December 30, 2010

Celebrating 2010 Manifestations

Last year I suggested we share our favorite personal manifestations to prime the pump for more good stuff in the upcoming year.
That worked so well I thought we’d do it again!
I already had my list put together because we did this on a group call at Good Vibe U yesterday.
So please add your favorite manifestations of 2010, along with any good news, successes, wins, accomplishments or delicious moments you’d like to give a special spotlight to.
Here are a few of my most enjoyed moments, experiences and occasions from 2010:

  • fostering and adopting Elvis
  • launching Good Vibe U & connecting with fellow creators there!
  • family gathering at my house this year (that was very cool)
  • saying goodbye to Kent (my second dad) with tremendous peace
  • online video production! (for Masters of Creation & GVU welcome video – woot!)
  • making more peace with my body & sleeping regularly again (yay!)
  • growing blog traffic; coaching at my new rate; launching new ebooks
  • giving the green light to launch Good Vibe Coach Academy with two fired up savvy coach partners
  • better flowing with the process of contrast & expansion (I’m getting a good hang of it!)
  • choosing love & allowing over anger & resentment during my breakup
  • playing with new neighborhood friends Nate & Ali & Katelyn
  • off leash walks with Sadie & neighbor dog Kea (& Sadie behaving for them!)
  • a continual flow of amazing and fabulous clients!

That was challenging to narrow the list down to just a handful to share here, but super fun to focus on it all!
And now it’s your turn …
What were some of your favorite things from 2010?
Give them a spotlight to activate the vibration of enjoyment and appreciation for your new year launch!
(They don’t have to be personal just to you, either.  They could be supercool worldwide events.)
Also, if you want to do this celebration routine throughout the year, Flavia and Sara host a celebration call every two weeks.

  • Scott says:

    I fulfilled my lifelong dream of having a comic published. That was awesome!

  • Nicole says:

    Wow everyone had some amazing manifestations this year! I love reflecting on the past year. It seems like a great time to conjure up some good feelings on what went right in 2010.
    Traveled to a gaming convention in Seattle with just my husband. We drove through the mountains and visited an old friend. Made friends with so many great people and had a wonderful adventure!
    Traveled to Minneapolis with life-long girlfriends. Had a fabulous weekend with amazing food, luxury and even met the owner of the Minneapolis Hells Kitchen. On the road, I scripted meeting someone famous and talked with my friend on how amazing it will be. She was shocked when I reminded her after the meeting how we made it happen with visualization!
    My children have been so much fun this past year. Each one of them brings me a different set of challenges and good times. Its so interesting to manifest and co-create with them.
    Experienced true happiness and self-love!
    My website doubled in traffic in 2010. My mission to inspire women to lead better lives by finding their ‘inner geek’ began to flourish.
    The Men of Geeky Moms 2011 Fantasy Calendar was a success! I was somehow able to get 12 shy geeky men to take pictures and submit to the whole process. I felt so in alignment during the entire project, and could hardly sleep at night until I had finished it.
    What a fabulous year! I’m so thankful.

  • Oooh…how could I forget this one??
    I finally manifested connecting with a fantastic singer/songwriter who wants me to sing backup/harmonies with her and we already have a gig this month! I haven’t done something like this in YEARS but really have been wanting to but my searches never produced any good connections. THIS one came from a “regular” job search on craigslist (wasn’t even IN the musicians section!) and it turns out we’re pretty near perfect for each other!
    I had to wait until after my crazy busy month of December to actually begin rehearsing but we start tomorrow and I am so giddy giddy giddy!! It has been on my mind all month but maybe since I didn’t officially start it yet I forgot I manifested it in 2010!
    Yee ha!

  • Shimigirl says:

    What a year of contrast. Began the year with my husband of 22 years leaving. I wish him happiness and light with his ex girlfriend. This has allowed a space for someone to come into my life and love me even more deeply and profoundly- ME!
    I have discovered gratitude is the opposite of resentment. So every time I have cause to resent I find I have something to be grateful for.
    I have new and exciting people to meet and love- he and she only have each other and a past to try to recapture and maintain. I am so lucky that I have already been to all the places he’s taking her(seriously- it’s like she photoshopped herself into our albums)when we were fit and young. I’m so lucky.
    LOA has drawn me to itself and given words to what was my approach to life all along. What amazement and wonder has all of this prepared me for I wonder???

  • Here my favorite 2010 manifestations…..
    – Finally getting my horrid roommates to leave so that I can find myself 2 new AWESOME ones and remain in my WONDERFUL apartment!!!!!
    – My mother’s health continuously getting better and her hip surgery/recovery going better than we ever could have imagined!
    – Being able to go spend 2 full weeks with mom to help her recover and just plain spend time with her after the surgery.
    – My first solo cabaret in NYC “Definite Possibilities…”!!!!!!
    – I was actively working on something creative between my cabaret and other shows. I performed pretty steadily in 2010.
    – I got to perform in one of my favorite roles ever this past summer doing a comedy (non-musical, which is rare for me!) which was VERY well-received and so much fun! And I hadn’t ever even heard of the play before they cast me in it.
    – Good Vibe University. Enough said.
    – Seeing my best friend when she came up to see my cabaret (hadn’t seen her in a few years here!)
    – Finally started taking improv classes – facing my fears and learning SOO much!
    – My brother feeling confident in himself as her began PERFORMING with improv groups/meeting new people and enjoying life outside of his apartment in NYC!!!
    – The improv place I intern at created my own special internship just coming in to doodle on their chalkboard each week!
    – I have begun to see the possibilities for my doodles and am pursuing many ways I can create things with them!!! Not to mention the awesomeness of people like Jeannette and Pamela for requesting some! Also, special thanks to Nancy for her support and ideas – always pushing me forward!
    – The awareness that I am officially seeking out ideas for ways I can be of service to the world…and am currently looking for answers to the what? and the how? This is also combined with my decision to finally find something inspiring to support me (along with performing) rather than all the crap jobs I “have to” take from time to time.
    I think I will do this every year…..
    so much better than “resolutions”….

  • Lois says:

    2010 was a great year for me. These are some of hte highlights…
    Made 2 trips to NYC this year.
    My sweetheart and I bought a jeep and took lots of jeep trips…off roading.
    In July I was fired from a job that I had worked at for 6 years…devastating at first, but has turned out to be one of the best things that has ever happened to me.
    In August we took our jeep on the Rubicon Trail and enjoyed some of the most beautiful nature.
    In Sept my oldest brother passed and my youngest daughter went with me to Pennsylvania for his funeral. It was a wonderful celebration of his life but most of all I got to experience how much fun my daughter is.
    During this year I have developed a greater understanding of what being in the vortex feels like.
    I spent many day doing the “creative workshop” – Abraham.
    I have fallen deeply in love with my boyfriend and for the first time we are saying “I love you” to each other (we have dated for 3 years and have a wonderful relationship, but it took a while for the “I love you’s” to be spoken.
    My first grandson was born.
    My two year old granddaughter who rarely spoke (mostly used hand gestures) has finally started talking and has bcome such a jabber mouth. I never get tired of hearing her say, “I love you grandma”.
    I have spent many one on one times with my 11 year old granddaughter and she told me how much she enjoys spending time with me.
    I have been sleeping better than I ever have in my life.
    I have enjoyed seeing the successes of my 5 grown children over the past year… their joys and also how they are learning to deal with challenges.
    As good as 2010 was, I have expectations that 2011 is going to be so much better. Together my sweetheart and I have set our plans and intentions for financial prosperity for the coming year.
    Happy New Year Everyone!!!!

  • Katherine Griffith says:

    This year marked a huge “event horizon” – for our family. Not in a bad way, but in a very good way. Throughout the year I have also been affirming “Blessings from unexpected sources” and it has worked. I am thankful for:
    1. My Savior
    2. My son
    3. My mom
    4. Our dog Stewart
    5. The new car
    6. Healing from Addiction and general health of family
    7. My Church, including pastors and church family
    8. Tim Tebow
    Unfortunately I cannot include the Florida Gators because their performance was lousy this year. Hopefully next year and my list will include Will Muschamp.
    9. Friends
    Not necessarily in this order.

  • Ohhh wrote an entire blog post about this over on my site!! Hang on, I’ll copy paste the highlights 😉
    * Successfully rebranded my Coach T.I.A law of attraction coaching biz into Your Life YOUR Way, a resource for new solopreneurs to grow their business through personal growth & social media
    * Finished 12 month CTI coach training certification & became a Certified Coach
    * Invested in a year’s business & personal coaching to grow my own business
    * Registered Sparkles Communications Unlimited to reflect the future of this biz
    * Attended, learned a ton & networked with cool, successful entrepreneurs at 3 major events (Wealthy Thought Leader, Canada Marketing Summit, TUT)
    * Created and ran a 4 teleclass series on Social Media for Coaches, with over 75 people on each call
    * Was hired by my 1st few social media clients for coaching & social media consulting for business
    * Wrote my first ever eBook on procrastination and was stoked at how well it was received
    * Created a fun 4 week Scanner call series for Good Vibe University with another coach
    * Started a kickass written & video Entrepreneur interview series and did book giveaways
    * Connected with social media friends offline and built solid relationships
    * Saw my clients go thru awesome, positive life & business changes within weeks of coaching
    * Was featured in a 125 top fearless female bloggers list at
    * Featured Expert on Marketing through Social Media teleclass at A Red Bench
    * Got Interviewed on podcasts and blogs by personal development bloggers I admire
    * Invited to deliver social media presentations for CTI and the ICF local chapter in 2011
    * Assisted 5 coaching courses in Vancouver, facilitating learning for over 100 coaches
    * Launched a local Coffee group for Coaches to support each other and grow together
    * Collaborated with coach Tanya Geisler to create an online talkshoe series for coaches
    * Supported and inspired tons of bloggers in the Reverb10 month long series
    * Started a Mastermind group with 4 dynamic entrepreneurs going into 2011
    * Found my blogging voice and expressed it loud and strong, with great feedback
    * Hit a century in blog posts and over 1500 insightful, engaged comments
    * Had my highest blog traffic days and ranking, and getting better by the day
    * Gosh, so many more little wins that I made sure I celebrated with gusto and appreciation.
    * Came back mid Jan from a 6 week holiday in New Zealand, getting closure on the past
    * Got out of my comfort zone and went to local tweetups and entrepreneur meetups
    * Found an inner resilience that I never knew existed, got centered, met & liked myself more
    * Had a fantastic time during the Olympics, started cooking, eating better & working out
    * Became the healthiest and fittest and happiest I’ve ever been so far, and more each day
    * Decided my life needed shaking up & left my apartment of 2 years with no certainty of the future
    * Attended a Landmark meeting and decided to do the course in 2011, thanks to friend Andrew
    Sneak previews of goodies coming UP in 2011
    * A revamped newsletter and email series
    * More of the awesomeness that birthed in 2010
    * A much needed community for inspired solopreneurs
    * Courses on business growth through personal growth and social media
    * Exciting collaboration with another blogger to create a special membership site
    * Growth, passion, inspiration, fun, abundance, love, happiness, movement, community & more!
    Whew, what an awesome year!!

  • M says:

    It was a good year! And 2011 will be just as good or perhaps even better 🙂
    My 10 favourite manifestations:
    1. I found Abraham and this nice place and learned about the LOA
    2. I manifested a much better relationship with my boss at the office
    3. The same with all my colleagues 🙂
    4. A friendly relationship with my ex – I so hoped it would be like that!
    5. A wonderful new penfriend
    6. I won things in two contests 🙂
    7. A new pair of buzzards have occupied the place of the old ones that left this spring and did not come back
    8. My health is better than ever, I had not a single cold this winter so far 🙂
    9. Feeling more confident about myself, more self-love
    10. Last not least! My relationship with my lover is deeper and better than ever <3
    Happy new Year!

  • Kim Falconer says:

    I loved 2010!
    First I must say that meeting Janette at AussieCon 4 was a wonderful experience and very nurturing to me! Meeting my fellow authors and readers there, and helping celebrate Voyager’s 15th year of fabulous speculative fiction publishing made me feel part of a greater whole, and very proud too!
    Other peak moments are:
    Seeing two more books in the series hit the shelves
    My Kalhili Ginger blooming for the first time in five years. OMG!
    Waking up to three black cats asleep on my bed (I only have 2)
    Speaking at my first writers festival to a packed out crowd
    Hearing my grandson say ‘moon’ for the first time when I took him on a night walk
    Starting veggie garden on my rooftop
    Have breakfast every morning in my rooftop garden!
    Brainstorming the most fantastic story imaginable with my genius son
    Going somewhere in meditation I can’t even explain
    Creating the most beautiful, loving, nurturing, respectful break up on record (and I’m the girl with the gasoline when it’s time to burn bridges! he he he)
    Being a part of GVU and participating with all the wonderful people there – especially all those cut to the chase mini readings!
    Thank you, Jeannette. I must say, since the year we met, you’ve always been on my list of highlight. Just knowing you . . .
    xxx Happy New Year Everyone!

  • Nicole says:

    I got a $2750 check in the mail today from an invoice that I thought was totally forgotten! YEAH!
    I published a new book today… after just channeling the information since I was hit by a burst of inspiration on December 17 and being ridiculously productive writing it!
    I fell in love, fell out of love, fell back in love, and had everyone I’ve ever loved in my present and my past come back to me to form the most enticing, invigorating, fulfilling network of love and affection I could have NEVER dreamt possible!
    I am SO looking forward to continuing this vibe in 2011!

  • MissyB says:

    For me its the conscious manifesting of so many more good feeling vibes than in previous years. Whilst there have been many other things that came to fruition, none match the importance for me of choosing better vibes.
    I have bad days, but this year, I can say with hand on heart, I’ve chosen to feel good. Now that feeeeeeels gooooooooooooood !

  • Sophie says:

    Love love love all of this!!!!
    In 2010, I:
    – renewed with my love of filmmaking and shot Together We Are Art, Go Daddy Commercial, Trader Joe’s video and edited GVU’s welcome video
    – Became a member of the most awesome community: GVU!
    – Created my awesome Deliberate Creator Planner and came up with the idea for Blissful Efficiency
    – Opened my marriage with love
    – Learned to edit and fell in love with it
    – Wrote the first draft to our kick ass musical feature
    – Connected with many awesome friends, teachers, coaches
    – Got to know myself more and fall in love with myself (this year I am marrying myself)
    – Manifested thousand of dollars
    – Learned to meditate
    – Met several of my new best friends
    – Became a Master of Creation 🙂
    – Loved, lived, laughed!!!!!
    What a great year!

  • Mariëlle says:

    Mmmmmmm, what a nice opportunity to milk this year at the last day of 2010! Oh it’s been so full with so many amazing experiences. Here are the ones that come to mind first:
    * Vortex of Attraction Cruise to the Caribbean in March
    * Visiting New York for the first time
    * Roadtrip from New York to Miami
    * Shopping in Orlando
    * Visiting Seaworld
    * Moving in my apartment with my love
    * All of those delicious snuggle moment we shared together
    * Picknicking and swimming in the morning out in nature
    * Swimming naked in a big lake and feeling soooo free
    * Allowing myself to stop working on a project that didn’t feel good anymore
    * Meeting new people and becoming friends so quickly
    * Being able to help people fall in love with themselves again
    * Experiencing unconditional love flowing through me
    * Discovering Jeannette and joining GVU and connecting with you all
    * Listening to Abe’s meditation CD daily and feeling total bliss
    * Totally surrendering to alignment first (big decision!)
    * Camping in Zeeland with my love
    * Suprise weekend away to Belgium from and with my love
    * Celebrating our third anniversary eating tapas in a restaurant
    * Tears of joy when experiencing the world through the eyes of Source
    Oh I could go on an on… Man, what a great year it was!!
    And tonight I’m gonna celebrate it with a bang! Whooohoooo 🙂

  • You know, it’s interesting that after I read this post, I turned on to an old episode of Bones, and the episode is about an artist who puts old cars through those crusher thingies and then calls the cube of compressed metal “art.” Much discussion on the show about what is and isn’t pretty or worth saving. It seems an appropriate analogy for making a list like this. Sometimes, we have years full of trips and shiny new relationships and things and triumphs that are so easy to go WOO HOO about. And sometimes, the year is more like a recycled car that traditional perceptions would say isn’t worth getting too excited about. SO, thanks to you, I choose to see all of this as art:
    1. I FINALLY got it this year that action, action, action isn’t the answer and I’m experiencing a profound ahhhh.
    2. We released over $60,000 in debt. Gone.
    3. I finally spoke about a secret I’d been keeping from my parents for months and it was such a relief.
    4. Have had enough money come in to stay in our home and pay our bills.
    5. Have had countless AWESOME hours with DUCKY!!
    6. Started two new websites and learned buckets about WordPress and blogging and marketing and videos.
    7. Have put 51 videos on my YouTube channel in less than 4 months.
    8. Have made some great new friends who are aware of the power of their thought and feeling.
    9. Discovered GVU and became a part of the loving, powerful energy there.
    I could go on, but I’ll end with the last but not least:
    10. I’m STILL deeply loved by my husband no matter what.

  • BettJoy says:

    Love the Celebrate Being in The Middle Link – thank you, Jeannette! and for everything. Here’s my list:
    1. Getting acknowledgement from my darling son for how I raised him, who is now on his own true path, living with his love, in a foreign country, doing good, well-respected work at a job he loves (in a foreign language, no less!), and having fun with his friends, old and new.
    2. Letting an old friend become a new lover – after not having had a lover for 17 years! Woohoo!
    3. Letting go of a professional label and a business that was no longer working, and just allowing whatever may come, even though I have debt, expenses, no income except from the Government, and no plans for how to support myself – and I feel relaxed and trusting and open to an unnamed future!
    4. Singing with a community choir – and even making a silly YouTube video of me singing…
    5. Putting myself out there; playing with friends, giving & getting support, challenging my reclusive tendencies; being kinder to all, especially myself. Keeping more in touch with friends and relatives.
    6. Teaching a class or two, giving a talk or two, leading a group, cooking meals for friends: exploring new possibilities for sharing and learning.
    7. Learning to be present with what is, and to enjoy my awesome life more and more. Expanding in generosity!
    8. Letting go of a huge chunk of fear that was running me. Getting ready to adventure forth into new contributions, and new levels of receiving my GOOD.
    Bring on 2011!

  • Janette says:

    Wow, ALL fabulous manifestations you guys!! OK, here’s my shortlist, in no particular order (are you kidding – it’s hard enough to pick a shortlist, let alone prioritise them!!)
    * saying goodbye to the Day Job
    * helping my good friend win a State election (oh, yeah!)
    * winning a place in my first ever poetry competition (with an entry I wrote in ONE NIGHT)
    * saying goodbye with grace and love and peace to my darling Dad
    * being a part of GVU Masters
    * attending Aussiecon4 – getting to have lunch with Kim Falconer (yes Ms Maw, we talked about you!) and catch up with a huge passel of writer friends
    * meeting two power animals (Cougar and Hummingbird) and my guide for 2011 (Dragonfly)
    * getting angelic help with a plumbing issue (true!)
    * hubby and me getting together with hubby’s sister for a fabulous weekend of theatre and super-luxe accommodation in Melbourne – swish!
    * just….. being alive!!!
    Big hugs and fabulous new year wishes to all!! xxx

  • Jessica, the last thing that sounds is mediocre. I know a miracle when I read one. 🙂
    Kudos to you on your fab enjoyment of 2010!!

  • Jessica says:

    I am still getting the hang of deliberate creation. I am 16 and have had an issue since I was 12 or 13 that I can’t really be myself around guys. Haven’t really had a guy friend In years. So this summer I manifested a fantastic experience. I met a few extremely nice guys and a girl completely randomly at the exhibition. And I mean, the way they just immediatly accepted me… How nice they were… Nearly overwhelmed me. I know this sounds mediocre but to me it was perfect. I didn’t even try that hard to visualize it. It was just something I was doing for this meditation thing. And then when I was feeling quite in the vortex(after watching a dog show!) I just bumped into them! (the girl I was with knew them)
    so that is my rather simple manifestation of ’10. I have more, but they don’t mean much to me. Happy new year everyone!

  • Aw, two jackets, two cats, two men in your life … very cool, Leslie!
    Your mouse story would make the top of my list, too.
    Thanks for sharing your fabulous parts of 2010 with us!

  • Leslie Richter says:

    1. Lots of visits with my brother who has a heart of gold and makes a mean breakfast!
    2. Moments of random acts of kindness to myself.
    3. Two purple cuordary jackets – periwinkle lavender and pinky mauve. I couldn’t decide which one to buy so I bought them both. I am still grinning about that.
    4. The most amazing facial that took pounds of stress off my face and energy field.
    5. Profound relief and comfort from my mother’s nurses.
    6. Two cats on the bed at the same time without fighting.
    7. Throwing like a girl, trying to throw the rope up as my husband and son patiently wait for me to get it near their reach so they could pull the rolls of roofing up to the roof. I still managed to be a help.
    8. I painted the entire house outside in the summer all by myself – what a face lift I gave our house and the warm rust red is so welcoming.
    9. We got a new roof – looks fab with the new paint job.
    10. Watching my husband all by himself hand build his shop and savoring the spectacular energy and view around it.
    11. My secret stash of bird seed the cats haven’t found out about.
    12. The mouse bed I found under a pot lid – yellow stuffing stolen from the dishwasher made into a nest with a doorway. So darling.
    13. Rescuing the mouse in the garbage can and putting it outside,
    so much for telepathically telling it to leave when the door was open. Still I managed to manifest no harm to the mouse.
    14. Love and support in unexpected places.

  • Tiffany, I got goosebumps reading your second list item, but #3 is my favorite!
    Until I read #4 – woo hoo! And of course 7 ranks, too. lol
    What a year, huh?! Yay for 2010!!!!

  • Harmony Harrison says:

    Yummy thoughts… I’ve been meaning to post my 2010 Woohoos over on GVU but I think I’ll do it here!
    * Living, breathing, loving. (Guess I can’t say enough about these.)
    * Adopting Tucker
    * Launching my practice at Intuitopia
    * Breathing life into all on my own – dreaming, designing, and doing it all, with the whoosh that comes from website self-sufficiency
    * Retreat with my sweetheart and lots of family and friends in November
    * This excellent bath I took in the spring where I had a Big Whopping Money Breakthrough (!)
    * Writing my first ebook (in five! days!)
    * Seeing Abe in July on an excellent anniversary trip with my sweetie
    * Standing, transfixed and transformed, in the Portland rose gardens at the height of their bloom, surrounded by scent, with Mt. Hood in the background and my sweetheart’s arm around me
    * Whooshing into the vortex
    * Joining GVU (Actually, joining the Masters program there was even highlight-ier)
    * Oh my gosh, we had this *amazing* summer on the coast with the beach just littered with fossils and agates and jaspers and petrified wood… I’m having rockhound flashbacks…
    * Hissy fits!
    * Meeting Maria of Lovin’ Life just yesterday!
    * Lots of manifestations bubbling up everywhere!
    * Our cats all get along! Dogs wrestling with cats! Cats wrestling with dogs! Catnip so strong that it wrestles back! lol
    * Saying H*LL NO to someone who deserved it! Ha!
    * Re-re-discovering my voice, my passion, my Who-I-Am-and-Ain’t-Nothin’-But.
    * Writing, writing, writing, writing, writing!
    * Feeling such connection and intimacy with friends, online and off. <3
    It just goes on and on… It was truly a great year. A big 'un. I'm so proud of 2010.

  • Tiffany says:

    Oooh This is fun…
    *My number one manifestation has to be allowing an acceptance from my DREAM COLLEGE!! I got accepted EARLY! The amount of “trouble” I went through to get up the courage to even fill out my application was so…amazing. It was an epic vibrationally journey. I found out a week before Christmas. Now every day I feel a little down, I think of what We did. We = Me and the Universe.
    *Number 2? Spending 3 amazing weeks in the heart of NYC as an art student. Five days a week i’d have six total hours of classes. Figure drawing was one of the most spiritual experiences I’ve ever had. Paint class was a complete riot that changed my perspective on the world- and it left me with sexy splotches of paint all over my super-bronzed summer legs!
    * Number 3: My family allowed a 2lb. Chihuahua stray into our lives. By pure chance she was picked up by a neighbor’s son. Now the little nugget spends her days curled in a sleepy ball on my dad’s lap or running around jingling because she can only fit into cat collars 🙂
    *Number 4: I fell in love this year. Not how I thought I would. It was thrilling and exciting and it made me daydream every second I wasn’t consumed in conversation. Oh and I don’t even know his first name. LOL! He worked at an art supply store near my dorm and I visited almost daily out of sheer need. He was beautiful and made me feel things I never thought I’d feel outside a Taylor Swift song.
    *Number 5: I actually lived out a Taylor Swift song. I went on a pseudo-date with my crush of the moment. It was a clear, warm night. We were in his convertible, cruising the town. The moon was full and cast a blue glow over everything. Romantic songs played on his iPod the whole time. It was amazing! I really never thought anything could happen to me like that, and it did!
    *Number 6: I grew up. I don’t know how to explain it, but I’m going into 2011 almost utterly confident. I know it’ll be perfect for me in the end.
    *Number 7: I learned what’s really important: Feeling happy. Getting into the vortex. Maintaining alignment. WHATEVER you call it. 😀
    There’s loads more, but I can’t stay up all night.
    * Oh, I love how expressive I’ve become. It’s wonderful.

  • Wow, that’s a big year, Harmony! Super pleased that we at GVU got to be part of it! You brought us some really delicious stuff in 2010 and I have a feeling it’s only going to get better!
    The link again to your free ebook?

  • Sheesh, Martha Beck on two lists in a row! That says something about her and the fabulous people she attracts!
    Oh hey, just noticed that GVU is also on two lists in a row (three if you count mine). Ha!
    Thanks for sharing your list, Laura! My favorite of yours is the last one. Pinching away!

  • 1. A trip to Disney World
    2. A trip to Vietnam and Cambodia
    3. Being coached by Martha Beck in Colorado
    4. Finding Good Vibe U.
    5. Easy Peasy travel on approx. 30 legs this year
    6. Hummingbirds galore
    7. Free wordpress lessons to start my website on my own
    8. New clients from unexpected places
    9. Signed book by Mike Dooley (Manifesting Change)
    10. A small world experience that reminded me that I still have uncanny connections
    11. My amazingly awesome life that I’m constantly pinching myself to believe it is true.

  • I get the impression, Sarah, that you and Suzi have a good time no matter where you are or what the occasion is. lol
    Loved your list! Thanks for sharing it and happy new year to you, my friend!

  • Love this post and inspired me to write my own list-(reposting here) its good to savor the very best stuff…..feels great to have a life this full and big ((((smile))))) Thanks Jeannette!!
    My Top 10 (Sarah)
    1. 2 extraordinary weeks in SOUTH AFRICA with my BFF Suzi- negotiating a bride’s price and seeing the ANIMALS!!
    2. Martha Beck Coaches convention with my husband -amazing people, classes and gorgeous Colorado.
    3. Lady Gaga Concert with Maggie and Suzi
    4. Weekend with good friends talking Animal Totems on Madeline Island.
    5. Many many incredible walks around the woods near my house “seeing” Nature with new eyes.
    6. Getting opportunity to do 3 calls at Good Vibe University which I turned into an album on iTunes and was so Exhilarating (and a proud moment Smile!
    7. Getting Clarity that it was time to leave my MD job to persue Coaching full time- and it felt so “right”- no distress.
    8. 6 month sabbatical- opened up so much free time to just BE with my 4 fabulous children- soccer games, crafting, snuggling…all of it!
    9. Sneaking away 3 times this year to rest and relax and dream at a favorite spot Sundara.
    10. Probably is up around #4, lol- but meeting my first Power Animal and discovering how much LOVE, support and absolute compassion that exsists for me in this experience called life that I am in.

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