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When In Doubt, Get Lined Up

Sometimes when we have a big decision to make we approach it like a muggle instead of bringing our creative powers to bear.

Like when we wonder to quit this job or stick it out. We might weigh the pros and cons of giving up the time invested in the company to take a gamble on something new.

Or when we lose sleep debating whether to give the relationship a second chance or cut loose now. We try to figure out whether we can make it work with this partner or whether there’s someone easier to enjoy.

Or when we can’t decide whether to have the surgery or try to resolve the health issue without medical intervention.

It’s easy (and all too common) to get caught up in thinking there’s a right and wrong choice that we need to suss out in order to ensure our happiness. Even among savvy creators.

But that’s a muggle way of thinking that comes from ignoring the vibrational nature of our world.

Conscious creators know it isn’t about choosing the best action – it’s about finding a better vibration.

Muggles think it’s the action that determines the outcome. We know it’s the energy behind the action.

Abraham reminds us that it doesn’t matter what we do; it only matters how we feel.

Which means that when we have a big decision to make and aren’t sure which way to go, the first thing to “do” is find the feeling first.

Specifically, find the feeling of what we want first.

What does success feel like? Try that on for size.

Or remind yourself how happiness feels. How does satisfaction and well-being go again? Conjure it up vibrationally and then you’ll be well-positioned to make a successful choice.

Because here’s the deal …

If you’re making a decision from dissatisfaction, your choice is likely going to bring more of the same.

So if you’re in an unhappy marriage and wondering whether a new partner is the way to go, you don’t actually know the answer until you know the vibration of what you want. 

If you’re in an exhausting line of work that makes you fantasize about an easier livelihood, you can’t tell whether you’ll find relief somewhere else until you adopt the feeling or relief first.

If you’re hating what’s happening with your body, and contemplating a new diet or training routine – you won’t make your best decision from that place of dissatisfaction. You’ll make better choices for yourself when you find the vibration of satisfaction first.

And yes, sometimes doing anything different is what breaks the evil spell by giving us a reason to believe something different could happen.

Sometimes that works.

But savvy creators know that our best path to happily ever after becomes crystal clear obvious to us when we get happy first. Just practice a little alignment before you weigh your options.

So before you toss a coin or lose any more sleep wondering about the right thing to do, practice feeling your success first and then see how different paths feel. Once you get lined up, the best choices reveal themselves like a red carpet rolled out taking us straight to dreams come true.

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  • April 14, 2018

The Manifesting Story I Don’t Tell

Every once in a while someone asks how I handle it when the thing I’ve been working on manifesting doesn’t manifest.

“What do you do when what you want didn’t happen?”, they want to know.

And that is not a story I tell, because it is not a possibility I entertain.

Of course I’m getting what I want.

It’s just a matter of time.

Why would I conclude anything else? If I still want it, then it’s on its way. I’m not un-manifesting it by saying, “That didn’t happen,” or “I guess that didn’t work.”

Of course it’s working!

It’s happening right now. In this very moment the wheels are turning. It’ll probably be here tomorrow, but I’m not too concerned about when it shows up because I’m having a good time in the meantime.

The only way it doesn’t happen is if I declare so by wondering why it didn’t.

And I know too much to do that.

  • I know my alignment sometimes takes a minute. I’m patient with myself as I practice believing in and expecting what I want.
  • I know time is way more fluid and flexible than we were led to think.
  • I know Universe knows a better way than I might have been thinking, so I stay open as to how else it might show up.
  • I know that anything I can imagine can manifest in my reality; all I have to do is keep vibrating it here instead of vibrating it gone or not happened.

It requires a relaxed approach to time frames and deadlines and reality itself. Meaning, I hold all of it as loosely as possible.

Taking score is not usually conducive to faster success, so I try to avoid that when possible.

(That’s one reason I didn’t know I was having a ridiculously good money year until the year was finished.)

“But what about those things that have an obvious time frame or outcome?”, they ask. Like a job we didn’t get, or a deal that didn’t close, or a romance that didn’t happen.

To those people I say you’re knowing things that don’t serve you.

Try knowing a little less. Try not to be so sure of what the status is, just so you’re not instructing Universe “it didn’t happen.”

You know how many jobs get filled by the second choice candidate after the first choice gets a better offer? You know how many deals come together after it looked like they were dead? Or how many even better lovers appear after one clears out?

Of course it’s happening!

When you stop saying it isn’t, you leave the door open for it or something better to come along.

In my corporate tenure in sales, I was the queen of knowing the prospects were mine even as they said, “No thanks.”

I knew when I was talking to a company who would benefit from my product. (Which was pretty much everyone, because I represented an amazing product!) Their saying no didn’t let me believe it was a no.

I shook their hand goodbye with a genuine smile, because I knew sooner or later I’d be back in their office with a contract for signature. At their request. My product was too perfect and I was too good at allowing their perfect timing.

Sooner or later I’d hear from them.

And with that mindset, it was usually sooner than later.

They’d have bizarre reasons for changing their mind: their current vendor made an irritating mistake or raised their fees. They just hired a new executive who insisted on a new product. They got a new HR director who wanted to shake things up. The law changed that shifted their priorities.

Reasons they didn’t see coming when they showed me the door, but I knew all along they’d be back because my product was the right thing for them. I knew it even when they didn’t.

There may have been times I didn’t always hold my desire this confidently, but spotlighting those doesn’t serve my next success.

And it doesn’t serve yours either.

You are getting what you want. One way or another, your end desire is happening. It’s inevitable.

We know too much to play it any other way. 🙂

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  • April 8, 2018

Trump as Conscious Creator

It doesn’t roll off my tongue to call the U.S. president a “conscious” creator, but the truth is he’s one of the most effective examples of conscious creation we’ve seen in a while.

Known to be a student of positive thought, Donald Trump seems to have taken it to the extreme.

Here are just a few of the traits DJT has in common with other effective creators:

  • refuses to acknowledge facts that don’t support his preferred version of reality
  • willing to make his own rules (he plays outside the box)
  • follows his own counsel/guidance
  • doesn’t care too much what others think
  • very selective about his sources of input
  • skilled at spinning stories in ways that serve his purpose
  • holds high opinion of himself
  • does what he wants regardless of others’ expectations
  • knows how to turn attention away from what he doesn’t want (both his own attention and others’)
  • celebrates small wins like they were a big deal
  • engages affirmations to shift opinions and actions (“Drain the swamp”; “Lock her up”)

While I’m not the biggest fan of everything he’s creating, his skill as a creator is undeniable.

Just because we might not appreciate what a fellow creator does with his manifesting power doesn’t mean he’s not good at it.

More than anything, we can use it as inspiration to get on our own manifesting game as well as he’s playing his.

We each get to create what we want. We don’t have to agree with what everyone else is creating and there’s no reason one person’s success has to negate another’s.

Perhaps DJT can galvanize us to use our own creative powers as well as he uses his.

  • April 2, 2018

Like You Were Getting Paid For It

Appreciation PaysZig Ziglar once said that some people find fault like there was a reward for it.

You’ve probably known some of those people, too, right?

Like my ex-boyfriend’s mom who found a problem with every gift she received. The new tv wasn’t as big as she wanted; the replacement tv didn’t had lousy sound; the new sound bar required a separate remote.

It was easy to see why she received so much cash!

My mom does this with her cooking … whatever she serves up, no matter how fabulous it is – she’ll tell you what’s wrong with it. The crust isn’t flaky enough, the pasta is undercooked; the whipping cream isn’t stiff enough.

Like there was a reward for it.

It’s a talent, isn’t it?

I’ve got some of those skills, unfortunately. And it isn’t conducive to effective manifesting.

The skill we conscious creators want to be good at is finding what’s going right.

We want to be talented at seeing the positive and highlighting the good.

Like there was a reward for it.

Because guess what … there is.

Every time we focus attention on what feels better, we become a match for more good things – including more enjoyable interactions, more helpful people, more positive experiences, more fabulous health, more awesome insights, more delights and wonders and joys – and more financial prosperity.

When we find enjoyment, we get more enjoyable things – including cash benefits.

So you could say there is money in making the effort to find the blessing, to express the compliment, and to see what’s going right.

Abe says if a brick fell on our head every time we had a negative thought, we’d clean that thinking habit up pretty quick.

I think it could also work the other way …

like if we got paid $10 for every good thought we engaged (when we might have been tempted to think a less fabulous thought), I bet we’d have a rockin’ appreciation habit in place in no time.

What do you say we play with it?

Every time you notice you’re starting to think a not-so-great thought, pretend you’re getting paid to replace it with something more positive.
Because we are getting paid – vibrationally. In one form or another.

Like attracts like – so when we dial on the good stuff, we attract more good stuff.

It really does pay to be Pollyanna.

Let’s start thinking like we understand how the system works. 🙂

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  • March 24, 2018

More Powerful Than You Realize

Conscious creators know thoughts turn to things.

That’s old news to us.

We’re all about learning to better harness that power in creating realities we prefer.

But sometimes when it seems like our best thoughts (like for financial windfalls or true love) are slow to materialize, it’s easy to think our other thoughts aren’t doing much, either.

A while back I read The “I Am” Discourses, and even though I already knew thoughts become things, that text left a lasting impression about the power of even idle and undisciplined thoughts.

Whatever thoughts we launch into the world come home to roost, sooner or later.

And still, as I’m currently reading The Secret Life of Plants, it’s struck me yet again how crazy incredibly powerful our thoughts are.
Listen to this …

Just as a little experiment, a woman named Vivian who was friends with a researcher plucked two leaves from a plant in her garden, and placed one on her bedside table and the other in her living room.

Each day she “willed” the leaf next to her bed to continue living, and ignored the other.

As you’d expect, the ignored leaf turned brown as it began to decay.

But the leaf that received her positive attention each day was as “radiantly vital and green as if it had been freshly plucked” – even two months later.

She kept a leaf alive by willing it so.

I’ve got live, rooted, regularly watered and fertilized plants that aren’t doing that well!

I realized that when I water the plants each week, even though I feel love and appreciation for them, sometimes I worry over leaf loss or pest symptoms. I wonder whether they can survive or whether I should just toss them.

Not realizing the plants are listening.

They’re listening to me say that they’re in trouble, and they might not make it.

Instead of hearing me give instructions to thrive and grow and be radiantly alive.

And here’s the thing – we know it isn’t just plants responding to our thoughts.

It’s our entire world.

From The “I Am” Discourses:

Surrounding each individual is a thought-world created by him or her … The time has arrived when all must understand that thought and feeling are the only and mightiest creative power in the Universe.

Anyone who read Dr. Emoto’s The Hidden Messages in Water also knows how our thoughts affect the crystaline structure of water itself.

This is why Abraham regularly advises us to get as picky about what we think as we are about what we wear or eat.

Sometimes when we find our current conscious manifesting projects are slow to come about, it’s easy to forget the power of each and every thought we think.

But if we truly understood our creative power to turn thoughts into things, we’d learn some thought discipline in a hurry. Abe says if you got hit with a brick every time you entertained an unhelpful thought, you’d figure out in a hurry how to focus your attention on better thoughts.

Another excerpt from The “I Am” Discourses:

It is very easy at times for the student to think that his acts or thoughts are under cover and not known, but … there is no act or thought that can be hidden, because everything you think or feel is registered in the etheric world about you, as plain as the nose on your face.

When I realize that my plants are picking up on my slightest of thoughts, it makes me wonder what my animals are picking up. And my human companions.

And I realize I’ve got some cleanup to do.

  • March 19, 2018