You Can Change Your Mind

If you think it’s not working, you’re right.

If you want things to turn out well, you’ll need to change your mind.

Even though it’s clear you’re right, even though the evidence shows things are not working, even though everyone else agrees it’s no good – you can still change your mind.

Practice feeling that things are working. Think on things going your way, even if they’re not and even though you can’t see proof yet. Imagine what it looks like when it’s going well.

Tune into relief, or satisfaction, or success.

Feel the win. Imagine a different outcome. Consider that you might be wrong, and things really are turning out well.

Whether it’s for a work project, a relationship status, a healing endeavor, a home purchase/sale, a money investment, or whatever you’re working on – stop fueling its demise by seeing it going up in flames.

Because it can’t be any different than you’re conjuring.

Conscious creators know how to see things other than as they are.

Or I should say, we can see things other than as they appear to be, because they are always everything.

If we’re not seeing what we want, it doesn’t mean our preference doesn’t exist. It just means we’re not dialed there. Yet.

We know how to plug into a different scenario. We aren’t reliant on physical evidence for what we focus on.

We can use our imaginations for what they were meant to do – create preferred realities.

You can change your mind.

You can bridge the gap between a new thought and a new reality. You know that routine, and you can do it again.

If nothing else, you can ride this one out, and start fresh on a new gig. Sometimes it’s easiest to just let this momentum play out, and then start over with something new.

Next time you’ll know to shift your vision before it gets away from you.

You are a conscious creator, and there is nothing more powerful than you and your focus.

You’ve got this.

  • July 29, 2017
  • Lala says:

    Hi Jeannette,
    question: I have been struggling a lot after the very sudden collapse of my marriage. I was very hurt and disillusioned. I have worked a lot towards healing, taking care of myself etc. Now I would love a new, loyal, supportive partner. For months I was so sure i was getting one I could actually feel it…But as weeks turned to months and months of bitter disappointments I can no longer maintain this optimism..Why was I not able to manifest what I want? How can I keep my vibrations although I am so disappointed by the results? How does one find the faith? Thank you

  • Laura Lynn says:

    Thank you, Jeannette, for this reminder. In the last three weeks, my mother, who lives 15 hours from me, has been diagnosed with moderate to severe Alzheimers Disease. It appears that I am the only one of my siblings that can go to be a caregiver. So – my life is turned completely upside down. I will move, with no income/job and until she is prescribed with medications to help her cope on her own, I do not know when I will get a job. My belongings will all go into storage because her home is furnished. Exploring the possibility of moving her where I live, but at the moment, the doctor has said that it would not be beneficial to uproot her from what is familiar. There are some other conditions that I cannot change, but this situation is urgent. I have a very short time to pack, store, quit my job, and move. Your article has put a spotlight on what I can focus on. The most difficult part is finding a better feeling thought.

  • HappySandra says:

    Thanks Jeannette. Reminds me of a Bashar quote: “If you can’t change your mind, then you’re not using it.” We are always free to choose different thoughts. 🙂

  • Tammy says:

    Everything is working out perfectly! I am the luckiest person I know, every single day. 😀.

  • Thanks for this, Jeannette. Everything’s working out perfectly.

  • Sophie says:

    I love when things don’t show up like I want them to – for me it means the universe is giving me everything I need to clear so I can me a vibrational match to what I want to create.
    It’s clean up time!!! 🙂

  • AmBentious says:

    The thing is, if I know that things aren’t working out in a certain situation, does that mean that I should stay put since all I have to do is change my mind?
    Let’s put it this way: If I’m in a relationship with someone who cheats on me, does that mean I should stay in that relationship since all I have to do is change my mind, and then maybe they won’t cheat on me anymore?
    What’s the difference between changing your mind and hoping, wishing, and praying things will change?

    • Jeannette says:

      Really good question, AmBentious. Here’s my take on it:
      You can always change your mind, but I wouldn’t bet on changing someone else’s behavior.
      I mean, yes, we have energetic influence and we’re co-creating with everyone, but it’s tricky enough being in charge of our own vibration, let alone someone else’s actions.
      What I’d do if it were me is change my mind that this “isn’t working out” and I’d think of it as “working out perfectly” … because now I clearly know this isn’t the kind of relationship I want and I can free myself up for something that IS my idea of a good time.
      It’s actually working out perfectly!
      See how changing my mind about that puts me in alignment with something good instead of something unwanted? Either this relationship will work itself out some way some how (I take inspired actions all along the way) or I am now a match to one that works for me.
      Either way, it’s all good when I say it is. 🙂

  • Awesome, loved it 🙂

  • Karen says:

    Timing, perfect. Thank you for this today, Jeannette.

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