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The Power of Deciding

I often remind fellow creators how powerful it is when we make a no-nonsense no-more-foolin-around decision to have what we want. There’s just something magic about deciding.
And the Love & Magic Coach Cindie Chavez shared a story recently that spoke exactly to that magic. Here’s Cindie:
The Power of DecidingFor the past couple of years I have had my old car, Ednah, a 1996 Mercedes E-class, sitting in my carport – not running.
I owned her since she was just a baby and I had babied her and taken such good care of her and then at 160,000 miles she just started to have things go wrong and after pumping a lot of money into her I just decided it wasn’t worth putting anymore in.
I work from my home office so I rarely drive anyway, and I have my pick of the 2 other Mercedes in the driveway that are new and in great condition.
But … I just couldn’t bring myself to sell her. Every time I would decide to put an ad in Craig’s list or something I would resist it so hard, and then I would go find something else to do and avoid it again. I know that having a non-running car just sitting there is not good feng shui. But, it was Ednah. Sad
So … a couple of weeks ago I just realized how silly this was. I finally got to my point of no return and knew I had to let her go. So I said out loud, “Okay Universe. I need a buyer for Ednah. I’m ready to let her go now.”
The Handsome Sweetheart comes in (it’s a Friday afternoon and we have a standing lunch date) and says, “Are you hungry? Ready to go to lunch?” And I said, “Yes. But I have to get rid of Ednah. I want to put an ad in Craigslist before we go. I have to do it now and not put it off any longer. I just told the Universe I’m ready and to find me a buyer.”
He jumps up and says “OH!! This was on your car when I came home just now!”
It was a note.
It said “Hi, my name is xxxx xxxx, if you want to sell your car I’d like to buy it. Please call me xxx-xxxx.”
I called. The guy was so excited.
I told him that I had asked the Universe for a buyer. He said, “I’ve been driving by and looking at it for 2 years, and I finally got up the nerve to leave a note.”
Are you catching that? The day I let go is the day he “got up the nerve” to leave a note. Ha!
He came over. The car started. It needed a battery and an alternator and we knew that so we thought we’d have to tow it. So the guy test drives it, comes the next day and put new battery in, brought me cash and we signed it over to him last week.
Cindie ChavezIt was so easy peasy. I didn’t have to take out an ad. I didn’t have to leave my house. I didn’t have to hire a tow truck. Cash in, car out.
Thank you Universe!
Cindie Chavez traffics in love and magic with her coach clients every day. Find her and more of her personal magic online at

  • March 11, 2016

How To Get 100% Results With 0% Effort

Amina Makhdoom is a fellow manifester and law of attraction blogger who shares her 3 point recipe to get 100% results with 0% effort. Enjoy Amina:
How To Get 100% Results With 0% Effort: Less Work, More ResultsWhat if you could get everything you wanted with no effort?
In fact, what if the secret to achieving your biggest dreams is following your joy and living life in a state of ease?
Sound too good to be true?
Well, it is possible and here’s why: big dreams do not come with effort, they come with ease.
I know this from personal experience in transforming myself from a burned out type-A overachiever into living my dream of working from home, taking yoga class in the middle of the day, helping my community, as well as other things – all while working half as many hours and making double what I used to.
Within two years of deciding that’s what I wanted, I was doing all of that. Working half the hours with double the salary.
Everyone asks me how I did it, and I came up with the three key ingredients that when combined got me out of burnout and into a life that I love!
Here are those three ingredients:
1) Identify the things that bring you joy, and then do them!
For me, it was dance class, yoga, going for walks, and spending time with my nieces and nephews. I went to soccer games, grandparents breakfasts (even though I was an aunt), read in their classrooms. All these activities made me happy and brought me great joy!
What I see more and more today are people who are not following their joy. Their reason – they simply do not have the time. And, the less they follow their joy, the harder it is to achieve their goal.
I found the fastest way to achieve a goal does not involve effort, but rather, belief the goal will be achieved and living a life of joy.
2) Focus on feelings rather than actions.
As an overachiever, this one was a shocker for me! What I was doing was much less important then how I was feeling! The actions are unimportant. Read that again. The actions are unimportant. What is important is the feeling, the belief, the being. The doing is negligible.
After I wrote my dream life (kind of a vision board, but with words and process flows), I never really looked at it again. I hung it on my wall, so subconsciously I probably saw it all the time, but I never really read it again. Until I was taking it down two years later and shockingly realized I had achieved every single thing I had written down.
The actions were unimportant, but the time I took to create that board and the feeling of freedom and joy I had when I imagined that life, miraculously transformed into it occurring.
3) Take care of yourself, and only you know exactly what that means for you.
I did not learn this in a positive context of achieving my dreams through ease; I learned this through sheer mental and emotional exhaustion.
I remember being exhausted and deciding that I just did not give a [blank] anymore. In that state, all I had energy to do was anything that would get me to stop feeling the pain I was in. I was an overachiever leaving work early to go for walks (sure I was having some sort of nervous breakdown). I was scared, but too tired in that moment to do anything other than the little things that brought me joy.
Once I came up with these three keys, I decided to test them out and ensure they worked.
I took a year to see if I followed my joy, did not worry about the specific actions or exert effort, and took great care of myself, could I make the same amount as the previous year?
I did! I made more than the previous year, working even less and taking even better care of myself.
Since then, I have consistently made more each year for the past five years, each year working significantly less hours than the year before.
I only say yes to work I really want to do, so it does not feel like “work.” I do a lot of “work” for free because I love what I do, and somehow, the money keeps showing up. But, I know now, if I chased the money or “tried” to do something, it would not work nearly as well as just doing what I love and trusting that it will all work out financially.
In yoga, there is a philosophy about balancing between ease and effort. I have found this philosophy to not only apply to yoga, but to all areas of life. There is a time for action. And, when that time comes it feels really, really, really good to take the action. It does not feel like effort.
Do you have moments where you are working harder than ever before (which appears to the outside world as putting in tons of effort), but it doesn’t feel like you are working at all?
In fact, rather than feeling stressed and exhausted it feels joyful and exhilarated? That is what 0% effort, 100% return means. It does not mean you will never “work hard” again. It just means that when you are working hard, it won’t feel hard. There is no strain, exertion, exhaustion – instead it’s joyful.
The key ingredient for this to work is JOY! Allow the magical force of the world to easily, effortlessly, bring your biggest dreams to you!
Amina MakhdoomAmina Makhdoom is the sunshine manifester blogging at
This post was adapted with the author’s permission from her contribution to the book Success University for Women.

  • February 5, 2016

Lisa's Identity Check

If you’ve ever concluded divine timing was taking longer than expected, it might be worth checking the vibe to see if who you’re being is the holdup …
Lisa Hayes shares how engaging a handful of new “data points” as part of her identity shift is manifesting her wildly successful new book. Here’s Lisa:
Identity Shifting for Manifesting SuccessA full year ago I was inspired to write a book.
I started on January 1st and gave myself a daily writing goal. I stayed on schedule and by February 10th it was finished and off to the publisher. I thought it would be published and to market by April.
It wasn’t.
A lot of things got in the way. Life caused me to miss important editing and marketing deadlines. My publisher was patient, but gently let me know every time I missed a deadline that we were pushing it back, not by days, but maybe months.
Weeks and months did pass and I made peace with the fact it would launch when it was time. I told myself I couldn’t control that timing, and it would be perfect whenever it happened. I wasn’t exactly procrastinating. I just figured the stars weren’t aligned.
A few days ago as I was pondering my new year plan and decided to take it in a different direction this year. Instead of making a bunch of plans or picking a word, I opted to tease out a new identity.
Who would I be if that book was a wild, game-changing success?
I started making a list of what I call data points. I am still shooting for 100. I haven’t made it yet, but the list is growing.
I asked myself questions like:

  • How would I manage my schedule differently?
  • What would I wear?
  • What thoughts would I think?
  • What would I eat?
  • What would my office and home look like?
  • What behaviors would be different than they are now?

I thought about the deep penetrating details of who I would be. I got gut check honest with myself.
The big shocker in this process was an eye opener …
I am nowhere near as close to being that woman as I thought I was.
I know the drill when it comes to identity shifting and honestly, I was doing a half-assed job. Basically, I was fooling myself because the evidence in my physical world told a very different story.
I thought I was doing a pretty good job of being a wildly successful author – but there was no book in sight. That kind of evidence doesn’t lie.
So, even though the list isn’t complete, last week I started getting very deliberate about making some changes and upgrades. I’ve been very intentional about things in a way I wasn’t before. It’s taking some effort, but I’m better off for it in a number of ways.
A couple days ago I got an email from the publisher scheduling a final conference call with the marketing department for next week. A smart girl would have noticed the evidence shifting in response to my identity upgrade. I totally missed it.
I just kept adding data points to my list and incrementally implementing changes in my environment, my behavior, and my thoughts. It started to feel like a game to check the boxes I could, day in and day out.
I can’t say I’m there yet, but I do know I’m closer.
Want to know how I know that??
Last night I was searching on Amazon for another book, completely unrelated, written by someone else, that I wanted to send to a client. I was having a hard time finding it.
As I was typing in every key word I could think of, guess what book came up in my search.
My book, I wrote, that wasn’t even suppose to be there yet.
Mic drop moment.
I shot off an email to the publisher who responded by telling me the printing house must have been ahead of schedule. He didn’t even know it was there. He told me we’d proceed with our promo plan for early next year as planned.
Here’s the thing … All those months it wasn’t the stars that weren’t aligned. It was me. I had a lot more control over the timing than I wanted to admit.
Identity is a powerful thing. It’s also specifically unique. What I believe might be a behavior or a belief for a crazy successful author might be very different that what you think it might be. There is no one recipe. However, I do have beliefs, and until I started conforming to them, nothing was ever going to shift.
The minute I got honest about where I was with my identity and putting the pieces to shift in place, the wheels on the bus started turning pretty quick.
Simple? Yes.
Easy? Not always.
Worth it? Hell yeah.
What you want to do next year doesn’t matter. It’s irrelevant.
My question for you is this:
Who do you want to be in 2016?
Instead of planning the what, I highly suggest you start becoming and morphing into the who.
It might just save you some time. It would have saved me a year.
Lisa Marie HayesLisa Hayes is the Love Whisperer and author of Score Your Soulmate, apparently now available on Amazon. 

  • December 19, 2015

Future Me Leads the Way

I asked fellow creators at GVU what’s fueling their inspiration for change. Christa Den Boogert answered: “ME!”
Her explanation was so uplifting that I asked permission to share. Here’s Christa:
Future Me Leads the WayEarlier this year, around June/Solstice, when I was on my way up and resurfacing after having hit rock bottom emotionally, I did a meditation that helped me visualise how I saw myself for the second half of 2015.
I really focused on how I held myself, how I looked and how I felt. I saw myself with arms wide open, laughing, with amazing hair, a pair of fabulous heels and kick-ass pencil skirt, dancing on my own yellow brick road and saying YES to life without fear.
It was a big one to visualise after the tears and fears of the months before, but the ME of the future beckoned me and I knew I had nothing to worry, because that was ME there. Not an actress who I wanted to resemble, not a friend with amazing style. No, this was ME, so I knew I would be exactly like that image.
I let it go, but in harder moments I brought future ME back. I became best friends with her. She grabbed my hand and I walked side by side with her, thinking “Wow, I’ve pulled a hot babe!” And She/ME pulled me out of my panic attacks or anxiety moods when they hit me. ME looked at me and said NO, you’re not going there, you’re coming with me towards me.
In September this year, I was having a really good day. My hair was bouncy, I was wearing a new skirt I had bought the other week and was trotting on my sexy heels to my new amazing job, with giggles in my throat because of the memory of a very fun night before … and I stopped … that was ME! The ME I had seen in June! I had caught up with my vision!
I played that image over in my head many times since and a few weeks ago, I sat down with it and started to visualise what the next future ME would look and feel like.
I saw ME a few months from now and the ME next year and then all the MEs for next years and decades and then I looked back … and saw myself as I had been in June, and in March, and in 2014 and all the years back.
And I knew I am my own inspiration. I am the inspiration for my past MEs, helping her, supporting her, comforting her and forgiving her. And all my future MEs are inspiring me to just keep dancing along my yellow brick road.
That realisation, that the energy of ME is timeless and that I am my Best Friend, Supporter, Inspirational Guide and Creative Source was THE best feeling in the world!
What a power to have this knowledge, what gratitude to bask in knowing you hold all that you want for yourself within …
So, here’s to looking ahead and seeing YOU with amazing hair and kick-ass clothes, feeling fabulous, laughing and dancing and having no doubt whatsoever that you are about to catch up with YOU!
Christa Den BoogertChrista Den Boogert is a mum of two young teenagers and is currently living in Hong Kong. Her wish is to inspire others with her experiences through recognizable and funny anecdotes in her blog, which will go live early 2016.

  • December 10, 2015

The Magical Manifestation Chart

Michel Marcellot recently mentioned an LOA tool called a “manifestation chart.” I hadn’t heard of it, so I asked him to elaborate for us. Here’s Miche on a new way to have fun creating what you want:
manifestation chartA manifestation chart comes from Edgar Cayce’s Ideals Chart. It works best when applied to a specific thing, situation or relationship. The more specific the better.
Start with labeling your chart with your specific request. In the center write a word or short phrase that conveys the highest idea or ideal that can you can use to describe the best outcome for this situation, e.g. True Love, Compassion, Relief, etc.
(Nothing is cast in stone here so don’t stress out about it, just let your intuition run with all of this.)
In the second ring write words or phrases that convey the best emotional or psychological attributes the highest outcome can have, like Relaxation, Fun, Secure, Generous. Try to stay away from negative-based descriptions, like Stress-Free. (Relaxation works better.)
Then in the third outer ring write what things look like in the physical. Be specific here, keeping in mind that there may be an “even better” outcome that may unfold in a completely different way than expected.
Your next step is to keep positive, stay open, have fun, and forget about your chart! Don’t chase that dog! That’s the best way to have it run in the opposite direction.

* *   And that’s all it takes to engage the magic of a manifestation chart!   * *

Someone who created her chart asked if she was doing something wrong because it didn’t seem to be working …
I told her the problem is Time is a relative concept made up by humans and does not reflect the true nature of the universe.
We think (hope or wish) things should happen in a given time frame. But the reality is – All Things cause All Things, meaning there are an infinite number of variables that need to coalesce to cause a given outcome.
Given the complexity of this, we are left with only the application of Trust and Faith as tools to affect an outcome. These are powerful tools which can maneuver the necessary elements into place to affect the desired outcome.
So hang in there and rest assured that although they may be doing so outside of your view, things are coming together to bring you your desired result.
We have to be different from the Us we are now in order to manifest a different reality than the one we have been experiencing. Feel yourself becoming the You that already has what you are asking for.
The key here is acknowledging that change must take place and allowing yourself the space/time to make the internal changes necessary to BE the person who manifests what you are desiring.
Miche MarcellotMichel Marcellot created The Peace Gardens at Seven Arrows with his wife Judy, and is the author of Sacred Gardens. The grounds are always open for strolling through, sitting, relaxing, contemplation. Miche and Judy were also involved with the Association for Research and Enlightenment summer camp in Rural Retreat, VA.

  • October 20, 2015