Co-Creating a Monster (Or Not)

The other day I shared my crackhead neighbor story with a new client to explain the power we yield when we “know” how someone is.

When I know my neighbor to be destructive, dangerous and full of hate – that’s who I get. He can’t be anything else for me when I know that so well.

But when I know something else about him, I get something else from him.

Because I’m making all of this stuff up! It’s all coming from me.

It’s not that I’m a puppet pulling his strings; it’s that there are infinite realities possible and I get what I vibrate.

Which means that whatever I know about my neighbor, so shall it be.

That’s true for everyone and everything in my life. I can only experience what I’m the vibration of. And whatever I vibrate becomes “true” for me.

Those of you who heard my crackhead neighbor story will recall that once I dialed onto peace, love, quiet and appreciation (the vibrations I most missed, after realizing I’d been in battle energy trying to get rid of this guy), once I changed my vibration, my destructive and hateful neighbor became love, quiet, appreciation and peace – for me.

Not for anyone else in the neighborhood, just for me.

They still hated him and experienced his negative behaviors.

But for me, he was transformed.

It got me to thinking of all the family members and neighbors and police officers who “knew” him and his evil ways, what chance did he have of being anything but trouble with all that negative “knowing” in place?

When practically everyone knows you to be a bad guy? That’s heavy energy to buck, I don’t care how conscious you are.

So, there I was thinking about how we all handicapped my neighbor by knowing such awful things about him, and it made me wonder what it’s like to be Donald Trump.

How many of us are using our powers of influence to create what we want when it comes to him?

Many in my circle are just choosing not to pay attention at all, and I respect that! I practice it myself on regular occasion.

Some in my circle are up in arms about all the bad things he’s doing with his new power.

I’ve done that routine before, too. I know how it turns out.

It’s not my favorite story.

I like the one that has peace, love, quiet and appreciation in it.

And I get that not everyone would choose that. Some people like a little drama! They like some excitement! They enjoy a good test!

Or they’re just used to having a problem to focus on. They might not even prefer it, they’re just used to it.

But judging each other’s choices isn’t helpful. All desires are valid.

What I’m interested in is reminding us that we do get to choose our reality.

And for anyone who isn’t interested in co-creating a monster dictator in the world, maybe let’s not do that.

Just for fun. Because we can.

Let’s give him – or anyone in your life who matters to your experience – a chance to be someone else.

A chance to be someone who does what we consider the “right” thing. Someone who shows qualities like respect and compassion and intelligence. Or whatever we’d have a better time with.

Because if my neighbor could roll up on me with peace, love, quiet and appreciation – anything is possible of anyone.

Our thoughts matter.

Let’s yield them wisely.

  • February 3, 2017
  • Jen says:

    Here’s the scenario I’m playing with – I am completely suspending judgement, just putting it out there to the universe as to how 45 could get his greatest wish (that he’s the best president ever and everybody loves him) and still have a little less chaos:
    1) 45 fires the whole cabinet and Pence (for cluelessness)
    2) He appoints Hillary to be VP
    3) He goes on tour, telling his fans how he’s leaving the “little woman” in DC to do all the work
    4) Hillary actually does do all the work
    5) after a year of rally tours and golf vacations, 45 steps down, now truly beloved
    6) entire world breathes sigh of relief, then gets back to bickering about inconsequential crap, the way you do after you dodge a giant mushroom-cloud-shaped bullet

  • Ellen says:

    In college, during a class about nuclear war, a group of us became despondent. When we went to the teacher she was shocked. She thought being informed and an activist was the most fun a person could have. Thinking of her being “the happy activist” has helped change my focus. Now, I’m not focusing on problems; I’m focusing on joyful participation. Big difference. I still run through every emotion but at the end of the day there is peace, love, quiet and appreciation. So grateful for everyone here at GVU.

    • Jeannette says:

      Ellen, I love that vision of a “happy activist.” That’s a very powerful switch from what many others might be experiencing. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  • Kathleen says:

    Brilliant , Jeannette! I have been practicing unconditional love for President Trump very, very quietly in my head… Because I was worried what reaction I might get from others if I said this out loud! I would much rather have an intelligent, successful president than a misogynistic dictator… So that’s what I’m going with! His success will be my success, to my way of thinking!

    • Jeannette says:

      I know what you mean about the “backlash” of loving on that particular person, Kathleen. You are not alone in your practice. 🙂
      Thanks for reading and for posting!

  • Amina says:

    I love this – and so important to also remember who we want to be in that case. You wished peace on your neighbor, because you wanted to be peace too. If you can’t get to that wish for the other, start with the wish for yourself. How can I be more peaceful in this situation – its a good start!

  • Susan says:

    This is great stuff…thanks lots…
    I tried this on my almost-ex-husband, who is good at heart (everyone is?) but controlling and a bit angry. I kept saying to him, and in my mind, “You are the good boy” — which is how I talk to my pets when they are a bit out of control!! (I adore my animals..and the almost-ex would never take offense at being treated like the resident four-leggeds.) I can’t tell you how things changed.
    It also works on wild and rambunctious Labs…
    I only tried this after re-reading Jeannette’s beautiful neighbor story a while back. Someone posted a similar story in response to one of Jeannette’s blog posts very recently, a story involving a really grouchy, irritable boss .
    It is good if you can throw in some unconditional love…even if you don’t start out that way, your mind and heart will come around.
    Worth trying on some administration members…

    • Jeannette says:

      Susan, you are brilliant! I love the idea of channeling love for our animals onto a less likely target! lol
      And you are generous, in sharing this here. Thank you for the inspiration! 🙂

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