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How to Co-Create Without Blinders?

How To Co-Create with Compassion in Time of ContrastA question posed by Shane after I said I’ll decide what’s real inspired a whole new post on that subject.
And then I realized I’m not the best person to answer this question.
You are. The wisdom in this community is one of the main reasons people read this blog, so I’m inviting your input as well.
Here’s the condensed quote from Shane:

I have a genuine question.
If you see a homeless person on the street, do you simply choose not to look and say that homelessness isn’t real?
I volunteer at a soup kitchen and I can’t convince myself that poverty isn’t real.
Also, as with the Dakota Pipeline situation and the current bill that is being proposed that it is legal to “accidentally” run over protestors …
How can you live as a positive co-creator and help to create situations where we live in a compassionate world without putting on blinders?

It’s a big question, fellow creators, can you give us a minute for your thoughts?
Thank you!

  • February 7, 2017

How To Break a Bad Pattern

How To Break a Bad PatternAnyone who’s ever been frustrated to repeatedly experience what they don’t want knows the unfun side of law of attraction.
Wherever the momentum is, it wants to continue. That’s what law of attraction does.
So how to stop that momentum?
That’s the question from today’s reader about how to break a bad pattern.
It sounded like a situation many could relate to, so I wanted to tap your expertise about what works best.
Here’s the question:

I have a question about how to break patterns.
I keep making the same mistakes (in all aspects of life, including bad relationships with men who won’t commit) and wondering if you have any clues for breaking these?

I’ve got a couple ideas to share about changing the story of who we are (because we keep manifesting whatever we think about ourselves) and also about plugging into the new routine we’d like to create, but I’m posting this here because I knew you would have good input, too.
Let’s hear your best tips for putting an end to a pattern you no longer want …

  • January 28, 2017

To Hookup or Not To Hookup …

Manifesting Hookups and RelationshipsWhen you’re manifesting a new love relationship, how do you handle hookups … yay or nay?
Does a casual connection mess with the alignment to a committed relationship, or does it have no effect at all?
Or might it even help in manifesting the love we want?
That’s the question from a fellow creator.
I’ve got thoughts, but this one felt worthy of running it by you all.
Here’s the question word for word:

What your thoughts were on hookups if you’re also looking for a relationship? Not necessarily with the person you’re hooking up with … but can you attract a great guy and have a little fun with someone else along the way?

Good question, right?!
What say you, wise ones? I’d especially love to hear from those with personal experience.
Thanks in advance for sharing your expertise!

  • November 25, 2016

To Clear or Not To Clear?

Clear Limiting BeliefsIf you’ve been reading guest posts or comments here for any length of time, you’ve run across the wisdom of Namaste Faustino.
He’s shared many transformational ideas and processes with us here, and today he’s soliciting our thoughts on a topic near and dear to every conscious creator’s heart …
Here’s Namaste:

Have you found an absolutely reliable method for allowing your desires to manifest without ever having to deal with your limiting beliefs?
If so, can you explain how it works, why it always allows you to bypass your limiting beliefs, and possibly share a real life example of you using this method in your own life?
I was doing some research online looking for an airtight manifesting method that doesn’t require I deal with my limiting beliefs when I found this posting on the by SheerLuckHolmes:
SheerLuckHolmes said, “I no longer try to uncover limiting beliefs. If I were to uncover a limiting belief I would be giving attention to it. Anything I give attention to grows.
“What I do give attention to is how I feel when considering any given topic. If I feel good, I milk those feelings and thoughts looking for even better feelings and thoughts.
“If I feel bad, I look for the desire behind the bad feeling that feels better, then give that my undivided attention looking for better feelings and thoughts that take me to inspirations that lead me to the newly created more clearly defined desire.”
This sounds like a possible solution to what I’m looking for. The only challenge is I don’t really understand the looking for the desire, behind the bad feeling, to find a new desire explanation.

So the question to fellow creators is whether you’re able to reliably manifest what you want without addressing limiting beliefs that might stand in the way.
What say you, wise ones?
We’d love to hear what you’ve practiced and the results you get. Thanks in advance for contributing to this discussion!
Namaste Faustino specializes in helping people to identify and release the resistance that is stopping their longest held desires from manifesting. Connect with Namaste at or on Facebook. 

  • October 21, 2016

Surrendering vs. Creating

Surrendering vs. CreatingSome of us in LOA world wonder how (or even whether) the spiritual teachings of surrendering work with conscious creation.
Manifestors know we can create our reality by focusing on what we prefer.
Yet there is much spiritual wisdom about accepting reality without resistance and surrendering to God’s will.
How does that fit in with conscious creation?
Anyone who has studied Byron Katie’s Work, or been inspired by Michael Singer’s Surrender Experiment, may have questioned how those habits work for conscious creators.
Can just saying yes to life go hand in hand with manifesting what we prefer?
Remember my massage therapist who just let herself “fall into it” when she got fired and had no money to pay rent? She had no resistance to what was happening.
It was a huge lesson to me on the power of allowing.
So I know that letting go is an integral part of a manifestor’s skill set.
Yet when Amina Makhdoom invited facebook friends to a month-long practice of saying yes to whatever life presents (replicating Singer’s surrender experiment), I immediately thought of my ex’s booty call invitation. And the boss who recently suggested I return to the fold in corporate world.
Neither of which I had any interest in. To say the least.
Was she asking that I surrender and say yes to the things I have absolutely no personal preference for? Because that’s not my idea of a good time.
Ruby GangadharanWhich is why I asked Ruby Gangadharan her thoughts. (Ruby is a student to the yoga sutras, a life coach, deliberate creator, and ashtanga yoga practitioner.)
Here’s what Guru Ruby had to say …

Deliberate creation is the process of using the universal law of ‘like attracts like’ to willfully call into your reality things you desire.
Surrendering is the process by which you release any active part in creating your reality and let the universal forces play out what they know is best for you.
At first glance, these might seem like they are in stark opposition to each other.
One is active and offers control while the other does not. They are in fact, different sides to the same coin.
Surrendering requires you to trust in a higher power. The premise is that the higher power knows what’s best for you and will provide you with opportunities and resources to help you live out your destiny.
Looks like you are giving up the control isn’t it?
But let’s question what this higher power is …
Deliberate creators reference ‘the source.’ We say we are the extension of that source energy. It is infinite; it guides us and creates a reality that is a vibrational match to us. Doesn’t this sound familiar to the higher power referenced in surrendering?
But how can you create the reality that you want when you ask me to surrender and say yes to all that comes my way?
You can because even when you surrender it’s your higher self that is sending opportunities your way.
Your higher self is still a point of attraction that knows what it desires and what’s its purpose is.
In Law of Attraction you are told of concepts such as ‘universal manager’ and the techniques of letting go, releasing resistance, and following the downstream flow. These are all techniques that draw from the core concept of surrender.
Surrender does not mean you go out to seek your next action. This is not about you finding the next thing to do. It is also not about saying yes to everything in the hopes that it will bear fruit.
Surrendering is about you keeping yourself aligned in a mental state of peace and being present to the Now.
And if a situation shows up that requires your attention, you do your part without attachment to the outcome, without either liking or disliking it for what it is and without losing your alignment and peace of mind.
This next thing is the important part that goes with the practice of surrender …
When you start the practice of surrender, you should engage in some regular practice of energy alignment or energy purification. (Michael Singer used regular meditation to maintain a steady state of mind). This is one example; you can choose an energy alignment practice that brings you to a steady state of mind (i.e. being in the vortex).
You have to find a practice which brings you into alignment with the source, brings you clarity and lifts your energy.
So if you find that by surrendering, situations show up that you don’t want or you aren’t sure how they will help; look at them as an indication of the vibrations that are active within you.
That will guide you in your alignment practice; either to release resistance or to realign or to seek more clarity.
To conclude, surrender is not different from the deliberate creation process. It is, in a lot of ways, its duality. Surrender is a philosophy (concept) and like every other concept out there, it can be used to best serve our growth.

This next bit is a Q&A exchange Ruby and I had via email.
I’m including it here (with permission) to help flesh out this subject …

Jeannette: So Ruby, are you saying that if I had a stronger alignment practice or purer energy, I wouldn’t be propositioned by my ex or invited back to a corporate job?

Ruby: There is a reason why proposition from the ex and running into an old boss has come to pass. There are two ways to look at this; a) there is a resistant energy towards those scenarios which is playing out (namely, a strong ‘not wanting to’ towards a corporate job and sleeping with an ex). What we resist persists.

Meditation (or whatever is your tool to release resistance) will help you emotionally detach from the outcome of these specific scenarios. Until you hold such a strong NO preference to sleeping with an ex, please expect ‘booty calls.’ 🙂

Does this help move you to the next level and explain surrender?

Jeannette: I think I have a different definition of surrender. Mine is more like … I can accept that life is presenting these things. I’m not resisting the presentation of them. (I get it’s in response to my vibration.)

But I can still honor my personal desires without feeling like I’m not ‘surrendering’ to life by doing so. To do anything else feels directionless and dishonoring of who I am.

Ruby: Surrender is really the next level to LOA’s releasing resistance. Things will continue to happen to us while we realign, release resistance. The practice of surrender comes handy while we move on with our life as our new vibrations take hold. Taking action without attachment to the outcome.

Explain that last statement, ‘… honor my personal desires without feeling like I’m not ‘surrendering’ to life by doing so.’ Do you think surrender means to give up?

Jeannette: saying yes to an invitation I don’t prefer (that would actually be in direct opposition to what I’m consciously creating) does feel like giving up my personal desire and my manifesting rights (let alone skills).

If something already is (in my reality) I know resisting it is insane. But sex with an ex or working a job I don’t want aren’t my present reality. The invitations are, but every part of my inner being says “not that way.” My inner being says run your own show! (Working for myself is elation! I love it!) And it also says, don’t sleep with that guy any more. There’s no elation in that proposition.

If the conscious creator way is to head in the direction of what feels better, then I am definitely not headed for corporate work or booty calls. Right? I’d be crazy not to listen to that inner guidance.

Ruby: Surrender doesn’t mean going against your core values, beliefs or purpose. It’s more about practicing detachment from the outcomes of our actions.

Seems to me you are on the right track of finding your own practice of surrender with or without you agreeing to the ‘definition.’

This Q&A with Ruby will likely continue in the comments, where you’re invited to join in.
Thanks in advance for your input on what can seem like a challenging marriage of concepts – for some of us. 🙂

  • June 4, 2016

When Losing Steam & Feeling Discouraged

No Joy? No Problem!
This may be the single most common question I get.
We’ve addressed it before, but it’s worth repeating.
And since it’s in my inbox three times today, I’m officially inviting your expertise and advice on it.
Here’s a compiled summary of the emailed questions:
I’m starting to get discouraged at the lack of results in my business/dating life/health regime.
I still haven’t found a way to effectively market my services/attract a partner/get healthy, and am losing steam fast.
Everyone says you haven’t failed until you give up, but it’s hard to continue without any sign of progress.
Can you help? I just want to feel better.
This is my personal response to any LOA-savvy friend feeling discouraged with lack of results:

First of all, I’ve been here and done this. I know the routine of feeling bad about what’s not happening despite best efforts.
And … conscious creators know we don’t let results dictate how we feel.
Results come from how we feel; they don’t tell us how to feel. (Letting reality dictate our vibration is the muggle way.)
Meaning, our job is to find any vibration that feels better and lead with that, rather than try to create results in order to feel better.
That’s the heart of conscious creation.
And granted, not the easiest thing to do when we’ve been practicing feeling bad. Anything with momentum likes to keep doing itself.
But we can change the trajectory.
One better feeling thought (or action) at a time.
Because we know that feeling better is the key, and we can do that right now. Even if it’s tears, a tantrum, a meditation, a distraction, a nap, a beer, a cookie, a swear word, even a little self-pleasure – whatever would feel better. That’s where we start.
Instead of trying to make things happen so we feel better, find a way to feel better first. After that we just honor inspiration.
It’s pretty simple. And you can do it.
This is a chance to walk your LOA talk! Practice what you know and it won’t take long before life reflects your unconditional approach to it.

That’s what I’d say.
And now it’s your turn, guys …
What words of advice to you have for an LOA savvy person feeling discouraged with lack of results?

  • May 27, 2016

Q&A: Is Clarity Required?

How Much Clarity Is Required to Manifest What You WantHere’s a question from a fellow creator who wants to know how much clarity is required to create what you want:

I’ve heard conflicting things about what it takes to manifest what you want.
Some law of attraction teachers say you must first be crystal clear about what you want before you can manifest it.
Others say that the Universe already knows what you want and that all you have to do is become a match to it by getting happy now.
In your experience, do you find it necessary that someone be clear about what they want? (And if so, how much detail is required?)
Or does it also work if they just trust that something good will come even when they don’t necessarily know what that specifically is?

This one seemed worth tapping the group collective wisdom for, so what say you, wise ones … how much do you have to know about what you want in order to successfully manifest it?
Thanks in advance for sharing your insights and experience!

  • May 6, 2016

Q&A: Can LOA Help New Mom Sleep?

Law of Attraction Help Newborn and Mom SleepCalling all conscious creating parents … this new mom wonders whether Universe can help resolve sleep issues she and her new daughter are having … got any advice for her?
Here’s our mom:

I have trouble using the law of attraction when it comes to my little girl, partly because I see her as a little individual and don’t want to have such an influence on her.
She is nearly one, still sleeps in our bed, still wants to breast feed all night and I have not had a full nights sleep since I was pregnantNow I have just accepted this as part of motherhood but its really taking its toll.
I have asked the universe for my daughter to sleep through the night, in her cot and for me to stop breast feeding all in a perfect way (i.e. no tears, no sleep training). For me this is a big ask of faith so I wanted to ask an expert. Is it possible the universe can do this for me?

I’m turning this one over to the parenting experts in the house … what say you, wise ones?

  • March 5, 2016
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