Creating Multiple Revenue Streams??

Next weekend is the Martha Beck coach convention in Keystone, Colorado, which I won’t be speaking at for reasons worthy of an LOA discussion.

You regular readers know that deliberate creation is my professional passion.

It’s what gets me excited about “work” and leveraging the law of attraction is how I’ve created success: by paying attention to how things feel and learning to manage energy in a way that lines me up for what I want.

So when Martha’s group asked me to speak on how coaches can create multiple revenue streams, I was thrilled!  Who wouldn’t want multiple income streams?!

(Indeed, it was a topic I suggested they cover, since I see many coaches struggling as they rely solely on private client coaching income.)

But a potential scheduling conflict prevented me from confirming right away that I was available.

As I thought about it more, I realized I couldn’t deliver the presentation they wanted.

Because what they wanted wasn’t anything I knew how to do.  At least, not in the way most people think about it.

Meaning, I couldn’t instruct people on what actions to take to make multiple income streams happen for their business.

I don’t know what those actions are! And even if I did, I’m smart enough to know it’s not the actions that make the difference.

Even though I have several revenue sources, I don’t know how people who don’t use LOA make that happen.  I’ve no clue!

My experience in creating multiple money in-flows is this simple: “Do what feels good.”

And Martha Beck didn’t ask me for an LOA presentation on creating multiple income streams.  Yet there isn’t any other way I could talk about it.

Because that’s exactly how it came together for me: feeling good along with an intention for big fat fun easy cash is how Universe hooked me up with all of it.

“Go have fun, let Universe connect the dots.”  I don’t know how well that would land with a non-LOA audience.  hee hee

Here’s what I did:

  • I leveraged law of attraction to draw in perfect clients for one-on-one coaching income;
  • a client practically insisted on publishing pray rain journaling for me to create my first product income (I’m still in huge love with him for that);
  • every single corporate gig I got was from them approaching me (either they read my newsletter or blog, heard about me from a friend, or saw me present at another gig);
  • each and every speaking presentation I’ve had was from simply saying yes when someone asked if I was willing;
  • it was at one of those speaking gigs that the editor of one of the most sought after publications in town asked if I wanted to write for them (you mean I would get paid to write about LOA for you?!  Uh … yes!!!)
  • those folks whose products I was already recommending sent me completely unexpected money for it (getting checks from “out of the blue” from Mike Dooley is super cool);
  • my own readers were recommending my stuff to their friends long before I had a formal affiliate program in place.

I didn’t “make any of that happen.”  I don’t know where normal people go to get corporate coaching gigs – I went to Universe.

I don’t know how to properly run or participate in an affiliate program – I just do what feels good and money comes from it.

How do you get paid speaking gigs?  Don’t ask me, I just said “yes” when asked.  How did I get Catalyst to publish my stuff?  Simple answer:

I turned it in after they asked for it.

I just did my thing, purposely having a good time, paying attention to (and following) what felt good, and it all came together.

That’s my presentation on how to grow multiple income streams. Decide you want it, do what feels good and follow inspiration. 

Don’t sweat the “hows” or get caught up in figuring it out yourself.

It’s a short talk.  And a highly effective practice.

You can apply it to anything you want, in fact.  Relationships, jobs, new places to live, whatever else you can think of that you want.

Action is highly overrated for making things happen to get what we want.  The more effective approach is vibration management.

And I’ll give that talk any day.

  • June 5, 2010
  • Alain says:

    I love what you wrote here about how you created your multiple streams of income… especially when you said you just focus on doing what feels good. That’s been my philosophy lately too… I’m focused on doing things I actually enjoy, like learning from you! *cough* suck up! *cough* haha no but seriously… I love reading your blog especially when you’re talking about MONEY

  • Curtis says:

    I have only been on your blog email listing for about a week to 10 dasys and I must say WOW!!!!
    Just spoke with a friend this evening who just attracted 150K in her space. She wrote it down on her big board and later a house worth 200k was just deeded to her.
    This posting has spoken to me in get my vibration more in line to attract the dreams I desire. Vibration management is where I need to learn more of LOA. thank you so much for another insight.
    Curtis G.

  • Barbara says:

    Brilliant! I LOVE it! Very inspiring!

  • Leo says:

    I was having so much fun not checking my email that I missed your question. Here is what I said:
    “This post is so good that it has been constantly on my mind. It got me in a positive wave of energy. And it moved me closer to the answer to a question I have had. The question: What makes the law of attraction a law?”
    At the time I said that I felt like I had realized something new. In a socratic frame of mind I came at it as one who knew nothing and asked the question. I let in linger in the air, and on the blog. At last here I am. It is simple. It is a law because it works the same for everyone. It is as natural as the law of gravity. I knew that inside all along, but it came out and stood before me. And, I confess, at the time I wanted to provoke responses in the form of answers. Then you asked me what my answer was.
    If a person desires multiple income streams, they will get them as long as they feel happy about it. It is the law!
    Feel good! Namastie

  • Kelly Pratt says:

    2 words. Thank you.

  • Sara Blumenfeld says:

    Jeannette, the Universe just led me to your blog, and to this post in particular, right when I needed it. The post itself is amazing, and all these wonderful comments, and your responses, gave me such a shift I started to cry. Thank you for following you prompting to do this post. I plan to read many more.

  • Maryann Candito says:

    God I love you Jeannette! What a great post. I go through periods of all action and no vibe work or I go through all vibe work and no action. Somehow this makes me feel better and it reminds me to be easy when I find myself frustrated at not knowing HOW to do all the marketing needed to bring my coaching biz to the next level. When I feel that, I need to do vibe and intention work and remind myself that you didn’t know either and look how the Universe delivers!
    Thanks for the blog – keep them coming! 🙂

  • That is FABULOUS news, Valerie! I’m SO happy for you!
    Thank you for sharing it here – it helps others tremendously (I believe) when they see what’s possible and exactly how it’s done.
    Many thanks, my friend! And congratulations!

  • Valerie says:

    I’ve written to you many times to say how much you inspire me; sometimes I go back and read old ezines just to get pumped if I’m feeling low!
    Recently I’ve been feeling more negative than ever about my job. I’ve never enjoyed it, but feel kind of stuck for a multitude of reasons. I’m sitting here at midlife without the skill set to do what I would love to do (health & healing) and scared about making a change, so I made a new vision board, started tapping (I LOVE EFT), and lo and behold an opportunity dropped into my lap!
    Two weeks later I am starting a new career that required NO training and allows me to help people help themselves with a revolutionary new technology in self care which I feel coincides with the paradigm shift going on in our world. It is very empowering and gratifying to watch people heal before your eyes and see the look on their face go from skeptical to amazed to teary-eyed appreciation!
    Thank you for your continued inspiration!

  • Sophie says:

    I love this!
    “Big fat fun easy cash”. I am going to say this all day long!!!! Only because it feels good, it makes me giggle 🙂
    This is right along with what you and I talked about Jeannette. I am SOOOOO happy I found you and GVU!
    I am all about feeling good (has anyone read or done Mama Gena’s courses / books?).
    I am intending to feel the fun of writing in the next few weeks. Feel the fun of the music, feel the fun of the smiles an the inspiration and the HOPE.
    Thank you thank you thank you!

  • Laura says:

    I can feel your fun, hear your giggle and see you smiling! Your happiness is just oozing from your post….and it made me smile!

  • I’ve heard positive references to Mama Gena, Sophie, but I’m not familiar with the material.
    May check it out if it’s getting a thumbs up from you.
    Thanks for chiming in on this one, Sophie – your energy is a treat!

  • Thanks for sharing the post, Suzie! Much appreciated.

  • Suzie Cheel says:

    Thanks Jeanette for the reminder, sometimes I forget to do KISS and i love your story. thanks for making me smile and get back on purpose

  • Bryan K. says:

    Jeanette, I just wanted to say thanks for getting and understanding what I was trying to say. . I wasn’t sure if I was being clear. this is a fantastic blog! 🙂

  • Way to keep it simple, Monica!

  • Monica says:

    Jeannette, yes indeed, Abraham does say that.
    Feeling good is the ultimate end desire of anything that we want. Want a nice car, the approval of our parents, or a slim body, it is all to feel good. On GVU Mitch asked if there was a different quality to the feelings from different goals. I have been thinking about that, and this discussion has clarified for me that in fact I don’t think there is a difference. Feeling good is feeling good, and it doesn’t matter how you get there.
    The answer is always do what feels best. 😉

  • Curious One, that’s usually my line. Ha!
    “Self-love is the key.”
    Thanks for adding that here. You’re absolutely right in that if we don’t feel worthy or deserving of what we want, we’re not a match to it and it can’t manifest into the experience we want it to be.
    I’m refraining from sharing my “duh” moment as I read your post. lol
    Thanks for it, Curious One!

  • Curious One says:

    As an ardent “observer” of what works/what doesn’t I personally feel the key to Jeanette’s success was revealed in her comment “my vibe wasn’t screwed up around money or success”…if LOA isn’t working for anyone I think the first question to ask oneself is “do I really believe I am good enough to have/deserve what I want?” I had a lot to untangle and love Louise Hay for the help she has offered in changing my self talk about “me”.
    I have read much of Jeanette’s work and listened to her calls and she exudes confidence in that yes, she can indeed have what she wants plus happiness and delight with her world and a BIG dose of the feeling good thing…lol I think that is more important than being overly concerned about the “right/specific” words. Loving yourself enough that you ALLOW yourself to have it!

  • Barbara Banfield! What a treat to see you here!
    Thanks for the compliment, and for reiterating how good Universe is at supporting us when we let it.

  • Barbara Banfield says:

    Thanks Jeannette, you’re always such a great reminder of “Reality” in its true meaning. The Universe totally supports us when we get out of the way.

  • And I will add this, Bryan, when I get specific in my scripting (whether written or in journal form), it lights me right up.
    (Which is probably because I’m so loving the topic I’m on that it takes me squarely into my “feel good” place.)
    I’ve told the story before about how I said I wanted 1,000 daily hits to my blog (actually had that on my biz plan, Jessica) and then when it happened I was like … flat. What did I think was gonna be so cool about that?
    I realized that what I REALLY wanted was to feel like I was making a stronger impact with my writing. And I mistakenly thought that could be measured in daily traffic.
    That’s better measured in the types of comments you all have been leaving here for the last two days. 🙂
    Love you guys!

  • Bryan Kieft says:

    this is one of those. .inexact word things I think. Much like the idea of “never affirming things in the negative” is often said in LoA or similar books and is sometimes contradicted. . just depends on how you *mean* the words. The universe is more concerned with meaning than specific words. and you are right you don’t have to know the specifics. . I meant that it’s best to be focused and not contradictory in your intentions. . or to not just intend for “something cool” to happen. if you don’t know what a good job *feels* like then you’ll always have the type of job you feel you can have, instead of matching the request of “a high paying fun job”.
    I think when I say get focused and specific, it’s more of a way of blocking out the negative vibrations that might muddle your intentions and leave you feeling like you aren’t quite where you want to be.
    I’m not sure if I’m explaining this well. It’s kind of like saying: I want True Love, or To Be Married, and not being sure why or how it feels. I think that leads to stagnation or even talking yourself out of it.
    Or if you say I want to be Rich, but you just have this vague concept of having more money = good. . but you don’t know if you really want to be rich of if you want the stuff money can buy, or if you want the respect of your parents. . . I think you do specifically have to know what you want, not how it happens, just what it is under the top layer.

  • Thank God you know to follow inspiration, Jessica, or you might be putting a fabulous and logical plan into place that does nothing for you!
    Hey, that actually sounds like my corporate career. lol
    At least some of it.

  • Jessica says:

    Oh my! I didn’t keep up with this post’s comments! I’m loving this topic.
    I just wanted to mention how I felt this way in my business class on writing a “business plan”. I just wanted to shout out, “It isn’t the plan that makes it work! It is how we FEEL about it that does!” I wrote, had great ideas and got good praise for my awesome bp. I just didn’t feel juiced up! It didn’t matter to me how much logical sense it made that it “would be” successful, it just felt forced. How to explain why I didn’t follow through on it to family and friends who think it is a great idea, well that’s another story…
    The experience though, was absolutely wonderful, and that is what I wanted and needed from that class! It was a great bunch of people! They didn’t understand LOA necessarily, but do understand “positive attitude” and “passion” for their entrepreneurship dreams!

  • Monica, to your point, just a few minutes ago I hung up the phone with Patty who had just attended Mike Dooley’s Playing the Matrix workshop. She reminded me how one of his main messages is that the only time you want to get specific in your desired details is when you’re feeling good.
    In fact, that’s also sounding like something Abraham has said … that getting specific only works when you’re already in the vortex. Getting specific when you’re out of the vortex doesn’t feel good.
    Which seems to contradict the Steve Pavlina piece I just shared earlier.
    Thoughts from others? We’ve probably talked about this before, I suspect. Let me see if I can find that post …

  • Monica says:

    Brian, you do NOT have to be clear on the specifics of what you want before good can flow to you. The key is to feel good and be open to inspiration. A simple intention like “big fat fun easy cash” and releasing resistance is all it takes.

  • Good point! “any successful business or motivational program is probably already doing that. . even if the instructor doesn’t know it.”

  • Bryan Kieft says:

    side note: I also often wonder if there is a way to deliberately talk people into following the LoA while convincing them they are just doing fun psych exercises or explain business techniques such that the are really veiled LoA instructions.
    Of course one could argue that as the LoA is always working, any successful business or motivational program is probably already doing that. . even if the instructor doesn’t know it.

  • Bryan, I totally know what you mean. In fact, Laura just posted this Steve Pavlina article at GVU today:
    on that very topic.
    I will say this, too, in response to something your comment inspired me to recognize more clearly – and I can’t believe no one’s called me on it yet – what I want isn’t really big fat easy fun money. It’s a good time.
    I just (mistakenly) associated that “good time” desire with money and made money the target of my manifestation, when the truth is that all I really want is to feel good and have fun. AND, I’m not complaining. lol
    Anyway, I think you’ll resonate with that Pavlina piece. Thanks for adding this important element to the conversation, Bryan!

  • “and all that went before and after aligning”? ha!
    Anyone who reads me online knows the story – and it’s the same thing every other deliberate creator is doing: bumping into contrast, having a couple swear words about it, then getting back to the feel good.
    Rinse and repeat. 😉
    You don’t think I secretly slept with someone high up on the God of eBooks staff, right? lol Or hired a voodoo genie to put a money spell on the sales page?
    I would have told about that for sure!
    And I totally get that “contagion of spark” effect. That is SUPER cool to be in front of someone who is getting lit up, or sharing about when they were lit up. Very good stuff there.
    Thanks for dropping by, Bridgette! 🙂

  • Bryan Kieft says:

    I’ll admit that I haven’t read all of the comments very well to make sure this hasn’t already been mentioned, but. .
    Recently I’ve been thinking about, discovering, and feeling that one of the key stumbling blocks I have had about manifesting new and awesome experiences is in knowing exactly what I want. I’ve been reading the Attraction Distraction, by Sonia M. Miller, and I can see where “a better job” or “someone to date” etc. . can be a bit vague if you are held back by some conflicting emotion about the subject. I mean if there is something you’ve been wanting for a while, or it seems like you are sort of stuck in a rut there is probably a “good reason” you haven’t either just done what needed to be done or asked for what you want of the Universe clearly enough.
    So I guess I just wanted to say that the first step: Deciding what you want, can sometimes seem easier than it is. Sometimes people are very sure they want “multiple income streams” but they don’t know why and there may be fears or other wants that conflict and make you think you can’t really have that desire. Part of deciding what you want is figuring out how to want or state what you want so you are focused and not conflicted about it happening.
    I hope that made sense,

  • Laura says:

    Great point Bridgette!
    Maybe Jeannette will reconsider next time! 🙂

  • Hmmmm, I think those non-LOA aware folks would’ve loved to hear what you’ve shared here and all that went before and after aligning yourself. Because sometimes when we hear others talk about what lights them up, it creates the spark in ourselves. I know I’ll be bummed to miss it!

  • You have an answer that works for you, Leo? I, for one, would love to hear it!

  • I’m liking the sounds of Julie’s book already, Bubbles!
    I can see why you’d experience that as a breath of fresh air. Thanks for sharing this resource with us!

  • Leo says:

    This post is so good that it has been constantly on my mind. It got me in a positive wave of energy. And it moved me closer to the answer to a question I have had. The question: What makes the law of attraction a law?
    Want my answer? I have one that works for me.
    Thank you so much! Namaste

  • Bubbles says:

    Jeannette, this is brilliant! I just read a very inspiring book by an Australian author, it’s called “Footlose and Financially Free”, by Julie Macken. She tells her story of how she stopped to rely on action and started to rely on what feels good, and made this the basic principle on her path to prosperity. Not a single action tipp in the whole book (even though there are very fun to to and revealing exercises), and for me the most inspiring book on money I’ve red so far. I loved the part about “pet hates” being woderful launching pads for finding your way – I never knew what to “do” with and about things that really made me mad and tended to scold me for them because of my negative emotions – sooo relieving to read her ideas on how you could use those pet hates constructively! Ooops, I got off topic – what I wanted to say is that I grow more and more grateful for NOT being told what action steps to take and that their absence is a gush of fresh air!

  • Julio Blanco says:

    Thanks Jeannette for this post! It needed to be said… but even more it needed to be heard… and by me for sure! That was a big faith-booster. I am super grateful. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  • Thanks for dropping in to say so, Julio. Very good to know this post is hitting the faith spot for you!

  • Marci, I do love having these conversations with people who already get it! (No fun trying to convince anyone of anything.)
    Thanks for adding to the positive energy here! 🙂

  • marci says:

    Awesome, Jeannette! Thanks for reminding me of what I already know in my heart. Sometimes I get hung up on limiting myself to the income streams I already recognize. But, of course, they are abundant.
    It is all about having fun and feeling good. The manifestation is gravy!

  • Yay for not being tied to “logical” sense, Ande! And thanks for the blog post link – you know I’d be asking you to share it here, didn’t you?
    Off to read it now …
    Thanks for popping in here, Ande. Always a pleasure to hear from you!

  • Ande says:

    Jeannette, as usual, your posts slide right in alongside what I’m pondering/writing about. And this one is BIG. Last week, I wrote about “The Snoopy Method of Manifesting”–you do what you can do, and it’s enough. It was my aha that I’d been doing the exact opposite of what you describe here.
    I’ve taken lots of inspired action, but when I didn’t get results I expected to get, I panicked and then took a bunch of uninspired action … with predictable lousy results. Because I have a time crunch within which I need to create at least one decent stream of income, I’ve found it very challenging to relax and expect my intention to bring me that income.
    Thanks to a Classic Peanuts comic strip, I began to understand that one important piece of the puzzle is to take the sort of actions you talk about in this post and then remain in a place of peaceful or exhilarated expectation that abundance will come, whether from the action you’ve taken or from another direction.
    I THANK YOU for this post because it feels like confirmation that I’m on the right track, that things I’ve done will bear fruit in some way when I relax and just do what I feel inspired to do, whether it makes “logical” sense or not.
    In case you’re interested in Snoopy’s LOA wisdom :), here’s the link to that post:

  • Vanessa Vinos says:

    Hi Jeanette
    I can’t add anything to the wonderful comments that have been written, only to say I was having a really bad day (principally worrying about some issues in the future) and your post dropped into my mail box just at the right time. Perhaps that’s the Universe giving me a nudge in the right direction?

  • Ah, yes, Vanessa, anything that distracts you from worrying about future issues is a step in the right direction. Here’s to more of that redirection (wherever it comes from) leading you to better feeling thoughts and positive fantasies about your future!

  • Iyabo Asani says:

    You know, I really don’t have anything to add. I am just grateful for your blog posts showing up in my email box and I know it is going to be powerful, useful and inspiring! Thank you for your consistency.

  • Bernita says:

    This topic was perfect timing for me. I am not new to LOA. I’ve used it successfully in other areas of my life,yet when it comes to using it to walk away from a current business I have that feels like a slow death has me frozen. Maybe the fear is I don’t have saving to fall back on or maybe the universe won’t provide. silly I know, it has so far.
    You know how when you have been doing something for so long and if feels like the only thing you know and it’s hard to imagine something in its place? That’s where I’m at and this post has reminded me to feel my way through this and do what feels good. Oh and Trust the universe 🙂
    Thanks Jennette!

  • Iyabo, feeling the same love for you as you launch your Money Mindset Mastery this month at GVU!
    woo hoo!!

  • Kudos to you, Bernita, for recognizing it’s time to imagine something new and feel your way through the changes you’re calling in!
    Glad these words served as inspiration, just like your post will for someone else who can relate to what you shared.
    Namaste. 🙂

  • Jeff Atherton says:


  • I predict you’re gonna like that mantra, Monica!

  • Monica says:

    LOL, exactly like Dian, I was contemplating this very topic right before I turned on the computer this morning. Awesome! I think I have to bookmark this one. And “big fat fun easy cash” is my mantra now! LMAO. Woo hoo!

  • I like that, Phil: “yummy vibe.” 🙂
    And you nailed it – just because these actions worked for me doesn’t mean someone else could walk their dog and write their newsletter and get the same results. It really is for each of us to listen for our own inner sparks and have the courage (like Laura shared) to follow them when we find/feel them!
    I would say “easier said than done” but I’m banishing that phrase from my lips as I’m manifesting just as easily said AS done instead. ha
    And Dr. PhilGood, I will have you know that even LOA savvy clients have asked me “how’d you do it” and I tell them I managed the vibe, and they say “yeah, I know – but what ELSE?” and I tell them, even with the disclaimer that it won’t work for them if it doesn’t take them to a feel good place, and yet they march right off to create a newsletter or host a telecall or whatever they heard that I did.
    Easy to mistake the real life “action” (rather than the energy behind it) for what causes the results.
    Just like those pigeons in the study who, when they received food after performing a particular movement, began to associate that movement with food. So here are these pigeons turning in circles or bobbing their heads back and forth, thinking that’s what caused the food.
    That’s just superstition, right? To attribute these meaningless actions to results.
    And at the same time I love how you noted that if someone believed repeating the green cash poem and juggling fruit would bring results, for someone it would indeed pay off. Too funny!
    Omgosh, we should totally experiment with that at GVU!! whoa – that’d be fun and funny all at the same time.

  • Phil says:

    Hey Super J – brilliant, brilliant stuff! Very uplifting.
    As I read, however, when you say you don’t know what actions will create multiple revenue streams you’re fibbing! ;o) You know! You listed a bunch of them – all those inspired actions are still actions and you created the opportunities with your yummy vibe and when the all the parts clicked into place you took the inspired actions that created the streams! You said YES to your own creations…:o)
    Now what you don’t know is what the inspired actions would be for all those people at the conference that want to create multiple revenue streams – well, you could tell them to repeat my “Green Cash, I AM” poem 444 times a day while standing on one foot and juggling pomegranates (if you did, guaranteed somebody would do it and it would work for them!). Since you can’t know where they are vibrating and you can’t vibrate for them -(Laura, – behave!) – you can’t know what the actual steps are for them that will both delight them AND create cash flow in the connected ways that you did.
    But – you CAN tell them how you did it – just as you told us! You never have to utter the words LOA – those who are ready will resonate with your story and it will inspire them and they will move forward. Even if they are not ready to be full blown LOAers in the ways that most here are, they will resonate with the vibe and they will FEEL good hearing your story and at the very least create more revenue streams for YOU! :o)
    It might not be exactly the kind of “cookbook”, step by step talk they THOUGHT they wanted but it would help them a whole lot more even if they don’t know why! :o)
    That was fun!
    Dr PG

  • Thanks, Parul! In reading your comment, I can’t believe I almost didn’t post this. I must be way off on what I think is helpful material. lol
    And Anonymous – same to you! It’s always good to know what works and what doesn’t.
    Thanks for helping to direct this blog in a way that brings you (and others) more value.

  • Anonymous says:

    Thanks so much for sharing Jeanette and Laura!!! Do you realise your words can change peoples lives???????????????????? Thank you heaps!

  • Parul says:

    This has got to be one of the MOST inspiring blog posts/ articles I’ve read in a very very long time (and I read something or the other everyday!!)
    I just LOVE what everyone’s had to say and share!!
    Thank you for reaffirming my faith in LOA. 🙂

  • Joy’s your default setting, Debra, so I can’t take credit for any that you’re feeling. hee hee
    And that TED thought freaks me out slightly. But in a good way. lol
    Thanks for the laugh!

  • Debra says:

    I love this post! I love you! And I love the way you move in the world. You rock, Ms. Good Vibe Coach!
    And this nifty ‘presentation’ post…read as if I were watching a TED (Ideas Worth Spreading) talk. Now how about that?? Jeannette at TED. Nice.
    …no one looked at the brain the way they do now, since Jill Bolte Taylor’s look at her own brain… and TED.
    …no one knew LOA ’til Jeannette and TED. 🙂
    …Ideas that spread. You, my friend…Good Vibe Coach Jeannette Maw, have got *that* brilliant arena covered!
    You amp my JOY way up!

  • Tia, I’ve had several people tell me already that I should include your question and my story that it evoked in the main post itself. That’s apparently where the real juice is!
    Can’t thank you enough for bringing this topic to a whole new level with your original post.
    Much appreciated! 🙂

  • Tia Singh says:

    Perfect!! And yes I was asking for those who might wonder about the “secret” you’re holding from them. 🙂 And your answer was super duper awesome!! Thank you for explaining that process, it was SO much fun reading it even though I knew it wasn’t going to be a secret weapon answer!! Or maybe for some, it will be.
    Man, I hope lots of people read this & realise how it all starts with asking for what you really want (easy money), being open to receiving it in any way (people asking about it, Oprah) and taking Inspired Action (writing it!). I like your way a lot. Mwah!

  • You know, Laura, when you wrote this: “acted when and ONLY when I was inspired and NOT questioning it when it came.” I thought some people might think that’s easy to do, but I know that in our culture, where many of us are taught that we “do this to get that” that it takes courage to practice it, and to find the trust that this is the way to go and release the fear that we’ll be ridiculed as we fail.
    Kudos for finding your way, my friend! And for sharing your example of it with others. That’s a treasure.

  • Laura says:

    Jeannette, Jeannette, Jeannette…am so loving this topic as it is exactly how I am living my life and FINALLY figured it out. If I look back on my life a year ago when I was TRYING to figure things out this is what it looked like: Do this to get that. I was absorbing so much information (many thanks to you and Perfect Client Attraction and Money Magic Mojo, etc.) and other sources, but I was still so stuck in what my current life situation was and couldn’t see the way out.
    So, I moved. Changed the energy. Got out of the place that made me feel stagnant. I was “released” from a job I was not happy in and used that opportunity to declare myself a coach. I’ve been a coach since 2006 and had some clients, but NEVER felt the 100% commitment to do whatever it would take to BE the coach I knew I was. Does that make sense?
    As I was looking for a new job in my new location I started working on a project – a 4 week class I was going to teach. I worked and worked and worked. My Mastermind Group would hear me talk about this class and it seemed to drag on forever.
    Then something happened. I had a few sessions with an LOA coach (in training) and realized I was not tapping into what I already knew. 1) Have as much fun now as you possibly can and 2) I AM ALREADY A COACH…why was I looking for another job?
    So, I abandoned the project which no longer felt good to me. Started going on long walks on the boardwalk at the beach, playing with friends I had reconnected with and spent lots of time with my LOA playmates. I re-thought and renamed by coaching business to something I was more in alignment with. A tremendous sense of freedom and relief came when I realized I could stop looking for a job. Yes, you can have this much fun and have that be work.
    I got inspired on a daily basis. Started meditating. Had this desire to start leading calls/classes and workshops. Decided I wanted to collaborate with people. And it all just started happening. New client, new collaborations, new ideas for calls. Money coming from sources I didn’t expect. Wow…can it be this easy? My new mantra became…the more fun I have the more money I attract.
    I have to say…many people would look at my present situation and think I am not being responsible, not being realistic, not being logical, and am dillusional. Well, let me tell you. I have NEVER been happier and have NEVER had such a sense of purpose in my life. I am different on a cellular level. And it all came down to doing what was fun, what felt good and acted when and ONLY when I was inspired and NOT questioning it when it came.
    So, Ms. Maw….this is one of those posts that really resonated with me. I finally get it and man is it fun!
    Thanks for being such a huge inspiration and teacher! xo

  • Thank you, Pernille and Sue!
    Good to know this one hit the mark – I was waffling about whether to post it or not.

  • Sue says:

    Jeanette………….I love You!!!

  • Good question, Jason. It’s kind of like referring to a “non-gravity audience.” Of course what I meant it is that there are some groups who are open to and appreciative of a discussion about these concepts and principles, whereas others shake their head and wonder how this fruit loop got in.
    From the limited experience I’ve had with Martha Beck coaches, though, I’ve found most of them to be extremely open and interested in all sorts of things, not just LOA. But I wasn’t asked to do a presentation on how to use LOA to grow your income streams – which doesn’t at all mean Martha Beck coaches wouldn’t have been interested in it.
    The more I think about it now, I don’t really we think we “use” LOA as much as it is we “leverage” it. But that’s just getting nitpicky, I guess. The languaging around this practice of creating our own reality continues to evolve, but I’ll say I’m the first person to use slang that isn’t an accurate representation of what’s really happening with it.

  • I, like the rest here, praise and applaud your phenomenal article, and awesome wake up call to any and all who may be getting their wires crossed regarding LOA.
    I’d like to check that I’m understanding you correctly when you say:
    “People who don’t use LOA” and “non-LOA” people…
    What you’re really meaning (if I dig you), is that:
    “Everyone, everywhere is using LOA whether they know it or not, and the key is that Martha Beck’s audience is currently at a stage in life where an outright conscious/verbal presentation on LOA was not the most beneficial thing for them.”
    Anyway, I absolutely LOVE this. “Do What You Love: success, abundance, joy, union, and everything else follows.”

  • Pernille Madsen says:

    Wow – thank you so much for your inspiration, Jeannette 🙂

  • Okay, Tia, I just realized you weren’t asking for yourself – but rather for others who think of this stuff as a mystery.
    I thought for a minute you were asking in order to better understand it yourself.
    Thanks for the invitation to share the details with those who might not get it already.

  • Tia, I suspect you actually DO know what inspired action looks like – not just for you but for me, too.
    It’s writing posts like this, it’s walking the dogs, it’s having heated conversations with Russ (who represents “normal people” to me) which inspires more ideas and desires, it’s having lunch with dad, it’s fostering the kitties!, it’s going to Blog World Expo to hang out with people who love and are good at sharing their passion online (where I met Tim Kerber which introduced me to the software that hosts the GVU party), it’s doing interviews and getting fired up about a topic that’s near and dear to my heart, it’s tweeting about the ducks that visit the front yard, it’s … all that.
    That’s the inspired action.
    Anyone who thinks that I’m holding back on some secret “action” that really made all the difference is not understanding the power of vibrational alignment. (And some of the coaches you hang out with will/do say that about me.)
    To answer your suggestion to share the process of one thing (the first product), here’s how that went:
    I’d been doing what I love for a while, talking to people about LOA and how they can better use it to get what they want. Many of those conversations included sharing the technique of pray rain journaling. None of them had ever heard of it before. Literally, NONE.
    So I’m having that conversation a LOT.
    Oh, and I should add that very early in my practice I set an intention for easy money. That was part of what I wanted in my life experience.
    One day I get an email asking if I’m interested on getting on Oprah’s LOA show. I defer at first, suggesting one of my clients would be better for it, but at the insistence of the person who wrote (who knew me from Martha Beck), I agreed.
    After talking with Oprah’s producers, they asked me to bring all my pray rain journals to the show with me. (omg.)
    I did.
    And after all that they didn’t use me.
    In the limo on the way to the airport, one of the other show participants asked what was pray rain journaling all about, since they never got to hear about it.
    I explained it. She liked it. Asked where she could read more about it. I said there weren’t any books about this method in particular, that I was aware of.
    On the airplane home I thought what a shame it was that there weren’t any books that I could have people read.
    And then I thought I should write it.
    So I did on the airplane on the way home from Oprah.
    One of my new clients, who knew so much about doing business online that I didn’t know, encouraged me to publish that ebook. I didn’t know how. He did.
    So we partnered up.
    I gave him what I wrote; he put it together. He made the actual pdf document, he created a sales page, he set up the shopping cart, he connected it all however you’re supposed to connect it all, and I sent out a note about it in one of my ezines that my first ebook was now available.
    We did something like $4k in the first week. (It continues to be one of my best sellers, after all this time. I think he calls that “evergreen.”)
    I thought that was pretty cool.
    You know how many people launch an ebook and don’t sell it? They know how to write up a great book, make it available online and tell lots of people about it – and yet it doesn’t sell? That’s because it isn’t those things that make the difference.
    What makes the difference is that my vibe wasn’t screwed up around money or success – I was having a good time chatting up a storm about LOA with lots of fun people, sending out newsletters I enjoyed writing, walking my dogs when I wasn’t doing that, and enjoying my share of chocolate and movies and yoga. I was ALIGNED. Having fun, feeling good, paying attention to the little sparks and following them.
    Does this help at all?
    I’ve got a very strong feeling that this is everything you already know.
    Actually, to your point – I never said “Universe, give me a hot selling ebook.” I DID say big, easy, natural, fun money. (And still do.) But I didn’t get caught up in thinking HOW that should happen, because I know as well as you do that it works best when we don’t micro-manage.
    And for everyone who DID ask me for the “real world action steps” in how to get their ebooks out, I gave them Jeff’s information or pointed them to a good online resource, and told them what REALLY matters is doing what felt good. Working with Jeff felt pretty good to me. In fact, it still does. Not hard to see why. 😉

  • Tia Singh says:

    The Master Manifestor does it again! Bet that has people who think they have to do what others are doing, scratching their heads and wondering what loony bin you stepped out of 😉
    I know for a fact that you don’t just sit around and wait for things to happen – you take inspired action and from that, speak at events, host calls, create products, blog, submit to article directories etc. Just like you said above.
    People don’t get to see that part of what’s going on behind the scenes and that’s why they wonder how it’s possible to just ask & see it happen. You know what might really help them? To know all the inspired action you’ve taken after you’ve asked the U for what you want.
    I know I’d love to hear all that 😀 I probably know most of what you’ve done from hanging around long enough and if you could say “this is what felt right so i did it” and “this is what i did cos i thought i should do it” with examples, that would be quite revealing & insightful, me thinks!
    Like – pick one thing: “Creating 1st product: My process” – and then tell us what happened?
    Oh that would be fun!! 😀

  • Glad it helped, Bridget!

  • Bridget says:

    This was super-helpful to me today. Thank you!

  • Here’s what I admire about you, Dian: that passion, fun and joy naturally top your list of how to live. !!
    (That was something I had to purposely take myself back to, after many years of doing it quite differently.)
    So thanks for being the example of how that can be a NATURAL way of living, and thanks for your enthusiastic response to this post. I was feeling a little irreverent and cheeky with it, wondering if it needed a “tone down” before publishing. lol

  • Dian says:

    As always you inspire me beyond words…You little Miracle maker you !!!!and such a timely observation as I was contemplating this very topic this morning.
    Passion , fun, joy always on my top hit list of feelings to live in and by and this is the perfect reminder to do just that,
    Rock on OH WISE WOMAN!!!!!!!!

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