April 21, 2007

Dad’s Miracle Diet

So my dad stopped by this afternoon after returning from his trip to Oregon, and mentioned that although he gained a few pounds while away, they were quickly dropping as he returned to his regular diet. (Basically high protein and low sugar.) He thinks he’s found the answer to maintaining ideal weight – a high protein diet.
I mentioned that his high protein diet works because he believes it works. It isn’t the protein or the low sugar that’s magic, it’s HIM that’s magic. When we do what we believe will work, we’re golden!
Which he proved by adding that mom’s also losing weight on HER eating plan, which is basically the exact opposite of his. (Lots of fruit and veggies.) It’s working for her because she believed it would (or might).
Knowing this gives us two options: we can either check in on our current beliefs and do what’s in alignment with them, OR we can adjust our beliefs to match our current actions – to get the results we want.
For example, if I believed my daily chocolate habit was keeping me from my ideal weight, then I could either give up chocolate OR I could adjust my belief. (Years ago I went with the latter. Chocolate is worth the effort to adjust my belief system – at least it is for ME.)
So are you acting in alignment with your beliefs? Not just on the topic of health, but in all areas of life? It might be a big clue as to where you can tweak things and get immediate results.
Like, if I believed I needed a hot shot resume in order to get the job I’ve got my eye on, I could either go to work on putting that resume together, OR I could adjust my belief that a great resume is required to get the position.
If I believed I had to give up my habit of independence in order to experience a successful relationship, then I can either change my independent ways, OR I could adopt a belief that independence and a fabulous relationship actually go GREAT together. Right?
I’d love to hear your experiences on this topic so others can benefit from what you’ve learned and experienced as well!
PS – I gotta congratulate Dad on finding his way to a belief about exercise that I really admire. He studies under some former Mr. America who promotes a 12 minute daily exercise routing to stay in tip top shape. 12 minutes?! Now THAT’S a belief I can get behind! lol

  • Good Vibe Coach says:

    Congrats on awakening from your “coma,” Nancy! You’re right – those small positive changes will take you right along to bigger ones. Thanks for reading, and posting!

  • Nancy says:

    Hi, I love to come here and read your blog:)

    I wanted to say that I’m starting to align my life in balance. We live and grow by what we feed upon. Until recently, I wasn’t living like that, I was a pro at the LOA in reverse, and am coming out of what feels like a coma. I see small positive changes already and am working on much larger ones.
    Keep up the great work!

    ps. I can see your large, beautiful soul through those beautiful eyes you have.

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