How to Co-Create Without Blinders?

A question posed by Shane after I said I’ll decide what’s real inspired a whole new post on that subject.

And then I realized I’m not the best person to answer this question.

You are. The wisdom in this community is one of the main reasons people read this blog, so I’m inviting your input as well.

Here’s the condensed quote from Shane:

I have a genuine question.

If you see a homeless person on the street, do you simply choose not to look and say that homelessness isn’t real?

I volunteer at a soup kitchen and I can’t convince myself that poverty isn’t real.

Also, as with the Dakota Pipeline situation and the current bill that is being proposed that it is legal to “accidentally” run over protestors …

How can you live as a positive co-creator and help to create situations where we live in a compassionate world without putting on blinders?

It’s a big question, fellow creators, can you give us a minute for your thoughts?

Thank you!

  • February 7, 2017
  • Amina says:

    When my nephew was 2 years old, he went through a traumatic event, and I was beside myself with grief for him. Someone told me, “you know this is part of his life path. He is going to create something amazing from all of this pain.” I never forgot that. We are only here to support each person on their path. I do not look away when I see homeless people, because there is something I can do. I can smile, I can say hello, I can give money, I can give food… I do what I can because that is my part. Same with the pipeline – I can speak up and make my voice heard. It is happening, that is not the part to ignore. Thinking it should not be happening or it is bad is what kinks up the vibration. See it happen, ask yourself what can I do to make it 1% better, and then do your part. Not everyone has a part in every thing, but when we ignore the things we have a part in, it hurts us more than the other person/situation.

  • Anonymous says:

    I spent many years working for an organization that advocated for children who had been abused. I advocated for individual children who had been abused by their parents or other love ones and for all children by increasing public awareness about the issue. During that time I learned we have two responses to anything – fear and love. We get to choose how we respond. I remember the overwhelming gratitude I would feel when we got a donation or a new volunteer and I would always say to myself “people ARE good”. Right now many in our country are full of fear and that fear is being inflamed and used to further other’s personal power and material gain. We do need to actively see what is happening, but our response is our choice and our responsibility. Here is a quote from Dr. Martin Luther King:
    “One of the great problems of history is that the concepts of love and power have usually been contrasted as opposites, polar opposites, so that love is identified with a resignation of power, and power with a denial of love. […] What is needed is a realization that power without love is reckless and abusive, and that love without power is sentimental and anemic. Power at its best is love implementing the demands of justice, and justice at its best is love correcting everything that stands against love.”

  • Mari says:

    I used to volunteer at a soup kitchen in a regular basis. This was pre Abraham but I got a lot of satisfaction from volunteering because I felt like I was helping people and always maintained a positive attitude toward them. I saw how happy they were to get lovingly prepared, healthy meals. In today’s political climate I have decided to donate to organizations that are helping the environment and are helping women. Mother Teresa once said: ” I’m not against violence…I am FOR peace!”

  • Bodil says:

    As far as I remember Abe ones said: ” We will not impose peace on anyone.” They said it, because Ester H. was invited to a peacemeeting. We are so used to think in terms of good and bad in this dualistic world so that we often or sometimes forget about the free will and to respect the free will of others regardless of our own “clever” and “right” opinions 🙂

  • Shane says:

    There are so many valuable insights in these comments. I definitely agree with Jeanette that I can practice knowing something different and celebrating the wins instead of the losses.
    And Vanessa, thank you for your comment about spreading love and connecting with people on a positive level.
    I guess what it boils down to is not looking away from a situation, but looking at the situation and seeing the positive there and knowing that things are getting better.
    Thank you.

  • Karen says:

    All my animals are rescued. I have heard their stories and I know there are many more out there. I choose to look at the wonderful home they now have. When it comes to homeless or begging people I go with my gut. I remember hearing Abe say something about not giving or helping out of compassion because it keeps the person stuck, but giving with a different perspective. The last homeless person I fed was surprised and grateful. I have never seen him again, but I feel good about that interaction. I believe it changed something in him that day. And that is where intuition is a big help in co-creating.

  • Vanessa says:

    I’m not an active a member of this community but this question is of interest to me and I often read the comments and articles. To me, my vibes are great, related to social change and activism. I love that people are collectively looking clearly at things and gathering together to make positive change, feeling empowered and I see a lot of people finding their power and speaking up. I have this belief that things can change and people are powerful. And I value all feelings, including heartbreak so I don’t feel like it’s a “bad vibe” to think about challenges or people’s struggles. I think, how can I spread love? how can I be peace? how can I not look away from what’s going on but use my heart to connect with people and shift things towards valuing the earth, other people etc? I’m a therapist and it’s not part of my spiritual practice to exclude anything and that’s what makes me feel good! To me, having a good cry feels good and feeling tenderness and heartbreak can feel good. Not being stuck in despair but I’m very plutonic (astrologically) so I value the dark and the light.

  • Ming says:

    When I created Reiki Fur Babies Facebook page I told the followers they would never see an abused animal EVER posted. Not that I didn’t believe it was occurring but I CHOSE NOT to focus on it. During that time I didn’t not know much about LOA. I just knew what made me feel bad and what I chose to not post. It was my Facebook page and I get to choose what I want on it. Everyone one followed suit. There are pictures of animals that receive healing so they may not “look perfect” . However they are happy and not even attached to their illnesses which is what they have taught me. They have told me this over and over and over again. They are not . We as humans are. I loved how that community chooses to see animals healthy and whole. As long as I draw breath here on this planet I will continue to choose that for the animals.

  • Katy says:

    And I couldn’t agree more! A relief to not feel we have to constantly fix everything!! Thanks for a great reminder 🙂

  • Jeannette says:

    Here’s my take on it, with a personal example:
    I spent many years as a volunteer in animal rescue. Mostly as a foster mom, but in several other capacities, too.
    It was often heartbreaking work.
    It doesn’t take long before this form of service takes its toll.
    Eventually I ran across Abraham, and heard them say that we’re not here to fix a broken world.
    Something within me shifted when I read that. I knew it as truth. It’s like someone lifted the veil from my eyes. Nothing’s gone wrong here, even though I’d spent many years visioning it as exactly that – wrong and in need of fixing.
    As I learned that my attention creates reality, I realized that I was co-creating animals that needed to be rescued.
    My fellow volunteers and I had lots of good evidence that things were really truly bad for many animals, and that they really truly required our help – but LOA says that of course I would see that since that’s where I was focused. It’s what I believed and knew and expected.
    So it couldn’t be any other way for me. Until I was willing to dial into something different. Something better.
    Over time I practiced knowing something different.
    I practiced knowing that the situation was getting better.
    That I could see the positive changes.
    I practiced celebrating the wins instead of losing sleep over the losses.
    And gradually, my reality started to shift.
    I could go to the movies without finding a stray kitten in the parking lot. I could take a call from a friend that wasn’t just a request to help rehome their dog. I could turn on the news and see progress for animals instead of decline.
    I know that was a direct result of my willingness to start seeing things differently.
    And I know that many of my volunteer colleagues live in a very different world. (Some of them don’t see the progress; and their whole existence is dominated by more evidence that animals are in real trouble.)
    LOA teachers say that when we’re flowing a vibe of being the hero or the protector, we of course attract those situations that call for a hero or protector.
    If we want a different reality, it calls for a different vibration. Which means a different focus.
    Sometimes that focus comes easier when we’re wearing blinders.
    Sometimes that focus comes when we’re willing to change our mind about what’s happening in the world.
    Sometimes that focus comes from making a commitment to seeing what’s going right.
    And sometimes that focus comes from being willing to question what we think of as “right” and “wrong.”
    But regardless, it’s a choice we each get to make. And the world will prove us right no matter what we choose. (Infinite realities, and all.)
    I’m not saying it’s easy to defy the challenging evidence in front of us. But being willing to question it, and to vision something else in our mind’s eye so that can be reflected in our new reality – that’s what conscious creation is all about.
    If I make it wrong, it can’t be anything but wrong. When I lighten up, the world shows me that instead.
    It’s really about learning how to lead with what I want, rather than what I see. And that comes from being willing to start seeing things differently.
    At least, that’s my take on it.
    Looking forward to hear from others on this …

    • Wendy says:

      As I walked through a grocery store parking lot I noticed a woman who looked distressed. As I reached her I could see the bike she stood beside had no seat. I asked her the obvious, if someone stole it. She ranted for a few minutes on how every time she uses her bike and leaves it anywhere, this happens. She told me she has had to buy three new seats in as many weeks.
      She ranted about our horrible city and how much she hates it.
      I wanted to say that she is having her bike seats stolen because every time she gets on her bike she is expecting it to be stolen. And she is experiencing theft because of her negative vibration toward the place she lives.
      But, I kept that to myself. I offered her sympathy and I went on my way. I choose to not see my city, my surroundings and the events in my life in that light. There was a time I did but I have learned that all my problems were a result of that vibration.
      Thanks again for a great post Jeannette!

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