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Rhonda and Katie

If you’re familiar with Byron Katie’s Work, you may have wondered how (or whether) the Inquiry process works with the Law of Attraction.
I myself use Katie’s process personally and with clients as a tool for releasing thoughts that keep us stuck in a vibrational pattern that doesn’t serve. (If you’re not familiar with her questions, it’s basically to question your painful thought with 1) is it true? 2) can you know that it’s true? 3) how do you feel when you think that thought? and 4) who would you be if you couldn’t think that thought?)
Katie’s recent post about the Secret is more focused on the movie than the Law of Attraction itself, it seems. But it inspired me to offer my two cents’ worth on how the Work and LOA fit together.
Along with Sedona Method, EFT, ho’oponopono and various other release techniques, I believe The Work has the potential to help us free ourselves from thoughts that generate lower vibrations within us. As we use whatever technique best suits us to release these negative thoughts, we can more easily embrace thoughts (i.e. a new vibration) more in alignment with the good things we’ve been wanting.
I’m wondering if Katie doesn’t do a lot of deliberate creation, because she’s more focused on accepting reality than creating it. As Abraham would say, there is great power in making peace with what is, but that seems to me just the first step. So much more is possible for us when we embrace our creative powers!!
Yes, the habit of not fighting against reality is surely a peaceful one. And THEN … I’m going to usher in a reality that really floats my boat. I mean, I am. I don’t know what anyone else wants to do – but that’s where I’m headed next. And that doesn’t mean I don’t accept reality. It just means I have fun molding it, all the while perfectly accepting (okay, not perfectly – but that’s where Katie’s help comes in) what is present now.
I think Rhonda and Katie make a pretty good combination.
And I’m open (as Katie might say) to other perspectives. Your thoughts?

  • April 24, 2007

Sweeties Who Contra-Manifest

My sweetie thinks I tend to make him look bad when I write about him, so he deserves a mention for the mini-miracle he pulled off Friday night. He was two and a half hours late for our dinner/movie date because he decided to get 18 holes of golf in after work.
So he was late. Significantly late. He prepped me for it, told me hours in advance, but I was still a little put off.
By the time he showed up, I knew the restaurants would be busy (30 minute waits are typical on Fridays & Saturdays downtown) and I’m not a big fan of waiting. And I also knew the movie would be sold out because it was opening weekend, and a busy theater. So I knew we were screwed.
But look at this guy ignore me …
He said it was going to be just fine. In fact, he knew that there would be reserved seating, so we could pick up movie tickets before we found a quick bite to eat.
Well sure, I said, we can get a quick bite to eat – we can grab some junk food in a heartbeat, but that’s not what I had in mind for food. I wanted something healthier than that.
Plus, I said I wasn’t so sure they had reserved seating at this theater.
So here I am counter-manifesting the good stuff he’s trying to pull off. All because I’m put off that he’s 2.5 hours late for our date.
Okay, let’s face it, I was more than put off. I was ticked off and wanting to make it all worse to prove to him what a bad idea it is to be 2.5 hours late.
But he’s doing a great job of ignoring me. He can see me being all kinds of contrary, but he’s not giving up. He keeps his good vibe going.
He does what he’s seen me do plenty of times … keeping attention on what he WANTS instead of what he DOESN’T want.
He reiterates, so Universe hears him loud and clear – and me too, that there WILL be reserved seating, and we’ll easily find good food to eat before dinner.
Then we get stuck in a big long line of traffic to even pull into the theater complex.
So now I’m SURE our night is ruined. I hope that golf was worth it, buddy. Because now we have to pick between dinner or a movie – there’s no way we can do both. And frankly, I was looking forward to both. My night’s pretty much ruined, so that means his is too.
And I remind him, if he tries to take me to a movie without food in my stomach, I am going to be ornery by the end, because I am not a happy camper when I am hungry, which I am guaranteed to be by the end of this show. And there is nothing remotely healthy we can grab quick. So now what?
(Am I a fun date or what?!)
He’s not phased. He’s seen me do this enough times to know how this miracle stuff works.
He says out loud again: “We’ll pick up reserved seating tickets, we’ll find good food, it’ll all work out perfectly.” As we’re stuck in a long line of s-l-o-w moving traffic.
When we finally pull in to parking, it’s backed up even there, and he suggests I run out to buy the tickets while he parks. “I don’t think so,” I say, without even offering a reason. (Normally, I’m the antsy one jumping out before he even slows down to score tickets before it sells out. But I’m being contrary tonight.)
That would bring most men right to my level (i.e. bad mood) in a hurry. But not this guy.
Long story short, too late for that perhaps – but turns out the seating is not only reserved, but we get our choice of prime time seats. I pick out my favorite place to sit – two thirds up and right in the center.
“I told you they’d have reserve seating,” he whispers sweetly to me. He doesn’t even rub it in. Well, let’s see him pull off the food miracle.
Which he did. CPK had a line out the door and no seating at the bar, but Rumbi’s had NO line and open tables. And I like the veggie & tofu bowl with brown rice and Bali Island sauce. Which I haven’t had in a while. I order the chocolate cake to go with it. That helps my mood in a hurry.
We enjoyed a leisurely fairly healthy dinner (at least mine was – yes, chocolate is healthy in MY world) – and had enough time before the previews even started for my date to point out how everything worked out just fine, despite my lack of cooperation.
You’re right, honey. You are a Miracle Manifestor. Maybe next time you can manifest getting your golf in AND being on time for our date. : )
OR, maybe the bigger miracle could be ME not getting phased because you’re late due to golfing, or at least getting on board with a good night when I’ve got such good help to make it happen. Sure do love you. : )
LFL ebook cover

  • April 22, 2007

Getting a Wild Hair

I had a coach who used to call them “wild hair” intentions – those crazy, whimsical thoughts that you don’t really give much thought to because they’re so outlandish.
Having a wild hair intention is a fun way to get outside the box of your gremlin mind – the part of your brain that tells you what is possible and what is likely. That gremlin brain is often a show-stopper for some our big ideas.
Since our manifestation power lies in our ability to hold a thought, being able to get to that thought is what matters. That’s all it takes to get the ball rolling. If you can’t hold the thought, then you’re handicapped in what you can create.
So having a wild hair intention is a nice little trick to get a hold of one of those thoughts.
Another way to get to the cool thoughts you might not otherwise have access to is by finishing the question: “Wouldn’t it be cool if … ?” Or “Wouldn’t it be nice if … ?” works too.
It might seem like those thoughts don’t hold much power, but on the contrary, I often experience (as do my clients) that it’s THOSE easy, fun, seemingly fleeting thoughts that take manifest first and fast!
For that reason, fleeting thoughts have become my favorite. The reason they work so well has to be that we don’t have resistance (i.e. attachment) associated with those ideas. There’s nothing stopping them from swooping right on in!
My suggestion to you is to play with this one yourself. Entertain a wild hair notion or a fleeting thought (pleasant ones, preferably) and then forget about them. Remember this post and visit again to share your stories!

  • April 19, 2007

Do Your Thing

A fellow coach asked me today how many hours I spend a week working. Is this a trick question?! Then I thought, well, maybe for some coaches it DOES feel like work. But my answer was that I haven’t worked a single hour since I quit my corporate job.
“Very funny,” he said, and rephrased his question: “How many hours do you spend on your practice?”
Oh, THAT! Yeah, lots. And love every minute of it.
But that’s because I keep my face to the sun, go with what feels good, which is often talking to people about law of attraction. I mean, here it is after midnight on a “work” night (hee hee – “work” night – as IF!) and I still can’t stop doing it!
(I’m a blogging fool already.)
Here’s the thing. You know what I’m talking about when I say “work” doesn’t feel like “work,” right?
Doing the thing you love, that might look like work to someone else, but to you … it’s just .. “mm, mm, good”? You know what I’m talking about?
If you don’t, oh … you must try it! Find your thing. Do it. There’s nothing like it!
What does your “feel good” look like? Can you introduce some into daily life?
If you can (which trust me, you can), it’ll feed your spirit and nourish your soul like you’ve never experienced before.
Doing our thing … is there anything more beautiful than that? I doubt it. Here are a couple clips I like along those lines. Can’t forget Juan!

  • April 17, 2007

Shoulds and Have To’s

I’m a big believer that life is more enjoyable when we live without “shoulds” and “have tos.” But on a recent podcast interview I was asked by someone who shares that same philosophy how to handle it when you really really have to do something you’d rather not.
(She felt stuck finishing her school work for her master’s degree. In the last few weeks, she experienced enormous resistance to doing the completion work.)
Hmm – is there anything we REALLY have to do? Probably not, except “be black and die,” as Morgan Freeman’s character said in one of his movies. (Which movie was that?)
After all, there truly isn’t anything I HAVE to do. It is always a choice. And recognizing we have a choice is at least a little uplifting (to me, anyway), rather than believing we’re stuck doing something we don’t want to do.
When we adjust our thinking around the topic we’re struggling against, even though we might not be able to change what we’re dealing with in this red hot moment, just giving up that struggle allows a whole new chain of events to unfold. Right? If we stay in resistance, we just create more circumstances we don’t like.
So … there’s something I have to do that I don’t want to do? I don’t think so. I COULD choose not to do my taxes, or get the car’s oil changed, or finish my degree. It is my choice.
But when I get a higher perspective on it, and can see why it is I might want to do it after all, the resistance I was feeling for it falls away. After all, I like to feel good, and man, will I feel fabulous after taxes are filed, the car’s getting the TLC she deserves, and I’ve got that degree under my belt! (Well, the degree thing doesn’t really do much for me, but you know what I mean.)
Connecting with the “why” (or higher purpose) of the thing we’re resisting may help get us through the feelings of “shoulds” and “have tos.”
But in the meantime, I enjoy the thought of earning the title “Queen of Choice.” After all, there isn’t anything we really have to do, is there? Except maybe die eventually. And I’m not even buying “grow old and die.” I think growing old is optional, too. I’m choosing to opt out of that one.
George Burns reminded me of that with his quote I saw at the health food store yesterday: “Young. Old. Just words.”
PS – I don’t even “have to” grow older every year. This year I decided to be 27. (Again. It’s been a favorite of mine a couple of times.) And I’m not even waiting till my September birthday. I picked it already. This choice was also inspired by a quote on a magnet from the health food store: “How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you were?” How cool a thought that we get to choose?! I’m going with it! : )

  • April 15, 2007

Who Says We Can’t?

Joe Pelton is somethin’ else! I just stayed up too late watching this 29 year old kid win the Legends of Poker WPT Championship. (Yeah, it was a rerun from last August, but it was new to me.)
Not only was he the youngest and least experienced, but also the only amateur at the final table. Apparently he was just introduced to poker a few years ago when he watched the first World Poker Tour Championship.
Here he was sitting amongst true LEGENDS of poker at the final table, playing for a $1.6 million dollar first prize after putting up $500 to get in on satellite play (whatever that is). “Calm, cool and collected” is what they called him, and deservedly so. His profile online says he played internet poker with college buddies before he bought in to a competition, and it didn’t take him long to get to the top.
Who says we can’t?! Who says it can’t be done? Who says we don’t know enough, are too old or too young, or don’t have the resources to make it happen? We do! Anything is possible when we tap into our passions and possibilities!
I just love watching nice guys and underdogs win!
At the end of the show the announcer asked how he felt. “I feel pretty good tonight,” Joe said. Still playing it cool.
Here’s to feeling pretty good – every night – all of us!

  • April 11, 2007

What’s In a Name?

Today, April 10th, is officially “Prevent Cruelty to Animals” Day (commemorating the founding of the ASPCA in 1866). Prevent cruelty to animals day.
What are we vibrating when we read that?
It has to be cruelty to animals, isn’t it?
It’s just like I can’t say “no purple triangles” without you flashing on a visual of a purple triangle. It’s the way our brains work.
Which is why I would have LOVED to have been on the committee naming the group here in Utah that received upwards of 9 million dollars in grant money to solve the homeless pets problem. It ended up being called “No More Homeless Pets.” Nice.
The goal in the late 90s was to end euthanasia statewide in five years. It’s 2007 and they’ve reduced it something like 33% . Nine MILLION dollars. I think I would have liked to have seen more bang for my buck on that one.
It’s not just the name, of course. The intentions of the people involved obviously came heavily into play as well. Were we fighting against the problem, or investing positive energy in the solution? Some might think that’s the same thing.
Last week a sweet girl emailed me an invite to join her new online group called “Animal Cruelty.” I thanked her for the invite and told her just reading the name of the group made me cringe. (She’s recently turned on to the Secret, and open to changing the name.)
What would be a better name? Best Friends Animal Sanctuary got it right, didn’t they? Safe Haven for Pets. Home Safe. Even Protecting Our Pets would be better. Although the vibration of “protecting” still feels a little off, if you ask me.
Anyway, I’m sure there’s a great way to commemorate all the good work lots of big-hearted people around the globe are doing to support our wonderful companions on planet earth. In the meantime, bless you all!
PS – I just found out Lynne’s new group is officially called “Angels for Animals.” THAT’S what I’m talkin’ bout!! Doesn’t that feel better?!

  • April 10, 2007

Neighbor's Gift

For the past several months my neighbor offered me a gift I did not see as such – until now. It’s only within the last couple weeks I’ve started to see it for what it really is.
My sweet next door neighbor has a grandson who recently got out of jail and for some reason is sleeping in a tent in her backyard. Which officially makes him my closest neighbor. You could say I live next to a homeless guy. And his girlfriend. (Yeah, believe it or not, he’s got a girlfriend in on this gig.)
I know it’s strange to have people living in a tent next to your house, but I’ve had a while to get used to it. Almost a year, as a matter of fact.
The part I haven’t gotten used to is the all night fighting between this homeless grandson and his girlfriend. It’s deteriorated to the point where neighbors have called the police several times – twice by me.
Over the months I’ve gone from being irritated to angry to sympathetic to incredulous to angry again. I thought I heard a gunshot over there one day and thought “I hope she shot him.” (What would Mr. Rogers say??)
Recently it dawned on me that I was asking them to do what I wasn’t able to myself – be at peace. I wanted them to be quiet and get along. And yet, here I was, angry and noisy and fighting with them – even if just in my mind.
I recognized if I wanted peace, it had to start with me.
Now, it’s taken me a few weeks to get there, but I have. In fact, while mowing the lawn the other day, I thought “I wonder how I could be a better neighbor to my homeless couple?” I thought I might ask them next time I saw them. Which was later that day when he apologized for being a noisy and disrespectful neighbor.
Wow! This stuff works fast when you work it!
In short order it was like I had a completely different neighbor. He made a point of waving whenever he saw me, and would occasionally stop at the fence to chat like good neighbors do.
I don’t know if he just fights more quietly with his girlfriend, or if there’s peace in the tent – but I haven’t woken up in the middle of the night for … well, I can’t remember the last time they woke me up.
So my neighbor has gifted me with the opportunity to find peace within myself, and thus set the example for the world I want to live in. Thank God for neighbors willing to offer these gifts. Where would we be without them?

  • April 9, 2007
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