Creative Remedies for the Vibe

potionsI have to admit, sometimes the homework assignments clients get from me might seem a little strange.
If anyone heard them out of context, they might question my sanity.
(Or a client’s, for taking it on.)
But when it comes to managing our vibration, sometimes strange things are the perfect remedy.
Take, for example, Todd (not his real name) who found out the hard way that his fiance was having a relationship on the side.
With his landlord.
(Not that it feels any better when it’s a total stranger, but still …)
Todd, who was very law of attraction savvy, knew that dwelling in anger and resentment would just attract more negative results into his life.
So he was doing his very best to practice acceptance, understanding and forgiveness.
Until I got my hands on him.
I asked him to entertain a couple of satisfying revenge fantasies before he picked up acceptance and understanding again.
My request was met with confused silence.
“Don’t you just want to see them really regret their actions?” I asked.  Still with the silence.
“Wouldn’t it be delicious to see her realize that screwing up this relationship was the biggest mistake of her life?”
“And to have an absolutely drop dead gorgeous girl on your arm – who’s wearing an even bigger diamond than she got – next time you run into her?”
Silence now interrupted by an irreverent giggle.
“And that their sex life is in the toilet once it’s not ‘naughty’ any more?”  Now there was full on laughter.
That’s what we’re looking for.  Relief!
Not noble aspirations and nice lip service to the “right” vibes – but something that truly helps us feel better right now in real life.

(And in real life, revenge fantasies work surprisingly well.)

For those of you who can get straight to understanding and acceptance, hats off to you!
For the rest of us, entertaining anger or holding vengeful thoughts or feeling deep resentment is perfectly appropriate and immensely helpful.  We’re not going to live there, just using it as a stepping stone for our vibrational progress.

* * * * * * * *

Then there was the client who worried about losing her business through bankruptcy.  She’d hired me because she believed an alternate outcome was possible if she could just wrap her mind around something different and better.  She was just having trouble getting there on her own.
In our launch session I asked her to get okay with bankruptcy before she started entertaining new possibilities.
“What?!” she exclaimed (with the tone of a person who just realized she hired a crackpot).  “That’s exactly what I don’t want, exactly what I can’t stop worrying about, and exactly the reason I hired you to help me get a new result in mind!”
And everyone knows, she went on to tell me, that you get what you think about – so why in the world would she purposely think about bankruptcy?!
I suggested that as long as she strongly didn’t want this particular outcome, she was on a direct collision course for it.  We needed to make peace and clear the negative charge before she could turn that magnet off.
“I hire you to avoid bankruptcy and you tell me to get okay with it.”
“That’s going to help me avoid it?”
Well, only if you really get okay with it, I told her.
You can’t pretend to get okay with it in order to avoid it – you have to really truly make peace with bankruptcy.  When you’re there, then we have a clean slate to start creating with.
(Hey, I don’t make the rules!  I just work with them!)
(And one of the biggest rules is that what we resist, persists.  So when we resist feeling angry, when we resist going bankrupt, – well, we know what happens next.)

* * * * * * * *

But one of my favorite unconventional homework assignments is for someone who is intent on creating an ideal relationship with a particular person who isn’t responding well.
(I’m laughing just thinking about it!)
That assignment is to go date a smokin’ hot someone else.
That one works for so many reasons I can’t even list them here!  ha ha
Another one of my most cherished vibrational remedies (that isn’t often well-accepted) is to give up on what you want.
That one’s reserved for someone who has really got their panties in a twist about their desire.  It is a last ditch effort, but it works wonders when we’re able to truly embrace it.
(And yes, I have practiced each of these remedies personally.)
I suspect I don’t have the corner on non-traditional vibe shifts.  What have you all practiced that we might not find in typical LOA 101 textbooks?

  • September 28, 2009
  • Parul says:

    Thanks Jeannette :)!
    I was wondering, if one were to go for “give up on what you want”, vibrational remedy, just what would it mean. Do I stop affirming, visualizing and basically stop the other stuff I do to keep the vibe going?

  • If it helps you feel better, we’re definitely on the right track. Indeed, Michael – here’s to authentic “ahhhhs.”
    Sending good thoughts for feeling better.

  • Michael says:

    Well, THAT makes me feel so much better!
    The stress of the past few months is kind of popping up for me in physically painful ways, and I get pissed! Why do I deserve this? Where’s my stuff and all that…
    And instead of preempting all of that, I let if fly for maybe fifteen minutes or so. Get it really cooking (with the idea that the more honest I am about it in the first place, the easier it will be to move up the scale).
    Jessica, I like how you talk about ‘forcing’ yourself to move up the scale. I, too, have done that. It actually worked a couple times, but I see why…if I’m genuinely able to move up the scale and not covering over a huge nasty feeling or toleration…p-r-e-t-e-n-d-i-n-g that I’m really moving up…if there’s nothing like that in the background, I”m good.
    And that was actually the case about 50% of the time. But on days like today, where I’m physically not feeling well, sometimes I need to get really venomous, and then move up incrementally.
    The vibe I”ve been creating out of that is ‘ahhhhhhh!’ (relief, security, enjoyment)…and I’d much rather create an authentic ‘ahhhh’ than a fake one… 🙂

  • Thanks, Sandy! I walked this talk just today where I used the kind of strung together expletives that would shock a sailor in reference to dealings with my ex-husband. And just a few hours later I was pleased to be inspired to send him a genuine message of love and well-wishes. (Which was a big turn around, trust me.)
    Some might call it bi-polar, I call it moving quickly up the scale. he he

  • I love you. I have been trying to understand/explain the concept of “relief” for weeks. *clink* Here’s to a good juicy revenge fantasy that makes us giggle… and then on with forgiveness. You rawk, Jeannette 🙂

  • Lovely to hear from you, Parul! Please feel welcome to chime in anytime inspiration hits!
    Thanks for the resource link, Debbie, and for sharing this perspective on fear. I was just talking today about how reducing the charge we have on failure (not getting what we want) is a key part of successful manifesting.
    Yes, Jessica, I remember that ezine issue!! ha – one of my favorites still. And I couldn’t have said it better myself – thanks for pitching in on this topic.

  • Jessica says:

    Wow! I am giggling! What a perfect addition to an already insightful day!!
    First off, this post reminds me of the one where you mention vibe shifters such as having a beer! I can’t remember now all that was on THAT list, but it had the same “oh yes!” shock value. 😉
    Lately, I’ve been contemplating Abraham’s emotional guidance scale… and how too often I try to force myself (or someone else) to jump from the bottom to the top. It just doesn’t work that way. Steps are way better. If Blame is higher on the scale than discouragement… then by all means, BLAME to my heart’s content. Then worry about moving up from there. But don’t jump from despair to acceptance… that is just resisting. So this concept has been seeming to help me- it is OK to blame or wallow, etc if it is even one step above my current emotional vibration. So when normally I’d try to skip the jealousy, hatred, anger, blame, impatience, etc… now I’d like to just indulge! I know in my heart I don’t stay “stuck” in blame, so it is OKAY to go there to help myself feel anything better than where I am at in that moment.
    Oh, and I love the party idea of Robert’s. Unintentionally, I’ve imagined our “housewarming” party… all our family and friends and those who would have helped us along our journey of house renovations. I can so clearly see it in my mind. Celebrating our hard work, sharing before/after photos and videos. Having a lovely slide show, and seeing everyone’s surprised faces of the transformation of our home. Also sharing all the old history we found in the walls/floors! It is SO fun to imagine. I know we will have that party one day… and I must say we’ve been easily motivated by it. As I sweat more than ever before on the hottest day of the year, putting up itchy insulation… I just wanted to get enough done so I could take the next “photo” that would be featured at our party! It was awesome to know. It helped us transform our second floor in a short amount of time. We still don’t know “how” we actually did so MUCH work… it seems just shy of a miracle!
    Thanks so much! I can’t wait to entertain some revenge fantasies! I think it will be a huge release for me! 🙂

  • Debbie Lattuga says:

    I’m an expressive artist and I help people use art for manifesting. Not only do I encourage people to make art of intention, but I encourage art making when the things we want don’t seem to be showing up.
    I find that drawing the ‘fear’ allows it to
    1. not be so scary
    2. gives insight
    3. allows you to integrate it or “become friends with it”
    4. allows you to let it go
    All these things help you raise your vibration and helps remove any ‘blocks’.
    Check out this blog post
    Debbie L

  • Parul says:

    Hi Jeannette,
    I’m an avid follower of your blog and actually all the material that you’ve put on the internet but am writing in for the first time.
    As always, this blog is amazing 🙂 and very well timed as I was getting extremely worked up about a ‘manifestation project’ that I’m currently working on and these tips have already helped me manage my vibes.
    Thanks once again.

  • Oooh, “feel-member” – I like that, Erik! Right along with Janita’s falling together instead of falling apart.
    Great stuff!
    Kudos, Adrienne, for being willing to have your cake and eat it too as well as bringing your guy to life with such great detail!
    To MissyB – we ARE having a great time here, aren’t we?! lol Thanks for being part of it, everyone!

  • MissyB says:

    Thanks Jeannette – your reply leaves me in the laughter I started once I read your blog.
    I love these types of tips; I love how you view the situation and think laterally; I love everyones comments; And I love this most recent blog. Thank you.

  • Adrienne says:

    Love this post! I’m a Monkey, too, Toni and cannot bear to think about a “yucky” 2010 (2009 hasn’t been my best friend so far 😉 ), so I’m jumping on the radical- MOST-AWESOME-BENEFICIAL-changes-for-Monkeys year bandwagon with you! Besides, it can’t be a bad year for ALLL monkeys :).
    Jeannette, thanks for your expanded explanation on what signals we send out to the U when we’re emotionally stuck on an ex-. I keep thinking about all the good times I had with my ex- and while I know it’s not healthy (either emotionally or LOA-wise), I wasn’t sure if I was sending out vibes of “more of those great times, please” or something detrimental that was stopping me from finding my right guy, whose list of qualities I have now listed in extraordinary detail … because I CAN have it all, can’t I :)? Similarly (at least IMHO) to Robert’s post, I’ve named “him” so that I can feel his presence even more realistically in lieu of thinking (feeling) about my long list of soul mate qualities. I now talk about “him” to a couple of friends in-the-know (like when he swatted me with the towel when we were in the gym over the weekend… he’s very playful 😉 ) and have a lot of fun with “him” and his most awesome qualities as if he is already here.
    re: “hot smoking date” to help get over the last one … this is NOT an LOA book, but that concept reminds me of a HILARIOUS quick-read and feel-good book by Cindy Chupak (writer for Sex & The City) called “Between Boyfriends” that I highly recommend (have given it to friends as gifts after break-ups). There’s a chapter called “Sexual Sorbet” about the guy after her ex- who helped her “cleanse her palate” before the main course :).

  • janita says:

    Thank you everyone alot for your posts 🙂 made my day!! i have a really trusting day 🙂
    Heres only one way to go, and thats up. When life is “falling apart” things could actually be falling toghether..maybe for the first time 🙂 wow..thank you 🙂 i dont “see” things that are not here–and to nor fail to see things that are 🙂 yes i choose 🙂

  • Erik says:

    For me one remedy is going into the past and find a situation where the thing I wish to manifest has happened or something pretty similar has happened. Since it is something that already happened to me, it is easier to feel the vibe from back then.
    For example, my last relationships is now several months past and I am currently manifesting an “adventure partner” if you know what I mean 😉 – I just look into my past and find times where I just met someone who was likeminded in this aspect and try to remember and feel-member what I was like in the days before I met a person like this. This brings me back into the same mood and thus vibe.
    So far it was not a 100% success but some older “wishes” which I did not start as manifestations but are along similar line have come through now which is not bad for a start.

  • Pernille, along with everyone else’s comments, is putting me in a party mood!
    What shall we go celebrate today?! woo hoo!!

  • Wauw, Jeannette, your post really challenged me – and I simply LOVE being challenged, so thanks a lot!!!
    I wouldn’t have thought of any of those ways to get to relief, but it was so funny to read every one of the stories, they really made me laugh – and with laughter comes the relief, I know that for sure.
    And Robert, your idea of celebrating a party FIRST is bloody brilliant!!!! I can already feel what thinking about the arrangements can do to the vibe.

  • Gillian says:

    Wow, thats an impressive story, Robert!

  • Ha – I think that deserves its own post, MissyB! It can be a long explanation to understand why it’s effective.
    But essentially, when we’re hung up on someone, it’s hard to get on that topic without thinking of them with some wistful yearning-ish energy. You kinda know what I mean? (Not personally, of course!)
    And if that’s what we’re flowing (yearning, longing, wistful energy), that’s the situation we perpetuate.
    So going out with someone else, especially someone who is so smokin’ hot you can’t help but be focused on this fabulous new person in front of you, then you accomplish several things, including your attention is OFF the other person, your wistful yearning has turned into something else (maybe lustful, but still it’s an improvement), and Universe is getting the signal that you’ve got a hot tamale on your hands.
    That’s much improved alignment!
    Only good things can come from this: we realize there are more fish in the sea than that one we were fixated on; we change up our vibe; if there’s any justice in the world the other elusive person will indirectly find out about our hot date (he he); but even if they don’t, they’re no longer the recipient of our wistful longing which opens the door to possibility.
    If I told you how many clients had their elusive someone call or text them right while they were in the middle of their smokin’ hot date, you would be shocked. It happens so consistently I tell clients not to be surprised when it happens. But they still are.
    (Sheesh – it happened to ME once! I was the smokin’ hot distracting date whose guy actually took the call while we were still on the date! ha)

  • MissyB says:

    Well LMAO ! Love this one Jeannette. BUT PLEASE – you can’t leave us in suspense – we need the list of postive aspects the hot dates create – because its just bound to be as funny as the list was for poor Todd.
    Super. super, super !

  • Gillian says:

    Yeah Jeannette, I am practising going with the flow to prepare for the Tiger year in 2010, as the Tiger year not only signifies Radical Change for the entire world, but it is also not a compatible sign for Monkey born people like us. So Monkey born people may have to keep a low profile next year and be more careful and prudent in their undertakings. However, I am challenging my fears and worries now and I am intending that the very best is in store for me by next year. Radical Changes yes, but radical changes such as a sudden, fat, overflowing bank account, my dream husband showing up and basking in my new life as a Tai Tai, fit and healthier than ever…I have started a new journal of how I want 2010 to unfold and 2010 will be a year of radical, awesome, fabulous changes for me, flourishing, thriving in all areas of my life! Radical Changes to a new, magnificent chapter in my life, lets toast to that!

  • sonia says:

    Robert great post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!thanks!!! 🙂

  • Way to bring in the new year, Gillian, with a pray rain journal on it!
    And now as we all read your comment, WE’RE seeing your fab life unfold, too!
    That’s potent input! (Raising my glass)

  • Toni says:

    Robert, I’m so thankful you posted your Celebrate First ideas – really, that ought to be the first step of any manifestation process 🙂
    Going out to buy a nice big bottle of champagne to celebrate our upcoming resignations with my colleagues 🙂

  • Mm, that’s another good one, Toni – treat your current job like it’s your dream job!
    You’ve probably all heard the story of the guy who did that with his old clunker car, right? And pretty soon he was pulling up in a beautiful new Caddy?
    Powerful stuff. 🙂
    Thanks for posting, Toni!

  • Toni says:

    Right now I’m enjoying the vision of leaving my current job for an ordinary job at the till in a supermarket, reducing my salary to just about a third of what I’m making right now, but being happy and relaxed all day while working perhaps only half as many hours as I do now. Being this happy will allow me to do another part-time job, as a designer and seamstress, selling my creations in my own little webshop. Gone with the academic career and status and nerves and anxiety. Hello to new horizons, freedom from tolerations, and endless possibilities.
    I love your examples, Jeannette, but I also know you need to be ready to hear advice like that. But when you ARE ready, boy, endulging in revenge fantasies are so healing.

  • Gillian says:

    Wow, Jeannette, you truly are a creative number, your remedies make me giggle (hi hi hi)…! I guess it all boils down to not taking life and ourselves too seriously, to make it our priority to have fun. Its tough to tell a person, who is facing bankruptcy issues to chill out or to accept bankruptcy as a possible outcome, but if we are open and go with the flow, new avenues of possibilities will open up. Now, that we are all facing powerful winds of change, economically, vibrationally, the whole world is changing and readjusting itself and as we go with the flow, we benefit from the change. Especially as we are approaching the year of the Tiger in 2010, Tiger years are always synonymous with ‘radical change’ and it can be tough to face those radical changes, or not. It depends if we can accept those changes and go with the flow and allow new avenues of possibilities in or if we resist the change and try to hold on to old issues, that no longer serve us. I choose to let go of everything that no longer serves me: Friendships, that have been draining me, old, outdated beliefs, anything that don’t serve me I am willing to let go.

  • The thing I love about Robert is how you remind me when it’s time for a new post!! lol
    And I LOVE your Celebrate First homework!! Oh my gosh, I have a hard enough time getting clients to celebrate AFTER a big deal let alone in ADVANCE of it!
    And yet, what a POWERFUL signal that sends Universe, huh?!
    Party on is RIGHT! 🙂
    Thanks for chiming in, my friend. Nice contribution!

  • Robert says:

    The thing I love about Jeannette’s Good Vibe Blog is that the posts always make me think. So now I am thinking about creative remedies.
    My favorite is, celebrate FIRST!
    We live in a society where it is common to celebrate after your team wins, or have a big party when someone gets married, or promoted. But one of the best ways I have found to create that win (or marriage, or promotion) is to celebrate first to create a really positive energy.
    I had a friend who was facing an ugly court battle that she didn’t want any part of. She asked me what she should focus on because focusing on winning in court didn’t feel good, but of course neither did losing. She just wanted the whole thing to go away. But even if she focused on NOT going to court she was still giving energy to “going to court.” So she started to plan the party she would have when it was all over. We talked about where she would have the party, who she would invite and so on. And before she could actually HAVE the party, her lawyer called to say that an “out of court” settlement was reached.

  • Gillian, you’re reminding me of something I heard from @ChipEFT today. He says his motto is “Have fun and leave a wake.”
    Ooh, I didn’t know Tiger and Radical Change was coming up! You’re right – that’s a good time to go with the flow, huh?
    Thanks for launching our conversation on this fun topic, Gillian! Always a pleasure to hear from you!

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