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When Losing Steam & Feeling Discouraged

This may be the single most common question I get.

We’ve addressed it before, but it’s worth repeating.

And since it’s in my inbox three times today, I’m officially inviting your expertise and advice on it.

Here’s a compiled summary of the emailed questions:

  • I’m starting to get discouraged at the lack of results in my business/dating life/health regime.
  • I still haven’t found a way to effectively market my services/attract a partner/get healthy, and am losing steam fast.
  • Everyone says you haven’t failed until you give up, but it’s hard to continue without any sign of progress. Can you help? I just want to feel better.

This is my personal response to any LOA-savvy friend feeling discouraged with lack of results:

First of all, I’ve been here and done this. I know the routine of feeling bad about what’s not happening despite best efforts.

And … conscious creators know we don’t let results dictate how we feel.

Results come from how we feel; they don’t tell us how to feel. (Letting reality dictate our vibration is the muggle way.)

Meaning, our job is to find any vibration that feels better and lead with that, rather than try to create results in order to feel better.

That’s the heart of conscious creation.

And granted, not the easiest thing to do when we’ve been practicing feeling bad. Anything with momentum likes to keep doing itself.
But we can change the trajectory.

One better feeling thought (or action) at a time.

Because we know that feeling better is the key, and we can do that right now. Even if it’s tears, a tantrum, a meditation, a distraction, a nap, a beer, a cookie, a swear word, even a little self-pleasure – whatever would feel better. That’s where we start.

Instead of trying to make things happen so we feel better, find a way to feel better first. After that we just honor inspiration.

It’s pretty simple. And you can do it.

This is a chance to walk your LOA talk! Practice what you know and it won’t take long before life reflects your unconditional approach to it.

That’s what I’d say.

And now it’s your turn, guys …

What words of advice to you have for an LOA savvy person feeling discouraged with lack of results?

  • May 27, 2016

Q&A: Is Clarity Required?

How Much Clarity Is Required to Manifest What You WantHere’s a question from a fellow creator who wants to know how much clarity is required to create what you want:

I’ve heard conflicting things about what it takes to manifest what you want.
Some law of attraction teachers say you must first be crystal clear about what you want before you can manifest it.
Others say that the Universe already knows what you want and that all you have to do is become a match to it by getting happy now.
In your experience, do you find it necessary that someone be clear about what they want? (And if so, how much detail is required?)
Or does it also work if they just trust that something good will come even when they don’t necessarily know what that specifically is?

This one seemed worth tapping the group collective wisdom for, so what say you, wise ones … how much do you have to know about what you want in order to successfully manifest it?
Thanks in advance for sharing your insights and experience!

  • May 6, 2016

Q&A: Can LOA Help New Mom Sleep?

Law of Attraction Help Newborn and Mom SleepCalling all conscious creating parents … this new mom wonders whether Universe can help resolve sleep issues she and her new daughter are having … got any advice for her?
Here’s our mom:

I have trouble using the law of attraction when it comes to my little girl, partly because I see her as a little individual and don’t want to have such an influence on her.
She is nearly one, still sleeps in our bed, still wants to breast feed all night and I have not had a full nights sleep since I was pregnantNow I have just accepted this as part of motherhood but its really taking its toll.
I have asked the universe for my daughter to sleep through the night, in her cot and for me to stop breast feeding all in a perfect way (i.e. no tears, no sleep training). For me this is a big ask of faith so I wanted to ask an expert. Is it possible the universe can do this for me?

I’m turning this one over to the parenting experts in the house … what say you, wise ones?

  • March 5, 2016

Does Acceptance Foil Potential?

Does Acceptance Foil Potential?If you’ve ever wondered whether accepting your present reality eliminates motivation to manifest the dream, you’re not alone.
Whether you’re after professional success, new love, more money or a better body, many are hesitant to appreciate what is (let alone accept it) for fear things won’t change.
I’ll share my thoughts in comments, but this one comes up often enough to run it by you all.
Here’s the latest version of the question:

I had a question about practicing self-love and acceptance for the body … I have been doing that, and felt huge relief.
But what’s the difference between surrendering/acceptance and giving up? For example, I was the top student in school (I really liked it and desired it a lot), but I feel like if I had been totally accepting of what is and not doing any work, I wouldn’t have had that success.
I’m just wondering if I’m not asking enough of myself. I don’t have to beat myself up to challenge myself, but it feels kind of weird for an achiever like myself to be totally cool with size 14 (even though that is totally cool). It feels like I’m not fulfilling my potential.
I would appreciate your thoughts!

Fellow creators, what say you …
Is there a difference between accepting and giving up? And what impact does that have on accomplishing our true desires?
Do you find that acceptance of what is prevents progress toward what you really want?
Thanks in advance, my friends!

  • January 30, 2016

How Soon To Expect Results?

How Soon Will I Get Results with Law of Attraction?Time to tap the manifesting wisdom of the community here to answer a question that came via email last week.
A self-professed LOA newbie asks something many of us have wondered about along the way:

I’ve been studying law of attraction for almost a year now (so fairly new at this) and I have a question that I haven’t seen anyone really talk about …
How soon after I start consciously creating what I want should I expect to see results?
I’m just wondering how long this should take. I know you can’t say exactly when, but should it be pretty fast or do I need to be patient? (I don’t want to keep doing something for too long if it’s not working.)

Thanks in advance for your input, fellow creators, and I’m looking forward to hearing what everyone has to say on this one! 🙂

  • January 13, 2016