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Q&A: What Am I Missing?

In the spirit of holiday generosity, let’s offer some LOA friendly support to a fellow creator who feels stumped in her manifesting.
Here’s our friend’s situation:

What's Wrong With My Manifesting?In the last month and a half or so I have failed to create what I desire
I want to lose weight, I want the love of my life back, I want a good job, I want a nice house on some land, I want to spread joy and I want to manifest the reason I have always felt I have something really important to give to the world.
But, here I am, just turned 40, back in my parents’ house. No job. Running out of savings quickly. And I am in intense to moderate pain everyday over breaking up with my love.
I hear you saying “Let it go, friend, let it go.” So, I let it go for a day or two.
And then the sadness creeps back. I visualize. I pray rain. I journal. I look for signs in everything. I stare at the stars and know I am stardust too. I try to soak myself in the love of my family and have laughs with my friends.
But I know I am missing something. I’ve got to be.
I am grateful for so many things and tell the universe often. For the safety of the roof over my head, the warmth and love in this house. For my health, for my parents’ health, for my dogs, for the money I do have, the car that works, the love I do have in my life.
I pay attention to how I am feeling and when I start to dip, I do the best I can to have better feeling thoughts. I meditate with Vishen everyday. I visualize like crazy! For an hour straight sometimes! When I feel lost, I read your blogs. Everyday, I am reminded of a new lesson.
But, I am doing something wrong!!! I have gotten to the point where I can no longer just relax and let the universe take hold.
I am running out of money. And I have had several interviews, one that was very hopeful. I was supposed to talk to the guy yesterday about it. I called and left vm. He never called back. I called today and left another vm. Here’s to intending him to call back today.
I know the worst thing I can do right now is panic. But, I feel I’ve been pretty laid back about the job situation this entire time. I really believe this job will work out. I have a fear that it won’t, I mean, the fear of the worst possible scenario exists, but I do not sink energy into it. I’m beginning to become disenchanted and that scares the hell out of me. I believe that the law works. Why is the contrast still so strong?
I find that things that do manifest were once fleeting thoughts. I hardly sunk energy into them. But that’s not conscious creation! There are SO many different strategies to creation, how can I possibly know when to use which one? I am definitely doing it wrong. Please help.

What words of wisdom do you have for our fellow creator?
Thanks in advance for sharing your thoughts and your manifesting expertise.

  • November 25, 2015

Q&A: Why Does It Keep Happening?

Why Does It Keep Happening?Got a couple questions this week from fellow creators experiencing reoccurring issues
One reader has an ingrown toe nail that keeps coming back, even after surgical repair.
Another friend has a problem with his throat that requires medical intervention – again.
Another asks about reoccurring issues in a relationship that result in an on again-off again habit.
I’ve experienced this myself in physical form, in relationships, and even in my bank account, so I know how frustrating it can be for a conscious creator to feel trapped in an unwanted manifesting loop.
At least one of our questioners knows there’s a message in this repeating reality, but doesn’t know how to get the message or to stop the reoccurring issue.
So here’s the question to you guys … if you’ve ever felt stuck in a pattern you didn’t want, how did you change it?
Also, do you think it’s required to get the message before it’ll resolve? And if so, how do you uncover that message?
Thanks in advance for your thoughts on this one! 🙂

  • October 25, 2015

Q&A: Where's the Money?

A fellow conscious creator has a situation others might benefit from hearing the community’s wisdom on. Here’s her question:
Using Law of Attraction to Manifest MoneyI’m having a lot of LOA successes with green lights, warm sunny days, close parking spots, pleasant days at work, etc. – everything but money.
The past four months I’ve felt the best I have in my entire life. I’ve been doing manifesting exercises, made peace with where I am, wrote my new money story and read it every day with joy (really getting into it like its a done deal and saying thank you for it).
I’ve been going to sleep feeling good, waking up feeling good, practicing appreciation, practicing seeing abundance, and I know that I can feel good now, before anything manifests, and I’ve been feeling good, finding ways to enjoy myself and have a good time.
I’ve been doing so well, so where’s my stuff?
Abraham says that it can take as little as 30 days for things to begin manifesting, yet nothing seems to be happening in regards to what I really want.
I am antsy and tired of waiting for my desires to manifest. They feel so totally possible for me and I truly believe I can have them. I feel very comfortable with them and worthy of them, and they feel normal to me. I totally see myself living that life. I’ve even completely let it go recently and just focused on feeling good. And nothing, no significant external shifts.
I did some money exercises lately and besides manifesting a penny, a few $1 bills and one $5 bill, I seem to have little success with manifesting money. I tried the exercises on the blog, like manifesting $500 in 10 days and I’ll specify for it to be money coming outside of my work paycheck, and nothing.
It’s already been two years since I radically and genuinely changed my beliefs and attitude about money to a very positive one. I’ve invited it into my experience numerous times. And I do appreciate the money that is coming in. I’ve even placed a $100 bill into my wallet as suggested by Abraham and have been vibrationally spending it on whatever I want. So what’s going on?
I feel like I could get an A+ for how well I’ve been doing, so why is all I’m hearing crickets? I feel like I’ve changed so much internally, like I’ve really transformed positively, so I wonder why there isn’t much transforming in the external environment.
If you could shed some light, I would really appreciate it!!
What say you, fellow creators? Got any words of wisdom for our friend?
Thanks in advance for sharing your thoughts!

  • October 3, 2015

Q&A: Use LOA to Stop Neighbor's Bad Behavior?

Using Law of Attraction on Neighbor's Bad BehaviorThe question of the week seems to be how to use law of attraction to change a neighbor’s bad behavior.
Two readers have barking dogs next door that are driving them crazy, and another reader reports noisy and inconsiderate neighbor behavior.
All want to know how to use law of attraction to get someone else to change.
I’ve been there, so I know how easy it is to get caught in this downward spiral.
What words of wisdom do you have for someone who wants to use their manifesting powers to change bad neighbor behavior?
(I personally think the answer’s the same whether we’re talking about neighboring dogs or humans, which is why I rolled all these questions into one Q&A post.)
Thanks in advance for sharing your two cents!

  • August 26, 2015

Q&A: When You Really Need It?

How to Manifest Something You Really Need?Conscious creators are well taught about what a vibe-kinker “need” and attachment are.
Which is why it’s wise to drop the need whenever we realize it’s in play.
This last week a couple readers have asked the same question that goes something like this:
But what about when you really need it?
One example is a woman two weeks away from being homeless. She’s in a constant state of worry, sobs every day about her predicament, and has had no success in her fundraising or money making efforts.
When she hears my advice to drop the need, it falls very flat.
Her specific question is:

When it’s a case of survival, how do you detach from the outcome and keep your vibration up?

Another reader reports that a critical lifestyle change depends on her ex-husband’s cooperation, and that without his agreement nothing happens. (Moving to another state with the children.) So she really truly needs his consent, she writes.
Another reader’s dire situation also involves financial necessity … his company is on the verge of bankruptcy if he doesn’t get an injection of cash asap.
So guys, the question is to you:
What would you advise a fellow creator in a desperate situation who can’t see a way to drop the “need”?

  • August 2, 2015