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How She Manifested a New Job

We have a monthly series at Good Vibe U where we reverse engineer success stories, and this is one of my recent favorites.
Not because she created such dramatic change in her circumstances, but rather dramatic change in her vibration. Which led to a dramatic new experience.

See what I mean for yourself as you read T’s story …

(Shared from the GVU forums, with permission.)

I had to share a great little story of flipping the script on myself, without a single physical change in my life.

For the last few weeks, I wasn’t feeling so hot about my job. I was frustrated with the lack of work/life balance. I felt utterly boxed in, totally stuck, and like the team only functioned well because I didn’t do anything aside from working.

I was so deeply in my own contrast that I was actually having crying fits on my drives home! It felt great to release all that frustration, but you know what? It’s so not me to cry about anything except cute dogs and proposal videos.

I talked to my sweetie about it and he gave me some wonderful support. I spoke to my sister and she encouraged me to feel my own power, my own worthiness, how much time I have in my life to pursue other avenues if that’s what’s I chose.

So I started taking action. I opened up my job profile, started applying at other places, and perused a ton of options.

I prepped my new resume and uploaded it everywhere. I made sure that I was good to go.

Then, I kicked my self care into high gear:

  • I took showers with candles and my giant rose quartz.
  • I cleaned my space.
  • I cuddled my tiny little chunky dog.
  • I took naps, walks, and heaps of chocolate.
  • I ate ice cream and kale.
  • I basked in the sun!
  • I did all the things that made me feel like me again.

And this week?

I feel like a totally new person in a totally new job.

My workload has been so light that was able to ride home with my hunky boyfriend last night. I woke up early both yesterday and today and used the extra time to just do whatever I felt like. I painted last night. I haven’t painted in weeks?

And you know what changed?

Not a single thing. Just my energy.

I walked into work feeling LOVE for my coworkers. Real, true love. Not “oh I deal with you because I have to.” But actual love for who they are, how they contribute to my team and my life.

I just want to hug them. I walked into work feeling nostalgic appreciation for my first job. Feeling loving for all the opportunities it provided me. How it unleashed me to build my own life in a town I love with people I adore. I feel love for my CEO, who I respect and feel true admiration for. He truly is a great man and a wonderful leader.

I know it sounds insane, but it wasn’t just a “bad day.” Last week, I knew this job wasn’t for me anymore.

Now? I know without a shadow of a doubt that this job is a perfect match for where I am, what I’m ready for, and what I’d like to do.
So yes, it’s frustrating when Abe and others say all you want is to feel better. It’s also absolutely, beyond a shadow of a doubt true.

Huge kudos to this fellow creator for showing that our external experience is driven by our internal state – and that our internal state is within our power to manage!

If you’d like to hear other inspiring manifesting successes and how they were created, join us for our next “Reverse Engineering Success” call in October. All live calls are open to fellow creators to tune in.

  • September 29, 2017

Before Judging Your Manifesting Misses …

The first time I put an offer on a house (after it became clear that sharing a roof with my ex-boyfriend was no longer my highest joy), the place I had my eye on was just a mile south of where I currently lived in the suburbs.

It was an area I liked, had a nice half acre fenced yard for the dogs, was in a low traffic cul-de-sac, with a big office and, if you put the bed on the right wall and laid at just the right angle, you’d have a view of the mountain from the master bedroom.

But after I made an official offer based on the amount the owner said she’d sell it for, she changed her mind and wanted more. That wasn’t my favorite game to play, so I didn’t buy that house.

Several months later I was using new criteria to find my new place, and this time I was out of the suburbs and up a nearby canyon. It was close enough to town that it wouldn’t be a dramatic change in lifestyle, but this time it was two acres in a much more rural setting. It was an older house, but very charming and the perfect size for me and the animals, with a gorgeous view of the valley from the master bedroom deck.

This would be a very different gig than neighborhood living, though. It wasn’t exactly country living, but let’s just say there wouldn’t be the regular snowplow service I was used to. Could I do that? Would I need a four wheel drive vehicle?

The selling agent introduced me to other single women in the area who proved it was do-able. They loved it up there, and I decided I would, too.
My agent talked to their agent about what this would sell for, and it was understood that I’d make an offer $5k below their asking and they would accept it.

Except they didn’t.

They countered for $4k less than their asking price.

“It’s just a thousand dollars,” my agent pleaded when I balked at accepting the counter. “No, it’s not a thousand dollars. It’s a sign,” I replied. This is not my house.

It’s supposed to be easy. It’s supposed to be enjoyable. If it isn’t, then I’m not headed where I want to go.

Where I really wanted to go was out of the house I was currently sharing with my ex! So my search continued …

I wondered why wasn’t this happening more smoothly? Why was this taking so long? What was I doing wrong to allow my perfect house to appear?

I knew those questions didn’t help it happen, so I didn’t entertain them overly long.

“Relax; let it be easy,” was the self-coaching I gave.

Months later I found a gorgeous place in a valley where I went to college, about 90 minutes away. This place was stunning! And it had 5 acres of gorgeous green land! Yes, it was on the other side of a sketchy canyon in winters, and yes it had a septic tank and well water which I’ve never done before, and yes, the winters could be hard up here, but this was beautiful country. It would be worth it.

I had three simple questions for the sellers before I put in a full price offer about internet, neighbors, and something else that was really easy to answer.

Which they didn’t.

They didn’t answer any of my questions!

Not a single one. Did they not want to sell me this thing??

Here I’d been so sure this was my house, but once again, it wasn’t coming together! sigh.

I know that unhappy journeys don’t have happy endings, and this journey wasn’t my favorite thing. So I didn’t continue along it.

By this time I had a new agent, and he didn’t say so, but he seemed a little perplexed that I gave up just because they ignored my easy questions. (Although he agreed that was weird that they wouldn’t answer them.)

About this time things were becoming extremely uncomfortable at home, so the pressure was  on to get a new place.

Am I just the worst house manifestor in the entire world? Do I have a self-sabotage program in place that’s keeping me stuck?

Those thoughts kept creeping up, but I re-engaged my best manifesting tools to find our new home once and for all.

The pressure to get out of my current gig gave me a new incentive to expand my search criteria.

I looked in an area where friends and family had advised me to skip for various reasons. (It’s expensive, it’s inconvenient, etc.) But I had a newly open mind and was looking in places I hadn’t considered before.

On my first trip out to look at a strong contender in the area, as soon as I laid eyes on it my first thought was, “Home!” I felt home!

For the first time I didn’t have to weigh the pros and cons, I didn’t have to ask a bazillion questions to ease a conflicted mind. I didn’t care what anyone else thought and I didn’t wonder if there was something better out there.

This was it.

I’d found my home. I felt it in my bones, even when my agent told me they’d just accepted an offer the day before I saw it.

Despite that fact, the buying process went smoothly, which I’ll attribute to some master manifesting on my part. And maybe some “meant-to-be”-ness if you believe in that sort of thing.

At any rate, now I live in a dream come true place. This is the “someday” sort of dream place where I figured if I was lucky, I’d end up eventually, if I played all my cards right.

But I’m here now! woo hoo!! It’s seriously so amazing I can’t even tell you how much I love it!

Suffice it to say, that as I sit here in a stunningly beautiful home with gorgeous views from every window in the house, I look back on those “failed” manifestations of prior purchases as divine blessings.

I might be living in a damn neighborhood with street lights and sirens if I had got my first wish! Barely able to see a mountain from a contorted sleeping position. With stairs that my senior dogs wouldn’t have liked!

And then I almost lived on, as my dad called it, “an overpriced, unusable two acres” in a canyon that still would have had me stuck in terrible traffic every time I needed to leave the house. And frankly, that house was well-loved, but it wouldn’t have delivered the feeling of luxury and beauty I live in now.

The other place that didn’t happen, my agent confessed to me after I bought this one, wasn’t nearly as well-built or maintained as what I’m in now. And it was in a city that has even worse winter air quality than we have in Salt Lake, on a country road that got enough traffic I’d have to keep an eagle eye on my blind cat.

And with every place that I looked, I got more clarity about what I wanted, and I also got more used to the idea of a something very new and different. I was acclimating all along even though I didn’t realize it.

It’s easy for conscious creators to blame our misalignment when the thing we want doesn’t happen. But what if it’s not that – what if it really is happening? Even when it looks like it’s not?

In hindsight, it’s clear that my highest good was unfolding the entire time, even though I couldn’t see it. Even though all I could wonder was, “What am I doing wrong?”

I share this in case you’re currently wondering what you’re doing wrong …

It might not be wrong.

In fact, it’s probably the exact opposite …

Things are probably getting even better!

Even better than you dared hope! Even better than in your wildest dreams!

I think that’s more likely true than not.

So if it seems like the world is set against you lately, take heart. It’s probably just your higher self or higher power steering you into something even better.

And pretty soon you’re going to have a dream come true story to share, too! 🙂

  • March 6, 2017

An Even Better New Year’s Eve

Sometimes I wake up with an idea for a post.

Except it doesn’t feel like an idea I had, but rather one that was given from above while I was sleepy enough to hear it.

This is one of those posts.

Which is why it seems angels want someone here to let the beginning of 2017 be even better than they were thinking.

Here’s the idea delivered this morning as best I can sum it up …

You’ve probably got something in mind about how your new year’s eve is going to go, right?

  • You might be imagining a quiet night at home with a loved one.
  • Or maybe you’re headed out with friends to a fun party.
  • Or maybe you’re just trying to make it through the final stretch of this holiday season without a breakdown.

Whatever you’re imagining, how about we upgrade it a titch?

Because whatever we imagine is what we’re a match for experiencing.

And I guarantee just about every one of us has an even better new year’s eve in store than we’re allowing.

In fact, here’s a recent personal example:

I had RSVPd yes when a love interest invited me to his place for a holiday party.

I’m not normally a party kind of girl. As an extreme introvert, I actually consider parties torturous. Truly torturous.

It is not my idea of a good time.

Especially when I don’t know anyone there. I was in a state of dread every time I thought about it.

But cancelling didn’t feel good, and I stopped myself from conjuring every legit excuse I could imagine that might prevent me from attending. (Sick dogs, bad weather, broke down cars – you name it, I had to curb myself from going there mentally. Because I know I am completely capable of conjuring that stuff.)

So apparently I’m going to this damn party I don’t really want to go to.

(Trust me, the guy was super hot, and I didn’t know him well enough to explain that I’m a homebody who doesn’t do social gatherings, or I would not have put myself through this!)

On the way there, I used my magical powers to rethink the night. (Conscious creators know I’m just talking about my imagination. It’s the single most powerful tool we’ve ever been given.)

And I decided to use mine for good instead of not-so-good.

Here I’d been conjuring up painful and strained conversations. Awkward interactions with people who were drinking too much. Tense feelings in general. Imagining how soon I might make my escape.

And I switched it up to imagine myself feeling comfortable in this gathering. I imagined huge genuine smiles and lots of fun. I imagined delightful people that I was happy to talk with. I imagined laughing so hard I was doubled over.

I imagined myself having a good time.

Yes, it was a stretch, but I’m good at engaging my imagination for my benefit instead of my detriment.

I’m not going to lie – I circled the place three times before I could bring myself to park and walk in. (When I say “extreme introvert,” I’m not exaggerating.)

But within minutes of making it through the front door, I felt comfortable. These were good people. They were friendly and welcoming. And they were mostly sober, which is a good thing in my book.

They were open and engaging. They were interesting and funny. I was having fun! With them!

I wondered why I ever worried about going to a party! I’m a party girl! This is my idea of a good time! We should totally do this again – soon!

The smiles were big and genuine. I laughed so hard I maybe embarrassed myself a little. But I love that about me, so it’s okay.

I loved these people in a rather inexplicable way. I adored them. I enjoyed getting to know them and loved their stories. They were amazing! Such good people! I felt lucky to have been invited into this circle.

Believe it or not, I was the last one to leave, that’s how much fun I was having. I would have stayed longer if anyone else had.

I hoped that they were having a new year’s eve party and that I might get invited to it, too. lol

Isn’t it cool what unfolds when we use our creative powers for good?!

You’ve probably don’t have the kind of new year’s eve handicap I had for that holiday party, but regardless of what you’re imagining about your new year’s eve, maybe give Universe a chance to make it even better by imagining it so.

Imagine yourself having even more fun. Or more peace. Or joy. Whatever you’re in the mood for.

See yourself smiling and loving and enjoying. Or sleeping contentedly – if that’s more up your alley.

Feel the empowerment or satisfaction or positive anticipation – or whatever you’d like to feel.

Conjure up the vibrations of excitement and delight, or love and connection – even just a super cool surprise! – and Universe will coordinate that manifestation for you.

Let’s at least put aside any negative expectations we might be holding, and make room for something even better.

Seems like a great way to start the new year to me.

  • December 29, 2016

99 Ways 2016 Rocked It

We know appreciation is one of the best manifesting “processes” out there.

It moves dreams out of future tense and into present reality.

So when I read this post on 99 Reasons Why 2016 Was a Good Year, I was inspired to revel in those good vibes even more by making my own list.

Recalling the ways this year has delighted and satisfied us is also a great setup for launching a new year.

Just reading this post will likely give you a vibration boost, too, but I’d recommend creating your own list of things you’re celebrating about your 2016. 🙂

So with that, here’s my list of 99 ways 2016 showed me the love. I’d love to read yours, too!

I Said Yes to My Dream Home

  1. The dogs and cats and I moved closer to nature! That was one of my “someday” dreams that conspired to show up sooner rather than later. We love it here!
  2. I have my own place again! While live-in lovers are nice and splitting the rent is an added bonus, I thrive in my own space.
  3. This place is triple the square footage and nearly 20 times the yard space the dogs grew up in. It’s a lot of what I imagined heaven would be for dogs.
  4. We share space with wildlife, including foxes, deer and moose!
  5. The neighbors have horses! Beautiful, playful horses!
  6. Night actually feels like night – it gets dark here and super quiet. No sirens, no city noise, no light pollution.
  7. The stars are amazing! It’s so stunningly gorgeous that even a trip to the garbage can at night takes a few minute because of the awesome stargazing!
  8. It sort of feels like the moon is my new best friend. We have such a different relationship out here in the boonies! I understand better how ancient cultures came to revere the stars and sun and moon. I’m doing it, too!
  9. We can go on off leash walks right from our back door. The neighboring properties aren’t developed, so we have even more free space to wander at our leisure.
  10. There is an array of diverse hiking trails nearby. We’re still exploring!
  11. Every window in the house offers jaw-dropping mountain views. Even washing hands at the sink offers a chance to revel in the beautiful landscape.
  12. My office feels like the office of a very wealthy person. Imagine what that’s doing for my vibration!
  13. There’s a stream of water here the dogs love taking an afternoon dip in. Fortunately, I like the smell of wet dogs. 🙂
  14. The new master bedroom has tons of room for three dog beds, two cat scratch towers, and two big chairs for kitties to lounge on. This room alone feels like paradise!
  15. I manifested the nicest and the coolest neighbors on the planet. They’re amazing!
  16. Hello, I harvested vegetables from the garden. I learned how to cook squash! And LOVED it!!
  17. I pulled up t-posts out of the ground with my bare hands using nothing but brute strength. I feel like I can do anything after doing that!
  18. I am shoveling so much snow out here that I stopped using exercise equipment in the house. I am getting super fit without really trying.
  19. I got a farmer’s tan. From working on the property. I cannot tell you how much I love my life!!

I Loved Up On the Animals

  1. We fostered many kittens and several adult cats this year. I say “we” because it takes a village, where the dogs and other cats help teach newcomers the ropes, and friends and family are called in to help socialize the new crew. It’s still one of my greatest joys in life to volunteer as an animal foster mom.
  2. Two of our foster kittens from the year prior were returned when their adoptive mom got engaged, and are with us again now. (Her loss, our gain!) Xena Princess Warrior and Fairy Kitty Lexie have grown into such beautiful and entertaining cats!
  3. I helped transport a handful of dogs to their new homes across the country. It’s a fun way to make new friends – human and canine!
  4. The neighbors at my last place got brand new baby goats in the spring! Such a treat to watch them play and grow up!
  5. In fact, on two different occasions I got to climb the fence for a goat rescue when someone’s head got stuck in the fence. I’d been dreaming about climbing over for a closer hello for quite some time when Universe delivered compelling reasons to do so!
  6. We’re reveling in bonus time with Joe, after the vet said to expect just 6 more months. (18 and counting!) Luckily, we know how to defy expectations. Here’s to more quality time together!
  7. Many of the dogs in our new hood roam freely, so we get spontaneous play dates and dinner dates throughout the week. These dogs are a hoot – super friendly and fun – I’ve never met such happy and personable dogs!
  8. We had a moose in our backyard just the other day. It was exciting and exhilarating and amazing! I am officially not a city girl any more!
  9. Sadie got sprayed by a skunk our second week here, and it felt like the perfect way to give up our urban roots and embrace country life. Everyone survived.
  10. Feeding new birds here that I’ve never seen before. Still learning who they are!
  11. It’s not unusual to see bald eagles on my commute to town. Bald eagles, I tell you! This place is even better than I dreamed. 🙂

I Loved More People In More Ways

  1. Allowed a key relationship that had become a toleration to transform itself. It had been asking for that for a while, but I ignored it because of my resistance to change. I learned that change is good and resistance is futile. And now have a new appreciation for my latest ex-beau. I should have known this would of course have a happy ending, since that’s how everything seems to turn out.
  2. My mom showed up in so many ways to love and support me through the changes the year brought. She helped me turn a new house into a home and was the #1 reason I never felt alone or overwhelmed through the major transitions of the year.
  3. Who knew how much I’d be relying on dad’s help this year, too!  Whenever it looked like there was a problem in the works, dad stepped in to solve it. In fact, he resolved issues before they became issues. Every time I thought I couldn’t ask any more, he showed up to remind me help is always here and love never runs out.
  4. My aunts. Well, now I’m starting to well up as I think about all the ways extended family showed me the love. With advice and encouragement, actual moving and cleaning, and getting settled into a new place and making it my own. Ok, I’m trying not to cry, so moving on …
  5. I know I mentioned new neighbors already, but they deserve to be on this section of the list, too. I’d heard about how friendly country people were, but I honestly had no idea it could be this good!
  6. Speaking of love, I started dating again. woo hoo! I am a girl who thrives when single and I am making the absolute most of this time of life. Men are amazing! I could make a list of 99 things I love about dating! But I’ll spare you my raves and just say I am having the time of my life.
  7. I even love my post office people, my grocery store people, my UPS guy, my real estate agent. It feels like I fell into the love vortex!
  8. I went through master gardener training and hung out with fellow gardeners! So much appreciation for meeting MY PEOPLE! I love gardeners. And I love our instructors. They were the highlight of my year!
  9. Stone people. Have you heard of them? I always knew there was something special about crystals, but this year I learned that they’re also known as The Stone People and I made some new stone friends. 🙂
  10. I met fab new folks at the local animal rescue group I’ll be working with next kitten season. I do love gardeners, but animal people are my lifelong peeps. We get each other.
  11. But there is nowhere I feel more love and appreciation than when I hang with fellow creators, because we are not a dime a dozen. (Yet. One day we will be!) For now, though, connecting with conscious creators on GVU calls and in the forums is a treasured experience and where I feel most myself. I love you guys!
  12. I need a separate entry to celebrate the wonderful clients I worked with this year. You know who you are. THANK YOU for being the best parts of my life!

I Loved My Body Even More

  1. Through the process of moving I reminded myself how physically strong I am. Way to feel capable and empowered!
  2. I had energy I didn’t know existed! Physical endurance was mine! Plus I had a new spring in my step I hadn’t felt in some time.
  3. Sleeping solidly through the nights again. 🙂
  4. Adrenal fatigue symptoms abated. I feel good in my body again!
  5. I have some suspicions about how this happened (I got happy!) … but whatever the cause, I dropped a couple sizes. When I wasn’t even trying to. Funny how that works, huh? I wear a belt on size 6 jeans. It’s ridiculous. (I had fourteens in my closet at one point.)
  6. I finally like my hair. That hasn’t  been a toleration for so much of my life, that I can’t tell you how nice it is to actually appreciate it.
  7. In addition to yoga as a way of loving up on my body, I found the 5 Tibetan rites. Very cool!
  8. This isn’t completely new, I had learned this trick a while ago, but I’m better at it now than ever (practice makes perfect): I love how I look in the mirror. 🙂
  9. Treated myself to some new clothes, which is yet another way to enjoy this beautiful body.
  10. I’m listening to her better than ever – when she says yay or nay, I honor it without question. Well, almost. Getting better at it every day!
  11. Learned how to take even more joy from food and drink – truly one of life’s daily pleasures this year.
  12. We (my body and I) also relished in the joys of nothing this year. We learned how to do nothing like it was something. We lounge, we loiter, we linger, we pause, we revel. It’s not go-go-go until we drop. We nap, we stretch out, we get wrinkly fingers in the tub … we enjoy for no reason at all.

Business Got Even Better

  1. This celebration list is taking forever to write, so I’ll speed things up: fab new clients
  2. fab long term and returning clients. I just can’t say enough how much I love the people I work with!
  3. super cool colleagues (The Coaches League is one of my favorite parties of the year!)
  4. launched a new podcast
  5. clients are rocking it (their successes deserve to be compiled in a book!)
  6. interviews with cool new people
  7. less work
  8. fab money
  9. GVU went mobile
  10. this blog gets more traffic and more raves than ever
  11. you readers are as generous and wise as ever! your comments are still the best part of this blog!

I Loved Myself and Life Even More

  1. broke a few rules
  2. found my courage
  3. honored my heart
  4. my ’66 Caprice got a makeover
  5. watched great stories
  6. read fabulous books
  7. learned from amazing teachers
  8. got inspired by fellow creators
  9. loved new songs
  10. discovered new restaurants
  11. dared to say yes to what life wanted to deliver
  12. I saw Sasquatch
  13. loved master gardener training
  14. enjoyed volunteering in the gardens and on the help desk!
  15. learned to appreciate contrast like never before
  16. laughed more than ever
  17. Joy became a regular thing in my daily life
  18. invested in friendships – and let others go
  19. ate a lot of high quality chocolate!
  20. pared down my belongings to those that spark joy
  21. got better at relaxing
  22. learned to be easier on myself
  23. got even better at believing in big dreams
  24. saw what a truly skilled co-creator I am
  25. gave myself credit for being an excellent guide to fellow co-creators
  26. learned how to take mistakes in stride
  27. trusted guidance and listened to inner nudges like a pro
  28. paid attention to dreams and messages from angels
  29. said yes to what my heart wanted and no to what it didn’t
  30. saw the perfection of how life unfolds and embraced the pace of my journey through it
  31. learned better than ever what matters and what doesn’t
  32. felt the privilege of being here now
  33. got better at trusting that everything’s working out perfectly
  34. and am looking forward to an even more amazing and delightful new year.

Your turn. 🙂

  • December 20, 2016

What Makes a Great Manifestor

What Makes a Great ManifestorWe all know someone who tells an impressive manifesting story, right?
In fact, you’ve probably got a couple of your own …
Where you made it look really easy and natural, like getting what you want wasn’t any trick at all.

  • Like when Cindie sold her car for what she wanted literally minutes after she decided to – without advertising, without negotiating, without repairing.
  • And when Janice told Spirit she wanted more money but didn’t want to work for it, and two days later she received a surprise phone call that led to a $16,000 windfall.
  • Or when my LOA-newbie client activated the “big money win” vibration for a weekend casino trip and ended up turning an IRS audit into an out-of-the-blue half million in his pocket the following week.
  • Or when the massage therapist lost her sole source of income and turned it into a huge professional upgrade without any stress or effort on her part.

I’ve been studying what makes those conscious creation experiences different from the rest, and noticed three things great manifestors consistently have in common.
But first, it surprised me what they didn’t all do:
They didn’t all have a commitment to a regular alignment practice like visualizing or pre-paving.
They weren’t all into spiritual practices like meditation, prayer or self-reflection.
It wasn’t even that they considered themselves powerful manifestors. (Some of them weren’t even that familiar with conscious creation.)
I sort of expected they’d at least be generally happy people, but even that didn’t hold true.
(It’d be really cool if I was their common denominator, but that’s not the case, either.)
Here’s what they did have in common, though:
1. Hootless.
They don’t try too hard and they don’t care too much if it comes together or not. (Read: unattached.) They take it lightly, and mostly just have fun with it. Or don’t even try at all.
It’s not their new driving mission that they focus all their attention on. Rather than obsess about it, they toss some good energy into it, and then let it go. (Or at least, things happened when they finally did let go. A few actually “gave up” in order to reach this state of hootlessness.)
2. Worthy.
They feel good about themselves in general, with a strong sense of deserving, and are quite comfortable receiving good things in life. They don’t entertain feelings of guilt or unworthiness. They don’t feel like they have to earn the reward or prove themselves worthy. They already feel a strong sense of self-worth.
3. Guided.
Rather than micromanage their desires by overworking it or overthinking it, they trust their inner guidance (aka intuition or gut, whatever they might call it). They give Universe have a starring role in the unfolding of their happy life. For some of them this is a natural way of being, for others it’s learned.
I just realized what all three of these traits have in common: an unwillingness to struggle or suffer their way there. They were light and easy, felt worthy of good things, and let Universe do its part.
Hopefully something from these common traits inspires you to engage your creative powers even better than you already are.
I, for one, am going to get more hootless about whatever I’ve been making a big deal. 🙂
PS – you can catch this as a podcast episode here.

  • May 15, 2016
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