Deer, Deer Everywhere

deer.jpgLast week at lunch dad told me about the deer hunt trip he just returned from.  He talked about where he camped, how the weather was, how he forgot the tent poles.

I was careful not to ask about the deer (as in, “Did you shoot one?”), because I really didn’t want to hear it. 
He didn’t share those specifics, either, which at first I thought meant he was sensitive to my feelings. 
But then he told the rest of the story.
It turns out that on his way out the door mom said something like, “It won’t hurt my feelings if you come home without one.” 
Which was mom-speak for “I don’t want to have to clean a deer and cook venison all winter.”
Dad said that was a far cry from the old days when it was really really important to come home with a deer – because we needed meat in the fridge.
But those were mom’s parting words this year.
Dad spent the next five days traipsing through beautiful woods; ideal deer country.  I know, because that’s where I camp in the summer, and there are deer every dawn and dusk right in my campsite.
But dad didn’t see many deer.  In fact, I think he said he only saw one small buck from a long distance.  That was it.
Until he got home.
(Without a deer.  lol)
That’s when he saw two buck in the backyard the next morning.  Another deer that night on his regular walk.  And a fourth one the next day in the same neighborhood.
It was Deer Central back at home – where they can’t be hunted. 
<stifled giggle>
Now, dad’s pretty good at manifesting what he wants, so this was something of a puzzle to him.
He said the best he could figure out was that mom’s intention ran counter to his, and her parting words got in his vibrational field.
(I didn’t tell him that I was also vibing “safe and sound deer” when he told me he was going hunting.) 
So dad’s vibing deer (or he thinks he is, anyway), mom’s vibing no deer, I’m vibing safe and sound deer … is it any wonder that a good hunter on a mountain packed with deer would see virtually none? – until he returns home, that is?  lol
Sorry, dad, I still think it’s funny.
(Easy for the vegetarian to laugh.)
But his experience reminds me of how we often see this happen. 
Like, I always find the cutest swim suits in the middle of winter.  And Russ’ bowling partner scores really high in practice but really low in tournaments.  And I always seem to be in the mood for dessert at the Mexican restaurant.  (Flan is not my idea of a good time.)  But at cheesecake factory my sweet tooth is nonexistent.
It’s the charge, isn’t it? 
The need, the tension, the anxiety – no matter how slight it is.  That’s what keeps us from the lighthearted, easy place where things manifest best.
Alan Cohen’s daily message this morning was this: “If you need it, you can’t have it.”
I think this is why Taylor Hicks won American Idol in season five – he didn’t care too much about it!  And I think that’s how my foster kitties finally got adopted – I stopped fretting over them. 
So the morale of dad’s deer hunt story is to know that it truly is possible to curse someone else’s deer hunt.  ha – no, just kidding!
The real morale is .. well, there is no morale.  It’s just a plain old good time.  Deer, no deer, dessert, no dessert, high scores, low scores, cute suits or not – it’s all good. 
As we release the need for things to be different than they are, we can’t help but enjoy five days of traipsing through the woods with no deer in sight.  And laugh the next day about how deer moved to the suburbs.
I’m curious about your take on this … have you experienced a similar situation?  Or do you see LOA at work here in an entirely different way? Would love to hear your thoughts!

  • October 14, 2008
  • Floyd Bogart says:

    I know from my own time in the direct in-home sales field that the hardest sale you ever make is the one that you absolutely have to make.
    One of the most successful salespeople I ever met said it best: “Some will, some won’t, so what! Next!”
    Because of this attitude, he did of course close over 90% of those he was in front of.
    He didn’t need to make that sale. But he pictured in his minds eye the prospect using the product to solve a problem they had. He made himself an integral part of a solution.

  • Well dad, even if you’re not a frequent commenter, I AM thrilled that you’re a frequent reader, and that I get to share many of the things you taught me here with others. 🙂
    And Leslie, thank you again for bringing YOUR gentle, accepting energy into this online environment. You are such a treasure to me, as well as to others experiencing your energy.

  • Leslie Richter says:

    Well Roger, you just made my day not commenting.!!!!
    I was convinced that day would never come.
    Can you believe all the deer you are calling in, pretty funny. You are such a good sport.
    I like that connection of deer with gentleness, acceptance and compassion. I wish you more of that along with desserts and swimsuits.
    Love Leslie

  • Roger says:

    I’d love to comment, but I don’t want too. I learned that quote from a contributor to this blog. I like desserts and swimsuits too. I saw three deer on my walk this morning. With Love, Roger

  • What a cool experience, Vanessa! The outside world mirroring the internal, huh?
    I think it was probably metaphorical not just that deer represent gentleness, compassiona & acceptance .. but I think the number eight was significant too!
    Thanks for sharing your story here, Vanessa! Your energy is ALWAYS welcome here! 🙂

  • Here’s another interesting take on LOA and how it shows up. The other day I was sitting in the car with my mom. We were both feeling a bit frustrated with a particular situation and each others approach to it. We also both agreed that we needed to have compassion and acceptance for where we were coming from.
    Within two minutes, 8, that’s right, 8 deer came saunteering out and stood right next to the car. Metaphorically, deer are about gentleness, compassion, and acceptance. Exactly what we were asking for, only it took the form of an animal. Something we weren’t expecting to shake us up and look at the situation from a new perspective.
    LOA in action. 🙂

  • Ooh, Amy – I know just what you mean!

    I just finished a great conversation with someone about manifesting a sweetie who picks up grocery items for her to cook, and the phone call after I hung up with her was MY real life sweetie saying he was stopping at the store to pick up fresh garlic bread to have with the dinner he’s cooking us tonight. lol

    That doesn’t happen every day! ha!

    For sure it’s the lightness and easy enjoyment I have around the topic that allows it in so swiftly.

    I like what you said here, Amy: “I have won money from scratch tickets when I had money in my pocket, but never when I gambled my last $5. There’s something about that “need” energy that just closes you off.”

    Couldn’t have said it better!

    Thanks for posting, my friend! So much more fun when it’s a two-way conversation. 🙂


  • Amy says:

    I find that things come to me that I barely remember asking for, that I’ve asked lightly for. Something will manifest in my life that I’ll think back to a time when I just thought, in passing, that I’d like. Also, things come to me that are in my vibrational escrow due to contrast- things I never deliberately asked for or thought much about… even if it’s big!
    I have won money from scratch tickets a few times (nothing big, but still enough to excite me) when I had money in my pocket, but never when I gambled my last $5. There’s something about that “need” energy that just closes you off.
    By the way, I’m enjoying that ordering fries analogy!
    Thanks for that! I sure love having your blog emailed to me for a constant stream of mind-expanding ideas!

  • Judi says:

    Thanks Jeannette, I am honoured. I think I would certainly be a bit outside your catchment area, here in the UK!!! but relocation is always possible!!
    I’m still in letting go mode as there are moments when I begin to have a wobble, you know the ones – “What if we don’t pass the home check”, “What if someone else comes along and snaps him up first”. Trying not to need him too much. I just get back to “I know my fries are coming!”

  • What a fun manifesting story, Judi!
    I can’t help but think “thank you for using your powers for good”! lol
    Here’s to the lucky girl (you) and the lucky guy (puss-cat)!
    And for the record, I would adopt to you ANY DAY no matter how far away. 🙂

  • Judi says:

    Just had a great example of wanting something too badly and it all going pear-shaped – apparently, and accepting this may be a test from the Universe as to how much I really wanted it. I realised I was doing a bit of counter intention. Then giving it just one more go and letting go. Actually forgetting about it – lo – get a call and it’s all back on again!!!
    I fell in love with a rescue puss-cat on the web. Contacted the rescue organisation who are a few miles from here, who on the ‘phone said “sorry, your’e too far outside our area, we can’t home to you”. I was really upset, we’ve got the perfect home for the old boy and I really wanted him to come live with me. I visited their website, they had loads of cats who need homes and at the bottom of their online rehoming form it said they might re-home out of area if it was an old or disabled cat. The lovely boy I l’ve fallen for is 15 years old. Give it another go I thought, filled in the form, clicked submit and forgot it. Let it go.
    A higher authority obviously stepped in because guess what?!! We are being home-checked at the weekend and my darling may soon be mine!! Wow, how wonderful is that!!!
    Want it, dream it, give it a go and let it go. Seems to work for me!!!
    Judi x

  • That can be a fine line, Kristy … between wanting something with strong desire and not having attachment to it.
    But we know it when we flow it, don’t we? That’s a good combination to remember.
    And I think you said it perfectly here: “live each day as if you are already in your dream life.”
    Because you know what? I think we are. (For real – not just for leverating LOA sakes.) High time we acknowledged it!
    You’re always a pleasure to hear from, Kristy. Thanks for reading but ESPECIALLY for posting!

  • Okay, Phillis, I’ve had some cool compliments before, but this is one of my favorites! (For many reasons.)
    Thank you!
    And if it weren’t for all you folks, this blog not only wouldn’t be the good time that it is, but it wouldn’t be here at all.
    So the thanks truly go to YOU, Phillis.

  • Kristy M says:

    Ok lady, your entires always come at the perfect time haha 😉
    I think letting go is one of the hardest things with the desires.. I know they were talking about that on Oprah on the one ‘The Secret’ episodes.. that wanting it too much actually hurts rather than help.. like most people beleive that if you wish and hope and want so badly in that you will get it…
    So just so I get this right.. don’t worry or fear, but live each day as if you are already in your dream life 🙂

  • Oh Jeannette – you are so wonderful. You know, I was just thinking, ah . . . . the reason I love your BLOG so much is that you are honestly and truly asking questions, putting thought to paper (so to speak) and inviting “US” into a meaningful conversations(s) . . . a lot like Carrie on “Sex in the City” persona . . . thank you for this and for the delightful ‘food for thought’ . . . . Also, I love that your blog is not ‘for sale’ as in always pitching something for sale . . . .
    Cheers, P.

  • Here’s to our sharing a proper chocolate scrumptious dessert in person one day, Karen!

    ha ha

    Thanks for reading, and especially for posting. I like your style!

  • Life Coach Karen says:

    Thoroughly enjoy the energy in your blogs. Your humor brings big smiles. Your content is the value-added.
    As for L.O.A. and intention this blog so speaks to the everyday reality of how it manifests. Sounds like you and your mom were in alignment with the deer, the universe and brought your intentions into reality. And, the dessert manifestation was working in your favor (I agree, flan just doesn’t come close to a fattening chocolate dessert – LOL).
    Peace, joy and attraction-in-action!!!

  • Mark, you’re inspiring me to write a whole new post on desserts and swimsuits – a topic highly charged for many women I know and rife with limiting beliefs!

    I laughed out loud with delight when I read ” … nothing against hunting albeit I’d much rather be around desserts and swimsuits. The magic is happening.”

    I second that with a big “woo hoo!!”

    Thanks for posting, partner!

  • Mark Semple says:

    Deer, desserts and swimsuits. Quite a diverse array of topics.
    But hey – it’s all manifesting right? And, manifest too many desserts and the swimsuit experience might not be the joyful one you visualize.
    I think it’s all about attachment. Yes, LOA is all about being clear on what you want, the feeling of having it and the expectation that you will get into that awesome suit when you find it.
    When you’re in attachment, you are too tightly connected to it and you are not allowing the process to work.
    It’s like planting a seed then digging it up every day to see if anything is happening.
    Be clear, be intentional and let the process happen.
    I have nothing against hunting myself albeit I’d much rather be around desserts and swimsuits.
    The magic is happening.

  • I gotta admit, Leslie, I sure like to think that!! (Dad didn’t want to bring home a dead deer.)
    Indeed the incentive was gone to put meat on the table for a hungry family, and although he still enjoys the woods, he still got to do that!
    And if THIS post doesn’t inspire him to comment, NOTHING will. lol
    Okay, maybe if I wrote about the alien ship that was predicted to appear in the southern hemisphere today. maybe that. ha
    Thanks for voicing my opinion, Leslie. 🙂
    Much much love to you, my friend!

  • Leslie Richter says:

    I don’t think your Dad really wanted to shoot a deer, just my feelings, it seems a bit like a counter-intention.
    There wasn’t the same incentive as there has been in the past for your Dad and being an intuitive guy (poor guy) he was getting the vibe from all sides not to bring home a dead deer.
    Things change on us and what once had meaning or significance shifts with our lives. Sounds like it was more important to him to have a good time out in the woods and keep peace with the womanfolk. Smart man.
    Love Leslie

  • Ha! I LOVE it when that happens!

    Thanks for reading and for posting, Terri. 🙂

  • Terri says:

    Yesterday I was having a conversation with my boss and told her she really needed to have a chat with the CEO. Less than 2 hours later HE scheduled a meeting with her.

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