short while ago I wouldn’t have known what I was doing so I say to myself ‘well done girl,you’re getting good at this!’
    And I am getting sooooo good, I can feel it. Woo Hoo.

  • Kimberly Gauthier says:

    It’s so funny that I read this today. I found myself awfulizing (love that term) about several things last week and I was treated to a migraine headache for my efforts.
    I immediately started shifting my thinking whenever I was giving lip service and things quickly turned around. I made it through a full day of work today, got home for a workout, which made me feel like a rock star, so I cleaned out my garage.
    I’m back on track! I’m going to write the spread the quote “confidence doesn’t rendevous with worry” all over! Kimberly

  • Gosh, I’m missing the blog and everyone on it! Been focused on money mojo magic (launched today) and am looking forward to catching up and contributing here again!
    Thanks for keeping the ball rolling while I’ve been awol, everyone!
    PS – Cher’s been loose ever since this post, and everything has been FINE! YAY!! (Well, boyfriend freaked out a little at seeing her loose, but he’s getting over it.)

  • Col @ life by muse says:

    Oooh, yes yes, Jeannette! Isn’t it funny how many of us were struck by the very same line: “Confidence doesn’t rendezvous with worry.” A Jeannetteism!
    I’m always cleaning up my energy and grateful for how much closer and closer the timing comes between when the thought occurs and the cleanup crew arrives 😉
    What insightful comments your peeps contribute too, right? What great peeps you have! It’s making me think … ways to clean up your vibration … ways to clean up your vibration … I’d love to come up with a slew of ideas on this … I’m sure you have a huge stash over there! 🙂

  • Berta says:

    Tiffany & Sonja, I am so on board with your statements
    I love what you said, Tiffany: ” . . . when you’re truly lined up with it, you don’t care if its “here yet”. The “here yet” doesn’t even matter! A person with true trust and confidence doesn’t have to look for “it” cause they already have it!”
    I apply that to my new neighbor who bought my house, and have changed my mantra and vibe to “My house has GONE to an AMAZING home, and we have incredible new neighbor in the neighborhood.” It feel so darn good! (And reality is they are here now, and it is happening as I write this.
    And I love what Sonja said: “We are never powerless. We are always free to change our experiences.” As I catch myself wrestling with memories of difficult people in my past, I remember that I can forget them and write a new story for my future. And if their vibe is accepting of it, my energy is out there so they may forget their side of the story and write a new one for themselves, too. I know the only thing I can do is envelope them in love, and let them and the universe work out the details.

  • sonia says:

    but where u’re absolutely right is that u get used to that vibration with the dog and you EXPECT him to act that way every time. At that point, changing belief can be challenging but it’s POSSIBLE. I love the idea of the “vibe-shaker”, what works best for me is the pray rain journaling. It shifts my vibe instantly. You have to find what works best for you and if aligning your thoughts around that specific subject seems too hard just shift your vibe on the other areas of your life. When you feel good about other areas, the feeling good expands on every part of your life, including agressive dogs! 🙂
    We are never powerless. We are always free to change our experiences. We are never stuck.
    Have a nice sunday! 😀

  • sonia says:

    Great topic Jeannette! It opens my esyes on a couple of things. Thanks!
    And Jay, good analysis but I disagree on the fact that you can’t change it. everything is vibrational, even the dog reaction the first time you see it is due to your own vibrations. You could argue and say you didn’t know the dog was agressive so you didn’t have any expectations but YOU DID, even without realizing it. May be a childhood memory you forgot about, or a movie scene or even something that has nothing to do with a dog and that made you feel unsafe

  • Tiffany says:

    I just had the largest contradiction! I said “Well I’m feeling very lined up with xyz, but it’s not even here yet!”
    And we all know that when you’re truly lined up with it, you don’t care if its “here yet”. The “here yet” doesn’t even matter! A person with true trust and confidence doesn’t have to look for “it” cause they already have it!

  • Erik says:

    Thanks for the post Jeannette!
    Reminds me of a podcast on Steve Pavlinas site where Erin (his wife) describes how to place an order with the universe – we always get what we vibrate and not what we “want”.
    If some manifestations of mine don’t come in, I try to look at what my life is at the moment and to match that back to my vibe I was oblivious of till that moment. So I use my life with its current manifestations as a guide to figure out my current vibe and in a next step try to change it or rather to make it fit (vibe = my life = (!) my thoughts and wishes).
    Another thing that came to my mind was a sentence I read somewhere on the net about the LoA: everything you order is there 99% the very moment you order it! – you just have to find a way to let it in.

  • Aliye says:

    When I read this I thought “Are you kidding me?!?” Jeannette, thank you for giving me the best ever example of synchronicity! Here’s why…
    I have a phobia of cats which has been only useful as an example of phobias for my students in my intro psych class – where they get to have a good laugh! Other than that it’s been a source of distress, especially lately. Our neighbors’ cats have developed the habit of using our planters as their toilets 🙁 No matter what I tried (well, I’m yet to try – or maybe not after your post! – the satay sticks dipped into lion urine to mark “my” territory to keep the cats away!), each morning I approached to the balcony door holding my breath expecting to see the same thing! And yes, I got what I expected! Finally I quit and got rid of the planters on our balcony – thinking no more stress. And boy, was I wrong! Last week I opened our bedroom window just to find out the cat discovered an alternative place right in front of my window (we’re on the 2nd floor) – that meant no more open windows to air the room because of smell and the fear that he’ll just walk in 🙁 The next morning as I walked to the window thinking “the thought” I demonstrated my perfect manifestation to date that I’m aware of – our neighbors cat crouched in front of the window. I got so mad (not only at the cat but mostly at myself for getting sucked up into this negativity). That’s when I thought of emailing you, Jeannette to ask for help – but knowing your passion for animals I thought it might not be a good idea 😉 Also I’ve found the silver lining saying – hey, I just manifested that in a dime, wow! But Universe knows better… you can imagine my surprise seeing your blog post today!!! I see the great value in this in many ways. I had been trying to manage my vibe since last week – but mostly with “saying it” rather than really “feeling it”. Your blog is a confirmation that I should keep on trying clearing out the vibe – it’s much easier than getting my hands on some lion urine anyway :))) Thank you!!!

  • Judiesjuice says:

    I think another point to consider is are you allowing what you want to actually manifest? It’s like watching a pot of water boil. You put the water in the pot, you put the pot on the stove, you put the heat on and then you have to wait. But, say you have one of those steel covers (as I do). Do you continually lift the pot to check to see if it’s boiling? We know that doing that only makes the wait longer, it takes longer for the pot to boil. But, if you wait patiently, most often than not, the water will boil in a few minutes.
    I am becoming more and more patient every day. I keep myself open and allow my manifestations to unfold. If my water does not boil as quickly as I think it should, then it’s clear that I have to find out what am I doing or thinking that is not allowing the water to boil.
    It’s all good!

  • Toni says:

    This is really interesting, Jeannette – explains very well why I’ve acquired such a knack for plan B’s; if I never truly trust in my original intentions, there WILL eventually be a need for another plan! 🙂

  • Gemstone says:

    This might be my favorite post yet!
    As I’m still new to all of this, one thing that’s helped me tremendously is going back, and reading selections from two books that have gave me Eureka (!) moments: The Power of Your Subconscious Mind, and You Can Heal Your Life.
    Sometimes, it’s as simple as re-reading favorite underlined passages. Other times, all I have to do is look at the book covers to jolt me into a vigilant state of self awareness.
    For me, I’ve found that in the beginning (or when a topic is especially sensitive for me), changing my overall awareness is a very methodical process. If you could see inside my brain, you’d see the wheels turning veerryy slowly! However, I remind myself that change is happening, so it doesnt’ matter if it happens with lightening speed! Also, as I practice self awareness more and truly live in the present, it starts becoming easier for me, and I catch myself having the self-limiting beliefs much more quickly, so I can stop myself and change my direction.
    I feel I have a ways to go, but finding sites like these, and being given the amazing opportunity to learn for your insights help in ways I never imagined.
    Although I can relate to all the above posts, Jeannette’s mention about paying lip service to intentions, because of subconscious contradictory feelings, and Tia’s post really rang true for me.
    I’m excited to meditate on these entries and discover what they really mean to me.
    PS– Jeannette: did you get my email about the money mojo group?

  • Berta says:

    My husband and I have a house to sell on a beautiful lot overlooking Lake Superior that has so many amazing meditation spots and vistas. The whole place feels so spiritual, is in half a mile from our new house and in a neighborhood where we actually get together often ( we just had a garden/pond tour of the neighborhood).
    I have been manifesting the sale of this place to a great person(s) who appreciates the spiritual and beautiful place that it is, who is a great neighbor drawn into our neighborhood, and who will share the place with others to appreciate or something better. (We have toyed with starting a meditation retreat there and that comes up in my manifestation.)
    The block has been that I believe it needs to be resided (just completed) and the decks stained (my today project) before the buyer will fall in love with it. When I cover the last deck board with stain, I will rejoice that the perfect buyer will notice the sign and discover their perfect place.
    But I do find myself in the anxious, clenched stomach place often. It just dawned on me this moment that I can replace the”when will they find it?” question with the comment the buyer of our first house said at the closing, “Your house is going to a good home.”
    Thank you Jeanette, for this thread and all those who replied with very useful insights and tips.

  • Sara, I just loved reading this:
    “One vibe-shaker I particularly enjoy is getting in touch with my “inner-rebel.” The part of me that has a little bit of an attitude, almost playfully arrogant….(almost.) Kind of like my inner-teenager, in a way.”
    I know this one, it’s my little inner voice telling me “oh no, don’t wear the jeans today, I want the white trousers (and even though jeans would be more suitable when walking the dog, my vibe goes sky rocketing when I do it in white trousers). Or “no shoes today, I want to go barefoot”.
    I have so much enjoyed listening to this “voice” lately – and doing what it insists on! – but I didn’t know what to call it – inner-rebel is brilliant, it’s just how it feels – ooohhh I loooove my inner-rebel – we’re haveing so much fun together and it really boosts my vibe 🙂
    OK, inner-rebel – what’s it going to be today?

  • Leslie Richter says:

    I had my one month evaluation at the bank and it was scathing but apparently I do dress professionally. lol!
    I went to go see my friend Jenny because I am not used to evaluations and being attacked. She was fantastic showing me my rights and showing me to ask for specifics and just giving me tools to stand up for myself. Old tapes had rushed in about not being good enough, being stupid, and not capable. I could see the job dissolving before my eyes. Oh look kinda matches the
    letter I got.
    The great news is I get the weekend to clean up this vibe and have “the meeting” next week when the boss gets back.
    I feel myself being strong and standing up for myself in a powerful professional matter. I am proud of myself, I know that I am a HUGE asset and worthy of supporting.
    It doesn’t matter like it did earlier what goes down, I believe in myself. Jenny’s parting words were just because they said it doesn’t make it so.

  • tami says:

    I am supposed to leave for vacation tomorrow- I have been waiting on a check from my ex all week- without it I will not have any money to do anything on the trip( eat…i am serious) – I have worried about it all week- hope it’s not too late to KNOW I will find it in the mailbox tomorrow- vacation is good!!!!!

  • I catch this with my self and my clients all the time!!! Thanks for the humorous reminder!
    When it’s time to clean up: I tell myself and them to turn on your Love Faucet full blast.
    In other words, get yourself feeling great about anything, even if you have to change the topic at first.
    When you feel the shift in your body (maybe your chest, stomach, neck, back)- you’ll know you’re on the way to lining up with your positive intention.
    Now there you are, good kitty, kitty!!! You don’t look at all mischievous! 😉

  • Judiesjuice says:

    SelfHelpGoddess, wow, you made my day! Thank you for that.
    There are a few manifestations that have not appeared in my reality yet. I feel I am so ready to receive them, yet….they are not here at the moment. I have not figured out why I am not in alignment with my desires. Anyway, it is something that I am working on with mantras and yoga. I am going for a Reiki session with my Yoga teacher tomorrow and I am so excited! I hope this helps me with my breakthrough.

  • elizabeth says:

    that’s great, and it reminded me of something this week. The pup and I both had BodyTalk sessions so he came along with me. She opened the door to the room while I was having my session so he could wander and explore (and whine less, LOL) and I was lying there thinking, “Oh dear .. what is he doing out there. Is he trying to mark something? Is he nibbling? I wish I could see him ..” Mind you, he never does anything – so why the heck was I worrying. Then I’d catch myself doing this and try to think of something else because I knew the more I thought about it, the more likely it was to happen. So when we left, I did NOT go and check around because I knew that if I trusted him, I wouldn’t. Must remember that .. good reminder!

  • Jay Aaron says:

    Congratulations and thank you for providing this forum for this discussion.
    As I read your post and the responses, I wanted to bring a different perspective to this topic.
    For me, your blog post is as much about “trust” as it is about “vibrations.”
    Like many – if not most – people, you may have confused “trust” as hoping that someone (or in this case, a cat) will do what you wish or want her or him to do. That you can “trust” them to “do the right thing” (however YOU define “right”).
    “Trust,” however, is quite different than that.
    Imagine this:
    Your neighbor gets a new dog. It looks sweet and friendly.
    You walk past your neighbor’s house, close to the fence, “trusting” (imagining, or hoping, based on some pre-conceived story that you’ve made up in your head) that a dog that looks so friendly “should” BE friendly. The dog runs up to the fence in a very commanding way and barks loudly at you and jumps up as if to attack. You’re glad for the fence.
    The next day as you leave your house, you think: “One time’s not enough to determine if that dog’s friendly or just antsy, or if it wasn’t just having a bad day yesterday.” And you’re correct – one time for anyone and anything could be different than what happens regularly for that person or animal. So you walk close to the fence again and the dog barks and runs at you as if to attack you. Good thing for the fence, a second time.
    The third day, you’re still hoping that you can trust the dog not to bark and attack. After all, it’s just getting to know you. “Once it becomes more familiar with me,” you think, “it will stop acting that way.” So you walk close to the fence, “trusting” that the dog is getting to know you and won’t bark and attack. It barks and attacks.
    If by the fourth day, you don’t trust that the dog is going to bark and attack, you’re delusional.
    “Trust” is simple. It’s not what you hope or wish. It’s not what’s “right.” It’s not even earned.
    “Trust” is simply what you observe often enough to become a recognizable and dependable pattern.
    The dog in the example above demonstrated a consistent behavior, without diversion, three times in a row. For myself, that dog has earned my trust that it will do what it habitually does – in this case, to bark and attack. No matter how much I wanted it to be different, or how inconsistent I thought the dog’s looks were from it’s actual behavior, or how much I wished that all dogs could be “trusted” to be “nice doggies,” I would be foolish to stick my hand through the fence to try to pet that dog.
    If your cat does “bad kitty deeds” regularly, then simply TRUST her to do “bad kitty deeds.” No manner of changing your inner thinking or feelings is going to change your cat, who is external to you.
    If you want her to stop doing “bad kitty deeds,” you must re-train her to act the way that you want. And re-training her WILL include the “vibe” you bring to the re-training process. When you are teaching her the new way you want her to act, are you angry, and punishing your cat? Or are you loving, and encouraging, and praiseful?
    When your cat has demonstrated that she’s learned a new behavior by doing it consistently three times or more without reverting to her old behavior, then you can BEGIN to “trust” that she’ll continue to act like that.
    Well, at least more often than not. She IS a cat, after all! 🙂
    All of this applies reflectively to each of us, of course.
    Many – if not most – of us would love to think that we’re “trustworthy,” in the sense that we keep our promises, or do the “right” thing.
    But that’s not what happens, and not how we can be trusted.
    We can only be trusted to do what we do consistently, out of habit. And often, unconsciously.
    We’d like to hope that we could trust ourselves to eat well and take care of our bodies, for example. But if we never exercise, and eat ice cream every night before we go to bed, then we would do well to learn that we are being trustworthy in our actions, not in our hopes, or in our imagination of who we think we are, or would like ourselves to be.
    Others who observed our behavior would trust us to NOT exercise, and to eat ice cream every night. And if we don’t see ourselves in the same way, then we are only fooling ourselves.
    If every time your kitty does “bad kitty deeds,” you get upset and judge HER as a “bad” cat (instead of just a cat) and judge her ACTIONS as “bad kitty deeds” (instead of just “kitty deeds’), then it’s a good idea to trust yourself to get angry and judge your kitty and her deeds as a reaction to whatever triggers those judgments in you.
    Becoming self-aware about one’s own judgments is, in my experience, THE most powerful inner awareness. And learning to deal with (forgive) those judgments placed upon others and upon ourselves is an invaluable self-development skill. [Note: Although I’m not a proponent of any single, specific path for self growth and development, Byron Katy deals with this particular aspect of our journey exceptionally well in her approach called “The Work.”]
    Having written so much about “trust,” I’ll put the emphasis back on the “vibe.” I believe and have observed that it’s ALWAYS good to be self-observant, to become more aware of our inner reactions and responses, and to work on improving ourselves in meaningful ways. It’s always good to be aware of our thoughts, beliefs and feelings, and to ask ourselves how they are serving us, and if they continue to serve us well, or if it would be a good idea to adopt new thoughts, new beliefs, and to change our emotional reactions into different, more self-loving and self-supportive responses.
    Your blog post is a good indication of the power of that process.
    Once again, thanks for this forum, and keep up the good work!
    Jay Aaron
    Strategic Visionary / Visionary Strategist
    Follow me on Twitter:

  • Sara Exley says:

    As someone who is enjoying the thrill of potty training two small children, I feel the immense value in this post. And I’ll tell you what, whether it’s potty training, or giving the cat the run of the place, or anything else, the answer remains the same – majority rules – whatever we’re feeling the most, we’re vibing the most.
    Here’s what works for me when I’m in a vibe that’s incongruent with what I want.
    1) I congratulate myself, celebrate my awareness.
    “Heck yes, I am good at this! Oh-Oh!”
    2) I incorporate a vibe-shaker, which is anything that doesn’t necessarily put the original vibe back in place, but DOES neutralize the mood. I find that once I can do that, I can easily allow more aligned thoughts and feelings to come through.
    One vibe-shaker I particularly enjoy is getting in touch with my “inner-rebel.” The part of me that has a little bit of an attitude, almost playfully arrogant….(almost.) Kind of like my inner-teenager, in a way. However you want to look at it, it’s the part of us that knows that it doesn’t have to be that way. The part of us that knows that we’re the ones who get the final say, no matter what seems to have “gone wrong.”
    I find this to be particularly helpful as a mom. There are lots of beliefs about there about how hard motherhood is, and there are even more beliefs about how hard twins and potty training are. I swear, one day I’m going to write a book titled “Why Twins Are Easier.” LOL.
    My inner-rebel has taught me to insist on a feeling of ease.
    Thanks for letting me share. I’m having a great time over at the Money Mojo Party! This is so much fun!
    Happy Hannukkah!
    Sara E.

  • Kim Falconer says:

    Wonderful topic Jeannette!
    I too love your line, Confidence doesn’t rendezvous with worry!
    I am so confident when it comes to money, home, family, creativity, career, mission, profession, body, health, fitness, fun, joy, enlightenment, entertainment, friends, forests, gardens, animals and mother earth! I have no worries there at all.
    And then there is romance. . .
    If I’m not looking, I’m Dorothy without her yellow brick road … suddenly I’m saying, ‘We’ll see what happens,’ or, ‘It can’t work because (insert list) and if I check inside, I’m bracing myself for ‘the worst.’
    Oh my goddess of the night…that’s not fun, and it’s not trusting the infinite abundance of experience that I can create, on a dime.
    Thank you for the reminder, Jeannette! Trust and confidence are flanking my every thought, and 2 + 2 = all the romance in the world!
    🙂 Kim

  • Janette says:

    Great post! Seeing the phrase ‘set the intention’ made me realise (*smacks self on forehead… but kindly…* LOL!) how often my intention is wishy-washy.
    Occasionally that’s because I don’t really know with 100% clarity exactly what I do want; and sometimes it’s because I’m confused about whether what I’m intending is actually going to give me the feeling that I want; and sometimes it’s because I’m wary of getting caught up in the ‘how’ about what I want to manifest.
    But the main reason is that I’m too darn polite!!! So instead of saying “I want to be debt-free” I’m more kinda like “oh gee, if it’s not too much trouble Mr Universe Sir, when you next have a moment, would you mind checking to see if I can have a debt-free state of being, please?”
    Hmmm. Okay, maybe I exaggerate a bit. But until reading this post, even though it’s not specifically about this, I really didn’t get how different the stating is from the asking. And for me that is HUGE. Yikes!!
    So I’m casting off the shackles of my English childhood and getting clear and straightforward – woohoo!! That is going to be so cool, I’m feeling all goosebumpy just thinking about it! And I’m guessing that Old Story Pot is working, Jeannette 😉
    Now, where did I put my Pray Rain Journal….

  • Peggy Porter says:

    I can so relate to all of the posts. I have become much more aware lately of my blocks around building and investing in my business but want to also become more aware of my thinking in the ordinary areas of my life.
    I am working on more trust and faith in the whole process of setting intentions and being open to receiving..
    Can’t wait for money mojo to start!!! I’m psyched!

  • Inner Genius Coach says:

    Truly amazing! So true. The key is catching yourself and being aware.
    So today, I had to go to court and pay the ticket I got when I crashed my car, remember? So I needed to be back home by 12 noon for my radio show with the amazing Denise Michaels. She wrote Testosterone Free Marketing so I wanted to be on time, etc. Well, court took forever and I kept anticipating leaving court, coming home, doing the call and then going back to the courthouse.
    Well, lo and behold! I realized that I was “awfulizing.” So I said to myself, “Self, what would members of the Discover your Inner Genius class say if I told them how much I was awfulizing?” And I responded to myself, “Well, everyone awfulizes. The difference between those that have discovered their Inner Genius and those that have not, is that those that have, learn to laugh at awfulizing and begin to play the mind movie of getting home in plenty of time to have the call!”
    Guess what? I got home with three minutes to spare, court business taken care of and I do not have to return back there.
    Yaahhh! for our Geniuses!

  • Self Help Goddess, I know exactly what you mean about how sometimes the same thing gets said a different way, or for the 50th time when it finally finds a permanent home inside. lol
    I was just thinking that when I was out watering the flowers, as a storm was rolling in, and I thought the flowers wouldn’t get as much water as they needed from me OR the storm (I do live in the desert, you know), and I heard my mentor coach’s voice saying, “Well what do you WANT? Set an intention for it!”
    And I laughed at how many times she had to say that to me, week after week, until I finally really got that it was that simple, that easy.
    Thanks for being here, my friend. Always nice to get a hit off your high energy!

  • cash gifting practice says:

    Love this quote Jeanette, “Confidence doesn’t rendezvous with worry.”
    Positive thinking will only bring positive results if we internalize. I’ve caught myself with conflicting thoughts/feelings when it comes to money. I’ll declare 100 affirmations and then worry about bills. The more that I’ve become aware of these feelings the better I am able to release them and replace with positive feelings. Ryan

  • Looking forward to the money & beliefs blogpost, Tia! Definitely fodder for the Money Mojo event!

  • Judiesjuice,
    That is genius!! I love that!!! We know that as soon as we ask, our desires are granted… Therefore, if we’re not receiving something, it means there is something wthin our vibration that must be blocking us!! Ohh, something about the way you said your comment just really resonated with me… 🙂
    Brilliant post too, Jeannette! 😉

  • I’ve noticed I’m thinking contradictory thoughts when my vibe gets low. Then I stop and ask, what am I thinking? And invariably, I find I’ve been worrying about an intentions that just a lil while ago I’d set with real excitement and belief.
    This tells me :
    1) I could have self limiting beliefs regarding the manifestation that I need to look into and change / replace
    2) At some level I may not be ready for it to happen – again, probably cos there are consequences to it that I might not be aware of and need to dig deeper
    3) It’s a habit to worry and by being aware of my vibe, I can actively manage it.
    All this can change from hour to hour or day to day so self awareness and being vigilant are super important to manifesting.
    As always, the timing is perfect. Now that you’re doing this money course and all I can talk about is our beliefs (all my latest blog posts and ezines are leaning that way!), I have a feeling that money & beliefs blog post is waiting to be written.
    Isn’t it just grand!? There’s always a reason for things to happen the way they do 🙂

  • Kudos for your awareness, JudiesJuice! And I love your “right now” style!! lol
    Thanks for pitching in. 🙂

  • Judiesjuice says:

    I can totally relate Jeannette. If I realize something I am trying to manifest isn’t happening as fast as I want, like RIGHT NOW, I ask myself- do you even really want this!?What is holding me back? I’m working on it!

  • Yay for three minutes to spare and activating your Inner Genius! lol
    Great story, Iyabo – and I’m crediting you with coining the phrase “awfulizing” – ha!

  • Cool that you recognize it, Ryan! And I suspect you have good company. This is definitely something I’ll be exploring with the participants of the Money Mojo Magic party thi smonth!
    Thanks for reading and especially for commenting, Ryan! 🙂

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