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Creative Remedies for the Vibe

potionsI have to admit, sometimes the homework assignments clients get from me might seem a little strange.
If anyone heard them out of context, they might question my sanity.
(Or a client’s, for taking it on.)
But when it comes to managing our vibration, sometimes strange things are the perfect remedy.
Take, for example, Todd (not his real name) who found out the hard way that his fiance was having a relationship on the side.
With his landlord.
(Not that it feels any better when it’s a total stranger, but still …)
Todd, who was very law of attraction savvy, knew that dwelling in anger and resentment would just attract more negative results into his life.
So he was doing his very best to practice acceptance, understanding and forgiveness.
Until I got my hands on him.
I asked him to entertain a couple of satisfying revenge fantasies before he picked up acceptance and understanding again.
My request was met with confused silence.
“Don’t you just want to see them really regret their actions?” I asked.  Still with the silence.
“Wouldn’t it be delicious to see her realize that screwing up this relationship was the biggest mistake of her life?”
“And to have an absolutely drop dead gorgeous girl on your arm – who’s wearing an even bigger diamond than she got – next time you run into her?”
Silence now interrupted by an irreverent giggle.
“And that their sex life is in the toilet once it’s not ‘naughty’ any more?”  Now there was full on laughter.
That’s what we’re looking for.  Relief!
Not noble aspirations and nice lip service to the “right” vibes – but something that truly helps us feel better right now in real life.

(And in real life, revenge fantasies work surprisingly well.)

For those of you who can get straight to understanding and acceptance, hats off to you!
For the rest of us, entertaining anger or holding vengeful thoughts or feeling deep resentment is perfectly appropriate and immensely helpful.  We’re not going to live there, just using it as a stepping stone for our vibrational progress.

* * * * * * * *

Then there was the client who worried about losing her business through bankruptcy.  She’d hired me because she believed an alternate outcome was possible if she could just wrap her mind around something different and better.  She was just having trouble getting there on her own.
In our launch session I asked her to get okay with bankruptcy before she started entertaining new possibilities.
“What?!” she exclaimed (with the tone of a person who just realized she hired a crackpot).  “That’s exactly what I don’t want, exactly what I can’t stop worrying about, and exactly the reason I hired you to help me get a new result in mind!”
And everyone knows, she went on to tell me, that you get what you think about – so why in the world would she purposely think about bankruptcy?!
I suggested that as long as she strongly didn’t want this particular outcome, she was on a direct collision course for it.  We needed to make peace and clear the negative charge before she could turn that magnet off.
“I hire you to avoid bankruptcy and you tell me to get okay with it.”
“That’s going to help me avoid it?”
Well, only if you really get okay with it, I told her.
You can’t pretend to get okay with it in order to avoid it – you have to really truly make peace with bankruptcy.  When you’re there, then we have a clean slate to start creating with.
(Hey, I don’t make the rules!  I just work with them!)
(And one of the biggest rules is that what we resist, persists.  So when we resist feeling angry, when we resist going bankrupt, – well, we know what happens next.)

* * * * * * * *

But one of my favorite unconventional homework assignments is for someone who is intent on creating an ideal relationship with a particular person who isn’t responding well.
(I’m laughing just thinking about it!)
That assignment is to go date a smokin’ hot someone else.
That one works for so many reasons I can’t even list them here!  ha ha
Another one of my most cherished vibrational remedies (that isn’t often well-accepted) is to give up on what you want.
That one’s reserved for someone who has really got their panties in a twist about their desire.  It is a last ditch effort, but it works wonders when we’re able to truly embrace it.
(And yes, I have practiced each of these remedies personally.)
I suspect I don’t have the corner on non-traditional vibe shifts.  What have you all practiced that we might not find in typical LOA 101 textbooks?

  • September 28, 2009

What Would You Love Next?

fireworkIt’s the question on my voice mail, the inquiry clients answer as we wrap up sessions, and a fun way to leverage the power of our conscious focus.
That is to consider the question: What would you LOVE to happen next?
Entertaining the question is an easy way to point your mind in the direction of something fun and fabulous, as determined by YOU!
What would you LOVE to happen next?
No censoring, no editing, no big deal – just a fun direction to point your powerful mind.
What I’d love next?  To hear your answers!
(I posted this question on twitter the other day, and had so much fun reading everyone’s responses that I knew we’d have fun with it here!)
The beauty of this question is that it allows us to entertain thoughts of what we’d love without attachment or angst.  Just a fun consideration of what would thrill and delight us next, without worrying about making it happen.
You game?  🙂
What would you love to happen next?

  • September 19, 2009

Q&A: Demands More Effective than Intentions?

insistOne of my favorite manifesting stories comes from Jewish literature about Honi the Rain Maker from 2000 years ago. 

Part of Honi’s rain manifesting included this statement to God: “Master of the universe … I swear by your great name that I am not moving from here until you have mercy on your children.” 

In essence, he gets a bit feisty.

The author who relates this story says Honi didn’t order God to make it rain, but rather he tells Spirit his intent, and very firmly so, which puts conviction in the mix and helps him believe in his own ability to make it rain.

(And indeed, it does rain.  A lot.)

This story reminds me when Tia was manifesting a boyfriend, and she got fed up about no action and finally threw a fit, which is when he showed up.

All this was already on my mind when Dr. G. wrote in response to the Setting Intentions post shared in yesterday’s ezine.  Here’s what the Doc had to say:

“Here’s a contrarian viewpoint on ‘intention.’  Even though Wayne Dyer has popularized the word intention I have always been turned off by all the positive spin put on the word intention.  Remember the old saying “the road to hell is paved with good intentions”?  Most people have good intentions however have a terrible track record for following through.  Joe Vitale says that ‘intentions are for wimps.’

He suggests that we ‘DEMAND from the universe what we want,’ then take massive action.”

And after the Wimpy Words post, one of my favorite Abraham colleagues wrote to say that Hope is actually a very high vibration for her, and she definitely doesn’t consider it wimpy.

So there I was just the other day saying Hope is a wimpy word, and now Doc’s reminding me that Joe Vitale thinks Intent is just as weak and that we’re better off insisting – or demanding – what we want from Universe/God/higher power.

We already know the answer is whatever feels most empowering to us, right?  And that that’s very likely different for each of us, and may vary according to circumstances.

But I am super curious as to how many of you law of attraction savvy people find that demanding in the way that Honi and Tia did, and that Joe Vitale suggests, feels good to you.  And yields results. 

Is there something magical about “stomping our feet”?  Does it add conviction and strengthen our vibrational alignment? 

Or does it have the opposite effect, sending a weird signal to Universe?

I’ve got half a mind to try this out as an experiment.  (Although I can recall one time I used it spontaneously – with a very powerful outcome!)

With that I’m turning this topic over to you all.  Have you gotten feisty before and seen results?  Or does it work better when you Intend – or maybe even Hope?   What are your thoughts?

  • September 9, 2009

The Art of Setting Intentions

consciousnessLife follows our thoughts, so when we don’t get specific and deliberate with those thoughts, who knows where we’ll end up! The power is in training our attention toward what we want, which we can do by setting the intention for it in advance.
What’s An Intention?
An intention is simply “the act or instance of determining mentally upon some action or result.” Dream Coach, Marci Wieder, writes this about intentions:

“A working definition for intention is: ‘to have in mind a purpose or plan, to direct the mind, to aim.’ Lacking intention, we sometimes stray without meaning or direction. But with it, all the forces of the universe can align to make even the most impossible, possible.”

I tell folks setting an intention is simply holding in mind what you want. That’s what allows you to point your conscious awareness (your vehicle for all creation) in the direction of what you would like to have or be or do.
In short, intention setting is a good habit to get into!
Here are short and sweet steps for setting an intention. (Whether you do it on the fly or create a more formal ritual for it, the important part is that you do what feels best!)
On-the-Fly Intention Setting
(for when you don’t have a lot of advance prep time)

  1. Focus your thought on the result or experience you want
  2. Let it go

Could it get any easier? The only thing better than how simple it is, is how effective you’ll find it!
On-the-fly intention setting is perfect for taking or making important calls, meeting new people, hosting or attending an event, traveling, receiving some sort of service like a restaurant dinner, car in the shop, tax preparation, etc.
For times when you’re extra nervous or doubtful, or for things that feel like a big deal, you might engage a more ritualized process for setting an intention:
Formal Intention Setting
(for when it really matters)

  1. Write your intention down
  2. Let it go

Still pretty simple, huh?  Instead of writing it down, you could speak it out loud. Either way amps up the power.  Developing a habit or ritual around the process will increase its effectiveness for you, too.
You can develop a ritual by keeping a particular journal where you write intentions, or having a place (a box or drawer or even a book) where you keep the papers you’ve written your intentions on.  (I keep an Intentions Journal.)
Some choose to keep their written intentions in a place where they see them regularly (bulletin board, bathroom mirror, wallet, etc.).
If you’re speaking your intention instead of writing it, it’s recommended to get in a peaceful state before declaring it. If you choose to share it with another person, be picky about who you let in on it to ensure you get support instead of ridicule or doubt.
As far as how to word your intention, there’s no wrong way to do it, but I recommend you play with various structures in order to find your rhythm – then stick with what feels best.
Some start an intention by addressing their higher power, some start it with “I am,” some simply say what’s going to happen.

That’s how I do it: “We have a great time, we’re totally attracted to each other, he quickly makes it clear he wants to see me again.”

Experiment, be creative, and pay attention for what “clicks” for you.
When to Use It?
There’s no bad time to set an intention. Anytime you care about what happens or simply want to ensure you get what you want is a great time to get intentional.
In fact, I suspect most of us already hold intentions more often than we realize. The problem is those intentions aren’t usually deliberate about pointing us in the direction of our desire.

For example, my sister-in-law recently went on a job interview that she “knew” wouldn’t pay what she wanted. As she drove to her interview, she imagined that they would probably like her, would probably want to hire her, and could in no way possible afford her.
Guess what happened? No surprise she got exactly what she held in mind.

By purposely setting an intention, we get a chance to redirect our thoughts in ways that allow our desired end result to come to fruition. We get out of our own way and stop sabotaging our happy endings!
As usual, though, don’t take my word for it. Put it to practice for yourself and let me know how you like it!

  • September 2, 2009

Eliminating Lip Service

This morning it seemed angels were passing a message through via a song planted in my head as I woke up.

The song was something like, if you couldn’t say I love you, how would I know you did?

At first I thought they were schooling me to be better to Russ.

But that wasn’t it.

What they meant was in terms of manifesting.  Here goes, my best translation of what the message was about:

* * * * * * * *

I, for one, rely strongly on words to manifest.  Writing them, speaking them, thinking them.  And, surely, words are powerful.

But … to ensure your actions are serving your manifesting intentions, be aware of the message that Universe is receiving from you irrespective of what you’re saying.

Imagine the only instruction you gave Universe came from your actions and behavior.

How would your instruction be interpreted?

For example:

I have had a client or two (or 20) who SAY they are managing their vibration quite well, that they are (no, Judie, I’m talking about you this time – you are beautifully self-aware) .. they SAY they are feeling positive and focused on what they want and lined up vibrationally with it and they believe it, but as I spend more time with them it becomes clear that that’s what they know SHOULD be true, that’s what they WISH were true, but the reality is that they’re living with doubt and fear and discouragement, etc.

So while their words may be all love and light, their vibration isn’t.

But the morning message was to focus on action more – not just vibration in general.  Let me get back on topic.

If you couldn’t tell someone you loved them, how would you show them?

If you couldn’t TELL Universe what you wanted, how would you send that instruction? (Hint: smoke signals aren’t the answer.)

It’s not a secret language of words – action is a vibrational language, too.

We know like attracts like.  So if we ensure our actions are lined up with what we want, that would be good.

Like when we say we want to be wealthy, but we’re acting out of poverty.  Or when we say we want to be loved, but our actions scream that we’re not.

Line your actions up with your (manifesting) words.  Leave it at that.

I think I can come up with a good example.

A personal one.

What they mean is don’t rely so heavily on your words – get your actions lined up, too.

I shall line up my actions with my intentions.

Oh – got a great opportunity in front of me.

I just wrote on my whiteboard earlier this week that (and this is verbatim – may have done it more carefully had I known it’d be shared!):

“I just created a knock your socks off rock star life-changing money vibe product that is THE ANSWER folks have been looking for!  YAY! :)”

Then I listed the feelings associated: ecstatic, proud, thrilled, excited, accomplished and in high service.

And topped it off with: “I am the best at what I do!”

So, although I think the actual action of creating the product will be important, I should ensure my actions are also sending that signal.

Not the actions of ‘I want to create this amazing, transformational product,’ or that ‘I’m working on it,’ but that ‘it is created.’

What would that look like, I wonder?

Hmm.  Can’t wait to tell you after I find out!!

PS – have you seen blisscals?  Just heard about these today!

  • August 26, 2009
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