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Activate: Ideal Partner

Vibration Activation: Ideal Partner or SpouseThis addition to the vibration activation series is designed to help manifest an ideal partner or spouse.
It is by request and was fulfilled by the Good Vibe community, who contributed collectively to create this script. (Thanks, everyone – especially Jacqui S!)
Use it when you’d like to attract a perfect partner or get back to good with an existing one.
We know this works because ‘as we think, so shall it be.’ Speaking it like it’s a done deal cues Universe to make it so.
One read through should be good for a 17 second vibe activation, and that’s all it takes to make a shift.  After that just honor any inspiration that comes. (That is, do what feels good.)
Edit words or phrases as needed to suit you best. (Swap out husband for wife, he for she, or marriage for partnership, etc.)
Enjoy activating the vibration of a perfect partner:

I love being married.
I love feeling cherished, and loved, and having deep companionship in my marriage.
I love knowing that there is always someone thinking of me, rooting for me, loving me.
I love having someone to come home to, who is waiting for me with a warm hug and big smile.
I like knowing that we don’t have to agree, or believe the same things, or approach things the same way, for it to feel good. I love knowing that in my perfect marriage, ‘perfect’ means understanding, forgiveness and humor. And that sometimes it isn’t all rainbows and unicorns, but it is real, and it is my perfect marriage.
I love that my partner has been there for me through the challenges of life. I love that I can count on him to be there for me no matter what.
I love the familiar touch of skin on skin, of feet touching in bed, of communicating without words, of the shorthand where only we know what that means.
I love that I feel safe, and loved, and better for having my husband in my life.
I love knowing that sometimes we need to have space from each other, and sometimes he drives me nuts, and I him, and I love knowing that this is normal, and real, and human and still perfect because together we help each other learn, and grow.
I like knowing this is easy, it is possible, it exists.
I like knowing that perfect sometimes means learning to savor all there is to appreciate as ‘our perfect’ and that as long as it feels good, and our lives are enhanced together, we’re doing really really well.
Even though we have odd moments of exasperation with each other, they just remind me how happy he makes me the rest of the time.  My past romances have made it easier to appreciate the right man and to know that loving for the long term is a conscious choice. The story would be boring if there were no ups and downs – but is always made more beautiful by being shared.
I love that even after all this time, it still feels like I hit the jackpot with this person. It blows my mind how perfect he is for me. I’m so grateful for the amazing companionship and friendship that we share.  We laugh together, often at things that nobody else gets. We’ve been through good times and hard, and loved doing it all together. We have so much fun with each other.
Even then, though, we stand as two complete individuals. I’m not dependent on him for my happiness, and he takes responsibility for his own as well. Yet our growth over time has given us new reasons to fall in love with each other again and again. And that’s just awesome.
Our love story is so amazing that I almost don’t believe it myself!
Life is good, yes. But love is grand!

Congrats on activating a rockin’ partnership vibration!
Thanks again to everyone who contributed to this love story.

  • January 19, 2015

How to Ruin a Hot Date and Transform an Ex-Relationship

How to Transform a Relationship through Your Power of FocusThis is a story about the power of focus, and how it serves us to be very conscientious about where we point that thing.
Once upon a time I broke up with a boyfriend that I shared a beautiful home with.
I had decided that his jerk-side outweighed his sweetheart-side by more than I appreciated. Our up and down romance came to a final and undeniable end.
Although our co-mortgage didn’t.
For a while we stalemated each other, each refusing to move out of the house we both loved, knowing the other would eventually give in and pack his/her bags.

I had several rescued animals – all of which were either senior, blind or feral – that I was decidedly reluctant to relocate. We would wait him out.

In the meantime, I met a fabulous new guy who was super hot, incredibly interesting and ridiculously charming.
My heart beats fast just thinking about him!
He was hot stuff, you guys.
He’d traveled the world and had amazing stories to tell. He was a triathlete without an ounce of body fat. Handsome, rich, successful, respectful of my work, plus he had the sexiest accent I’ve ever dated.
It was jackpot city!
He was ridiculously easy to have a good time with.
And I did!
Where I wasn’t having a good time, though, was back at the ranch, living under the same roof as my ex. Who did not appreciate my new dating life.
He was ornery, argumentative and inconsiderate, to say the least.
(Understandable under the circumstances, but I figured this is all the more reason he should leave once and for all.)
Remember I had multiple animals in my care, so leaving the house wasn’t an option until I could take everyone with me.
All I could do, since I was unwilling to move the menagerie at the time, was to practice my focusing skills as a conscious creator and set the vibrational tone for the life I wanted. Continue reading

  • November 1, 2014

Q&A: Stop Negative Relationship Habit?

how to stop expecting negative behaviorWanted to run this relationship question by you all …
… a savvy creator is feeling stuck with how to put LOA to work in her love life.  (Which isn’t feeling particularly lovely to her lately.)
Here’s her request:

I need help. I need clear, simple instructions, kind of an LOA for dummies thing.
I know what’s creating my unwanted situation: observing what is (yuck!), expecting a certain behavior, reacting with more and more anger each time and obsessing about leaving the relationship.
What I DON’T know though is how to do it different. How can I not notice what is, and how can I not be angry when I feel I’m not respected?
How can I not expect the behavior that’s been there for a while?

I’m looking forward to your words of wisdom as well, readers, since I’ve been in this routine myself before.
(And it may be that there’s a bigger question to be addressed here.)
Thanks in advance for your input, friends!

  • July 28, 2013

Worry: the Accidental Love Curse

Worry: the curse disguised as LoveHere’s what I’ve noticed from the emails you guys send in …
you’re so generous in wanting to support your loved ones in enjoying life more.
You want your parents to be healthy, your spouses to be happy, and your kids to be safe.
You want your family to “get it,” you want your co-workers to end self-sabotaging behavior, and you often write on behalf of friends who are struggling.
You want to know the best way to help them understand, or what’s a good book that can show them the way.  What can you do to help things get better for the one you love, you ask.
I know one thing we can all get better at in order to help loved ones thrive …
… that is, to stop worrying about them.
Because worry is an energetic “curse.”  It is a projection of negative energy onto another.
And that doesn’t help, guys.
I know it’s natural for us to do this with someone we love, but stressing out on behalf of another is NOT helpful behavior.
Worrying about another is just a curse disguised as love.
Our thoughts are crazy powerful, and the last thing we want to do is saddle our loved one with negative frequencies.  Especially when they’re already down.
But that’s exactly what we’re doing when we see someone tangled up in contrast and we worry about them.
The next time you really want to help someone who seems to be having a rough go, remember to use your true power and envision them thriving:

  • See them coming out on top.
  • Picture them at their best.
  • Trust that it’s all working out for them.

And if you can’t do that, try not to pay them any attention at all.
On the other hand, for family members and co-workers you don’t like, go ahead and worry about them.   (If you don’t mind attracting some of that stuff to yourself as well, that is.)
For everyone else, though – let’s put an end to our inadvertent “love curses.”
Here’s what Abraham suggests:

You see someone who is struggling and having a hard time. If you look at them as they are you help them not at all. In fact they have downlifted you to their vibration rather than you uplifting them to yours.
But you go home that day and you ponder them and you say, ‘That’s something worth spending 68 seconds on.’ So you sit and you imagine them for 68 seconds, that person joyously romping through life until you feel the relief just wash over you. As you found it, you effectively assisted that person.
That does not mean that it’s a sure thing. That person may resist even this stronger beam of energy.
But there is a much greater probability that this person’s uplifted now that you’ve given it your positive attention, you see.  – Abraham-Hicks, 1996

Yes, it might be easier said than done, but it is good practice for a powerful creator like yourself.  🙂

  • July 13, 2013

Why Your Next Lover Wants You to Get Some Sleep

Get Some SleepLast night I stayed up later than I should have and am paying the price today … feeling groggy, dragging, less than usually enthused.
(But I really wanted to finish that movie!  That I fell asleep three times during …)
I told someone with a habit of staying up too late that this is the kind of activity that keeps his next love interest at bay.
Because we don’t attract people who are good to us when we treat ourselves like jerks.
Someone who is ready to love and adore you will be blocked or invisible until you’re a match to that energy, which means loving yourself.  YOU set the tone for how everyone treats you.
So if you’ve been really good at attracting jerks in your life, this might be a good time to check in on your self love practices.
If you find that you:

  • aren’t giving yourself the rest that lets you be your best or
  • eat less than fabulous foods or
  • work too hard or
  • don’t play enough or
  • put up with things you generally don’t like,

don’t be surprised when the people in your life aren’t so good to you either.
Like attracts like, and the world reflects how you feel about and treat yourself.
The good news: the change starts within.
So if you’d like love interests or family members or co-workers who treat you like gold, your mission is to treat yourself better.  In thought and action.
Because it matters more than you may realize.  (And it’s also great insulation from jerks.)
Coming up short on self love isn’t the only way we attract people who are less than fabulous to us, but it can be a contributor.  Which makes for good incentive to pay attention to how you treat yourself.
All right, nap time for me.   🙂

  • June 5, 2013