August 23, 2007

Conquering My Nemesis

dogface.jpgDog pee on the rug.
That was my old nemesis.
For reasons I won’t elaborate on (to not attract more of it), one of my biggest challenges was learning to walk in the front room to check for wet spots from inappropriate canine elimination, while holding the expectation of “nice dry rug.”
If the dogs had been left in quite a while, or there was a suspicious smell, or the cats were acting funny near a particular corner, or the rug looked wet for some reason, I used to march over exclaiming, “This better not be what I think it is!” I would hold thoughts of a damp smelly rug, with the only question being whether it was still warm or had been there a while.
That dog pee situation was a big charge for me. No surprise it happened often, huh?
Yeah, a lot. (My carpet cleaner used to be on speed dial, and I used to buy two rugs, with one on standby when it was time to call it quits on the first.) All those wet rug opportunities gave me plenty of practice at changing my thoughts as I conducted rug sweeps.
When I would walk to the suspicious corner I would catch myself expecting to blame somebody (usually the boyfriend who made us late getting home, or the ex-boyfriend who didn’t come over to give them a break), and anticipating that familiar feeling of wet rug under hand or foot.
So I learned to test the rug while saying “Ah, nice dry rug.” “What good dogs. Thanks for holding it, everyone! That’s right, nice dry rug!”
There wasn’t a single time I expected dry rug that I was met with disappointment.
It’s been a while since I’ve dealt with that.
Today I met my nemesis again.
My ex asked me to check on his dogs while he was out of town for a day and a half. Morning check-in revealed his mastiff foster escaped his kennel. And the house showed it. That guy wreaked HAVOC! I won’t even describe the destruction I witnessed. Whew. It was bad.
Dining room chairs chewed up, couches on their backs, cushions missing, blankets in the kitchen, poopy paw prints everywhere, trails of urine in the hallway.
All right, I lied. That pretty much describes it. The poor cats looked like they were in shell shock.
My first thought was, “I’m not cleaning this up.”
My second thought confirmed the first one. I didn’t have time to, even if I wanted to. Which I definitely didn’t.
My next thought was “I can’t leave these guys here.” It was a hazard zone! I only had 20 minutes before my next client session, so I loaded everyone in the car and took them to my house.
Notice what happened? Reactivation of my nemesis vibe, and lots of “good” reason to worry about what would happen at my place.
After all, I’m on the phone with each client for over an hour, and I had two sessions in a row. No time for supervising; seven dogs (his four and my three) were left to their own devices for a good three hours.
After my last session I walked out of the office to survey. Yeah, to survey damage. That’s what I was expecting. What did they get into? What could be fixed? What was ruined?
I caught that familiar feeling. “Hey, I’m looking for trouble.”
Maybe I should look for confirmation of what good dogs I have instead?
Looks like they rustled the garbage, but didn’t remove anything. Cool. Cats look okay. Plants upright. Good. Couch cushions in place. Fabulous. Next the rug.
I immediately thought of “wet rug.” That’s what I didn’t want. What did I want? Nice dry rug. I made a barefoot sweep across the rug, while repeating to self “nice dry rug.” Sure enough, dry rug! Yay! My nemesis defeated! I truly have conquered my (former) biggest manifesting challenge!
That’s when I noticed the slobber. On the chair, the couch, blanket, stereo, my favorite buddha statue. Lots of slobber.
Well, at least slobber doesn’t smell.

  • Stacy @ Local Online Marketing says:

    I know this post is several years old but I love the mention of Barney and the bear carnage. As an Elvis fan I had read about this when it happened and got such a kick out of the idea of the dog going “beserk” that I even made a shirt about it with that image of Barney surrounded by the carnage. I get a chuckle out of it everytime I think of it.

  • Good Vibe Coach says:

    Dean, I like your intention! And your comment reminds me how much I DO appreciate having even slobbering, stubborn, destructive, stronger-than-me dogs around.

    Next time I’m letting a new dog into my life, I’m going to remember to intend that he/she be a “wonderfully entertaining, well-behaved, love-to-be-with sweetheart of a dog.” Or something like that.

    Think it’s too late for me with Hooch? lol Could be fun practice for me to transform a relationship in my life! ha!

    (Truth be told, Hooch is amazingly entertaining. He emptied out the medium sized kiddie pool BY HIMSELF in 12 minutes flat yesterday. He was throwing water halfway across the yard! Video of that would be worth $10k on AFV, I’m sure!)

    Thanks for chiming in, Dean. Always good to hear from you!

  • Dean says:

    Hi Jeannette,

    What an amusing story, thank you for sharing.

    I do miss having dogs around. Soon, very soon I will have a dog again.

  • Patricia Singleton says:

    Jeannette, What an interesting way to use the Law of Attraction. Thanks for sharing.

  • Coaching WITH the Current says:

    SO cute!!! I LOVE your blogs as they so hit home with the comical aspect of being an animal lover. Good times indeed!!! Glad you got the carpet pee thing under control. The drool won’t be nearly as hard to handle!!!
    : )

    Much love!

  • Good Vibe Coach says:

    Okay, Sonora sent me this story that not only put things in perspective here, but also made me laugh out loud:

    The photo of the “bear carnage” is a gem. Unbelievable!

  • Michael says:

    I love your blog…. You need to take a positive action with your dogs behaviour. If you have cable check out the dog wisperer , I’m sure he has a website . Your concentrating on the rug and your need to concentrate on your dog and his behaviour. Cesar would be a great resource in helping him share your house with you in a peaceful cooexistence.

  • Good Vibe Coach says:

    Another success story from a regular poster who gave me permission to share! He emailed me to remind me how a few months back he wrote me saying he had limited funds and no income in sight. Yesterday he started his new job making $3,000 a week at one of the “most creative and unique jobs anywhere.”

    Of course I asked him how he did it. Here’s what worked for him:

    “T’was easy!

    I expect the best for myself, Jeannette.. I believe the universe always has my best interest in mind. I focused on things wanted and avoided focusing on things unwanted. I began to FEEL wealthy.

    I have an unfair advantage, though. Because of my line of work, I am constantly spending money that is not mine. I shop alot for the various productions I’m working on. So I drop thousand$ without blinking an eye. On my last show, I had $2000 in cash in my pocket everyday. I intentionally leave $100 bills lying all around my house. So thats part of it.

    Mostly though, I’ve come to realize that the energy which sustains me also sustains Universes, all of life everywhere. So, Success is my Birthright. I no longer entertain conversations of failure. I do not speak ill of people or situations. I know, even if I cannot see it at the time, that things are always working out for me.

    This is just the beginning. I am moving rapidly towards the fruition of many great desires.

    I suppose the long and short of it all is that I’m limiting my resistance and increasing my allowing of the WELLBEING that is already here for all of us!

    I am truly blessed Jeannette. Whatever I touch turns to Gold. I have amazing relationships, fun experiences, fullfilling work. I’m enjoying my life adventure more and more each day.

    And I listen to my gut more and more. If it does not feel good then
    I’m on the wrong track. If it feels good then I take notice and bask and think thoughts which increase my joy. I’m paying close attention to my inner guidance these days.

    So, there you have it. I listen to the new Abe every week. I LOVE those guys sooooo Much! Jerry, Esther and Abe ROCK!

    And you ROCK Jeannette. Thank you for the LOA Playground and e-zine.
    You have enhanced my experience immensely.

    Be Well.”

    Doesn’t reading that just ratchet up your vibe about sixteen notches?! It sure does mine!! Which is why I asked his permission to share it. Which I am very grateful for, dear friend. Thank you for showing us such a strong example of what deliberate creation looks like in action!

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