Commitment & Feeling Good

Sometimes we discover keeping our word creates a conflict with a high vibration. What to do when you’re at cross purposes with your spoken word and your “feel good”?

For example, it sounds like a fine idea at the time to host your girlfriend’s parents who are coming to town for two weeks, but as the date approaches you’re filled with a mixture of regret and dread. What to do when you want to maintain your integrity, keep your promise, and still follow what feels good?

Here are three helpful tricks to have a powerful word and a high vibe:

First of all, make your commitments carefully and with thoughtful consideration. Don’t make promises you can’t – or don’t want to – keep. Set yourself up for success; don’t agree to something that doesn’t agree with you. It helps to get good at saying no.

Second, if your feel good changes on something, address it. “Tom, I know I said I’d meet with you tomorrow night, and I’m now feeling overwhelmed with my week. Can we discuss a reschedule?” Things change in life, including our minds, and punishing ourselves by doing something just because we said we would isn’t the point.

Cleaning it up when we recognize our new desire is.

Third, don’t underestimate how good it feels to keep a commitment. Doing what we say we’ll do simply feels good! Knowing people can count on us to speak the truth and follow through on what we say is a vibe-raiser in itself. A nice side benefit is that when you develop the discipline to consistently honor your word, you become much more selective in giving it!

  • July 1, 2007