Cleaning the New Slate

clean slate for the new yearWhat’s better than a brand new year to play with?

Well, maybe kittens.  Or a box of new crayons.

But having a fresh new year ahead definitely ranks.

Which is why it’s worth making the most of that clean slate.

That means we conscious creators want to be very deliberate about leaving our sad old stories in the past where they belong.

I’m intending to keep 2014 fresh and sparkly by not bringing in tales of what went wrong, of what I didn’t like, or of who didn’t do me right.  Those get retired tonight.

Because even though it’s an old story, if I keep telling it – or even thinking it – it’s a current vibration.  And I know too much to play that way.

2014 deserves to be met with good vibrations, and I milked enough contrast from those old stories to last through a whole new year anyway.

So tonight I kiss my moldy oldies goodbye and give the new year a chance to be that – new.  Something different and better than before.

Yes, I’ve got some epic tales that served so well they’ll get carried over to a seat of honor, but anything I didn’t love or don’t want more of gets left at the midnight threshold.

Because a new year of magic and miracles isn’t filled with memories of what went wrong.

It’s a new day, a new moon, and a new year.  No better time to let go of the stories keeping your big dream from coming to full fruition.

Here’s to a year of abundant delights, pleasures and joys, and a year filled with love, light and laughter.  May your 2014 be more magical than we could ever dream!

  • December 31, 2013
  • Oh Cydney, you rock!! I suspect you’re onto something really powerful this year – I can’t wait to hear how well it turns out for you!
    Thanks for posting, my friend – sending good thoughts your way for lots of enjoyable naps and a much improved experience in your physical body.
    Here’s to 2014! 🙂

  • cydney robbins says:

    Hello All:
    I so love this approach!
    But how to ignore the Elephant in the Room? I want to disacknowledge a certain strong contrast that has been in my experience for a long time. My body demands attention.
    So i’m re-naming My Elephant: See the first letter of each word in this phrase:
    Perfectly Aligning (with my) Inner Nature.
    Each capital letter spells out what I don’t want to talk about anymore so it will feel ignored, get bored, and just go away!
    How about: Pay Attention, Insight Now!(Take 3 slow deep breaths.)
    Sometimes I just want to drop everything and stay home, so I do, and then the phone is ringing off the hook.
    I need a new way to explain rather than saying I don’t feel good all the time. That’s just going to keep me in the same old place.
    I wish there was a way to temporarily drop out yet not have to explain…. cause as soon as I clear my schedule and am kicking back at home… guess what? I feel much better! I sleep as much as I need, do things by littles at home, and ignore the world.
    I love it!
    Perfect Acceptance (of my) Inner Nature! Slow deep breaths and RELAX!
    Here’s to More naps and doing Less in the New Year
    love, cyd

  • Rosa, I’ve never heard of those rituals before, but they sure sound fun!
    You’re right, though, that if we still bring the same old energy with us, those actions can’t overpower the effects of our vibration. Good tip to point out today. Thank you!

  • Rosa Muziotti says:

    Thank you Jeannette for this post .
    In my country many people do rituals in order to have a better year. Many people eat grapes at midnight while saying their desires. Some go out with suitcases or cash in order to attract trips or money. Some give hugs to a person of the opposite sex in order to attract a lover, etc. However, these rituals do not work for most of them… Why? Because they do not start fresh and they keep thinking and talking about what went wrong in the past.

  • Nice – we have good company in each other with that intention this year, Louise! I’m taking enjoyment in the “strength in numbers” thought. lol
    Thanks for posting, Louise, and happy new year!

  • Louise says:

    Yep! Had my Releasing-and-Welcoming party last night, and did just that–let the stories of how I’ve been done wrong, and how could I be so stupid, release with the year, and held onto the “wow, that turned out great, and “I love this!” ride with me into 2014. Welcome 2014!

  • Very happy to see you manifesting a bigger experience of life for yourself, Annette.
    You deserve it! 🙂

  • Annette says:

    HooRay and Amen!
    I have decided that 2014 is the Year of AND . . no more OR.
    2013 was the Year of Receiving (self-confidence, recognition, assistance, love, etc,etc, etc)
    and 2014 is AND
    Happiness AND Financial Abundance
    Limiting belief release AND great personal growth
    Animal-related videos AND big fat checks
    All that AND more . .
    You get the idea 😉

  • Yay for non-how-ness to start the year, Janette!
    I’ll happily join you in that one.

  • Janette says:

    Amen! It’s already 2014 here as I sit on my couch, imagining and dreaming of all the awesome this year has wrapped in it.
    Best of all, I’m leaving it open to Universe to handle the details in whatever way it likes, and revelling in the non-how-ness of this moment. Delicious!

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