Debt in the Vortex (Revisited)

debt in the vortexLovin’ Up Debt for a Change!

When fellow coach Janette Dalgliesh shared her take on debt, it was clear her thoughts deserved to be part of our vortex series!

We addressed finding ways to feel better about the bills a while ago, but it’s a subject worth revisiting.

Manifestors working with the law of attraction know that what we resist persists – which is good reason to get friendly with bills and mortgages and such.

If you’ve got a negative charge on debt, try on this perspective for a refreshing change. It has the potential to create a huge positive shift in your relationship with money!

I love my debt! It’s got me some really cool stuff, like the recent weekend away with my hubby that recharged and reconnected us.

How cool is it, that I live in a world where I can buy something with money that does’t physically exist yet. It represents a way to spend time with my sweetie NOW, not in some distant future when we’re both even more tired and exhausted.

Debt means I’m time-travelling with money! I love that!

I love that I got to buy an entire house while not actually having the physical money right there and then! I love my partnership with my bank, who have always been flexible and supportive. I love knowing if that partnership ever changes, I can take my beautiful debt to another bank who will be so happy to see me. My debt and I, we represent enormous value to someone else. That’s kinda cool!

Debt is just a part of my money landscape. How can I love money without loving my debt, too? Debt might be the part of my money that nobody else can appreciate, a little like the ugly puppy nobody else loves—but that’s okay. I can love the ugly one in the litter, I can definitely love my debt! Because loving my money has to be unconditional if it’s going to have any meaning.

And here’s what else I know. My credit card, my line of credit, my ability to borrow money—these are highly precious things, and I don’t use them lightly. I don’t take them for granted or flash them around town. I treat them the same way I would a precious jewel, holding them close to my heart and only bringing them out for very special occasions.

Not just any old online merchant or department store gets the privilege of being a part of my debt!

I love my debt. However it looks, right here right now, I love it as a beautiful part of my whole money story.

Big thanks to manifesting maven Janette for writing up this love story with debt!

Janette Dalgliesh is the Brain Whisperer teaching others how to rewire their brain to create their dream life. Find Janette online here.

  • April 25, 2014
  • Wow, that made me wonder, Sunita – what it would be like if we could receive a bill in the mail with as much joy as we receive checks. What an interesting thought and a powerful practice.
    Kudos to you for doing it! 🙂

  • Sunita says:

    I love this line: Debt means I’m time-travelling with money!
    Years ago, I read Louise Hayes about loving your bills. I kissed my bills when they arrived in the mail (or hugged them if the envelope looked bad). With as much joy as if those bills contained free money. What a difference in energy. Ever since then we’ve had the means to pay off all our debt right on plan.

  • That’s a lovely thought, Jennifer. Yay for more fun avenues!
    Kate, I’m with you on how much better it feels to think of debt this way.
    It makes me wonder if some people start to get nervous getting more comfortable with debt, because they might inadvertently create more (which they believe to be an inherently bad thing) if they aren’t reminding themselves that it’s a bad thing they should try not to have.
    But we conscious creators know that resistance just attracts more of whatever we’re pushing against. So getting friendly with debt – where would that take us? If we’re feeling good and enjoying freedom, it can only lead to more good things!

  • Kate says:

    This feels so good to read I just felt all kinda of light bulbs being turned on. Thank you for helping me to look at my debt from over here. I like this perspective. It feels so much better 🙂

  • jennifer tilley says:

    Wow!!! Just occurred to me, too… that I could also see my debt as a means for me to take the opportunity to flex my creative muscles… just to see what other avenues I might take to ‘play’ with it.
    Kinda makes me feel inspired! 🙂
    Thanks, Jeannette!!! 🙂 🙂

  • Thanks for sharing it with us, Janette. It’s such a breath of fresh air on this subject!

  • Janette says:

    So happy to be able to share this with your people, Jeannette – thank you!! xxx jd

  • Glad you enjoyed it, Jamie. Thanks for taking time to say so.
    And Annette, I like the freedom you’re giving yourself to rethink some of these concepts. Yay for liberation!

  • Annette says:

    “Debt is just a part of my money landscape.” I am re-visiting a process that involves mental landscaping as a way to detach from the emotions of story . . how timely this post!
    I also realized, reading this, that ‘Debt’ was part of my Being An Adult checklist.
    hmmm . . that’s good. But also limiting!
    Although . . . House, stuff . . all on my own dime. Perhaps that dime has not materialized yet, but that’s just a perception!
    Another question this prompted me to ask (besides the Where am I when I think about / have debt) is When Am I? Am I in the Now??
    haha – I am a child, hearing about ‘credit cards’ and ‘mortgages’ and ‘paying bills’. Not something that was understood, but something that was very present and ‘real’ . . . whatever that is 🙂

  • Jamie says:

    This is a terrific post! What a great way to look at debt.

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