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Transcend 3 Most Common Money Mistakes

Most Common Money Manifesting MistakesIn coaching hundreds of fellow creators on the art of manifesting money, I’ve noticed three ways many of us unwittingly repel money instead of attract it.
Correcting for even just one of these financial vibe-kinkers can make a big difference in your personal prosperity.
Here are three of our most common money manifesting mistakes and how to transcend them:
1. Not appreciating our current money.
When we want (or believe we need) more money, it’s easy to resent the money we do have, however little it may be, when it’s not what we want it to be.
But we don’t get more money by being upset with or worried about the mini-money that presently populates our bank accounts and wallets.
Instead, show some appreciation for however money is showing up in your world. It’s a powerful vibe-shifter that leads to more moolah making its way to you.
(This is an important tip for me as I realize I’ve been resentful about making the same six figures year after year, rather than delighted with it. Can you feel that vibrational difference? Being mad about money just attracts more reasons to be mad about money.)
2. Making money responsible for our feeling state.
When we rely on or wait for the arrival of more money before we feel better, we’ve rendered ourselves impotent for manifesting financial abundance. As long as your feelings are dependent on current reality, you’re handicapped in creating a different one.
However you think you’ll feel when you have more money, take the manifesting reins in your hands and find ways to start feeling that way now. Whether it’s secure, relieved, free, delighted or whatever else – feel now how you would feel then and sooner or later you’ll notice money making a beeline to your bank account.
(For example, I wanted a higher income in order to feel more accomplished and successful. Guess what? Money can’t do that for me. That’s on me to feel those feelings. And when I do, money can’t help but join that party.)
3. Giving bad money instructions.
This particular money mistake encompasses a wide variety of contrary signals we send on the subject of money.
It includes thinking there isn’t enough, that it isn’t easy, it’s hard to come by, easy to lose, is a big hairy deal, isn’t fair, etc. etc.
Any time you engage a thought or feeling that’s contrary to what you want, Universe is obligated to make it so. Listen to what you think and say about money and upgrade your instructions where appropriate.
Getting straight with these most common mistakes will transform your financial experience. For additional resources, peruse these posts and thanks for sharing your tips in the comments!

  • February 20, 2015

Activate: New Money Story

Vibration Activation: Tell a New Money StoryIs it time for a new money story?
If the one you’ve been telling isn’t your favorite, let’s replace it.
I’ll share tidbits from mine and invite you to share highlights from yours so we can piece together our absolute favorite way to do money.
Remember how this works: change starts with a new story. And we have to be willing to tell that story before it’s “true.”
This is not for sissies.
Being able to speak it like you want it before it is takes some cojones.
But we can do it – because we’re conscious creators who know how to engage our reality-creating power.
So let’s focus into a new money reality.
(This post is an addition to our vibration activation series, where you can find a wide variety of scripts to activate a new vibe.)
Without further ado, here’s an excerpt from my money story:

My money is so cool, it likes to make itself! I hardly do anything and it just rolls right on in!
And it does it in abundance. In enjoyable, pleasant ways.
Sometimes it surprises me how it comes from places I didn’t even expect, while at the same time being so reliable. I love how much I can count on it … to keep showing up, finding excuse after excuse to be with me.
I do give it good excuses (I make stuff available for people to buy that I’m really proud of and that I think they’ll benefit tremendously from), so I am definitely a good partner to this money party that’s going on.
But I have a feeling that no matter what I do or don’t do – that money will still find a way to be with me. It’s so fun!! It’s like we were meant to be together!
I’m getting better and better at letting money be easy, fun and BIG. It’s like it’s set to “turbo” when it comes to play with me.
I know that one of the ways that money gets to be so light and free and easy with me is that I be light and free and easy with it. Which has meant that I learn how to be playful with it, and more joyful in general.
Because the more fun I have in life, the more fun money has with me.
And we do great things together – we’ve had such great times! I know where to send it for a good time, and it always comes back with great things for me.
I really do have a good thing going with money. And although it’s not the be-all end-all of life, it sure is fun to have around. I’ll welcome more money to my world any day.
Thank you, Money, for being so good to me!

Okay, it’s your turn to craft your favorite money story.
If you care to share it, we’d love to hear so we can upgrade our own money stories even more.

  • December 11, 2014

All Money Is Not Created Equal

My money makes its own self. people create their money to be something they don’t actually want.
They make it scarce, hard to come by, too easily parted with, a source of frustration, corruptive and lots of other things that aren’t so lovely.
Most don’t know they’re doing that – they just think that’s how it is.
But for those of us who know we create everything – from our health to our relationships to the traffic flow to the rainbows and unicorns and the nightly news – those of us know we create ALL of it have an opportunity to play with a different kind of money.
We can choose to make our money be whatever we want, including …

  • easy to come by!
  • fun to manage and play with!
  • delightful to spend and share
  • present in abundance (you can hardly turn your head without tripping over more money that wants to be in your pocket)
  • a source of pleasure and connection
  • a sign of enlightenment and spirituality

… or whatever else we dare to conjure.
Here’s what I choose about my money:
It likes to hang out with me.
It knows I welcome it with open arms, and that I don’t have any shame in being with it. It likes to accumulate in my bank accounts, it likes to expand in my paypal, it likes to appear in my coat pockets and even on sidewalks where I might pass by. Money has a strong affinity for me.
My money likes to make its own self.
It doesn’t make me work for it. Rather, it comes more easily the more I chill out and have fun. The better I am at getting out of its way, the more it expands and multiplies. It’s so cool like that.
My money is easy to play with.
It’s easy to spend, it’s easy to invest, easy to share with others. it thrives whatever party I invite it to.
My money likes to have a good time.
There are no rules it operates under regarding “shoulds” and “supposed tos.” My money likes to deliver me fun surprises, too. It shows up in funny places, and does delightful things. It’s such a hoot!
Are you making your money out to be the way you prefer it?
If not, remember who you are – a powerful conscious creator who doesn’t have to go along with the status quo.
Everyone else can let money be hard if that’s what they choose. You can do it however you dare imagine.

  • September 11, 2014

5 Ways to Manifest Free Money

How to Manifest Free MoneyWho’s in the mood for some free money?
If you’re game, here’s how to tune in and let the easy bucks roll your way …
We know it’s the same routine for whatever we want – all we gotta do is find the vibration of free money in order to experience it.
So if you don’t already know that frequency, use these ways to activate effortless cash flowing in:
1. Give it to get it.
Whether it’s a dollar or a hundred, to a stranger or a friend, left anonymously or gifted in person, giving free money to another can be an effective way to vibrate it yourself. Even being on the other end of the equation puts you in the energy of free money, and for some this is the easiest way to get there.
2. Tell the free money story.
Often we know the story of hard money or not enough money, or we think about free money as something that doesn’t happen to us. So it’s important to learn the words for the experience you want to have. Mine goes something like: “I love all the delightful ways Universe puts effortless money in my pockets. I’m such a natural money magnet that it arrives in all sorts of fun manner and means.” Find your version and start telling it.
3. Feel the free money feeling.
How will it feel when you’ve got cash coming your way that you didn’t have to earn? Find a way to feel that now and you’re greasing powerful wheels to let that manifest. For me it took some practice to get comfortable with the idea of receiving money for nothing, but it’s a vibe I wanted to add to my repertoire.
4. Give pre-thanks.
Instead of waiting for your free money to reveal itself, treat it like it’s already happened. “Done deal” it in your head and do a little celebration dance like the easy cash is sitting in your pocket right now. It’s a sneaky way to create alignment to the free money vibe.
5. Believe in it.
Sometimes the biggest block to receiving free money is that it’s hard to believe it could happen. Making a list of ways it could (or has) happened for us and others helps strengthen the belief in it. Here’s one of my favorite stories of when I wanted to manifest $1,000 in ten days. Last month I consciously turned this signal on again and my paypal account received over $300 in about a week from grateful readers. (Cool, right?!)
If you have any qualms about letting your money roll in for nothing, this exercise will test your receiving skills and sense of unconditional worthiness. (For that reason alone this is a valuable exercise.)
Bottom line, it’s worth learning the vibrations of whatever we want to experience. Many of us have a mix of frequencies we’re really good at … here’s to adding a new one to our repertoire.
If you’ve got more tips for activating this vibration, we’d love to hear them in the comments.

  • August 20, 2014

Treating Money Allergies

Treatment for Money AllergiesIn a recent post we explored what a money allergy is and how to diagnose it. As requested, this post elaborates on those treatments.
When addressing a conventional allergy to something like pollen or cat hair, typical remedies include avoidance (don’t pet cats!) or masking/impeding the body’s physical response to the allergen (using an antihistamine or decongestant).
However, rather than just treating the symptoms or practicing avoidance, there is a more effective cure for money allergies.
Since the allergic response stems from a resistance to money, the remedy lies in creating alignment to money.
Whatever the source of your resistance to money, you can overcome it by deliberately lining up with financial well-being.

(Meaning you don’t have to know where the resistance originated. Forget identifying limiting beliefs or overcoming traumatic experiences in order to release it.)

So how do you line up with money?
There isn’t just one way to do this, but here’s my favorite. This may take a few tries, but it’s a proven effective approach:

  1. pre-tending the experience of being at peace with financial abundance (i.e. experiencing in your mind how you prefer to be with money) and
  2. adopting the identity of someone who is comfortable with (and used to) having plenty of money.

In the past as you’ve been practicing pushing money away, you’ve adopted a persona that is contrary to someone who has money. So that’s one point to shift.
And then by repeatedly visualizing having plenty of money in your world, you’ll eventually overwrite the old resistance. It’s a reprogramming of self on the topic of money.

(It works because we get what we vibrate – so when we practice a new vibration we get new results.)

For the pre-tending remedy I suggest you give it about a half minute of pure positive thought at least once a day. (It may take a couple attempts to work up to 30 full seconds of pure positive thought. If you’re interrupted by a negative thought, the clock starts over.)
As for giving yourself a new identity, you can do that by engaging an “I am” statement that represents your preferred experience with money. (As in, “I am good with money” or “I am delighted to be making a ton of money.”) Write it down and repeat it during your daily self-talk episodes.
For extra icing on the new identity cake, you can practice ‘acting as if’ you already are that person.
When you engage these two practices for treating your money allergy, it won’t be long before things start shifting in your bank account.
These aren’t the only approaches to treating a money allergy, so we’d love to hear what practices you’ve used before.
Money allergies are no fun. If you suffer from a resistance to financial well-being, do yourself a favor and engage a remedy today.

  • July 17, 2014
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