Counter-Intention Holding It Up?

rams2.jpgWhat’s a counter-intention and why would you want to release one?

Well, I’ve got one sitting in my lap right now, so it seemed a good time to write about it.
You’ve heard about my darling foster kitties. For a while now, right? (Are you sick of it yet? Sorry!)
These guys must be going on three months now! It’s a little ridiculous – because they’re definitely old enough and healthy enough to be adopted!
In fact, they’ve been to at least five adoption fairs now.
One sister got adopted, but her two siblings are STILL HERE. Week after week, they’re passed over, when in reality, these are THE cutest kittens alive on the planet. It makes no sense they’re not getting picked up.
Especially when the LOA Expert is on the job! HELLO!!!
Really weird. (If I didn’t know better.)
So what’s going on here?
Yeah. This is where the counter-intention comes in.
A counter-intention is when we want something that opposes another desire.
So yes, I want these kitties to find their permanent homes. Yes, I want to make room for my next rescues. And yes, I want Russ to relax.
(He gets nervous when I hang on to a foster for a while. Elsa is proof there’s good reason for him to do so.)
And yet, at the same time, I SO love having these kitties here! I love love love them!!
They sleep in my lap while I work! They play in my lap while I work!
They crawl on my shoulders, wrestle on the chair, entertain us all when they run around the house – they are the cutest things on the planet right now! So cute that if I didn’t have a high threshhold for cuteness they might actually put me over the top! They’re so darling!!
AND … every time I take them to Humane Society for the weekend, I say, “See you tonight!” Because part of me can’t bear the thought of them truly leaving.
This is not my first rodeo, though.  I’ve done this many times. I know how to send fosters off to live with someone else.
Still, though – they’re not only the cutest kittens ever, they’re also not too stinky. Usually by now, having cats in the office this long could make for smelly litterbox action. But it’s fine!
And other kitties would have destroyed the bookshelf, bulletin board, everything they could get into – but these guys don’t. They’re seriously ideal!
Can you feel my counter-intention? I love having them here so much I’m genuinely reluctant to let them go.
So every weekend I send them off for adoption, although part of my vibe is “have a great life,” the other part is “see you tonight!”
Remember it.
If you’re flowing one, don’t get confused about why things aren’t “happening.”

  • October 2, 2008
  • Gillian says:

    I sure would send my friend to see you Jeannette, if she would take the time to breath and think about her situation! She doesn’t know what LOA is and doesn’t believe in those things, she’s too busy running her empire! But you never know, people usually soften up after going through some trials!

  • Jessica Earl says:

    In situations like the kitties… I always feel the release when I imagine (or know) that someone else is actually happier than I am with them. It feels SO good to have others be SO blissful. Then there is my dog, my sweet, sweet Ashley, she is meant for us and our home… there is not one single exception to that! No matter how cute and irresistable some other animals we come across and my daughter begs to bring them home… I know they will get more love, care and attention elsewhere. I think of someone like my gram who is alone during the day and now has the little kitty to talk to all day long… not to mention the entertainment value!!
    As far as my counter intentions… well it would be with my work. I have a fantastic job- I am good at it; I work with good, honest people; I get paid well; I have a lot of flexibility; I have freedom; I am trusted and liked… so why, oh why am I longing for something else?! I know in my heart a change is on the brink, but I’m like, this is exactly what I created… this work environment so I could raise my daughter- have time and money for her… and perhaps some steady reliable lifestyle. Well, I created it, so why would I just walk away from this career I have built? I know it is right, yet I dare not let it go. I hinge on that edge of having to let go of one trapeze bar to grab the next one. I KNOW it will all work out. I can see how I am meant to go down this other path… it is this timing thing now… or now… wait, now… hahahaha. There seems to be so much identity wrapped around it. I don’t want to “miss” certain aspects of my work that I may or may not have later. It is as though I want the best of BOTH worlds, but they are like night and day.
    I trust the time, answers and readiness will present itself all in divine harmony. Just today my husband was talking about going back to college… part of me inside was feeling “wait meeeee first!” but then he says (without me saying anything)… and then I’ll make enough money so you can do whatever you want! You wouldn’t even have to work! (of course I would, that’s just who I am… I like to work, I just want to be inspired and joyful about it!) Anyhow, so it just made me realize maybe there is an easier way for it all to fall into place, or a certain timeframe.
    Thanks everyone!! Aww, I think I’ll go snuggle my dog. She is just so dang cute!!
    Love to all!

  • Holy hannah, Gillian! I’d love to get my hands on HER!
    Wow. What a potential mix of vibes, huh?
    I guess, though, she’s not that unusual. As we’ve read in the stories here!
    Thanks for posting, Gillian.

  • Gillian says:

    I think my best friend is and has been always going through counter-intentions as she is going through her third failed pregnancy or miscarriage now. She can’t get pregnant the natural way, so its always through the artificial way and programming, and when she does get pregnant, the baby never gets passed the foetus stage and then its stops developing. Really sad, but knowing her (my friend), I am not sure wether her counter-intentions are holding her up from pregnancy as she is a highly ambitious, energetic person, who is a workohlic, running a huge corporation, travelling all over the world 80% of her time making deals. And she loves this highly energetic, competitive, corporate world! I can’t see her at home taking care and raising kids!

  • Paul. says:

    Thanks, Leslie, for some more of your wisdom!
    Oh, and you’re so right: I know I’m lucky that you had a suggestion.

  • Leslie Richter says:

    I have a suggestion for you Paul. Wy not focus on what you need right now, and know you can fine-tune on the way.
    Dang that is good, lol, I am going to do that myself. I think we sometimes get into this all or nothing intending, when really it is an on-going metamorphis.
    I wonder if that is why we get caught up in counter-intentions because we think this is it!
    Yeah right…as if. Aren’t we lucky?
    Love Leslie

  • Paul. says:

    Jeannette, I’m so glad the kittens (and family) found the perfect new home.
    I find that counter-intentions delay the most when both intentions, like your kittens, so pleasurable. It’s like we say to the Universe, “More of this, please…no, more of that, please” and the Universe, being ever-gracious, allows us to make up our minds.
    Would it surprise you to learn that I’m between counter-intentions with regard to my job transition? Of course, it wouldn’t. On the one hand, there’s the job stuff, so the Universe gets all my intending/visualizing/journaling/etc. on that front, while at the same time, it also gets my intention to moving to a new city (although I have no idea which new city…country?). So the intention see-saw must look something like this: “Great new career path….but somewhere else. Comfortable new home….but where and how to pay for it?” I’m just thankful that the Universe has been patient with me for this long. If only I can figure out how to release the logjam…. (Kittens are such much more fun.)
    I’m going to have to focus on Leslie’s idea of “counter-intentions as gifts” while working some of Mark’s “if it’s not win-win, it’s a loss” attitude but I’m open to other suggestions as well!
    Thanks for the post!

  • Good work, Anna! Keep it up and keep us posted!

  • Anna says:

    Counter, counter, counter… Dang-it! Recognized a couple of mine recently, along the lines of “first I have to ____.” This “first” of mine is massive and I apparently keep calling in the “fraught with” complications that inevitably delay, delay, delay.
    Yesterday I decided on a different route – feeling the relief and pleasure of the “first” completed. So far, so good.

  • Ooh, Nicole, I like that number too! And your ability to laugh along with Universe is a HUGE vibe-shifter! Kudos to you for that.

    I’ve found sometimes when we focus on weight, even when it’s on losing weight, we just attract weight.

    Also I’ve been wondering about how long it takes for the term “biggest loser” to translate to a good thing in our vibration. You know what I mean? Biggest … the vibration there, maybe isn’t conducive to 138. And Loser … well, the term itself brings potential challenges, doesn’t it? lol

    But you’ll do great, girlfriend! We always get what we want in the end. Or middle. Or even right after the beginning. hee hee

  • Nicole says:

    Counter-intention…this is a hard one! Its hard to truly know what you want, and feel it 100%! We are such contrasting beings.
    I’m definitely feeling this…I am competing in a ‘biggest loser’ event at work with another coworker (we are team mates.) Well, I am up 2 pounds this week! UP??? How can that be???? I am so focused on LOSING, that I ended up GAINING??? UGGH!!
    Even before the weigh-in, I was feeling the downstream…’everything is ok, no matter what the scale says’…’my teammate will still love me no matter what happens..’ etc etc.
    And I’m UP??? LOL
    I even dreamt that I weighed myself and was at my dream weight of 138! So I’ve been picturing that number every single day.
    The universe is laughing at me…and I have to admit it is hilarious.

  • Kristy M says:

    JM, I am with you… as much as traveling would be fun (I’d love the see the world!).. leaving NYC seems unbearable! at least for now 🙂
    “Our Time is Now”.. I LOVE that 🙂

  • Oooh, Jerielle, that’s a powerful counter-vibe to identify!

    Yeah, just even seeing the contrary energy helps get it lined up. Don’t discount the work that awareness will do for you!

    Thanks for posting, Jerille. Always a pleasure to hear from you!

  • JM says:

    Oh, I am so happy you found them homes! I totally understand not wanting to give up such delicious kittens. That would be a huge reason I would have a hard time fostering them!
    I definitely have been able to identify my counter-intentions every now and again. One that particularly sticks out is the desire as a performer to work (even if it is out of town or on tour) mixed with the desire to live in NYC. I enjoy travelling, but I really enjoy living in NYC! Not to mention my cat who I don’t enjoy leaving and am often a little worried about who to leave him with. So there have been times here that I have auditioned for tours and didn’t get them, and all the jobs that I HAVE gotten outside the city aren’t for incredibly long periods of time. So the Universe was actually giving me what I truly have wanted… to work but not to have to leave for too long! I think I feel my desires changing a bit now but I had figured that if at the heart of things I truly don’t want to leave the city, I was probably wasting my time at auditions for long term shows elsewhere.
    What I need to do is change my notion that in order to get paid to perform I have to leave this city!
    Kristy…I am loving your goal…and loving that our time is now!
    I have a lot of counter-intentions right now that I am having a hard time seeing so clearly….but I am glad you reminded me about them Jeannette!

  • Mark, your post made me laugh out loud!!

    Your comments also inspired me to ask what would having my cake and eating it too, look like in this situation?

    Because I believe we live in an AND world. We don’t have to choose – we really can have it all. When we get clear about what we truly want.

    Love this quote from you: “If it’s not a win-win, then it’s a loss.”

    I’m remembering that! Thanks for posting, Mark. You rock!

  • Mark Semple says:

    Great insights – as always. I love this blog and all the great energy that flows into it.
    It does feel to me like a conflict between what we know we should do and that which we actually want to do.
    The optimal resolution for such conflicts is compromise albeit that is not possible when the options are mutually exclusive. ie: Find the kitties a new home vs. keep them here.
    Isn’t it amazing how often we can find ourselves in these situations? Especially if you are in a relationship. How often do you do something because you know you should, or because the other person wanted you to, yet you really didn’t want to do it?
    If it’s not a win-win, then it’s a loss.
    In the scenario of our kitty-loving, awesome LOA coach, she obviously loves the furballs and a big part of her wants to keep them around.
    After reading how they play & sleep in her lap, and are so much fun to have around, it would be hard to think about moving them on.
    Is there an opportunity for a clear intention and to trust the process?
    ie: For the kitties to have a great home where they are loved and appreciated.
    And then trust the Universe for the optimal form of that intention to be manifested.
    Yet, what to do if the other half doesn’t agree?
    Dump the dude! Just kidding. Bottom line is that we KNOW what we really want to do. If there is no compelling, practical reason why you should not, then why allow yourself to remain in a conflict?
    Be successful – together

  • Wise words, Leslie: “it pays to listen to your heart.”

    Well said!

  • Leslie Richter says:

    Good for you Jeannette, limited love – sheesh what a concept. I knew you would spot what was snagging you.
    I was laughing because after I had posted I realized I could also have pointed out you could have it all , kitties, happy boyfriend, fostering, and more. Like maybe I was tripping on limited abundance too. Ha Ha.
    I think what I was trying to point out with counter-intention is that sometimes we say we want something but our heart is actually longing for something else. Bottom-line, pays to listen to your heart.
    Limitless abundant never ending love,

  • Judi says:

    Jeannette, so happy the kitties have found what sounds like a wonderful home. Obviously the manifesting trick you mentioned was working, and when you were clear on your intention it all came together for them. Such good news. Just think, you are now available for some other special little soul or souls to come into your life. So they too can be cared for with love and everything so special you have to offer them. They are probably waiting in the wings as we speak.
    You will know them when you see them.
    It’s such a wonderful lesson to us all that when we get clear on what we really, really want, then it all flows so easily and effortlessly for everyone involved.
    Great news and great teaching. Thank you!!

  • Kristy, I love how you’ve got a role model/mentor in mind to show you how achievable it is!

    That does powerful things for lining up the vibe!

    Thanks for joining in the conversation – and giving all of us a chance to see you succeeding on Bway! That’s good energy. 🙂

  • Kristy M says:

    I realized I’ve been struggling with counter-intentions recently
    My goal is to be on Bway soon after I graduate in Feb (seen it done before and the girl who did it is doing great on Bway haha)
    but a lot of auditions that I am going to are for regional/tours… which I would love to do as well depending on the show and the role.. I have a lot of dream roles lol. So I’m thinking this might be counter intention
    but, on another note a lot of casting people reccomend people for other jobs that is not even their show. So someone can see me at an audition and offer me an entirely different show… weird lol
    So right now I’m going to go to every audition and have fun and just know the best thing will happen at the best time possible 🙂
    My goal is to be an extremely successful actress and do everything (like Kristin Chenoweth.. who has done absolutley everything)

  • Tia says:

    Leslie, Phillis – LOVE that take on counter intentions being gifts and what the heart wants right now!! 🙂 If they are serving a purpose they are welcome to stay but if they are born out of fear rather than love its good to recognise it and be able to move forward… Having said that, the timing is always perfect and it all gets resolved the way its meant to and of course they ALWAYS serve a purpose. How empowering!!
    You’re so right about the balance Kim! For me it was about knowing that I was ready for it soon, just not this minute cos of all the change in my life. And yet after reading this post and realising what (and why!) I was doing, I felt more ready than before – YAY for accepting it is what it is and being open to letting it in!! 😀
    Woohooo yippee yay!!

  • “Neither good nor bad” – good reminder, Phillis!

    I hope everyone takes that message to heart.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts here, Phillis. You always offer beautiful insights. 🙂

  • Ah, yes, been there, sometimes still there (unknowingly – perhaps?), first in line there!
    Great post and very inspired responses – thank you all . . . Kim – great insights.
    It is amazing what we think about and do . . . . a balance – thin line between wanting and the emotion behind that want . . . saying one thing and vibrating another – slowing down and/or blocking the flow . . .
    For me it was wanting and having the opportunities presented (many times over the past 15 years) to become a certified coach . . . I would set the intention and set things in motions – – – then I would either become very busy with something else or find a way to not have the cash to fully participate . . . HA! The truth was is that I wasn’t fully ready to do so and didn’t believe that I could actually be a Very Successful Inspired Coach! NOW – I am . . . and everything is falling into place.
    So — that ‘counter intention’ was serving some purpose that I needed . . . Neither Good or Bad . . . It was as it should be — served me on whatever level I needed at the time.
    I choose to use my counter intentions as a time to reflect and see what I am getting from those moments . . . then choose to either stay with that moment for a time more or move on.
    Those moments have proven to be ‘gifts’ and I accept them gladly (now that I understand what the Universe is giving me in those moments.)

  • Leslie, as I read your words I realized part of me is believing in limited love. As if, when these kitties are gone, there’s less love and cuteness in my life.


    (How does that go, from the Harry Potter scene? RIDIKULOS!)

    Bottom line is I usually know when someone is for me right away. I might try to deny it for a while – but whether it’s a client, a date, a foster, an item on the menu .. hee hee .. I usually know right off whether it’s got my name on it or not.

    I’m hanging onto someone else’s kitties. lol

    But man, I sure am enjoying them while they’re here!

    Cher will be thrilled when my lap’s available again. She’s such a patient girl. I’m lucky she understands this whole temporary fostering thing.

    I’m lucky I understand this whole temporary fostering thing!

    So – for good measure – let me just tell you about the great home these kitties got today:

    Verrall called in the middle of the afternoon to tell me that he was The Man. That he found The Perfect Home for the mom AND her two babies. The babies went together to a single mom and her daughter who has been begging for a cat for three years now.

    He said the girl was SO happy to not only get a cat, but to get TWO – KITTENS even – that she literally had tears in her eyes. She reminds me of me when I was young – SO excited to get her first cat! Nothing better in the WHOLE WORLD!

    I’ll add some more detail to this after I sign off here … Thanks for joining me in the “so happy they’re adopted” vibration. 🙂

    And thanks, Leslie, for the reminder that it’s all happening for the highest good! That helps me release any attachment I have to what does or doesn’t happen. Muchas gracias, my friend!

  • Leslie Richter says:

    What I notice Jeannette is that the kitties are giving you something that you hugely want in your life right now. Counter-intentions are probably really big gifts, because really what does the heart truly want right now.
    It’s all very fine to project out in the future heart’s desires but to catch what the spirit is needing and asking for right at the moment is more on the mark.
    I am not necessarily saying keep the kitties but just look at what they are representing and why is it resonating? What does that beautiful heart of yours want and need right now? And you know what , it’s all good, more than good. And you deserve it.
    Maybe you need to keep the kitties and not do fostering for awhile. Maybe you need to help in different ways. Whatever is coming up for you Jeannette is valid and you know it will all work out for the highest good. lol it always does.
    Love Leslie

  • Amen, Judi, to noticing what’s contributing to chaos!

    The awareness of counter-intentions just makes it so much easier to relax right in the middle of it, doesn’t it?

    It does for me, anyway.

    Thanks for contributing to the conversation, Judi! I like your line of thinking.

  • Judi says:

    Hi Jeannette,
    Another great post. I have loads of these counter intentions. I think until we are aware of them, we run our lives on them. Probably why our lives are so chaotic until we notice what we are doing. Even then it takes some deep mining.
    I can so resonate with your feelings about the kittens!! I would be so similar!! Would want them to stay and want them to be rehomed all at the same time.
    They sound soooo lovely. But as you say, if they stay you are not available to foster any more needy critters. Such a difficult one. I would love to foster more cats but I’m aware that with some of them, they would become so special to me I would never let them go anywhere.
    I am sure you will align with what is best for you and the kitties. Send them a kiss from me!
    Love to all

  • Thanks for pointing out, Kim, the discrepancies in my vibe there! lol

    Very true.

    This morning as Verrall came to pick up the kitties for adoption day again, I told him it wasn’t really fair to keep hauling them around town like this (it’s fairly stressful on them – not to mention ties up Verrall’s weekend as he sits with them!), so we should really get serious about our intention to let them get adopted.

    And even as I said the words, I couldn’t conjure up true enthusiasm for their departure.

    I tried a couple times, finally fell back on an old manifesting trick that I’ll write up in a separate post. Because much as I love them, they deserve perfect homes, and mine’s not it.

    Kim, I do love how you are helping me feel permission to step out of the old routine if that’s what’s calling me.

    Thank you for that!!!

  • Kim Falconer says:

    Wow, Tia, Gillian, reading these relationship-sweetie-date counter intentions (including married men magnet) is giving me goosebumps.
    There can be a fine balance between loving life as a free spirit and loving life as a free spirit with a free spirited sweetie….
    Jeannette, when you talk about how much you LOVE those kitties, your vibe is a thousand leagues higher than when you happily talk about them going to their permanent homes.
    You said it was a big house, yes?
    🙂 They do sound like perfect cats!
    Thank you for this insightful topic.

  • Gillian says:

    Oh goodness, I can see my past counter-intention. In the past I wanted to attract a sweetie or partner, but another voice always said: “Not yet, not until you lost some weight first”. I wanted to meet a nice guy, yet I was too embarrassed about my weight and in some way I did not really want to meet him before loosing any weight. I think it is very important to become aware of those conflicting intentions and clear them.
    Cheers, Gillian

  • Oh, Gillian, and I’ve seen that one in the reverse, too!

    Where someone wants to lose weight, but they hold a counter-intention (usually not conscious) that if they do, then they’ll get attention from men again – and they don’t want that because of past negative experiences!

    Aren’t we humans FASCINATING?!

    Thanks for posting your experience, Gillian. I’m sure MANY readers are relating to it!

  • I was going to say, Tia, I’m not sure it was fear (although sometimes I’m sure that’s in play for us) as much as it was just growing into a new desire.

    You know how we first kind of flirt with an idea, before we truly commit to it? That process of flirting to committing can sometimes take a while, while we just get used to the idea.

    One of my favorite clients said to me the other day that when she reviewed some of her early intentions for herself, she felt like she was shooting REALLY low.

    I don’t think it was that, though. I think at the TIME our new desires seem really out there. As we grow into them, and ACHIEVE them, THEN they seem like no-brainers. Like, “of course I got that – THAT was simple!”

    At least, that’s been my experience. Growing into the stretch, Tia, is a delicious process. Enjoy!!!

  • Tia says:

    I take that back! Its not fear as much as being in a comfort zone again and wanting some time in that ‘stable’ place before the next big change!!

    And thats just FINE cos I have handled all these changes ie,

    – ending a serious relationship that broke my heart and dealing with moving to a new country across the world 6 months ago
    – making new friends
    – getting job
    – settling into new apt, job, life, country
    – transitioning from job-bed to non jobbed woman 2 months ago
    – dating someone for a couple of weeks
    – deciding to follow passion and change my life and that of others by becoming a coach
    – taking intense courses, changing my life all over again … and so on)

    over the last few months REALLY WELL and if I want to take it slow before bringing in more good stuff, thats just peachy! So time out while knowing its all working out and this is where I am.

  • Tia says:

    Ohh I can see my counter intentions loud and clear! I said I wanted 2 paying coaching clients and pop! within a few hours, I logged onto the coaching site and found a student looking for coaching at reduced fees. I SO could have emailed her then and there and got me a client but instead .. I started doing something else!
    Realised later that even though I was saying I wanted this, at the same time I felt that I wasn’t ready and was only good enough for practise clients. Even though i was writing, visualising and feeling how it would be to have those 2 clients, a little part in me was (still is) resisting it.
    Same thing with the love life – all of the above, feeling it, attracting men into my life and then not feeling ready so backing off from going on dates with them OR attracting married men (which never happened to me till recently!!) Yet at other times feeling like i already have it all and dont need to go on dates..!? Talk about countering 😀
    Could it be some sort of fear of moving forward i wonder? Like knowing I can have this all and also realising that a lot would change in my life… perhaps not being ready for so much change (cos my life has already totally changed from what it was from just 2 months ago!) and wanting some stability in keeping things the way they are?
    So how does one effectively get past the counter intention? Or is it better to just let it be as is for now untill readiness just happens? That could take a while! Hmm .. thoughts? I do want it all now .. except for the times I resist it ….. HAHAHAHA HAHAA!!!! 😉

  • It does, doesn’t it, John?
    Would love to hear your example if you feel inspired to share!

  • Aaaaah. Ok, that clears up a LOT of things. Oh, my…

  • It IS okay, isn’t it, Pernille?

    I liked those words quite a bit. “And it’s OK.”

    Regarding counter-intentions with clients – I remember years ago when I had a slot open up, and I did what I always did back then. I looked up and said, “Universe, I’m ready for a perfect new client.” Which without fail would result in a perfect new client appearing with 24-48 hours.

    Two days later I was talking to a fellow coach when I realized my perfect client hadn’t shown up yet. I was flabbergasted, because it was SO reliable when I called one in, but I knew not to give attention to the “absent new client.”

    So I went on about my business, doing what felt good, etc. etc.

    And five days after that, I finished off the second of two REALLY big projects I’d been working on. As I sent off the last email and was truly DONE with it, I leaned back in my chair, put my hands behind my head, and spontaneously said, “NOW I’m ready for my new client.”

    In that moment, I realized even though I had SAID the words the week prior, I didn’t FEEL them because I had this sub counter-intention flowing that I didn’t have time for a new client. As soon as I DID have time, I felt the sincerity of the desire for a new client – clean and pure desire – and FABULOUS things unfolded client-wise after that. Really cool stuff.

    Sure helps to be aware of these vibes so we don’t feel so frustrated in our manifesting efforts, huh?

    Thanks for posting, Pernille. I enjoyed reading your experience, as I know others will, too. 🙂

  • Hi Jeannette
    Very interesting subject – as usual 🙂 – This resonates with me – I’m not getting any new clients for the time being and I’ve been wondering why.
    Now I can se why – I would very much like them to come, but actually, at the same time I don’t want them to come.
    My sweetie is working so hard and so many hours every day (and has been doing so for more than a year now), so I’m more or less taking care of everything in the house and everything to do with our children – and I’m satisfied with this, I know it won’t be for ever and I feel like I’m the lucky one (couldn’t be away from the children so much as he is).
    So getting new clients would mean doing what I love to do, i.e. inspiring people, connecting, making a difference, helping people to a better life, and at the same time expanding my business and increasing my income, which would all be making me feel good.
    But at the same time it would imply being away from home more hours, it would make it more difficult when one of the children gets sick, it would mean less time for myself and for taking care of everything.
    I can clearly see the conflict now – and it’s OK.
    I can also see a connection to your blog post about “not being ready”.
    I know I will become ready soon, but until then it feels OK, now that I know the reason why, so thank you Jeannette 🙂

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