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Hope Is Not a Strategy

Enjoy this guest post on why it’s wise to give up hope from my friend and colleague Cindie Chavez
“Luck is not a factor. Hope is not a strategy. Fear is not an option.” ~ James Cameron
Why It's Wise to Give Up HopeThis is one of my favorite quotes, and while I usually like to talk about luck, I want to address the idea of Hope, and why hope is not a viable strategy for a conscious creator.
First and foremost, if you’re feeling hopeless, I want to help you find that glimmer of possibility that creates a spark of excitement; to move you from despairing to hopefulness, because I believe in you. I really do believe in your intrinsic magic as a human BEING, with the power to create, shift and change.
I know that things can change for you in an instant, and I also know that a big part of that will depend on you choosing for things to be different.
The catch is that if you are feeling hopeless, it can be really hard to make that choice for yourself.
When you are in despair the idea that things could ever change for you may seem impossible.
Helpless, Hopeless, Powerless. I’ve been to those places, too, and they are not my favorite places to visit.
So, yes, I want to give you hope – maybe I should say I’d like to restore your hope – because if you’re like most of us, you’ve been hopeful before. You’ve had moments of clarity, moments of “omg, this is going to be so fantastic!!” moments of wanting to throw your arms open and say “YES” to the world because the possibilities seemed so vast, so endless. You know, that whole “the sky’s the limit” type of feeling.
And then it happened. I don’t know what it was … a divorce, an infidelity, a death, a diagnosis, a company down-size, who knows maybe it was just a really bad day … and that bad day or awful event brought every hopeful thought to a screeching halt.
So I want you to remember what it felt like when you were pretty damn sure you could fly. You had a glimmer of what it was that you wanted to create and you had an inkling that you could do it. That time when you were absolutely at your best.
Time was on your side. The Universe was supporting you. The World was your oyster.
Please grab that feeling, take a deep breath, realize that you are powerful, you are unique, you can do it.
Remember the feelings you had during a time when you were at your best.
It may be that simple for you, this may be all you need to feel that spark again.
On the other hand, you may want more help. You may want to call upon your support team, whether they are humans, animals, or angels. A good cry might help. Uplifting music. A call with a coach or a mentor. A hug. A walk in nature, meditation, music, making a decision to focus on something you love doing just for the sheer joy of it – there are so many things that can shift your vibration. But one thing is for sure, if you’ve had hope before, you can feel hopeful again.
And then, once your hope has been restored, I want to help you ditch it as soon as possible.
Yeah, I’m throwing a monkey wrench in the whole bushel of hope.
I remember one of my mentors saying something like, “Hope is the most poetic form of victimhood.”
That hit me so hard, but what’s even worse is that I believe the only person who can victimize me is me. I choose whether or not to play a victim. We’re always winning the game we’re playing and if we are choosing to play the victim role and we play it long enough, well – we might just be on our way to becoming a real champion at being a victim.
And unfortunately what that means as far as hope is concerned is that hope is the most beautiful form of self-abuse.
“Hope is the most beautiful form of self-abuse.” Ugh.
I just can’t handle abusing myself this way, or watching you abuse yourself this way.
If you want to create a different life for yourself you have to stop hoping your life will change.
You must begin knowing it will change. You have to know you have the power to change it.
Decide now that you’re going to stop hoping your soulmate will show up, hoping the house sells, hoping you get more clients, hoping you lose weight, hoping that George Martin doesn’t die before he finishes writing the Game of Thrones series. (Well actually go ahead and hope for that one.)
You must start knowing your soulmate will show up, knowing the house will sell, knowing you’re going to get what you want, or its equivalent, or something even better.
You do this by becoming that person that has a soulmate, becoming that person that has more clients, becoming that person who has what it is you want. Become that person now, and those things will show up.
When you absolutely know that you are the person who has what you want, you’re home free.
Hoping for things to change is a pretty sounding way of staying right where you are.
I know you have the power to change things, because of the intrinsic magic you hold as a human BEing. Not a human DOing, or a human hoping.
Be the change you want to see.
Learn how to transform your hope into faith.
Act like you expect to act once you get what it is you want.
Think like that person thinks.
Speak like a person who has that thing speaks.
Find evidence and more evidence until you are convinced that you are that person.
It might take time, perseverance, patience even. Trust the process.
I KNOW you can. You have the power.
So, what are you hoping for? And how would it feel to know that it’s a done deal?
Cindie ChavezCindie Chavez, “The Love & Magic Coach”, is a certified life and relationship coach (CPC), an Energy Leadership Master Practitioner (ELI-MP) and an expert in Conscious Creation. She loves helping creative, busy, women experience more love and magic in their lives, and she’d love to help you, too. Find her at

  • October 8, 2015

4 Reasons You Are So Fabulous

Enjoy this uplifting guest post reminding just how amazing you are from our friend Frank Butterfield, channeling the Communion of Light:
You Are So Fabulous!Whenever we are interacting with any of our physical friends, we are always astonished by the difference in how we see you and how you tend to see yourselves.
It is certainly our pleasure to be connecting with you as you decide to embrace the delight and magnificence of who you truly are.
And, it is the case that, from time to time, we are quite amused to be reminding our physical friends of their innate fabulousness.
So, if we were to list our favorite reasons as to why your fabulousness is so very much the case, these would be those reasons:
1. You Are Where You Are
The very fact that you awoke this morning to your physical reality is proof that you can actually hang your hat on that shows you why you are such a magnificent and fabulous being of light.
If you take a moment and look around at all that you can see and listen to all that you can hear, you will begin to find all manner of sights and sounds that are quite amazing to be in and among.
You woke up for this.
You didn’t have to. But you did.
Your fabulousness called you back for another day of astonishing delight in and among all that you are seeing and hearing right now.
2. You Are Who You Are
The very concept of you is astonishing from a non-physical perspective.
When we turn our attention to you, we are reminded of how amazing it is that you took on the delicious idea of coming forth into a body, weaving a personality, and giving yourself a name.
These are all quite remarkable things, in and of themselves, but that you chose to do this, and you most certainly did, is what brings such marvel to our awareness.
We see you on the leading edge of your experience, where you are right now, and we know that you are in the middle of something truly astonishing and powerful, even if everything is quiet or even if you don’t quite like everything.
3. You Are When You Are
You jumped into a river of time when you awoke this morning!
This is amazing!
We find it quite delicious to be with you as you take your thoughts and stretch them out through time so you can see and feel what they actually are.
There is an exquisiteness that arises from doing this and that defies words but that we know you can actually tap into when you feel into what you are in the middle of.
In other words, as you stretch into your reality, like a cat stretching in the morning sun, you can feel the magic of what is happening all around you.
The exquisiteness is found when you notice how perfectly in place all of your experiences are.
Instead of everything happening at once, each moment unfolds one right after another in ways that are delicious and perfect for you right where you are.
4. You Are Who You Are Becoming
In each moment, you have a variety of thoughts.
There are some that you like.  And there are some that you don’t like.
The ones you like are wonderful. You give your attention to them and they expand and become more of themselves, like a flower of thought opening to the sun of your focus.
The ones you don’t like are wonderful. You find what you would rather bring your attention to as a result of having the thoughts and experiences that you don’t like.
How this works is so magical.
When you let it happen for you, you are deliciously aware of the magic of the you that you are becoming as a result of having givien your attention to what you like and made decisions about what is next from what you didn’t like.
Frank ButterfieldFor all of these fabulous reasons, and so many more, you are quite the magical being of light who is sitting right in the middle of a delicious creation allowing yourself to become the expansion of the Unconditional Love that you are.
And we so enjoy reminding you of this as often as we are able to do so.
Frank Butterfield is a master channel who has helped thousands experience powerful shifts in consciousness through his delicious work with The Communion of Light. Learn more at Communion of Light.

  • October 1, 2015

Manifesting the Best for Others

Regular readers will recognize Dr. Ian from the post comments where he responds to many LOA questions. He was kind enough to give this guest post that offers an alternate perspective on co-creation.
Enjoy Dr. Ian Roebuck:
Give what you want to receive.I have over the past years of my life come to realize a very important part of manifesting my desires for what I want or need, is to manifest my desires for what other people need or want.
The old passage, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” has for me taken a further turn in manifesting and conscious creation. “Prefer others above yourself.” Not to love as yourself, but prefer your neighbor’s needs above your own.
How is this possible? Many of us have discovered how to manifest a desire into reality, but what about our neighbor who is blind to this process at the moment?
I have discovered that once we get to know our neighbor we begin to realize those material things which they may desperately need. Now I am not talking about changing their life path and what they have to discover on their own, but simply helping them with the basic needs of life, which to me are warmth, shelter, a minimum amount of food and water, and health.
Do you want those things for yourself? Of course, and probably more. Then do you not want them for others?
In manifesting them for yourself, and for manifesting other things, there is this spiritual principle I believe that ups the energy of your manifestation.
It is like a transformer that steps up the amount of energy and vibration you are releasing into the universe and makes it even higher. The desire to help another (and if possible help them more than your own self) will bring an increase in your own ability to be a conscious creator.
The Source, the Universe, or whatever Higher Power(s) you may view, It certainly has shown a desire to help you, and I believe wishes you to do the same in some small way for others.
How does this work?
In short, visualize and manifest as you normally do, only visualize it for someone else.
Now the only caveat to this is do not over do it! Don’t try to make them a millionaire, or the like, but simply visualize them having the basic necessities of life itself. See them as having food, shelter, and health – beyond that they need to do their own work.

If you desire these things, and attempt to manifest them for your neighbor, your own manifesting power will be increased. It is a spiritual principle that I have found aids me in my own conscious creation for things that surround my life.

I have always found when I give that it always comes back to me in one form or another, and most often with an increase. Like any other manifesting tool, for some it will work, for others another method may be more effective at any given time.
I am interested to know if you have tried this, and what the results have been for you.
Dr. Ian RoebuckDr. Ian RoeBuck is a Level III Pure Reiki Healing Master, a Certified Hypnotist, NLP Practitioner, and Life Coach. His main website is
He also offers a free report on “32 Mistakes that Limit your Power to Change your Destiny” which you can download here.

  • July 17, 2015

Manifesting Under Time Pressure

While I’ve written about manifesting on deadline before, I thought you’d also enjoy this guest post by Janette Dalgliesh on the subject of creating reality when specific time frames are involved.
Enjoy this from Janette D.:
manifesting with time pressureSometimes the thing we want has a deadline attached, and for some of us that gets kinky. Manifesting with a deadline is a tricky game!
I’ve had this happen with attracting clients (“omg, I must have a client by Tuesday or else blah blah blah”) and other things.
Sometimes the time pressure seems external (bill due, dentist appointment); sometimes it’s an internal decision (I will create this thing by this date).
How does that play out in creating a new reality?
We know that if we believe our happiness is dependent on creating the thing we want, that’s resistance. We can’t be fully lined up with having it when we’re feeling the painful lack.
And many times, adding time pressures to the mix just adds to the squeeze. If we believe our happiness is tied to our desired thing arriving at a certain time, and we make that a condition … then that can become big resistance.
So what’s a deliberate creator to do? Give up on the dream??
Yes and no.
Connect to the feeling of excitement and delight about the desire, let go of any details (such as a date) that activate feelings of “not here yet.” Connect to the desire, and let go of the how and the when and the struggle.
A few years ago, my hubby and I were on the train from our regional city into Melbourne, to see a matinee performance of a concert we’d been waiting to see for months. (The first Melbourne performance of the Dr Who Symphonic with Melbourne Symphony Orchestra. Swoon.) With lots of money we’d saved up.
We’d left early, so we would have a couple of hours to wander through town, have lunch and get to our seats by 2 pm. The train stopped in the outer suburbs, which rarely happens. And it did. not. move … for over 40 minutes.
Long story short, we found out someone was threatening to jump onto the train tracks from a bridge and they were still talking him down. That train wasn’t going anywhere. Coaches began to arrive at the station, to take people into the city, and without many staff there to organize things it looked like getting utterly chaotic.
Was I stressing about missing the concert? Oh. My. God yes.
And I used it as an opportunity to really really practice ‘all is well’, to take deep breaths, to set the intention for ‘perfect outcome’, with no idea how this could possibly happen.
We ended up on one of the few coaches which took the express highway straight into the CBD, when all the rest of the coaches followed the train route and took people to stations in between. This was not organized in any way – sheer chance it seemed (though of course, you and I know better).
I have a vivid memory of leaning against the window, looking at the traffic and – when we got into the CBD – seeing red lights. Each time I saw a red light I felt the same response….. “EEEEEK!” followed by another deep breath, and letting go.
I let it be okay if we missed the start.
I let it be okay if we missed the whole first half.
I even let it be okay if we missed the whole concert
Actually, I knew that last one was ridiculous – there’s no way we would arrive so late they wouldn’t let us in at all – so that felt like relief.
Some part of me was smart enough to know that if I held on to any sense that the only way to ‘perfect outcome’ was to arrive on time, I was limiting what Universe could deliver.
We got to the city train terminal, and walked to the nearby cab rank. A cab pulled in just as we got there, and whisked us to the venue. The foyer was almost empty of people as most had taken their seats.
As we walked into the auditorium, the house lights were still up and the orchestra were in the final stages of tuning up. The usher took our tickets and showed us to our (fabulous!) seats.
Literally as my backside hit the fabric beneath me, the house lights went down and the show began.
I have no doubt that I manifested our timely arrival without a minute to spare.
And I have no doubt that I did it by letting go of the details of the ‘perfect outcome’.
On that coach journey, I took my focus away from what I wanted, and what felt like any barrier to it, as much as I could. And each time my thoughts tried to go to ‘hurry hurry hurry’ I would firmly but gently haul them back to ‘perfect outcome’ while keeping my hands firmly off what that outcome had to look like.
The only time I did any intention setting about getting to the concert by a certain time was the moment we found out that the train wouldn’t be completing its journey.
At the very beginning of this whole experience, I set the intention for ‘perfect outcome’ … and I let it go. The rest of the time was spent letting go, over and over.
I have to say, this was well before I developed my current approach to deliberate creation, which I call identity shifting. Today I might also play with my ‘easy’ necklace, which I use as a kind of magical item to help me amp up the vibe of ‘easy, perfect outcome’.
If you’re seeking an outcome with a timeframe on it, consider finding a way to keep the desire but let go of the details unless they light you up.
Janette Dalgliesh is the Identity Shift Ninja and author of Your Everyday Superpower. Find her online at Identity Shift Ninja.

  • June 30, 2015

Janette's Identity Shift Challenge

When I saw Janette Dalgliesh post this LOA alignment challenge to her private Identify Shift Ninja group, I knew it had the potential to be a game-changer for our manifesting success. Janette generously gave permission to share it here:
Identity Shift Challenge: Your Ticket to AlignmentIf there is anything you want to change in your life, you’re seeking to shift identity into that version of yourself.
Shifting identity takes you another step toward alignment, so you become that girl with the healthy body, that guy with the fabulous relationship, or that woman with the kickass business.
But it can be tricky to get into that new identity while you’re spending 24/7 living (and maybe hating) the life of your old self.
So what’s a conscious creator to do?
The first thing is to be at peace with your current self (because hello – what we resist persists).
For more on that, read this and maybe this for starters.
Next, you need to find ways to connect to that new identity right here, right now. The magic lies in your brain and your spirit, and activating both to get you lined up may be easier than you think. The keys are repetition, and juiciness.
I’d like to invite you to join me for a 14 day Identity Shift Ninja Challenge (because who doesn’t love a challenge??).
Here’s how we do it:
Step 1: Find three things/people/activities/locations that activate your new identity.
I like to call these things “anchors” because they anchor us into that new identity. Look for something you can connect with every day (so don’t say “the ocean” if you live in the mountains). Make ’em juicy and doable!
For example, if your new identity is “rockstar web developer” the three things might include a badge with that label (made by your kid or a leading silversmith, doesn’t matter); a short FB post rich with helpful tips; and 30 minutes reading up on the latest WordPress plug-ins.
If your new identity is ” bestselling author” the three things might be drinking coffee from a mug that says AUTHOR; maintaining or setting up your Amazon author page; and two hours of writing.
Step 2: Do/wear/play with those three things daily for the next two weeks.
Note: you can do your three things more than daily if you like, and you can have more than three things, but you must connect with all of them them, at least once, every single day.
My new identity is ‘lightworker making a difference’ and my things are:

  • wear my EASY necklace, to remind me that I’m a brilliant lightworker who knows how to thrive by following her highest excitement (ie taking the easy path) – also to remind me I live in Easy World
  • one hour of research or reading into brain science or astrology or tarot or numerology (upskilling like a rockstar!)
  • thirty minutes of intuitive practice (on top of meditation) to keeping amping up my connection to Source (this practice is a mix of things, based on my own spiritual lineage)

That’s it. Who’s with me?
Share your three things in the comments, and let’s go!
Janette Dalgliesh, Sweet Relief CoachingAnd by the way – if you’d like to be a part of my Identity Shift Ninja group, you’d be very welcome to the party.
Access is free, but you need to be my FB friend to join. So hit me up for a friend request (unless we’re already connected!) and then send me a private message to request the sekret knock for access.
Identity shift, engage!

  • April 22, 2015