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How She Manifested a New Job

We have a monthly series at Good Vibe U where we reverse engineer success stories, and this is one of my recent favorites. Not because she created such dramatic change in her circumstances, but rather dramatic change in her vibration. Which led to a dramatic new experience. See what I mean for yourself as you […]

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  • September 29, 2017

Before Judging Your Manifesting Misses …

The first time I put an offer on a house (after it became clear that sharing a roof with my ex-boyfriend was no longer my highest joy), the place I had my eye on was just a mile south of where I currently lived in the suburbs. It was an area I liked, had a nice […]

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  • March 6, 2017

An Even Better New Year’s Eve

Sometimes I wake up with an idea for a post. Except it doesn’t feel like an idea I had, but rather one that was given from above while I was sleepy enough to hear it. This is one of those posts. Which is why it seems angels want someone here to let the beginning of 2017 […]

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  • December 29, 2016

99 Ways 2016 Rocked It

We know appreciation is one of the best manifesting “processes” out there. It moves dreams out of future tense and into present reality. So when I read this post on 99 Reasons Why 2016 Was a Good Year, I was inspired to revel in those good vibes even more by making my own list. Recalling the […]

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  • December 20, 2016

What Makes a Great Manifestor

We all know someone who tells an impressive manifesting story, right? In fact, you’ve probably got a couple of your own … Where you made it look really easy and natural, like getting what you want wasn’t any trick at all. Like when Cindie sold her car for what she wanted literally minutes after she […]

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  • May 15, 2016

The Power of Deciding

I often remind fellow creators how powerful it is when we make a no-nonsense no-more-foolin-around decision to have what we want. There’s just something magic about deciding. And the Love & Magic Coach Cindie Chavez shared a story recently that spoke exactly to that magic. Here’s Cindie: For the past couple of years I have […]

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  • March 11, 2016

Setbacks Didn’t Spoil This LOA Success

When Terry shared this manifesting success story, I knew you guys would enjoy hearing how an LOA newbie conjured up her $22k dream horse against intimidating odds. Pay special attention to how she didn’t let two significant setbacks spoil her success … My family and I breed Arabian horses and have done for over 40 […]

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  • February 23, 2016
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