Choosing High Grade Fuel

Running To or From?There are two ways to take any action.

The interesting thing is that very same action, depending on what’s driving it, can bring totally different results.

I’m talking about the difference between being action fueled by resistance vs. action fueled by inspiration.

Are you taking an action to avoid something, or are you taking action to move toward what you want?

They might seem like the same thing, since it’s the same action, but they’ll deliver very different results.

For example …

  • When you submit a resume because you hate your job, that turns out different than when you submit a resume because you’re excited about a new opportunity.
  • When you save up money because you’re nervous about not having enough that leads to different results than when you save money because you enjoy nest eggs.
  • When you start dating because you don’t like being single that attracts a completely different life than when you start dating because you like the thought of meeting someone new.
  • When you manifest something new because you don’t like current reality you get very different results than when you manifest something out of love for what’s possible.

The examples are endless.

Same actions. Totally different results.

You can’t guess where you’ll end up based on the actions you take. Rather, it’s the energy fueling those actions that dictates how things unfold.

So it’s worth asking … what’s fueling your actions today?

  • February 11, 2014
  • Sharne says:

    ALWAYS inspiring and insightful. Thank you so much Jeannette. 🙂

  • You’re funny, Sophie. 🙂
    Deborah, I heard something from Abraham about Esther’s experience of this. She had work that needed doing while Jerry was goofing off, and was feeling a little resentful about it. It didn’t feel good to her to skip the work – since there were people counting on her to do it. So it didn’t feel optional to ditch it. Instead she consciously and deliberately tuned into what there was to appreciate in that moment … the beautiful view she had while she worked. The comfortable chair she was sitting in. The fabulous technology she was working with. How privileged she felt to be working with Abraham.
    And pretty soon she was enjoying herself so much that there was no doubt in her mind she was having a better time than Jerry was.

  • Parul says:

    Ha! I love that “don’t” technique, Sophie! 😀

  • Deborah says:

    Jeannette, I agree with all of this 100%! So I’m wondering what to do when I have a client project due that I’m not feeling inspired about at the moment . . .
    I like the clients. I’m enjoying the project. I’ve been inspired up to now, and surely will be again. HOWEVER, it’s due to this afternoon and I’m not feeling inspired *today*!
    What to do? I feel like I need a chiro-spiritual adjustment! Hahah!!

  • Sophie says:

    Yes yes yes 🙂
    Universe does not understand “don’t”, it only gets the energy you are being in this moment.
    That’s why I get up and say 10 times:
    I don’t want any money
    I don’t want hot sex
    I don’t want this to be easy
    I don’t want my kids to get along
    Heehee 🙂

  • Walking towards or walking away?
    I’m walking towards. In fact, I’m dancing all the way there.
    Life is supposed to be fun, and it is:-)

  • Janette says:

    Ooh, love this smart distinction. Because wherever we put our focus, we get more of – so if we’re taking action in order to avoid something, our focus is still on that thing we’re avoiding, like looking in the rear-view mirror as we drive.
    Good reminder!

  • Bashar offers a pretty simple instruction to us: “Follow your highest excitement.”
    Whatever calls us most, whatever would be most fun or offer the most relief – that’s what we want to go with.
    The way I think of it is that the call of inspiration is how Universe gets us in the right place at the right time to deliver our favorite things/experiences. Or also that it’s by being in the highest vibration that we achieve the alignment matching our favorite things/experiences.
    So yes, we will be well served by going with whatever feels better. 🙂

  • Michaela says:

    I enjoyed reading this, Jeannette – it reminded me of a similar post on your Goodvibe Coach Academy blog: Results vs. joy focus. This one resonated with me as well.
    So if I’m not inspired to do something or I realize that I actually want to get away from something (= resistance), I’d better do nothing at all? And then wait until I feel (more) inspired to act?

  • Thanks for reading and for commenting, Thomas. It’s always nice to see you here!
    And Michelle, I’m glad it landed with you. Thanks for chiming in to say so.

  • michelle says:

    Thank you!!!
    Just the perspective I needed – even though I didn’t know it until I read your post.

  • Jeannette,
    I love this. Sounds like a great way to release resistance, giving this a try today! It is just the extra boost that is needed.

  • Yay for running on the high grade fuel and making easier decisions, Carolyn! (Enjoy your new home!)
    Amanda, that’s EXACTLY the subject I was thinking about, too! Making food choices to avoid weight gain vs. food choices to enhance enjoyment. I myself will be remembering this question when I’m deciding what to eat and what not to eat. (Resistance is futile!)

  • amanda poe says:

    Jeannette!! You killed it w this post. Omg.
    All I can think of is weight loss. Need to change some things around.

  • Carolyn says:

    Thanks Jeannette
    Timely as I begin construction of my home. Am I getting into this project to avoid having to pay rent? Or is it for the thrill and joy of building my dream house and the adventure of sonething new. Definitely the latter and that makes the decidion on some issue easier to make:)

  • Thanks for the compliment, Steve. (Love your avatar, too!) 🙂
    Deanna, what a perfect example of how to have completely different energy in the very same action. Have fun with your ad & its results!

  • Deanna says:

    wow!!! this is such an awesome explanation!! I am placing a craig’s list ad – because – i never have before, so I am excited to learn something new… and… I am really curious, excited, and also appreciative for the results that ad will bring. wow – high grade fuel!! thanks for the post – this info was definately worth sharing with us

  • Steve says:

    Hi Jeannette,
    You sure know how to uncover the finer points of this.

  • I would love to see your loft, Cassie!
    And yes, I asked myself the same question as I was writing this post … am I writing this because I think the blog needs a new post? Or am I excited to share something?
    It was the latter. This was one was fueled by an enjoyable email exchange with a client that I thought was an important and empowering idea to share. (Thank you, Perfect Client!)
    On the other hand, editing the new ebook this afternoon is full of nothing but “should.” So I’m happily waiting for proper inspiration to hit there. lol
    Here’s to running on high grade fuel! 🙂

  • Cassie says:

    That is a great question Jeanette! I am happy to say right now what’s fueling my actions (and by this I mean climbing up and down the loft ladder with a backpack on to take my new meditation stuff up) is the desire to have a wonderful meditation space to play and think about what is possible next. After reading your post, I am so glad I waited until I was inspired to do it instead of looking at it as something to check off my “to do” list. I’m even more excited now!

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