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Guest Post: Not Caring What Others Think

Today’s guest post is from Chip Engelmann.  I asked him to share his thoughts about how deliberate creators could get better at not caring what others think, since that is a common source of kinky vibes:
Chip Englemann, not caring what others thinkHow do I stop caring about what other people think of me?
This question cannot be answered as such because it is predicated on a fiction. In truth, no one can ever know what anyone else is thinking. At best, they can make a guess based upon false assumptions.
If you will bear with me, I will create a metaphysical construct in which we can re-examine the dynamics of relationships and from that, reformulate the question to make it more useful.
To start with, we are each magnificent beings of light and love. We are both individual and All-that-is. How we are individual is that we each have a unique blend of spiritual gifts. And as such when we create, we expand the Universe in ways no other individual is capable of.
As a very powerful part of this creation of expansion, you chose to have a physical experience. When you created an idea of you that is very different from who you really are, a being of light and love. This idea of you is based upon millions of years of experiences, colored by your unique mix of spiritual gifts.
Anyone you have a relationship with also has a unique mix of spiritual gifts through which they have interpreted millions of years of experiences.
You may agree that an object is green, but your interpretation of “greenness” will be unique to you.  You may agree that a certain arrogant fuzzball is a cat, but your interpretation of what a cat is will be unique to you.
Because you have a unique interpretation of everything in your experience, there is simply no way you can know how anyone is interpreting you or anything else.
Therefore, we can also conclude that the way most people think of relationships is also a fiction. That is not to say we don’t blend reality, it is just slightly different than how we are used to thinking of it.
I have a relationship with Jeannette. I don’t have a clue who Jeannette is but I have assigned her the qualities of carefreeness, cuteness, slightly flirtatious, and a whole lot of fun. In essence, I have created a fiction of Jeannette that matches my unique point of view. She in turn cannot know me and has created her own fiction. In our blending of reality, Chip has a relationship with Chip’s idea of Jeannette, and Jeannette has a relationship with Jeannette’s idea of Chip.
Another way of saying this is I line up with a version of Jeannette that matches the vibration of my expectations. And Jeannette lines up with the version of Chip that matches the vibration of her expectations.
In the same way, you have a relationship with the idea of everyone one you meet. You have a relationship with the idea of every plant and animal you encounter. In fact you even have a relationship with the idea of every thought you think. And each idea you think carries with it a unique interpretation.
In other words everything you see about you is a projection of your interpretation. It’s all you baby.
You truly create your physical experience through your thoughts.
So let’s get back to the original question:
How do I stop caring what other people think?
We are still not quite there yet. No doubt you’ve heard the expression, “What you don’t like about someone else is what you don’t like about yourself.”
If you get that what you experience in other people is a projection of your vibration, what you are looking at in a person you don’t like is a projection of you.
Some examples of how this might work is:
If you are angry, you will attract the versions of people that will yell at you.  If you are feeling guilty, you will attract the versions of people that will punish you.  If you are feeling shame, you will attract the versions of people that will “put you down.”
So when you are worried about what others think, what you are really worried about is exposing yourself to yourself through the mirror of “other people.”
Now you can change the question to something more useful. You can ask, “What is it that I’m judging myself for that I’m not quite ready to face?”
Chip Engelmann is the founder of Light Tapping and known as the Law of Attraction “Fun Guru.”  Visit Chip at and sign up for his free video series: the 5 Pillars of Practical Wizardry.

  • May 10, 2012

Guest Post: Law of Attraction in 3 Words

Pete Hughes’ succinct take on deliberate creation may not appeal to everyone, but his simple style (and pithy humor) may offer inspiration to some:

the law of attraction in three wordsIt is hard to surf the Internet these days without stumbling across something about ‘manifestation’ or ‘The Law of Attraction’. Since the release of the film The Secret, hundreds, if not thousands of would-be gurus have sprung up, most eager to help you part with your money in return for finally providing you with an explanation of this ‘secret’ which will transform your life once and for all.

Well, to save you all the trouble of searching, I will in this article sum up the Law of Attraction, completely for free, in just THREE WORDS, which you have probably heard many times before, since long before the phrases ‘manifestation’ and ‘Law of Attraction’ were widely used.

Before I reveal the three words, I will start with a little summary of manifestation and the Law of Attraction as proposed by many ‘enlightened’ teachers.

  • Decide clearly what it is you want.
  • Write it down or stick pictures on a vision board or tattoo it to the back of your eyelids or something.
  • Clearly visualise having that thing, preferably engaging all the 5 senses, on a daily basis.
  • Continue doing this until you feel right now how you would feel if you already had that thing.
  • Once you get the feeling, then your desire will manifest in your life.

But here is the big Catch 22:-

If you can get yourself to feel right now how you would feel if you had that thing in your life, then you will no longer desire that thing, because the only reason that we desire anything is because we think that it will bring us a feeling that is better than the feeling we currently find ourselves feeling.

So, according to the Law of Attraction, in order to manifest things that will make us feel great, we have to first get ourselves to feel great.

Hmmm, is this not just an incredibly long-winded and elaborate way of saying what many well-meaning but gruff uncles and P.E. teachers have been saying for years?

“Cheer up, Grumpy!”

That’s it! The Law of Attraction summed up in just three words. It is yours absolutely free. I do not want you to send me 9 monthly instalments of $35. I do not want you to spend $350 so that I can tell you these three words during a weekend at an expensive resort.

Here they are again:-

“Cheer up, Grumpy!”

written by Pete Hughes for

What do you think?  Is that simple?  Does this three word instruction work for you?  Would you sum it up differently?

Would love to hear your thoughts!

  • February 22, 2012

Law of Attraction La La Land

This guest post is written by LOA Relationship Coach Lisa Hayesdenial in deliberate creation
I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences about denial in deliberate creation. Here’s Lisa:

I remember once talking to a coach who told me she could maintain an optimum vibration while her marriage was in the active stages of failing. I will fully admit I laughed, out loud. Not too surprisingly, I haven’t heard from her since.
This is not unlike the many well-intentioned, well-trained law of attraction geniuses who are in a marriage that is abusive on some level or a job that is draining their life blood, who are looking the other way – in the name of law of attraction. La la tra la la. I know the song, because I’ve been there.
We’re trained to do it. “Tell a better story.” Don’t put your attention on things that don’t please you. Focus on what you want. Don’t look over there if you don’t like it.
So, we engage in distraction, or disillusionment.
However, here’s the rub.
denial in deliberate creationThe foundation for law of attraction is self love. “Law of Attraction” without self love is going to be LOA gone terribly wrong. When we’re engaging in a situation daily that is hurting, it’s like being a frog in a pot boiling slowly. It’s freaking hot, and it’s honestly painful, but on some level you just don’t notice it. However, on some level you do. On some level that broadcasts to the Universe you are in serious peril and pain. So, because the Universe always responds to our dominant vibration, when you’re boiling to death, telling a better story with a smiley face sticker on it, isn’t likely to result in smiling faces.
There is no Law of Attraction practice without self love. I recently interviewed someone who said she never uses the words self love because they are so hard to define. She only talks about behaving lovingly toward yourself. Truth be told, staying in a situation that’s hurting you is not behaving lovingly no matter how hard you’re trying to tell a different story. It’s virtually impossible to legitimately shift your vibration on any subject when you’re boiling to death slowly.

Lisa Marie Hayes is a Relationship Coach and host of Relationship Rx on Blog Talk Radio, where today she launches a new interview series: The Top 10 Most Influential Women in Coaching.

  • February 9, 2012

Budgets in the Vortex

This guest post comes from Money Coach Christy Lambert, who offers high vibing help for deliberate creators struggling to find the “feel good” in working with a budget.
budgets in the vortex with Christy LambertI love my budget.
It makes me happy. It activates vibes of empowerment, intention and gratitude in my life.
I didn’t always see it this way. I used to be a big budget hater.
I mean, if the whole point of law of attraction is to feel good, why would I spend time creating something — like a budget spreadsheet — that showed me all the things I couldn’t have?
And then I realized I had it wrong.
I was limiting myself. In reality, I wasn’t buying everything I wanted; I was only telling myself I could.
Which felt awesome until I ran out of money or wrote a check and wondered if it would clear.
To top it off, I’d buy things I didn’t really value and pass up things I did.
Not consciously choosing how to spend my money was activating all kinds of scarcity, worry and doubt in my life.
Then I learned something that changed my perspective
I learned budgets don’t have to be about deprivation. They can be about setting conscious intentions about money and energy. Choosing, in advance, what you most desire.
Even the dictionary knew it before I did. The dictionary defines budget as: “a plan for the coordination of resources and expenditures.”
Budgets help you focus on what you DO have and what you CHOOSE to do with it. In fact, budgets are one of the most effective tools out there to help you activate the feeling of abundance.
Consider this:

  1. Budgets force you to clarify what you most desire and focus on what is most important in your life.
  2. Once you have this clarity, budgets direct your money and your energy towards what matters most and away from things that don’t. Everything you choose not to put in the budget creates room to add something you value more.
  3. When your budget lines up with your values, you spend more energy on things that make you feel good, which attracts more things that make you feel good.

Simply put:
Budget = Setting an Intention + Focusing on What you Most Value = Alignment & Feeling Good.
The process of budgeting has taught me so much about myself and my values. It’s taught me that I value a night out with friends infinitely more than a pair of new shoes. It’s taught me that I value a clean house more than cable. It’s taught me that I value shelter and food more than almost anything.
If you want to spend more time in the money vortex, follow these three steps to create a budget that will help you get there.

  1. Make a list of everything you desire. Everything. Travel, a nice home, food for your family, clean clothes, food for your pets, health insurance, etc.
  2. Then get clear on how much you value each item. As hard as it is, force rank everything on the list. Be honest… do you really value travel more than food? There’s no right or wrong answers — the whole thing is just about you getting honest and clear with yourself about what you really want. What brings you the greatest joy?
  3. Create a budget that is in alignment with this list.

Christy Lambert, Money CoachThe best news is, you can have it all. When you start with what you value most you will attract the rest. Budgets aren’t about what you can’t have. Rather, they are 100 percent about what you can have. They are about owning your choices. For your money and your life.
Christy Lambert is a certified life & money coach who specializes in helping people get really, really happy by falling in love with fitness & money.  Get your free copy of her Ebook: What No One Told You About Money & Happiness at

  • November 3, 2011

Spell Casting as an LOA Technique

spell casting as a law of attraction manifesting methodThis guest post comes from the one and only Stella Seaspirit, known for her witchy ways and LOA savviness.
Today she teaches Good Vibe Blog readers spell casting as a manifesting method.  Enjoy!
1. Identifying the purpose of the spell
This first step  allows you to collect your thoughts and become conscious of your internal state as well as drawing your awareness to any physical sensations that arise in response to your current situation. This places you fully in the present moment as you contemplate what it is you truly seek, where the root of the matter lies, if your heart is in it and how best to phrase your instruction in an affirmative, current statement to attain resonance on all levels.
2. Preparation for the spell
Gather ingredients such as herbs, crystals or candles, decide on timing in accordance with lunar phases or other natural rhythms and plan what your rite will be, to get into the head space that channels life force toward your desire. The process of planning your petition subtly addresses your sentiments around the subject and creates an opening in your energy indicating your willingness to receive what you are asking for.
3. Creating sacred space from which to cast the spell
Next is to enter a space that is a time with no time in a place with no place where you turn within and connect with your core being. This meditative state facilitates alpha brain waves and verifies your connection with the Greater Whole. In essence, you enter an energy vortex that is untouched by time and that expands throughout all dimensions. It is from this place of unity with the fabric of the universe that you are able to harness Original Substance and craft it into manifest form.
4. Performing the rite itself
This step often consists of a symbolic gesture such as lighting a candle, burning a prayer paper or fashioning a talisman ~ your right brain responds to images and the carrying out of the act itself conveys a strong message to your subconscious mind. Casting a spell shifts your consciousness and provides a sense of action, similar to how locking a door affirms your sense of security. The thrill of casting magic alone raises your vibration, welcomes magical experiences and invites possibilities into your awareness.
5. Loading/Magnetising
Charge an item or raise the intensity of energy within the cone of power (vortex) you have conjured. This can be done through holding a vision of your desired result in rich visualisation, chanting a rhyme, brandishing a wand, drumming, dancing or a myriad other ways that facilitate pouring your creative essence into the etheric form of your intention.  Loading aligns body, mind, emotion and spirit to cohere into a swirling magical missile.
6. Release
Finally, cast your magic into the universe like a cosmic flare and severe any attachment to the outcome by forgetting about it and going about your day as usual in the full knowledge that it is done. This practise relinquishes control and allows aspects unknown to you to unfold.
Spell Casting as a Law of Attraction technique with Stella SeaspiritStella Seaspirit fosters your Witchiness and refines your energy-crafting abilities by offering a unique and fresh outlook on Witchcraft as a living philosophy in a simple to understand way. Her goal is to assist you to cast more potent magic. Stella is the creator of Magick by Design coaching and facilitates the Sparkling Witch Tribe, a private online sanctum. Sashay over to her website to get your free Witchification Kit. Connect via Twitter and Facebook.

  • October 5, 2011
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