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If You Feel Like Giving Up, Please Do

When we’ve been working on a particular desire for a while, especially if we’ve been working hard instead of working aligned, it’s not unusual to find ourselves exhausted and discouraged.

That’s when the idea of giving up might start to appeal.

Many of us have been socially trained to overcome that impulse, and to carry on no matter what.

But the truth is when it feels like relief to give up the battle, it’s not a defeat.

It’s guidance.

Guidance from your inner being that knows a better way to get there than the path you’ve been taking.

It doesn’t mean your dream isn’t going to happen. It just means the way you’ve been going about it can be improved on.

And it starts with giving yourself a break. With taking a respite from the struggle to make it happen.

When we deny that inspired call, we delay the manifestation.

So the next time you feel like giving up on something, maybe do that. Don’t consider it a failing, consider it a success that you realized where the relief was and you gave it to yourself.

Because relief equals alignment.

After you’ve had a break, you’ll get another instruction from guidance that you can follow when it’s time. But don’t be surprised if you find your dream made good progress while you were having a nap.

That’s what happened to Abigail Steidley after she worked herself into a state of exhaustion, and literally couldn’t do anything but lay down for five days. Much of what she’d been working so hard for happened after she gave up and did nothing.

It’s the whole premise behind slacker manifesting (coined by Abigail).

To further my point, this post is categorized under “Manifesting Techniques,” because releasing struggle is a powerful manifesting prompt!

So if it feels like relief to throw in the towel and give up feelings of frustration, overwhelm, etc., that’s likely exactly what your dream needs you to do next.

When giving up feels better, it is not a failure. It is an instruction from your higher self pointing the way to your success.

  • May 18, 2017

Your Ideal To-Do List

Some might call it a bucket list.

But conscious creators can think of it as tomorrow’s to-do list, where we list the daily doings of our ideal life.

Because for us it’s not a matter of “if,” it’s “when.” It’s not a fantasy, it’s coming right up.

If you haven’t played with this manifesting method before, you might like it as a fun way to signal Universe for your success
All we’re doing is creating the to-do list for our future self.

You know, the future self where you’re living the life of your dreams, doing the work you love, in the place you prefer, with those you adore.

You’re financially rockin’ it, your health is better than ever and your relationships are even more rewarding than you imagined.

What does that person’s to-do list look like?

That’s what you write down.

The power of this exercise is that it requires you to put yourself in that reality in order to imagine the daily responsibilities of your dream life.

It’s a nice way to acclimate to that reality, which is all it takes for Universe to get the wheels turning in your favor.

You can get even more juice out of this exercise by posting that to-do list where you’ll see it regularly, just to remind you that your dream come true life is a done deal.

And for the record, we know that time is an illusion, and everything is happening now, so it’s not really a future to-do list for your future self.

It’s more of an acknowledgement of an alternate reality that’s already so.

By tapping in now, you shift your vibration to step into that reality.

You game?

Here are a couple of items off clients’ to-do lists they happily shared:

  • Pick up Super Mind as gift for pitch meeting with Scorsese (Martin’s into TM)
  • Schedule cut and color with Ted before Today appearance
  • Interview chef replacements specializing in authentic Italian (new beau is from Milan!)
  • Get the Tesla in for 50,000 mile service appointment
  • Call Manny about fence repair for buffalo pasture
  • Review closing docs for the second Maui property
  • Cancel PSJ and follow up with Ted on Cessna delivery
  • RSVP for ribbon-cutting ceremony with Bernie
  • Pay Kevin’s Juilliard tuition
  • Register for Ironman in Kona
  • Order anniversary gift for hubby (1 year already?!)
  • Book flights for NYC book signing tour
  • Email agent for movie rights negotiation meeting
  • Review designers suggestion for beach house remodel
  • Respond to collector inquiry re Gorman print acquisition
  • Have PA find bigger venue for fall speaking gig (sold out in 2 weeks!)
  • Reserve penthouse suite for extra weekend in Geneva

Now it’s your turn … what’s on your future fabulous self’s to-do list?

We’d love to hear it in the comments!

  • April 20, 2017

Making Peace With Cat Pee (Is Hard)

A fellow creator asked today if I had manifesting tips for when cats pee on things.

“Oh boy,” I sighed. “Making peace with cat pee is hard.”

And that’s what you have to do to get rid of what you don’t want – you have to stop not wanting it.

But who wants cat pee?!

It’s surely from the devil. So toxic. So permanent.

Even skunk smells eventually fade!

Cat pee I found to be a personal challenge.

Manifesting financial windfalls in no time? No problem. Transforming relationships with crackhead neighbors? Done. Changing the past? I’ll lead the way.

But dropping resistance to feline urinary misdeeds at home? Ay yi yi.

That’s tricky business.

At least, for me it is. Because I have a charge on this subject.

A charge is when we have a really strong emotion on a subject we really don’t want.

And flowing that kind of energy guarantees we experience it again and again and again.

In fact, this podcast explains what a charge is, where they come from and what to do when you spot one.

But basically, we know that whatever we really don’t want we become strong magnets for.

Because strong emotion is irresistible to Universe.

It hears it as a siren call for more of the same.

So yeah, I know this prinicple, inside and out. I don’t doubt it for a single second.

And yet – making peace with the stuff we Really Don’t Want is hard.

I’m not going to elaborate on the horrors of cat urine on furniture or carpets, but suffice it to say, it was easier for me to accept my highest weight ever than it was to accept freakin’ cat pee on my favorite freakin’ reading chair.

I had an easier time letting go men I loved dearly than getting okay with inappropriate elimination in my home.

So. This post serves two purposes:

One, to offer tips for anyone who’s manifesting a urine-free environment while still keeping their best feline friends at home.

And two, to demonstrate the process that makes it possible to drop resistance to whatever we strongly don’t want.

Does it sound like a magic trick?

And I certainly didn’t succeed on my first try, or my second, or even third attempt.

This one took practice.

You might find the same thing for whatever you’re strongly not wanting in your life.

I wasted time trying to manifest cats who didn’t pee on furniture while I had such a strong charge on the subject. That vibrational charge wouldn’t allow for an easy resolution because it served as a contrary instruction.

Second, I personally couldn’t get to the place where I was okay living with the smell of cat urine in the house. I just flat out wasn’t down with that. No one should have to live that way.

And giving up cats was absolutely not an option – although, even if I’d tried that, I had such strong feelings about it that I’m sure Universe would have found a way to get some on my $*&@% pillow. Because it’s creative like that.

No amount of action can overcome a strong vibration.

(Proven by multiple vet visits and extra litter boxes with different litters and animal communicator sessions.)

Experience had shown me I couldn’t action my way out of this problem.

So what I did when I moved into the new house (and even more strongly didn’t want cats to pee in this brand new pee-free place – it had new furniture and clean carpets!) was to find a way to make it not such a big deal if they did it.

How could I get to the place where I was okay with cat pee?

Well, if it didn’t ruin my furniture, that would be a nice start. If the cleanup was easier, that would go a long way in feeling easier about the whole thing. If I were willing to replace furniture regularly, or if I knew there was an end to this routine at some point in my life, that might help, too. So I’d do the average lifespan math on my problem pee-ers every once in a while, and remind myself how much I’d miss them when they were gone. I suggested to self that perhaps this was a good excuse to have a regular rotation of new furniture and carpets. It’s just money, after all.

That maybe moved me a little bit in the right vibrational direction, but it wasn’t transformational.

What really worked in taking the charge off cat pee was this:

I devised a setup whereby if they peed somewhere other than a litterbox, the cleanup would be more effective and easier to accomplish.

(I put mylar emergency blankets on the potential preferred peeing spots and covered them with easy to wash blankets.)

The world would not end if a cat picked the new sofa instead of the litterbox to relieve herself.

Indeed, it became something of a game, where I felt triumphant every time I outwitted a cat and was able to eliminate their mess with no trace they’d ever been there.

“Ha ha!” I’d shout to cats who weren’t listening and didn’t care. “You are foiled again!”

My vibe went from resistant to triumphant.

Yes, I was doing a lot of laundry, but my system was working.

And guess what?

It was no longer such a big deal if someone peed where they shouldn’t.

And guess what else?

Pretty soon, they stopped peeing in all but one place – a meditation cushion that I’m happy to let them have if that’s what it takes for peace to reign.

I don’t even keep the emergency blankets on the couches any more!

As I chilled out about it (because I found a way to truly relax), they stopped doing it.

Funny how that works, huh?

While it’s not my highest joy to write about cat pee challenges, I am happy to share proof that we can release resistance on the things that bother us most. And once we do so, our reality changes, too.

What to do if your charge is on something like money, or relationships, or health issues instead of stupid cat pee?

It’s the same process …

Find a way to relax about it.

Get a second source of income. Remind yourself you’ll find love again. Or that kids grow up and move out. Practice loving your body as is.

Whatever’s bothering you, there are all sorts of ways we can change how we feel about it, whether it’s finding different thoughts or taking creative action that gives vibrational relief.

Whatever you do, please don’t expect that you’ll be able to create what you want while under the spell of a highly charged negative focus. The system just isn’t setup to ignore that kind of instruction.

And if you have tips for how to make peace with something strongly unwanted, we’d love to hear them in the comments.

Thanks for reading, and for joining me in visioning a happy household where eliminations by all parties are appropriate and desired. Where humans and felines get along fabulously, with lots of respect and appreciation for each other and for the furniture.

And so it is. 🙂

  • April 13, 2017

“I Am” Statements 101

When I tell clients my I Am statement, it’s not unusual that their eyebrows crash into the ceiling and their mouth drops open as they respond, “Wow! How can I get one of those??”

I’ll admit, it is a pretty good affirmation.

And it changes the tenor of every day that I start it with.

My I Am statement leads me to different decisions, made with different energy, creating different results.

Actually, it’s more aligned decisions, fueled by higher energy, leading to more dramatic results.

Who wouldn’t want that, right?

I believe formulating and engaging an I Am Statement is a skill every conscious creator should have.

If you aren’t already employing this magic in your own manifesting practice, I invite you to change that today.

Here’s a quick and dirty I Am tutorial for savvy creators, good vibe style:

1. What is an I Am statement?

The I Am Statement is the motherlode of all affirmations. There is likely no better way to instruct Universe about how to create your reality.

And, it’s any sentence that begins with the words I Am.

So any time you say,

  • “I am sick of reading political posts on facebook,” or
  • “I am happy to be here,” or
  • “I am beat/busy/tired/confused/delighted/etc.,”

you are engaging a powerful way to speak that reality into being. Wanted or not.

2. Why are I Am statements so powerful?

Some quote (the English translation) of the Hebrew Bible when Moses asked God his name (“I am that I am”) as the source for explaining the power of these two words.

When I asked P’taah about it, he said it was because speaking those two words (if used with conscious intent) could powerfully connect us to source energy.

But I think it’s also powerful because it’s a direct way to tell the story of yourself.

When you say, “I am this” or “I am that” you give a very specific and direct instruction about how it is for you.

“I am having the time of my life” or “I am at the end of my rope” – giving such a direct vibrational instruction Universe conspires with you to make it so.

Obviously, lots of us use I Am statements that don’t serve our happiness or well-being very well.

We can change that!

3. How do you make an I Am statement?

You’re already doing it any time you begin a sentence with “I am.”

The way to make a really powerful and helpful I Am statement is to get clear about what you want to create in your reality, imagine yourself there now, and then describe it beginning with the words, “I am.”

I like it best when you use the language you actually use. The more it sounds like you, the more legit the instruction feels.

So if you’re looking to manifest a fabulously healthy and fit body, imagine yourself in the body of your dreams, then describe the situation beginning with “I am”:

  • “I am so smokin’ hot and feeling so spectacular in this beautiful body that I can’t help but wonder how it gets any better than this.”
  • “I am loving this physical transformation I’ve created! I am strong, I am healthy, and I am feeling better every day. Yay me!”

A mentor coach told me that my I Am statement should be so big and powerful that it makes me blush when I say it. That’s a tall order!

My original I Am statement under her direction included something about being the master of infinite possibilities and bringing light to all. (Hers had “goddess” and “divine beings” or something like that in it. So we’re talking BIG.)

I have since morphed my I Am into something more specific and concrete for what I’m creating in my work. (I refuse to type it out – you really have to hear it in my own words to get the gist of its power.)

Note: somewhere I read that your I Am statement should your name for best effect. Ex: “I, Jeannette Maw, am enjoying the romance of a lifetime that makes me feel like I’m one of Universe’s chosen ones.” I wasn’t sure about interjecting my name right in between the two most powerful words, but I can feel a difference with it.

Try it on for size yourself and trust your guidance about what serves you best.

4. How do you use an I Am statement?

Creating an I Am statement does you no good if you don’t put it to regular use.

Saying it once or twice isn’t likely to get much traction.

But speaking it daily – that’s a game changer.

I like to repeat mine out loud when no one else is in earshot. That way I’m not as self-conscious about saying it, but I get the added power of voicing it into the world.

Some might prefer to write it, which I have done. But for a daily practice I prefer to speak it out loud three times for best effect.

(I’ve found by the third time I finish repeating it that I can really feel the “click,” as Florence Scovel-Shinn would say.)

I also like to start my day with it, since it sets a powerful tone for the hours that unfold.

I occasionally repeat it throughout the day if I feel like I could use an inspiring boost, but it’s worth playing around with it yourself to feel what serves you best.


Q: What if I don’t believe it?
A: That’s okay. Keep playing with it. We don’t start with something we already believe to be true, unless we’re just trying to maintain the same reality we’ve already created.

By design, we will be saying something that isn’t yet true. That’s the point.

The repetition of it is how we train ourselves into a new belief, and thus a new reality.

Q: When will I get results?
A: You will get results immediately (if you’ve structured it well), in the form of how you feel.

If your I Am statement makes you feel more empowered, more bold, more focused, more fabulous, more peaceful, more free, or whatever good feelings might arise as you speak it – those are the results.

Q: What if others make fun?
A: That’s fine, too. Either keep it to yourself, or be willing to let them think what they think.

Their opinion doesn’t matter, and you’ll get the last laugh anyway when you create the “impossible” via your I Am statement.

Q: What if it doesn’t work?
A: Okay, that is not the question a savvy creator ponders. It does not point us in the direction of success!

Seriously, though, what do you have to lose? Worst case scenario you spend a month or two with a powerful I Am statement that makes you feel better every morning you say it. (And if it’s not making you feel better, use one that does.)

Lastly, surely you can find a more empowering question … like, “How will I handle all the success I create?” (Okay, now you’re rollin’!)

Q: Should I change it over time, or keep the same words?
A: If you keep this practice up you will see that your reality will eventually begin to catch up with your I Am statement.

When that happens I take that as my cue to expand my I Am even bigger, so I am constantly leading myself where I want to go with a very juicy statement.

This process works so well for me that my statement has been through several iterations in the last 12 years, and I’m sure will continue to evolve into even bigger and better territory as time goes on.

Q: What do I do next (after I say it)?
A: Go about your day, doing whatever feels best. However inspiration calls you, go there.

Engaging your I Am statement will begin turning some very big wheels in the Universe to prove you right. Cooperate by going wherever your highest impulses lead you.

Q: What else do I need to know?
A: You get to make this up yourself, you know. That’s what conscious creators do.

There aren’t nearly as many rules as we think there are. Make up your own, and have fun with it!


  • March 28, 2017

Activating Good Vibrations

Here’s a fun resource for deliberate creators: vibration activation scripts!

Sort of like an “assisted focus.”

When you have a challenge getting aligned to a desire, eavesdropping on someone else’s vibe can help you get there. Just by reading the post you’ll activate the vibe!

Because whatever we vibrate, we get.  So when we purposely activate the energy of our desire, we become a match to manifesting it.

And vibrating it is as simple as thinking about it, remembering it, listening to someone else talk about it, imagining it, speaking it, writing on it – or reading it.

Is it as easy as reading a post to make it come true? It could be. At the minimum it will kick start your energetic alignment, which means law of attraction will bring more energy like it, and if you keep it up soon you’ll have new ideas, inspirations and synchronicities that lead to real life results.

All we have to do is focus on what we want and follow any inspiration – the rest falls into place.

Below is a directory list to easily find your way to what you want to activate. Enjoy activating new vibrations!  🙂

Nailed the Interview
New Job!
Good Bosses
Great Presentation
Thriving Business
Business Success
New Clients
Filled Up/Sold Out Offer
Passed with Flying Colors!
Dream Vacation
Perfect Home
House SOLD!
Money in the Bank
Fast Cash
New Money Story
Paid In Full
Healthy Body
Good News from the Doc!
Weight Loss
Feelin’ Sexy
Hot Date
New Love Interest
Great Relationship
Ideal Partner
Smooth Divorce
Smooth Technology
The Unknown
Peace in Not Knowing
It’s Happening
Satisfaction & Fulfillment
Get What You Want
Finding Life Purpose
Life Is Good
Take It Easy on Yourself

Again, these posts aren’t for coaching about what we’re doing wrong or why it isn’t happening – but just to activate the vibration of what we want.

The best way to leverage this vibe support is simply to read the post, then let go. Don’t try to “make it happen” or worry if it is. Get to the vibe, then go about having your good time.

Thanks for sharing this resource with those who might appreciate it, too. Happy manifesting!

  • March 25, 2017