Clean Living & Successful Manifesting

trueLast week our Good Vibe community member, Tshombe, asked via Twitter if I would be posting about how I manifested an invitation to lead a class for Martha Beck’s Master Coaches in training.

I told him it didn’t need a whole post; I could sum it up in one tweet:

“I owe it all to clean living.”

When it comes to leveraging the law of attraction, clean living matters. That doesn’t mean I don’t ever swear (as you readers know), cheat or lie.

(In fact, I just heard an “expert” report that most of us lie in one out of four conversations that lasts more than ten minutes. Wow!)

But it does mean that for the most part I do a decent job of living within my personal integrity.

And when you’re doing that, good things happen as a natural course of life.
I hadn’t put Master Coach Trainer on my vision board, or written it in my Intentions Journal, or even had a single fleeting thought about it.

So in that sense I can’t answer Tshombe’s question about what manifesting technique I used to create this success.  (And I do consider it a success, and it’s certainly something I created.)

But good things like this happen all the time in every day life when we get nicely lined up.  Which, by “nicely lined up,” I just mean “feeling good.”

When you’re feeling good, by and large, you’re living your personal integrity.  You are being true to your Self, living what matters (as defined by you), and hanging out in your vortex.  And that high vibration calls in more good stuff to match.  Whether you identified it specifically in advance or not.

It’s how I got invited to Oprah, how I obtained Master Certified Coach status, and how other really cool things just seem to arrive “out of the blue.”

Although I do use pray rain journaling and other manifesting techniques for things like building my practice, attracting a boyfriend, finding a new house, manifesting perfect new renters, etc. – there is something to be said for having it be as simple as letting your way of every day life call in the good stuff all by itself.

And anyone who spends as much time with fabulous people like you can’t help but flow a really good vibe.

Thanks to YOU ALL for being a big part of why cool things show up “out of the blue” for me.

With that, I invite you to explore what living your personal integrity means to you, and what small shifts you can make in every day life to upgrade your vibe and let cool things in before you even set your sights on them.

  • August 31, 2009
  • Emiko Jaffe says:

    Robert, you’re welcome! Here’s a link to the post your words are featured in:
    Thanks again!

  • Robert says:

    Thank you Emiko. I consider it a huge compliment that you would want to pass on something that I said. Where can I read your blog?

  • Emiko Jaffe says:

    Robert, just a follow-up, I wrote my post and quoted you–since you (and Jeannette and Martha Beck) inspired it. Hope you don’t mind, if you do, I will pull the quote immediately and keep it for myself to enjoy 🙂 Thanks again for the quote and the inspiration!

  • Emiko Jaffe says:

    Robert , I LOVE that! It reminds me of Eckhart Tolle teaching that “I Am” is a complete sentence, and a very powerful place from which to operate. I also recently heard Jeannette mention something about everything being her favorite, and I’m so down with that, too. I used to feel limited by the notion that I could only have one favorite, I feel so much freer (not to mention ABUNDANT!) when I allow myself many favorites–that truly feels sooooo goooood . . . So “I love” works super well for me, thanks for that! 🙂 I think I feel a blog post coming on, lol.

  • Robert says:

    It seems that I have spent most of my life trying to figure out how to complete this sentence. I love _____. Now I realize that this is a complete sentence. I love.

  • Gillian says:

    Lynn Grabghorn mentions in her book “Beyond the 12 steps”, that making a joy list everyday, listing everything that makes us happy an joyful will raise our frequency and if we can keep that high frequency for 21 days, it will become our permanent vibe.

  • Well said, Annette! Here’s to more strawberries and fewer dust bunnies. lol

  • Annette says:

    Clean Living to me means: do I feel like I just ate a ripe juicy strawberry, or a dust bunny from the floor of Jiffy Lube?
    It’s a gut feeling, for sure!!
    I find that the more I eat the strawberries, the more I am able to align the actions – do I really want to be true to the bioclock and take a nap, or do I WANT to be true to my word and do the thing?? And the more I align the actions, the more strawberries I get to eat!

  • Thanks, everyone, for reminding Dad we are not the judgmental folks he may have grown up with! This is a group of people who have learned that our way is not the only way, and to call it the “right” or “best” way is an illusion.
    We know to allow others their choices from the buffet, and we know that their choices don’t have to affect us if we don’t choose them, too!
    Mitch, your question is giving me good food for thought … we’ll be visiting that topic soon, I’m sure.

  • Mitch says:

    Here’s a big shout out to Jeannette’s dad for the great blog inspiration! We’ve heard great things about your parenting, Roger! 🙂
    Jeannette, this goes hand in hand with what you’ve said about finding our core values. How we really can’t go wrong if we’re making all of our choices based on what matters most to us.
    I would love for you to expand on that a little too. Sometimes, like Iyabo said, I feel unhappy because I know I’m not acting with integrity, but I have a time even trying to step back far enough to see what it is that’s really important to me. (Something about twisting myself into alternate versions to please others, as Abe says…) Is there a trick or tool to help with that?

  • Susie says:

    Hi Jeannette, and Hi Dad!!!!
    It’s honestly an honor to have Dad visit here. I’m sure you know how loved your daughter is by all of us in the Good Vibe communities!!!….and it’s easy to see where she got at least some of her lovability! Thanks for joining “us”!!!!
    and….thanks Jeannette for the Focus Wheel info….(first time I’ve (been aware) come across it. Some time during the reading of this blog and the viewing of the utube video on focus wheel……i started to work out in my thoughts and a couple of scribbled notes to self….part of the CONFLICT…..regarding WHAT I WANT (the life of my dreams….in LAGUNA or (either Northern CA, or some other liberal, 4 season, cooler weather spot)……..not finished with the CONFLICT RESOLUTION……..
    BUT….FINALLY…..have a little bit of clarity about how i can reconcile the (mental-duh) battle i’ve been engaging in for five years (and am INTENDING that the working out of this “conflict in my little head” will be fast and fun!!!!
    Thanks to both of you (oh oh, is Dad stealing the show??)
    love, hugs, fun and peace!

  • Gillian says:

    I loove this.

  • Judy says:

    Now I know why I love both you and your dad, Jeannette. You’re both authentic. And, thankfully, authenticity never fits in a box.
    Can someone live a squeaky clean, authentic life? Sure, I guess so. But I like people who lean into life, make mistakes and clean up after themselves so that they can go on living fully into what they are creating next.
    Both you and you dad live like that…on the surface, it may look different, but only on the surface.
    I’m glad you two chose each other as family.
    I’m also thankful that you share your lives w/ us.
    Love to you both!

  • Janette says:

    LOL, I hesitated to even read this blog – ack, living clean??? Oh no, it’ll be all alfalfa sprouts and getting up at 5am for a 10K run and 5 gallons of water a day….
    But wait, this is Jeannette we’re talking about and I KNOW she wouldn’t recommend something that feels like Miss Perfect’s Rules For Living, right?
    So I read the post and OF COURSE it’s brilliant and funny as ever – *smacks self on forehead* – how could I have doubted for a moment?
    Because somewhere in my being I STILL have a gremlin who says “see, I TOLD you that you have to be a Good Girl or you won’t get what you want”. And his best mate who says “yup, told you all this LOA-feelgood stuff was a bunch of hooey”.
    So I’m off to do practise being kind to myself and maybe do another page of my ‘worthies’ journal. I love this stuff!!! Thanks Jeannette (and Roger, what a privilege to have the man himself on the line!!)

  • You know, that’s the thing, Janette.
    I couldn’t even try to describe what living clean looks like, because it could be so different for each of us!
    Like Flavia said, our Inner Being will skillfully and consistently guide the way to what that is when we listen for it.
    And amping up our reminder that we’re worthy (love that Emiko quoted Dad on “I’m the best there is”) is a great kickstart!
    Thanks for posting in here, girlfriend. Always a pleasure to see your smiling face here! Much love …

  • Emiko, I smile absolutely every time I run across you! What a treat you are!
    Thanks for posting here and for being part of this community. I adore you!
    And Iyabo, I am so bummed I missed your call tonight!
    I’m already hearing fabulous things about it!
    (And thanks for the hugs – you give the best ones, you know.)

  • That’s a good sign, Kim, that you’re so firmly grounded in your positive attitude that it’s rubbing off on others!
    Thanks for sharing your experience and launching this conversation!
    Flavia, here’s to “no justifications necessary”! And yes, aligning with our Inner Being is what it’s all about, isn’t it?

  • Finally! I find a topic that elicits a personal response from dear Dad!! lol
    Seriously, the truth is my picture doesn’t need any repainting – I know you as a loving father who stayed true to himself and taught not to judge others on things we could know nothing about. That the way to know right and wrong is what you felt in your heart and nothing was more important than that you honored that. And that likely looks different than others might expect or want.
    (And thanks for the handful of reminders when you saw me going south of that.)
    All of that went a long way towards being able to live out Byron Katie’s suggestion to stay in our own business and Abraham’s advice to not twist ourselves into an unrecognizable version in order to please others.
    I have to admit, I did pretty good in the Parents category.
    PS – Dad, I LOVE that your version of clean living includes (or included) bow hunts and bailing friends out of jail and a regularly stocked pantry of whatever pleases you (be it beer or dark chocolate). Your example helps me find my freedom in embracing my own version, and I wouldn’t have it any other way! Love, Daughter.

  • Iyabo Asani, The Inner Genius Coach says:

    Ha! Ha!! Jeanette’s Dad steals the show!
    This is to hilarious. You are responding to your daughter’s blog posts?
    I will tell you this, she brags on you all the time and please get her out to lunch much more often.
    We know all about you – in a good way! Hugs to you!
    Living in your personal integrity can be a challenge sometimes if you do not know what the standards of your own integrity are.
    I have been in that space in my life, where I have compromised standards and did not even know it.
    I enjoy the simple life now. It is good to live clean.
    Hugs to you too, daughter of Roger.

  • Emiko Jaffe says:

    Roger! I’m taking this opportunity to tell you that I LOVE “I’m the best there is!” I use it all the time since Jeannette introduced the affirmation through The Magic of Pray Rain Journaling. Thank you for sharing that with your girl so she can share it with all of us! And I join Jeannette and believe everyone is the best there is!
    The best there is,
    Emiko 😉

  • Flavia says:

    Roger, you’re hilarius!
    “To thyne own self be true” is one of my top favorite quotes! And I’ve experienced so many blessings from following my intuition and letting it be easy that I couldn’t possibly express them in a way that would be accurate.
    I love emphasizing how good things come to me just because. No justifications necessary! Just because I’m receptive and appreciative and feel that I’m loved and adored by All that IS.
    I love it when abe asks “How would you ever pay for sunshine, for fresh air, for your body growing and digesting and assimilating? And to whom?” It’s really time we started accepting our good no matter what. “Clean living” or “living within my personal integrity” to me means living in alignment with my highest truth, living in alignment with my IB and when we do that good things ( “wanted” things) are attracted to us as a natural consequence. I love being surprised and delighted by the universe! We truly live in a magical world!

  • Roger says:

    Hey, I resemble that remark. A liitle. Before the Temperance Ladies and the DEA come looking for me, I think I should repaint your picture. First, I used to go to parties and bars not meetings and clinics. Second, I did share some home grown with friends once upon a time. Third, You left out the part about what a loving and supportive father I was. Hope this helps. PS: I have pictures. Love, Dad

  • Kimberly Gauthier says:

    Thanks for this post. You’re 100% correct; when I feel well and I’m living well, then good things seem to come my way. I’ve managed to change my luck when other people didn’t think I had a chance and I think it’s because I was doing the right thing.
    I’ve had to let go of being right all the time. I’ve learned to empathize with others by looking beyond their words and actions. I’ve learned to be thankful all day, everyday for the fantastic life that I have.
    It’s not that something hasn’t manifested, it’s just that it hasn’t arrived and I’ve been shown many many times that there is a plan and things will happen in the a manner and at a time that is perfect for me.
    What I do love is that people have stopped being annoyed by my positive attitude. It’s contagious!

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