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Q&A: Disillusioned about Law of Attraction

disillusioned by law of attractionEvery once in a while I get a question that feels right to post here for a couple of reasons:
1 – you can do a better job answering it
2 – others will benefit from the discussion
3 – several are asking the same question
Today’s question satisfies all three reasons for asking your input.
Here it is in the words of the person who asked it most recently:

I hope it’s okay to ask this question, because I’m starting to feel disillusioned about the whole manifesting thing.
The things I try to manifest don’t work. And the things I don’t even try to create do happen.
(I was pray rain journaling for a new boyfriend, and got a surprise tax refund instead. Then I set an intention for a good doctor’s appointment, which didn’t turn out well at all; and instead manifested a promotion at work which I wasn’t even trying to get and am not really sure I want.)
What does that say about law of attraction? I’m getting things I’m not even focusing on and while they’re cool things, they aren’t what I’d like to be manifesting.

It’s in your hands now, Good Vibers.
What say you to our LOA-disillusioned friend?

  • July 4, 2015

LOA Friendly Way to Request Help?

LOA Friendly Way to Ask For HelpOur latest question comes from a couple of readers looking for tips on how to ask for help in a way that doesn’t emphasize the problem.
They’re aware that explaining why they need assistance just reinforces the very conditions they don’t want.
And yet, without having others understand the basis of the request for help, people don’t seem as responsive.
One reader operates a non-profit organization to feed the hungry, and is desperate for financial support.
Another reader asks how to hold an LOA fundraiser. She writes:

I’m trying to raise money for medical needs and I know I’m doing it wrong because I’m coming at it from the “this is all the bad stuff” that a lot of fundraising does.
I want to develop an LOA positive fundraising message that will attract donors but I don’t know how to do that. Everything keeps going back to need and a feeling of desperation and the words reflect that.

Maybe some of you have been in this position before, where explaining why you need someone’s assistance just activates the vibration of disempowerment or problem. How do you manage that situation?
Thanks in advance for any tips you can provide on how a savvy creator can send up a white flag without exacerbating the contrast.

  • June 3, 2015

Q&A: How to Manifest a Marriage Proposal

I’ve seen my share of beach weddings in Maui this week, so it seems serendipitous to post this reader’s question about what it takes to manifest a marriage proposal.

Here’s the question from an LOA-savvy aspiring bride:
How to Manifest a Marriage Proposal

I’ve been wanting and trying to manifest marriage (or at least a marriage proposal) from my boyfriend for about the last year.

I feel like I’ve tried everything to manifest a marriage proposal from him, and while over the last year I seemed to get close (he brings it up and talks about our future, his mom even mentions it) – I still haven’t been asked.

In fact, a number of the girls in my life have gotten engaged in the last 5 months!

So if I’ve been thinking about getting engaged to my boyfriend for the last year, why hasn’t it happened yet?

  • I’ve tried visualizations of him proposing night after night for months
  • I’ve tried living my daily life as if we were already married
  • I’ve tried making myself feel the actual feelings I would have if we were already married
  • I’ve tried letting go of the expectation and just being happy with what is now

… and everything in between. It’s just not coming.

I’m aware that my focus is so hugely on the fact that it’s not here, and that is a main part in the reason it’s not here.

But even when I try to not focus on that and be happy with the now, it seems I can only keep that focus for so long until my mind goes back to what’s not there – a ring on my finger, from him.

I’m hoping you might have some words of wisdom for me or tell me to try something that I haven’t tried. Just anything! I really hope to hear back from you!

Okay, readers, you’re up. Let’s help a sister out with some LOA friendly tips.

What advice do you have for our friend who wants to manifest a marriage proposal from her sweetie?

  • April 13, 2015

Q&A: Is Pain Part of Spiritual Growth?

Physical Pain Part of My Spiritual Journey?Here’s a question from within the community that deserves your attention to do it justice.
It comes from a delightful young woman who’s manifested major success, but feels stuck now. What say you, wise ones?

I’ve recently recovered from anorexia and substance abuse, and have used the law of attraction to manifest so many more amazing things in my life. It’s astounding how much my life has been healed with good vibes!
Except for one thing.
I’ve had awful health issues ever since recovering, namely digestive symptoms that cause me pain every second of every day. I ignored them for a year, convinced they would go away – but nope. No doctors, nutritionists, or natural healers have been able to help. I’ve had to quit my singing career and day job because the symptoms are too debilitating. I spend my days in bed, and am desperate to finally get to do all the things a normal twentysomething does!
I’m really lost, and have one big question: Could this be something I’m meant to suffer? Or should I only be focusing on health, and have unwavering faith that I will be healthy again some day?
Here’s the thing: being ill has made me grow spiritually so, so much. That’s why part of me wonders if it was meant to happen.
But I feel like I’ve learned what I needed to, and I can’t take any more of the suffering, not after so many years of addiction and mental illness. I feel like I’m weak already from the big battle I had to fight. I’m in such need of inspiration!

Looking forward to hearing from you all in the comments …

  • March 5, 2015

Q&A: Offer Support & Steer Clear?

supporting a loved one while staying vibrationally clearThis is the sort of question I suspect some of you have real life experience to share about.
A fellow creator asks:

How would you go about supporting someone who is seriously ill without bringing it into your vibration?
My mom is dealing with stage 4 cancer, and I recently had two cancer scares of my own.
I want to be there for her, and support her however I can, but how would you guys go about being supportive without allowing it to affect your vibe?

When you hear it like that, it feels like standing between a rock and a hard place.
But I know you guys will have good tips.
What do you say to someone who wants to support a loved one through a challenge while steering clear of that vibration?
Thanks in advance for sharing your insights!

  • February 1, 2015