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LOA Weight Loss Interview

Jessica Vazquez, LOA Weight Loss CoachManifesting weight loss isn’t my specialty, so I asked three colleagues to “weigh in” on the topic.
These coaches know their stuff and are wrapping up fabulously inspired calls at GVU this month. I thought their expertise would be appreciated here as well.
Leigha Pitcher, LOA Weight Loss CoachHere are Jessica Vazquez, Leigha Pitcher and Caroline Meyer answering the big questions about manifesting an ideal body:
1.  What’s the #1 way you see non-LOA savvy folks sabotaging their weight loss efforts?
Jessica: Non-inspired action.  Struggling, punishment, having an either/or mindset.  As in, either I can eat nutella, or lose weight.  YOU CAN DO BOTH!!
Caroline Meyer, Vibrance CoachingLeigha: This is easy…beginning any program with “action,” usually based on someone else’s success regardless of whether it feels good to them.
CarolineStruggle. Deprivation. Self-rejection. There is no amount of struggle and starvation that will produce fitness and health! You might lose a lot of weight just eating celery but you will also look unhappy and starved. I don’t think that’s what anybody is striving for.
2.  What’s the biggest handicap you see in deliberate creators for achieving aligned weight loss?
Jessica: Trying to avoid “negative” emotions.  Some of them push soo hard to avoid them, and lose the useful insight ALL emotions provide.
Leigha: They “try” and “want” to believe things they hear, like “it’s not the food”, or that it’s only the belief that matters NOT the action.  But it’s about being congruent with your thought, feelings, beliefs and actions.
Caroline: Too much focus on it and not enough action. We ask, it is given but only if we get out of the way. If we continue to ask and ask and ask we just call in fear and doubt. I feel that the process works best when we define what we want (I want a sexy, healthy body), take some (ANY) inspired action (cook a healthy meal, go for a walk, find something to appreciate) then go have fun and forget about it. The allowing is where I see a lot of people get tripped up.
3.  What’s one thing someone could do to begin the process of effortless weight loss?
Jessica: Go shopping!  haha  No, really, answer this question: how are you going to feel when you lose weight? Then find ways to activate that vibration NOW!  Even in other areas in your life.  Example, I wanted to be S.U.C.H. a girl (Strong, Unstoppable, Confident and Hot).  How can I activate that vibration NOW? For me, it was shopping.
Leigha: Begin asking yourself what would it look like if you could lose weight easily?  Most people believe they don’t know the answer to this.  So the next question to ask is:  What if you did know?  And then PAUSE long enough, and certain pictures (ideas) will come to mind.
Caroline: Know that you can; know that it’s easy (yes, for you!) and seek out things to appreciate and ways to get inspired. Lining up belief and action is probably the next biggest step. For example, if you believe you need to exercise to lose weight and you are not exercising, figure out if it is easier to exercise or change your belief then follow through.
4.  What made the biggest difference in your OWN weight loss success?
Jessica: Knowing it was just a matter of time.  Once I stop questioning “will I lose weight?” it became a question of “how can I enjoy more?” From that point, it was always: EASIER, BETTER, FASTER than I thought it was possible.
Leigha: I started actually feeling my feelings, being aware of how I felt and that how I feel really matters first before any action. This started my path towards self love.  I stopped forcing myself to do anything.  I’ve been told I look better now than when I was younger and I believe it’s because I no longer live with the stress of exercising and dieting so hard.
Caroline: Fun! Giving up the struggle and the fight and really just beginning to have fun. I dropped the idea that NOT having an ideal body was standing in the way of me being, doing and having everything that I wanted. I began to appreciate who I really am (the bigger part of me that is not a body) and really just started having fun!
5.  What’s one thing you would want everyone who aspires to lose weight to know?
Jessica: It is your birthright to have an amazing body.  You don’t have to “do” anything – you just deserve it, just because you are born.
Leigha: “An unhappy journey can not have a happy ending.” (Abraham quote)
Caroline: It’s easier done than said. Even if you have been holding on to extra pounds for a life time, in a matter of minutes, you can turn your ship around, let go the oars and start creating the body of your dreams. Once you are pointed downstream, the transformation is rapid and before the turn of the next season, you will have to buy a whole new wardrobe!
Weight Loss using Law of AttractionThanks for an inspiring interview, ladies!

  • July 19, 2012

Guest Post: What Are You Weighting For?

Thanks to Frank Butterfield for this guest post channeled from Paul, as inspired by a client discussion about the relation between abundance and body fat:
Paul channeled by Frank Butterfield on body weightThis is not a conversation about the scientific aspects of nutrition, biology, or bio-chemistry. We are looking at what happens from the perspective of your vibrational relationship with your body.
And we are talking about your body as having both physical and non-physical components, with the non-physical components being the majority of what your body is.
So, in that light, how do your thoughts affect what your body does with the food that you eat?
It all depends upon what you expect to happen as a result of eating.
If you approach any morsel of food as being part of a story of shortage, then your body will most likely be highly efficient in holding on to whatever potential energy it can grab on to and keep for future use.
So, if you are dieting or withholding food from yourself and treating the bites that you do eat as an exception to a rule that is mainly about deprivation, your body will get the signal about holding on to what it is given because more might not be available in the future.
If you are eating what you want and enjoying it for what it offers in the moment – color, texture, taste – then your body will most likely retain just what it wants for metabolic efficiency in the moment and then release the rest.
But that would not necessarily be the case if you believe that food makes you fat, particularly if you believe that the specific food you eat is fattening.
You can, if you want, change your attitude towards any or all food by telling a new story about it and deciding that whatever you eat is healthy and wholesome and that your body will use it for perfect metabolic efficiency.
Your lean, efficient body is a vibrational match to your idea that there is always plenty and that nothing is really needed but everything that is delicious, beautiful to see, and that feels good to eat is just right for your body.
If you have, for many years, developed a suspicion of food, than you may want to spend some time falling back in love with this aspect of your creation.
Remember that you are the one who is creating your experience and you can have it be however you want.
If you want to luxuriate in the experience of eating, dining, sharing food, and other culinary delights then you could begin to tell a story of how rich you are in this area of your life. You could start deliberately focusing your attention on how good it feels to eat and how wonderful it is to enjoy the process of sharing food with those whose company you revel in.
If you want to approach food from a more detached place of just seeing it as fuel, you could focus on the idea that whatever you eat is processed by your body very efficiently. You could tell a story about how you are drawn to exactly the right foods at the moment that you are hungry and that you only eat until hunger is satisfied and then you move on with your experience. You could deliberately turn your attention to how powerful specific foods are as a source of energy and how your body is a very lean, efficient metabolic machine.
If you want to be easy with food, you could start to notice how really no matter what you eat, you always are in alignment with the perfect form that you want your body to take. You could tell the story of how you can eat anything you want and always find yourself alert, feeling lean and trim, and that your body processes everything in just the right way. You could deliberately turn your attention to how easy it is for you to stay at just the right weight and shape for you and that food only helps you with this.
The issue at hand has never been about mathematics and calories.
The issue at hand is always about the vibrational attitude you bring to the story of your body, its weight and shape, and how much in alignment you are with what you really want to experience through your body.
If this topic is of interest, you might like the Weight: What Is It Good For? workshop recordings.  Get more deliberate creation insights from Paul here:

  • May 25, 2012

Leveraging the Placebo Effect

power of placebosWe’ve all heard about the power of the placebo – where you experience an improvement in symptoms after taking something with no pharmacological agents (like a sugar pill).
The placebo effect is so well known that the FDA requires drug companies to prove (in double blind clinical trials) that their medications are effective above and beyond what would be expected from a placebo.

In fact, 60 Minutes reported last week that the pharmacological benefit delivered by antidepressants is highly questionable (especially to those taking medication for only mild depression).

Along similar lines, there have been studies showing that patients benefit from fake knee surgery just as much as actual knee surgery.  (In fact, sometimes the benefit is even greater.)  And patients who have been hypnotized into believing they’ve had gastric lap band surgery experience the same effects as if they had the real surgery (nausea side effects and all).
So it’s obvious there is something very powerful happening in our minds to alter our physical being.
Deliberate creators won’t be surprised to hear this, since we already understand (and consciously work with) the power of our thoughts.  We know getting what we want is all about developing the expectation of it.
Which is really what a placebo is: a doctor, or someone with some sort of credibility or authority, gives us a reason to believe things could, should or even just might get better.  And regularly they do.
But you can’t exactly walk into your doctor’s office, ask for a sugar pill, and still expect any benefit, right?  Because the reason placebos work is that you don’t know it’s a placebo.
Except that’s not the case.
A recent study showed that even when patients were told they were only taking a placebo, they still saw significant improvement.
Which seems like it should fly in the face of what we know as deliberate creators.
After all, how can you expect a benefit when you know you’re only taking a sugar pill?
It puzzled me greatly.
Since results are driven by expectation, when you remove the expectation (i.e. reason to believe), why would there still be results?! It became clear as I looked further …
It turns out that a sugar pill prescription wasn’t all these study patients got.
Along with a bottle of pills clearly marked “placebo,” they were also told that placebos have proven to be very effective.
So while at the same time they were told “these pills having nothing in them” they were also told “magic things can happen.”  (Actually it was more like: “rigorous clinical testing has shown placebo pills produce significant mind-body self healing processes.”)   So they did get a reason to believe in their healing.
Which is exactly what many experienced – a significant improvement in symptoms.
Why am I talking about this?
As a deliberate creator and LOA coach, I am always on the lookout for more “reasons to believe.”  Because once we believe in something – once we fully expect it could happen – it is on its way.  That simple.
So reasons to believe are the currency of my trade.
Can we create that reason to believe, i.e. expectation, ourselves with a placebo?

Interesting side note, roughly half of American doctors have already admitted to using placebos with patients, and German physicians are actually instructed to do so!

Maybe everything we do is already a placebo of some sort.  Maybe every action we take is valuable primarily in that it gives us a reason to believe in upcoming results?
Taking an aspirin almost always gets rid of my headache, even though I know independent trials prove aspirin to be little more effective than placebos.  When I stopped taking Juice Plus supplements, I got my first cold in years.  (And thus got right back on them!)
And despite the fact that I’ve heard reports about scams and hoaxes with foot detoxes, after I received my first Aqua Chi foot treatment yesterday, I did indeed feel lighter and more clear-headed.  (Also experienced an odd change in taste buds, as Leanne Facer said might happen.  Sorry, Russ, that I accused you of swapping orange juice brands!  I do wonder if I’d have experienced that if she hadn’t said anything?)
I’m curious to hear what you think.  Where I’m at right now is appreciating an even deeper understanding of just how potent the suggestions are that those in authority give us.
And maybe once we truly understand the power of our own mind to create what we want, we won’t need to rely on another person in “authority” to give us reason to believe in our healing.
Looking forward to hearing from you all on this one …

  • February 26, 2012

Contradiction in Manifesting Weight Loss?

how to manifest weight lossAn astute reader asked about a conflict she saw in my instructions for using law of attraction to lose weight.
I had written about “loving it to lose it” – saying that when we resist extra weight, that’s exactly what we create. Extra weight.
So to lose pounds, the first step is to get out of resistance and (eventually & ideally) into appreciation.
This reader asked how does that instruction jibe with the common LOA knowledge that what you focus on grows?
She shrewdly concluded that according to the law of attraction, whatever we pay attention to is what we get more of, so why wouldn’t paying attention to extra pounds (even in a state of love) just attract more extra pounds?
I suspect she might not be the only person wondering about this seeming contradiction, so I wanted to post here to give others a chance to “weigh in” with their thoughts on the subject.
My personal take on it is that Universe knows what we want (Abraham would say “it’s in your vortex”). When we find a way to enjoy, appreciate, feel good, and get happy  – or even just drop a little resistance and get to neutral – that’s what allows our desire to manifest.
That’s why loving our bodies “as is” can lead to weight loss. What I’m focusing on as I love my body as it is, is love for my body. When Universe gets that signal from me, it sends in results/reasons/evidence to match that love.
It does seem contradictory, though, doesn’t it? “Love it to lose it.”

There is a trick here, though. If I’m loving it in order to lose it – that’s like love with an agenda. And love doesn’t have an agenda.
So you can’t really love it just to lose it. You love it, and then you lose it. (Subtle but important distinction.)
It would be like saying to my boyfriend that I love him as long as he does what I want him to. That’s not love.

I personally know that every time I feel hung up when my body doesn’t look how I prefer, it stems from resistance to how it is. And that resistance stymies any “positive” change.  The fact that I even think of it as “positive” change reveals a judgment, though, doesn’t it?
Turning to you smart creators to offer your thoughts, experiences and insights on this subject. Thanks in advance, everyone!

  • December 12, 2011

Questions About Jerry & LOA

Enough of you are asking questions about Jerry Hicks’ death last month that I thought we might be able to offer each other some good answers.  Or at least food for thought.

On the Jerry Hicks Says Goodbye post, Suzy wrote:

I really hope Abraham will address Jerry’s passing. They did not address his illness, and I know I was not the only one very distressed by it.

I do not understand why Jerry, who was loving life, having fun, asking questions, envisioning new projects, and clearly eager for more, would die. It does not seem that he was anywhere near finished with his life.

This is something I have long wanted to ask Abraham about. We’ve all heard of many instances of people who are totally loving their lives, blissing out, maybe they’ve just gotten married or had a baby, they’re madly in love, they’ve recently gotten everything in their lives going just as they’ve wanted, they’ve got so much to live for, so much they are thrilled with living, and then, bam, some disaster strikes, and they’re gone. This does not match up with

Abe’s teachings that have made it seem that people either transition because they are experiencing so much pain that their only relief is in leaving physical, or because they’re done creating on this plane and ready to move on. Neither of these was happening with Jerry. So I don’t get it. :/

And this question came to me through facebook:

I am a fan and follower of the LOA, and Abraham Hicks and have been having a hard time with the Jerry Hicks illness/passing. I was hoping maybe you could shed some light on it for me.

Its not the fact that Jerry became ill and passed, because those are things that eventually no one can avoid – but rather that they chose to go withi heavy chemotherapy when Abraham Hicks advocated that you can heal yourself of anything with your thinking/vibration.

It makes me think that if Jerry Hicks, an expert at this couldnt do it, then how can we? This has really shaken my core beliefs and i am having a hard time. any insight or advice would be appreciated very much. Thank you!

Jeannette again: I have to admit, I’m still a little sad after reading Esther’s latest note (about the Phoenix workshop) that was just signed by Esther.

Anyway, if you have helpful thoughts to share regarding the questions popping up, please do.  Thank you.

UPDATE: for those interested, here’s what Abraham had to say about Jerry’s death:

And another update from Abraham in May 2012 explaining more about Jerry’s experience:

“Jerry made his transition into NonPhysical and the seeming pathway through which he made it was through a cancer, a leukemia. And so, as he was diagnosed, it was very unsettling to both Jerry and Esther because it seemed that it was a contradiction to what they thought they were living. It seemed that it was a manifestation that certainly didn’t match what they were wanting. And, neither one of them was able, especially at first, to acknowledge that there could possibly be anything in Jerry’s Vortex that could be being answered through this process. In other words, it just didn’t seem like it added up.
So they spent a lot of time talking about vibration, talking about feelings, and it made both of them aware of two things that they did not understand before. First, they understood that they had some vibrations going on that they did not know were active in their vibration. Jerry had been very keenly aware of cancer. He was aware of it from his father’s experience with it, and he was aware of so many people who were in his terms, “suffering with it”.
And whenever he would meet a physician, and he met a lot of them through his work, if he had an opportunity to visit with them in private, he would always say to them, “When do you think we’re going to as as society begin to start focusing upon the cause rather than the symptom? When do you think that we’re going to get to the vibrational reason for this and not have all of our attention upon the treatment of it?” And he had opinions about all of that – he believed that it was a money-making machine, he believed that there was more benefit for some agencies to be involved in the cure of it than the understanding and the prevention of it. He had a lot of these dynamics going on, more than he realized, more than Esther realized, that was all part of the reason for the details of that being the path of least resistance.
But beyond that, there was a Vortex swirling, a Vortex that Jerry had been creating all of this physical life experience and that was in place even before he came into this physical experience, and long before Jerry and Esther came to know one another in this physical experience, about understanding that there is not death, about understanding that we are eternal Beings, about understanding that Consciousness is an eternal thing, about wanting to understand the interplay between what is
Nonphysical and physical, about wanting to teach about the Law of Attraction, the Laws of the Universe, wanting to understand how it all fits together.
But most of all, something that was very BIG in his vibration was an understanding of the eternal nature of Consciousness. And so, and it started long before his introduction to the Seth material but it was really enhanced with THAT material. And then all of the conversations that he had with Abraham in all of the time that passed in the interim.
So, what we’re getting at here – some time ago we wrote a book – it isn’t even in publication any more – it was called A New Beginning, and the subtitle was called Joyous Survival. And even Esther as she was receiving it thought that it was about taking care of the details of this physical time-space reality and making the right decisions in order to survive, mean remain in the physical body.
But what we meant by that subtitle is that you cannot cease to survive. You cannot cease to be. But the question is, how joyful, how joyous are you in this eternal, ongoing experience that is yours?
So, something that is very vivid in the human experience is a misunderstanding about why you come, and what your intention is in being here and how long you intend to be here and what happens after you are no longer focused in your physical body. In other words, we said to Esther, just the other morning in fact, while Jerry believed that the subject that was of keenest interest to much of the world was how to understand diseases, or how to understand something like cancer, that there’s an even bigger thing that people are wanting to understand from our Perspective, and that is the subject of the death experience, that is the subject of the eternal nature of your Being.
So, you have to make it an individual thing. You have to make it about your relationship with who you really are before you can begin to help anyone else understand it in relationship to who they really are.
We want to say to you that if you can find a way – and you can…if you can find a way to let your experience in all this be about your natural relaxing into your conscious awareness of the eternalness of your Being, and let go of a feeling of urgency to CLING TO the specifics of THIS incarnation and THIS time-space reality…In the urgent clinging to what you call THIS LIFE, there is a defiance of your understanding of the eternalness of who you are. And when you let go of that, there is a release into alignment, a release into the Vortex, there’s a release into this Grid of who you are that defies anything that you’ve ever lived before.
And there is so much confusion and misunderstanding about the control that you have from not just your NonPhysical standpoint, but your physical standpoint, about how long you stay, about how you feel while you are here.
For Jerry, as he relaxed into his vibration, as he found that vibrational place, he said to Esther, “I want you to know that one of two things can happen. Either they’re going to figure this out and I’m going to bounce back into my physical body feeling good or they’re not going to figure this out and I’m going to reemerge into NonPhysical, and in either case I want you to know I’m good.” And Esther said, “Well, good for you, I’m only good with one of those options.” (Soft audience laughter) And we said to Esther, Jerry is the only one who gets to choose. Jerry is the ONLY one who gets to choose.
And Esther realizes now, after watching the experience unfold, that knowing what she now knows, she would have liked it better if they had known before rather than later the deliciousness of letting go, the deliciousness of not struggling and clinging to something that the Vortex is asking for in a different way.
And this is the thing that’s unsettling to so many, because we’ve been talking about Deliberate Creation, and we talk about how you put the components into your Vortex. We just really want you to know that this Vortex is this Pure Positive Energy place and that when you reach for the emotion of who you really are, when you are able to release the resistance and come into pure alignment with who you really are, so that you click into vibrational sync with everything that is in your Vortex, that then the ensuing manifestations and the way the Grid fills in are ALWAYS in sync with that greater wanting.
Humans have been struggling against this for a very long time. We feel it even in the context of these gatherings. People will say, “Abraham, please don’t tell me that there is a bigger plan for me than the one that I’m identifying here and now, because the one I’m identifying is the one I want to play out. And we say, in time you will come to understand that you don’t want to separate those…because the whole point of all of this is understanding…do any of you think that you’re going to remain in your physical bodies forever? Of course you don’t. Everything that you have observed lets you know that you are here as temporary tenants of this. Do you believe that you are more than you see here in these physical bodies?  Do you understand that who you are as a Consciousness is reflected in the personality that you know as you?
This is the thing that is so exhilarating to Esther because she has the benefit of being able to chat with Jerry on a daily basis. Any time she is wanting, she can sit, get into that vibrational place and begin to receive him. She’s doing it mostly through her computer as she is writing because she focuses what she wants to talk about and then she receives him fully.
But there is NO QUESTION in Esther’s mind that Jerry is FULLY the personality that she knew as him, minus any resistance, REVELING in the wholeness of who he is, you see. And so, what HE is about is helping all of you to understand that there IS no death, there is no ending to that which you are, that there is a changing of scenery, that there is a changing of experience, that there is certainly a changing of perspective in that there’s the releasing of resistance, but there IS no ceasing of that which you are.
And it is his fervent desire that you come to a place where you are able to let go of that clinging to life which is IRRATIONAL because there is no way that you can separate yourself FROM it, and once you accomplish that, then you will continue as he IS, to live happily ever after.
We don’t want it to be such a resistance about the reemerging into the NonPhysical that that resistance…
It’s like the very thing you worry about is the thing that makes sure that the very thing that you worry about happens. Isn’t that an interesting thing?
Friends, if you can accept the eternal nature of your Being and stop the clinging, the irrational clinging to something that is not at risk, all disease would cease to be on this planet. The disease is evidence of the resistance of the very thing you fear. You see how that is?”

– Abraham, May 2012, Philadelphia

  • December 2, 2011
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