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Let's (Really) See What Happens

deliberate creators see it into happeningDo you have a pet peeve with a particular phrase or word?
I know someone who has unfriended people on facebook because they posted in all caps.
Martha Beck has been known to scream out loud when she hears the words “I can’t.”
But the combination of words that gets my goat is some variation of “we’ll see” or “let’s see what happens.”
Let’s see what happens?!
As if we were passive hapless observers of circumstance?  Like we don’t have any say in what unfolds?!
It’s our SEEING it that MAKES it happen!
(I hope my anti-caps friend isn’t reading.)
The only thing more maddening than hearing a deliberate creator say “we’ll see” is when I do it myself!
(What we resist, persists, huh?)
Here’s my suggestion:
If we’re going to “see what happens,” then let’s do exactly that!  SEE IT HAPPENING.  Whatever we want.  In our minds first.
Remember that our conscious focus to something creates it.  Let’s not abdicate away our manifesting power.
The next time I hear myself say “we’ll see,” I intend to use it as my trigger to imagine what I want to happen next.
And if you would be kind enough to scream out loud if you hear me say it, it turns out that’s actually quite effective in raising my awareness to change old habits.  (Thank you – I think – Martha!)

  • April 18, 2011

Chewing Bones & Manifesting Dreams

manifesting someone else's dream?Six year old Sadie is the undisputed alpha of our dog pack. She’s usually a benevolent and generous leader, but on rare occasion she flies a different flag.
She revealed that other side when I unwrapped a new rawhide bone the other day – a rare treat at our house.
(I’d picked them up for our pit bull foster pup, but he got adopted before finishing them.)
The thing is, Sadie doesn’t like rawhide bones that much.
What she does like, though, is having what the other dogs want.  She seems to take pleasure in lording it over them, prancing around with it to make sure everyone sees it.
I don’t speak dog fluently, but I bet her song goes something like, “It’s mine; I’m the boss; you want it but can’t have it.”

(If I’m projecting … oh boy!)

Anyway, when Sadie’s home alone, she has no interest in bones.  It’s only because her packmates want it that she’s all over it.

Joe’s even resorted to fake barking at the back door, sending out a false alarm in an attempt to trick her into distraction.  Alas, even Russ coming home from work won’t tear her away from the bone she doesn’t really want to eat.

Watching Sadie pretend to enjoy the bone she doesn’t really want made me wonder if I do the same thing.  Am I chewing on bones that aren’t mine?
Have I wanted something only because everyone else does? Or because having it reinforces my “status”?
I know I’ve fallen for this before, when it came to college degree, marriage, corporate career, expensive car, and probably even with ideal body intentions, too.
Clients consistently want help with career success, bigger bank accounts, better relationships, etc.  But I suspect part of the reason some of us aren’t so good at manifesting that stuff is because it isn’t what we really want.
As spring unfolds, I started thinking about manifesting a beautiful yard this year – thick, full green lawn bordered by thriving flowers and bushes.  But is that what I really want?  Or is that someone else’s bone?
It made me wonder more … what if my people didn’t care about long term relationships or financial security or even service to others?
And what would I want if I were raised in a culture where war was revered … or that success was measured by how much pleasure one experienced, rather than how much we got done or how many lives we influenced?
If your dreams are slow in manifesting, it might be worth checking to make sure they’re really yours.
What would you want if you were strictly under the influence of your own heart?
Knowing the answer involves taking the time ask, as we’re chewing on our latest bones, “Is this really what I want?”  Not because there aren’t enough bones to go around – there are.  But because we each deserve to live our own best life.  Not someone else’s idea of it.

  • April 13, 2011

5 Law of Attraction Myths

Five Law of Attraction MythsThere are a lot of misconceptions in the general public about the law of attraction.
But even deliberate creators hold misunderstandings about manifesting.
Here are some of my favorite law of attraction myths:
Myth #1 – You’re supposed to feel good or be happy all the time.
That’s not just impossible (for most of us), it’s not even preferable.
For one thing, 24/7 joy would get boring after a while; and for another, contrast is part of the whole creation process.  It’s not only expected that we’ll run into negative emotions, it’s virtually required.  Without negative experiences and thoughts, we don’t have new desires.  And new desires fuel the whole expansion of life.
While deliberate creators know that bad moods are actually highly beneficial, we also know not to get stuck in them.  We don’t have to be in one for long to get the benefit!
Myth #2 – You can use law of attraction to control life.
Much as you might wish you could get your boyfriend to propose, or husband to get a job, or kid to stop smoking, or neighbor to move – you’re actually only ever in charge of yourself and your vibration.
We don’t use LOA to control others.  We use LOA to manage our own vibration and direct our own life experiences.
If I’m using law of attraction to get others to do things different so I feel better, I’m missing the whole point of vibration management.
Myth #3 – Negative thoughts are bad.
Sometimes negative thoughts are your best ticket to alignment.
When my neighbor once suggested we take revenge on our troublemaker neighbor by slashing the tires on his annoyingly noisey scooter, we burst into laughter at the mere thought of resorting to violence to improve our situation.
That negative thought brought a lot of relief.
Negative thoughts also contribute to our contrast, which as we know fuels expansion.  There’s nothing wrong with having a “bad” thought now and then.
Myth #4 – Manifesting what you want will make you happy.
New Priuses don’t make you happy; marriage proposals can’t make you happy; promotions at work won’t do it either – only YOU can make you happy.
You can manifest a world of things and experiences, but if you don’t find the happy vibe on your own, nothing else will take you there.
Myth #5 – You can create whatever you want.
Much as we like to say we can create whatever we want, the truth is we create whatever we believe.  That, unfortunately, is sometimes a big difference.
The work of a deliberate creator is to eliminate that difference.  🙂

* * * * * * * *

What are your favorite law of attraction myths?  Share them here to help us all get a better handle on this deliberate creation stuff.

  • April 8, 2011

Q&A: Songs for Manifesters

songs manifesters loveWhen Nikki shared this video made with Amy Steinberg’s “Exactly” song in the GVU forums today, it made me wonder what other fabulous music for deliberate creators I don’t know about.

And then I thought who better to fill me in than you all?!

Plus, I’ve been wanting a post devoted to uplifting music.  Not just music that makes you feel good, but lyrics that are specifically written for conscious creators.

So I’m inviting you to please share your favorite LOA tunes.  Songs that inspire your creative powers, remind you of your divinity to manifest what you want, and encourage you to go for it!

I’ll update this post with whatever video clips and links we collect in the comments.

Thanks in advance!

Here’s Amy Steinberg’s Exactly:

Natasha Bedingfield’s Unwritten fills the bill for this request, too, I think:

MC Yogi’s Give Love

Shawn Gallaway’s I Choose Love

Kellee Maize’s Third Eye

Lisa Ekdahl’s One Life

Carrie Underwood’s Ever Ever After

Miley Cyrus’s The Climb

Miley Cyrus’ Life’s What You Make It

des’ree You Gotta Be

Jason Mraz Anything You Want

Amp Fiddler Possibilities

Shakira Give It Up To Me

Beckah Shae’s Life

Get Spanky What You Focus on Grows

Brand New Heavies You Are The Universe

  • April 2, 2011

Untying Knots for Successful Manifesting

Anyone who’s ever struggled with a string of tangled Christmas lights or a mess of chains in the jewelry box knows from experience that we don’t untie knots by pulling on loose ends.
(Not saying we’ve never done that, but we know how ineffective it is!)
It’s the same with creating what we want in life.
We don’t get where we want to be by producing more tension.
The same way tugging and pulling on the ends doesn’t untie a knot, neither does:

  • Working harder to get clients for your business when you’re nervous about not getting clients.  Operating from fear or desperation just makes it worse.
  • Arguing with a sweetheart when you want a better relationship.  We want things to improve, but raised voices and angry gestures don’t usually facilitate that.
  • Beating up your body to get a body you love.  Unreasonably restrictive diets and exhaustive workout sessions just adds tension (i.e. “resistance”).

Your manifesting efforts will be more effective when you translate and implement some of your knot releasing skills.
For example, when I’ve got a knot I look for a key thread that’s keeping things stuck so I can create some slack there.  Sometimes I push the ends IN, even though that might seem contradictory for unraveling the whole thing.  Sometimes I take a break to give my frustration a chance to dissipate.
You can approach deliberate creation the same way you untie tangled up knots.
So how do you untie a knot?  Experiment with applying your process for untangling things to your deliberate creation practice.
It’s also worth remembering the magic of knots … sometimes one little loop released in the right direction unwinds messes miraculously!

  • March 28, 2011
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