Is It Conscious Creation or Witchy Magick?

Law of Attraction or Witchy Magick?Skye Alexander, author of Nice Spells, Naughty Spells, defines magick as “creating a mental image of the result you intend to produce, then fueling it with your will and emotions.”

She says underlying all magick is a simple physics principle that before something can materialize in the physical world, somebody first has to imagine it. That energy is the raw material that makes up our Universe. And that by molding energy, you literally create your own reality.
Sound familiar?
As I’m reading through this book, I started wondering, is she a witch – or a deliberate creator? And is there a difference??
Skye defines herself a “practitioner of the occult arts.” Which sounds like “witch” to me, but the book sounds a lot like what I teach clients regarding conscious creation.

Sidenote: wow – just read my vision statement for Good Vibe Coaching which says “bring infinite magic and endless possibilities to light for all.” Hmm! (Although I didn’t spell magic with a k.)

Anyway, Skye says most black magick is performed by ordinary men and women who don’t even realize they’re doing it.
Which makes me think of how my energy healer said gossip is a form of black magic (projecting negative energy onto another). Another thing that makes you go hmm.
So now I’m thinking this magick and witchcraft thing might be closer to all of us than we realize!
Perhaps it’s just time for me to get over the terms “magick” and “witches.”
Skye says, “Many spells are considered ‘bad’ because they are manipulative” and that love spells are the ones people most often misuse. Skye’s suggestion to handle this dilemma is to to add a disclaimer at the end of your spell, something like “if this is for our highest good.”
I was trained to use the phrase “this or something better.”
Magick and deliberate creation – what are your thoughts on the difference?
Here’s a fun primer from Lisa Hayes on how to know if you’re a witch:


  • October 20, 2008
  • Jessica Earl says:

    I hear what you are saying, but I also have another way to look at the same concept.
    What if learning LOA and using it IS our soul guiding us? After all those masterful at LOA are in alignment with Source, because that is what makes LOA work! Isn’t our soul expressing itself through manifestation of our inner world?
    I’d point out that desires of the ego don’t often manifest and why some people struggle and others don’t. Money or other physical things are just different forms of energy and so it depends on our perception whether or not these things are related to egoic desires, or soulful desires. To top that off, it is well known (to LOA players) that we go to the source of our desire, not how it comes to us. We target the essence of the desire not the actual physical form. Which brings me back to the fact that it can’t be ego if it is in its purest form. It is a desire from our soul.
    (That’s not to say that we don’t get lost along the way and forget our true nature!! It is the fun of reawakening to our spirit and realizing our true potential and power.)
    I just thought I’d bring your statements full circle if I could… considering you remain undecided. I’m just offering more to consider.
    thanks for the thought-food!!

  • Anonymous says:

    I have talked about the Law of Attraction with a spiritual mentor of mine. Here is the overview of what she said about it:
    Yes, it does work. But just because it works doesn’t mean it is in our highest good to use it. (She personally believes it is black magic. I remain undecided.)
    She says this life is not about magnetizing resources to us to satisfy the desires of our ego/personality, but rather about coming into alignment with Source/God/Spirit and doing a lot of healing, asking for our soul to navigate and guide us. Allowing the soul to express itself through us. It is not about “creating” the life we think we want, but rather simply “remembering” the angels that we are.
    Food for thought…

  • hannah says:

    Very interesting article and newsletter!…In the end I think it can be summed up in a simple way, pretty much by what Abraham has to say about it. Focus on what makes you feel good…let others focus on what makes them feel good. If it makes you feel good to imagine (aka “create”) a relationship with a certain person, or to imagine a specific person healthy, if that really really makes you feel GOOD, then go with it. Don´t muddy up your feel-good vibration by worrying about if it´s good for others…when you are in that truly feel-good place, you are in alignment with all that is good, and that can´t come to any bad to anybody. And the universe will work out all the nitty gritty details. It´s when you attempt to create out of lack or fear or any bad feeling thing that creations go awry. When you attempt to second guess what is best for others or put yourself in their shoes too much, you might lose sight of what you really want. Ask yourself what you really want, why and then align with it! You´ll know it´s right for you by how good you really feel when you think it.
    Abraham also says something I´ve just heard and that resonates, which is line up with your decision, whatever it is. So first decide you want to chase the dog away from the birds – because you are in alignment with birds flying around your house or some other joyful reason – (to use your example Jeanette 😉 and then line up with your decision to do it…You may want to query yourself: why am I really creating this? Out of love and joy of what I want..or to avoid the pain of what I don´t want? Always a good question to ask!
    Hmmm… I think I¨ll be asking myself that more often. Thanks for the thought-provoking article!

  • You met Gregory?! woo hoo!!!
    (I just picked up one of his other books at Costco – the stepsister/Cinderella one.)
    Sounds like you’re getting LOTS of reinforcing signs, Kristy!! Ever since I read this post of yours, I’ve been seeing witches EVERYWHERE. It’s seriously ridiculous, even though it IS nearing Halloween time. lol
    Here’s to more Good Magic! woo hoo!

  • Kristy M says:

    Speaking of magic, I met Gregory Maguire yesterday at Barnes and Noble. He is the author of “Wicked” and he was so down to earth and amazing for someone who created Elphaba (well.. sort of! he created Elphaba… not the “wicked witch of the west”)… listening to him speak I just felt so… inspired. I felt everything lining up and knew, just knew, this role would be mine soon. Not sure of the ‘how.. but screw the ‘how’, right? 😉 Everything seemed so perfect….
    One thing that caught me off guard was that he said that one of his inpirations for how Elphaba looked was Laura Nyro.. my heart stopped because the only time I had ever heard that name was from a teacher who always told me how much I looked like her and called me Laura Nyro! It was surreal.. and he said he loved her ‘long dark hair’ for Elphaba (something I always get complimented on)
    It was a kind of night my soul needed… and when I went home, I got an e-mail from a friend of a friend who said he can do my headshots really cheap (we kept going back and forth with whether he could do it or not and I wasn’t getting a direct answer) and an e-mail from my elementary school/middle school BFF (who I havent seen in about 8 years) that she is coming to the city with her BF and wants a reunion/shopping day… crazy!
    .. not to mention that photo is of a Wicked witch on the main article
    .. all about the ‘magic’ now.. good magic 🙂

  • Jessica, I was thinking the same thing – about archetypes and totems!

    You’re right – this IS fun! 🙂

  • El Baugher says:

    I just read through ALL the comments I’ve missed since I commented (Holy freakin cow Jeannette. You sure know how to make a wave! LOL).
    Shunsuke’s comment about Gods reminded me of something I just read. I am currently reading “The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire” by Deepak Chopra. I have a link to the “look inside the book” page at Amazon on my main page if anyone wants to browse it. AWESOME book! The first half is user friendly explanations of quantum physics and the second half is an explanation of spiritual paths and how to get from point A to point B and so on.
    ANYWAY, Deepak gets to talking about archetypes. The subject of archetypes is something I always thought kinda silly. It’s very common in the craft to call upon an archetype to assist you in casting spells and creating. I’ve never assosciated myself with an archetype just because I felt silly calling on help from an imaginary entity.
    So Deepak gets to talking about archetypes and he says that all archetypes represent qualities that we as humans are supposed to possess. That if you need help in a specific area, you should call on and invite the archetype who specializes in that area to help you. That what you’re really calling upon is that specific energy. Also, if you find you want to embody an archetype’s energy more, you should meditate in the morning and invite said archetype to work with and through you.
    Back to Shunsuke. It sounds to me like a Japanese version of asking specific archetypes to assist you in your chosen creation. I think it’s down right ASTOUNDING how many specifics of different religions are exactly the same, and yet they all point fingers at eachother and talk about who’s wrong. The root of every religion is to love your brothers and sisters…. but that’s the one thing that most ignor.
    Christians call on Jesus for assistance. Buddhist call on the Buddha. Muslums call on Mohamad etc… I’ve decided to embrace archetypes and allow that energy to assist me in my ventures. I feel like I found this book on purpose because I’m needing what it contains, so I’mma go with the flow baby! Funny too… I’ve always felt attached to the fact that I’m an “Aries”. I’ve even consitered a small ram tattoo in the past. Mars rules Aries. God of war. I’m not one for war, but I’ve always been a warrior. Stubborn to the end. I love creating waves in conventional thinking. OOOoo maybe I’m learning about archetypes now because I’ve embraced Aries so much, I need to embrace new archetypes to better find balance. HMmm
    Ok.. shuttin up again!

  • Jessica Earl says:

    wow! I check the little box to subscribe so that I can read posts in my email as they happen instead of coming back and having to “catch up”. It is so much more enjoyable and I can follow it better…
    So El, what you discuss from the book with archetype energies reminds me of my experience working with animal totems/animal energies. Each animal has a particular gift and power, so you can call apon that to assist you. I find myself aligned with nature and the natural rhythms of the earth. I will have animals come to me in dreams to teach me things. It is subtle energy but so powerful. I love it because animals and nature have a way of respecting each other. Most animals eat only what they need too, and defend only what they need to for survival… they co-habitate in the wild better than we humans do, that’s for sure- or so it seems. I guess it depends on perspective. Right?!
    Thanks for all the sharing! This is fun!!
    PS. my husband is an aries and he has a ram tattoo on his shoulder and the funny connection is he loves playing this game called God of War. I always tell him in a past life he was a warrior. It runs so deep. Anyhow, I found this connection to your post interesting!!

  • El, how funny is THAT?! I’ve got that very book at the top of my Amazon shopping cart for next delivery!! Thanks for prepping me for a wonderful experience with it!

    Which I probably needed because archetypes might be language that could have turned me off, since I never really embraced Carolyn Myss’ .. what book was it about the archetypes? Just never got me.

    But I know I’ll have a different experience now with Deepak’s book. Thanks for posting, El!

  • Jerielle says:

    Wowee! What amazing conversation here!! El….loving every word you write! You totally said what I was thinking about earlier when I had to post before reading everyone else’s! Well, you said a lot more actually…and all far better than I would have! It is so fascinating how things ended up ruled by religion rather than a more wiccan or pagan way. It makes so much more sense to put our faith in mother nature and ourselves! It just doesn’t help anyone get rich or stay in control of a nation I guess. But seriously…I can’t get enough of your post…and I think this line will be my new mantra…
    “I only need connect to my source and intend to have that which I want, and it becomes.”
    Paul…love hearing about your family teaching you about all this…and your gratitude for living in these times! I too, am so grateful we are riding such a big wave here!
    And Jeannette…you totally conjured us all here! I’m so glad you did!

  • I agree with Kim, this is super cool, Shunsuke: “Maybe it’s similar to ask a living expert for help when we are still responsible for outcome.”

    Fabulously empowered (and respectful) perspective!

  • Kim Falconer says:

    Thank you! That is an awesome perspective re the gods. I love it. You said:
    But who knows, maybe it’s possible. Maybe it’s(Asking the gods is) similar to asking a living expert for help, and we are still responsible for the outcome.
    You made my day with your wisdom.
    x Kim

  • Shunsuke says:

    Jeannette, it’s called Onmyodo in Japan. Wiki calls it a traditional Japanese esoteric cosmology, a mixture of natural science and occultism. It was very popular during Heian Period(about 1000 years ago).
    Plus, we also visits shrines and pray to local gods(spirits) for specific wishes, such as romance, passing examinations, easy birth, health, money, etc. We still do this. Each god has speciality. This is perhaps more closed to the use of LOA since it often involves specific outcome. But I don’t know how it works when it’s considered from LOA perspective. And i was like “how many gods are out there!?” lol I was skeptical about it too. But who knows maybe it’s possible. Maybe it’s similar to ask a living expert for help when we are still responsible for outcome.

  • I’ll second that, Leslie!! SO grateful I get to hang out with all of you!

  • Leslie Richter says:

    Jessica is right you just can’t stay a victim with LOA – thank God! This realizing you created it and called it forth makes you take a second look and think, okay what was I thinking of?
    I have been dealing with death lately, I was cleanning a friend’s house yesterday and her husband is dying and she loves him so much and is such a loving, loving person.
    And someone I worked with today told me he was just diagnosed with incurrable cancer. Sigh, I was thinking why me, how come I have to witness this.
    And it occurred to me that my spirit was wanting me to get over my fear of death and was calling forth situations to deal with death.
    It is comforting to be reminded of LOA and of the wisdom of spirit. You can see the gifts when you focus that way.
    I am so grateful I called you all forth and I get to hang out with all of you.
    Love Leslie

  • Peregrine John says:

    It’s no more draw to the fact than any other positive vibration method. Any method can be done well or badly; usually they’re done pretty well by experienced practitioners.

  • REALLY good question, Tami.

    What does everyone else think?

    If I were in your shoes, Tami, I would know that even if they aren’t sending me totally empowered energy with their prayers, that they don’t have NEARLY as much power to affect my experience as I DO, and that their positive intentions count for SOMETHING good.

  • Tami says:

    I too, find it very interesting that most of us have the interest in the “occult” or spells or witches or wicca or the like in common with our interest in LOA- I also think it’s way cool! 🙂
    Now- big question since me losing my job has had my emotions running around like crazy horses for the past few months- while reading the posts I was struck in particular about prayer- I know that several people have added me to prayer lists at thier churches- do you think that this could be perpetuating the resistance of a job coming my way? drawing attention to the fact that I do not have one? Just a question that I am throwing out here….cause girlfriend is trying to get back on track and re-enter the real world and rise from these ashes! where did I put that eye of newt????

  • Jessica, that’s the EXACT phrase I use when I’m talking to people about LOA!! That living life without considering the ENERGY of it and learning to manage it is like running a race with your hands tied behind your back. It’s ridiculous!

    I like how you expressed appreciation for creations you don’t appreciate – ha! That’s evolution! lol

    Thanks for posting, Jessica – I always enjoy hearing from you!

  • Jessica Earl says:

    I love LOA and believing that I create my reality because it takes me out of a victim mentality. Whenever I think of it any other way… I feel as though my hands are tied and so discouraged. It feels as though I am a victim to just deal with whatever others and god want to dish out to me. Nope! Not for me.
    It makes me so HAPPY to know I creat my own crap!! The other day I laughed at the irony. I made a silly comment in my head “Wow. I like it even when I don’t like it!” What I meant is that even when I am not liking something, I am realizing it, and I LIKE that because then I know what I want to create. It is like sign posts pointing me in the right direction, or rather a dislike is more like a “do not enter” sign posted. Haha. So, that helps me a lot.
    So I also like knowing that I can always change something when I don’t like it, which some just feel like a martyr… when I hear that “I have to…” comments from people, I say, you do? You mean you want to? No, they say, I HAVE to… haha.
    Although, I can SEE how others may feel more powerful knowing they have God or their religion to support them. Each of us has different ways in which we feel empowered and can offer the world our BEST selves!! I think that’s all that matters in the end. Is the choices we make, and what we choose to believe empower us to be the best that we can be?
    Thanks everyone! Namaste. 🙂

  • Jerielle, this is HUGE!!

    Yes, it’s the stigma of what many associate with “witches” that makes me get a little “careful” on this topic …

    .. AND acknowledging there may be a little “good” and “bad” in each of us (if we believed in good and bad, that is?) AND what’s wrong with “using your magic all over the world!” Ha – I love it!

    A client and I were just discussing a family member’s melanoma diagnosis, and how to best support her healing, and I found myself struggling to express the thought that maybe a healing from cancer isn’t what serves her best. What if what serves her best is to experience it? Who are we to take that away from her?

    Love your post, Jerille. Thanks for skipping out on laundry to visit!

  • Jerielle says:

    Okay…I am procrastinating dragging my mountains of laundry to the laundromat right now, so I will read everyone’s comments later.
    I imagine your fear of being aligned with the term “witches” is likely because of the false stigma that has been created around them implying their intent to be harmful. I find the history of what really went down with these so called “witches” incredible. It is similar to what they get into in “The Da Vinci Code” and books like that. Ultimately it leads back religion separating people. Christianity was what everyone in power believed and wanted everyone else to believe. It was what was making them money. Anyone who didn’t believe in what they did they cast out as witches and evil. By striking fear into the population they could remain in control. (sound familiar to current politics?). Anyway…I barely know all the details, but anytime I hae learned anything about paganism and such, I am just fascinated.
    Ultimately…being a woman was their first strike, not believing in what the men in power wanted you to was their second, but YOU being in control of your OWN or anyone else’s reality? BURN HER!!!!!!!!
    and we have spent centuries regaining respect when we discuss all of this “new age-y-ness”, we are amidst a fantastic time right now, but there are still several who think us loopy!
    So ultimately….be a witch…be a deliberate creator of your reality…
    LOA mostly keeps my focus on how I’M creating everything for myself, and it rarely makes me wonder how to change those around me without changing something within me first. I think this is safe, since we are just a mirror of what we are getting on the outside.
    My assumption is you should probably focus on yourself mostly…but, should you find your intentions shift to someone else…you know when your intentions are helpful or harmful. Are you a good witch or a bad witch? True, there may be a little of each in all of us, but if your intentions are good…I don’t see anything wrong with using your magic all over the world!

  • Ha! John, I officially concede to you my “Star Wars Nerd” title. lol
    Apparently I’m till a Star Wars Nerd wannabe. hee hee
    Thanks for the laugh this morning!

  • Peregrine John says:

    Apprentices, amongst the Jedi. Normally, a Jedi Master is only allowed 1 at a time. Why yes, I am a total geek, why do you ask? 😀

  • Okay, John, “Padawan learners”?

  • Peregrine John says:

    I think Jeanette’s waaay past her limit on Padawan learners…

  • Now THAT’S an analogy (or metaphor, Kim? lol) that I can get a hold of! lol

    I love it, Michael!

    And I remember that about gossip. Might be good if I remembered it more often, though, so thanks for this!

    From one Star Wars nerd to another. hee hee 🙂

  • Michael says:

    What a cool article.
    I know in Landmark Education, we said that gossip as a way to reduce the power of your word, because you weren’t speaking from ‘possibility’ but usually from a place of diminishing someone or something.
    But even beyond whether deliberate creation is magick…maybe we’re all student Jedi Knights learning to use the force…(can you see I’m a Star Wars nerd???)

  • I can STILL hardly wait, Kim!! Do let us know the full site launch when it happens, please!

  • Kim Falconer says:

    Yes, Leslie. ‘The Spell of Rosette’ is the first in a series called Quantum Enchantment. It’s a January 2009 release…you can see it at my author website — (the launch for the full site is this Dec.)
    Woven within the novels are all things quantum, LOA and witchy!
    These conversations are amazing. Thank you everyone!
    x Kim

  • I don’t know that piece by Ford, Anna, but I suspect I would appreciate it.

    Thanks for the reminder to consider the core essence; that’s a helpful suggestion in MANY areas of life, huh?

    Fabulous to hear from you again, my friend!

  • Anna says:

    I am reminded of Ford’s “In Tune with the Infinite” where he wrote of a Golden Thread that runs through every belief, religion and denomination.
    Take away names, titles, categorizations, rituals, rites, props. Look to the essence. What remains is, essentially, the same. Interpretation and perspective provide the details of difference.
    And I LOVE this conversation!

  • Susie – I always smile when I see your name here! Thanks for visiting us again!

    You’re right, as many others have suggested, the label isn’t what’s important.

    It’s the energy behind it.

    Thanks for joining the conversation here, Susie!

  • Susie Beifuss says:

    I suspect that whether we “use” loa” or “magic” or “?”, we have free will about “our intention” whether for the greater good or a chosen outcome.
    I’ve noticed a lot of current political ads using hot button words and phrases to stir up emotion AGAINST the opponent. (intention= to manipulate).
    I ask myself, “Am I coming from a place of loving? with this or that desire or intention”………
    p.s. Jeannette – I’ve always had a rough time when seeing a ….lifeless squirrel on the road….instantly praying for his wellbeing and that he be gently taken care of (meaning his soul, not the roadway)…..
    recently, I’ve begun doing the same for the lively ones too!!

  • I agree, Lisa, it is interesting this common thread we share …

    LOVE your story about the pink blanket! And recognizing that manifesting as a kid seems to have been much easier/more natural.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, and letting me know I’m not the only one who’s looked at her cat that way. lol

  • Lisa says:

    All very good posts!
    It is interesting how so many of us who are attracted to LOA have also been explorers of the “occult” or “witchcraft” I have always been fascinated by them, curious and wanting to know and understand more. I also have a kitty whom I have asked “are you my familiar” Leslie I think I have that same exact book! I have it somewhere, I recently unearthed it, but have yet to read it. I have had resistance to it, my logical mind thinking..spells.. why am I buying a spell book? lol
    Recently I have thought back on some childhood…”intentions” I wasn’t sure of what if anything I was “doing” but I can recall thinking of my future and imagining or maybe “intending” is a more appropriate word that I would not get married and have kids until I was 38. My mother had me at that age and I am not sure why I chose this at that time for myself other than perhaps the “parental discord” displayed in my home. Although I did marry briefly when I was 20 I was divorced at 23 and no children to date. I have been desiring to marry and have children with my current boyfriend and I just turned 38.. lol I think I may have been a better practitioner as a kid!!!
    As for influencing someone else’s energy I had an experience the other day that left me amazed..
    after reading this ebook on The Power of Love where the author suggests that the power of love is a universal force that can improve any relationship. She instructs you to tune in to your bodies feelings and imagine the person or situation that you wish to improve surrounded by a pink blanket of light and surrounded by love , see an improved interaction or result, feel joy and let it go.. something to that effect..So I was massaging a client and I always imagine a healing kind of blue or purple light and ask that I be guided to help them in any way that I can. So I added this pink blanket of love light and thought I want him to say “I feel like a million bucks”.. lol
    I swear he said those exact words when I asked him how he felt afterwards!!! and I had though I would like to receive x dollars…I got exactly that amount!!
    I was amazed!
    That brings up the question was I trying to manipulate him? I didn’t think so at the time. I wanted him to really feel that way.. I needed the money.. I didn’t have ill intentions. Very interesting though.
    Sorry for the length!!
    Love all the posts!

  • Shunsuke, did ancient Japanese culture have a name for it? I’m curious about that.

    Truly, my friend, this last paragraph of yours deserves a a spotlight:

    “At the end of the day, it’s inevitable to look into deeply what we really want once we realize we can create whatever we want. … because at our best, we ‘share’ the good ‘with’ them.”

    Nicely said! That’s a thought I can revel in. Thanks for posting, Shunsuke!

  • Shunsuke says:

    Very nice post, Jeannette.
    I haven’t finished reading everyone’s comments here yet. but i’ve decided to comment myself first:P I’m recently reading “A Course In Miracles”. And I have been thinking how LOA fit into it. Here is an interesting quote i found in it.
    ” Consider the Alchemist’s age-old attempts to turn base metal into gold…The one question which the alchemist did not permit himself was “What For?” He COULD not ask this, because it was immediately become apparent that there was no sense in his efforts, even if he succeeded. The ego has also countenanced some strange compromises with the idea of the eternal, making odd attempts to relate the concept to the unimportant in an effort to satisfy the mind without jeopardizing itself. Thus, it has permitted many good minds to devote themselves to perpetual MOTION, but NOT to perpetual THOUGHTS.”
    I personally believe that although not everybody is aware that they are creating their reality and not everybody is good at focusing, we have been loosely succeeding to get what we intended either conscioulsy or subconsciously. And the result is the world we are living in now.
    As for witchcraft, I’m not from the society which once had these rituals. (I’m from Japan) But we too had something like that in ancient times, like cursing a political opponent. Or praying for the rich harvest too maybe. I used to think these are merely superstitions. But as I started to believe in the power of one’s mind, i came to think this kind of things are really possible. And we did as you say. I mean like manipulating one’s mind.
    At the end of the day, it’s inevitable to look into deeply what we really want once we realize that we can create whatever we want. and i believe this is the time our essential incentive can change. It’s not required by the need. but by the deeper desire. and when we realize that I don’t think those higher manifestation can harm anybody nor violate their will. even when they appears that they want different things. because at our best, we don’t wish the good for them nor only for us, we “share” the good “with” them.

  • I have to say, Gillian and Ms. Tee, that these comments have really got me shifting my unexamined perspective.
    “Rituals for success” – like not changing your socks as long as your team’s winning? Or wearing your best suit for the important meeting? Creating a magic circle to speak your intentions? Writing in a pray rain journal?
    The connotation we ascribe certain labels makes us seem all the more .. mm, can’t think of the right word .. must be time for bed. 🙂
    Thanks, everyone, for contributing to a really interesting conversation!

  • Gillian says:

    Wooohooo, what a fun post! I had not yet the time to read through all the postings from everyone, but this sure is a topic I can comment on as I live in a country and region, where black and white magic is supposed to be rampant and common practise. I am with El Baugher and I truly believe, that nobody can cast a spell on anyone and cause tragedy upon any person, unless this person is already a vibrational match to this tragedy. In the book ‘The Master Key System’ by Charles Haanel he mentions, that there is nothing that can’t be achieved through concentration, absolutely anything is possible through our mind. What may seem as a supernatural phenomenon, or magic or spell is nothing but the result of somebody’s laser sharp focus on an intent. How do you think those shaolin masters can break layers of brick stone with their bare hands? For sure not by physical strenght! Its through the cultivation and building up of ‘Inner Strength’ or “Lifeforce” or “Chi”. And how do they achieve that level of “Chi”? Of course through continous practise of mental disclipline and meditation, which is nothing else but laser sharp concentration.
    I can tell you dozens of stories of magic, that supposedly has happend here, but it would be too long. However, I can tell you of a true story that happened in Bali not long ago. Bali is a Hindu Island and it’s blessed with many beautiful Hindu temples and shrines. Women during their time of menstruation are considered “not clean” and therefore are prohibited to go into a holy place like a temple. The “Monkey Forrest” is one of those temples located in a forrest, where monkeys run around free and tourists love to go there to see the temple and feed the monkeys. At the entrance of every temple there is a sign, warning women not to go inside the temple during their menstruation. However, one girl belonging to a tourist group, either ignored the warning or did not bother to read the sign, whatever, but not long after the group entered the moneky forrest, this girl was visciously attacked by a monkey. This was unheard of because monkeys are naughty, mischievious and very playful, but they don’t usually get violent and attack tourists. Now, the physical injury caused by the monkey was minimal, but this girl actually fell into a coma for a
    few days after being attacked by the monkey and after investigating further, it was confirmed that this girl had entered the temple while having her menstruation. She “disobeyed” the rules and entered a sacred place during the time she was “unclean” and had to pay a hefty price for disobeying, intentionally or unintentionally! Is ist magic or spell ??? Don’t know myself, but I sure choose to obey the regulations, especially the spiritual rules.

  • Ms. Tee says:

    I didn’t read any of these comments (But, I will!) but I’ll have to say this article was awesome! For me it took the sting out of my bias of people who do rituals for success. We could use this to symbolize concentrated focus and visualization. Why would that be witchcraft? We give power to words and the meaning of our actions by our beliefs. Which Would you rather believe this was intended for, darkness or light? WHat would you rather use it for?

  • Leslie Richter says:

    Jessica Earl my email address is, let’s talk. woohoo!
    I am giggling about Paul’s comment about the haircut because I so need one, I guess I was waiting to make the appointment when the moon was waning. of course!
    “Spell of Rosette?’ is this your new book Kim? How do we get a copy? How cool!!!
    Fun talk.

  • TOTAL goose bumps on that, Kim!! “Is there anyone else?”
    I get it!!
    I feel it!
    January for “Spell of Rosette”?! Do I really have to wait that long?! lol
    I will – happily. For a work of art by YOU, my friend?!! Happily. 🙂
    PS – I hope we get to see your tattoo on the jacket!

  • Kim Falconer says:

    Of course we are witches. I thought you knew that!
    Peregrine John is right—Real witches don’t spell magic with a K. (Yes, that is a pun) Magic doesn’t have a color either. It’s energy, just as it is.
    Ritual magic, witchcraft, deliberate creation, prayer, chanting, evoking, shamanism, meditation…these are only words that describe a state of being—a state of awareness. We get what we vibrate and the witch, the shaman, the devotee or the ‘regular Joe’ who hires a GoodVibe coach is practicing deliberately the art of vibration management. Without awareness, the practice goes on just as powerfully in everyone of us….but not deliberately.
    The term witch can make people unease given our cultural conditioning. I don’t want to evoke the vibe around gendercide or discuss what fuelled the witch hunts. That was an old paradigm an in our new perceptions we are free to experience magic and witchcraft and deliberate creation free of emotional charge. When you get your copy of book one—The Spell of Rosette—(in January!), my friend, you will have a much deeper understanding of the connection between witches and deliberate creation!
    As for creating in other people’s realities, everyone has made good points. I am wondering though, are we really manipulating others, only our perceptions of others.
    Question: Considering we are all connected, “Is there anyone else?”
    Xxx Kim

  • Jessica Earl says:

    Yes Leslie, I agree… it gave me a quite a laugh! So… I was wondering about how to contact you when I read your post, then Jeannette encourages it in her post- but I still don’t know how to get in touch with you! Email/website?
    I didn’t necessarily want to interrupt this thread, but who knows, maybe someone else is wondering the same thing! 🙂
    Love, Jess

  • Oh BOY!!!!


    Wow. I TOTALLY did that, Jessica!

    I mean, I intended to stimulate fun discussion with lots of posts, and here you all are!

    Black magic? White? Good intending? lol

    Well, let me just add on right now (this is on the topic of hindsight intending that I want to write about soon) that it’s all to our highest good! 🙂

  • Jessica Earl says:

    I just had a “ah-ha” moment- sort of gave me a chuckle.
    Jeanette, in a very LOA way you put your spell on us because you set out to attract all of us to your blog and post!! It was your intention that “manipulated” us to be here… but we wouldn’t be here if we didn’t want to, so yes, we are co-creating rather than you creating for us. 🙂
    But I thank you SO much for intending this blog!!

  • VERY good company, indeed!

    Leslie’s singed feather comment reminded me how an energy worker told me once upon a time that I’d been burned at the stake in Europe, which – I have to say – gave my ego some fair amount of pride fuel. lol

    Course, that doesn’t mean I WAS one, does it?! ha ha

    Great times, indeed. And great company.

    You all rock!!

  • Paul. says:

    Wow, all these great posts popped up while I was babbling!
    First off, I want to say that I’m glad to read how many others have come to similar conclusions from their own “travels” and studies.
    I also wanted to share a bit of my own experiences on the healing issue. As it turned out, from my studies, I seem to have a special affinity for healing and have spent a lot of my studies in that area. I like Jeannette’s comment about operating from the ego. Often, I’ll be presented with a situation where it would be so easy (for me) to “help” another and (especially with tools like long-distance Reiki) no one would be the wiser. After all, I have this gift; am I not obligated to use it? Every teacher of every healing modality I’ve studied have said no and have explicitly cautioned against such things. One such teacher told me, “It is not fair of you to take away another’s lessons.” And the LoA gives us a wonderful window into that dynamic. After all, that person attracted the illness to themselves. If we are all guided by our Higher Selfs (and I believe we are, no matter how much resistance we are creating in our physical lives), then our Higher Selfs are going to delivering to us from our Vibrational Escrow circumstances that will lead us to the greatest good we will allow for ourselves in this world. And, as Jeannette asks, “who am I to know better than a Higher Self?” (Boy, just typing that smacks of ego! 🙂 )
    Of course, I did not learn that lesson easily and ignored that part of my teachings, only to find that–more often than not–while I might have been able to “help” in the short-term, the person would only go on to re-develop the same condition or worse later on. (My mother is a text-book example of this: she has, in spite of her efforts and those of her doctors, managed to attract to herself and then completely heal herself of cancer 4 times to date. Oy! I had learned my lesson before all that, I’m glad to say, for her sake.)
    I love El’s comments about healing prayers and God. Of course, the praying are resisting the illness and, as Jeannette has written many times, what we resist persists. And one of the more powerful concepts for me as I studied was that I could change my concept of God from an externa, possibly vengeful cosmic lotto machine (if you will) to a part of all of us. All of this has drawn me to Ho’oponopono, so that now as my mother (or other loved one or me) faces their challenges, I can heal the part of me that contributes. Whatever their lesson, they don’t need my commotion along with it.
    Aside to Leslie: That book is a lot of fun, isn’t it? I have given it as a gift on a number of occasions. Speaking of planting with the moon cycles, you may want to experiment with this: get your hair cut when the moon wanes; your hair cut will last longer. The Paul-Leslie Lovefest continues…!
    I know what you mean, Peregrine John, that sadly many don’t pay heed to the distinctions. I for one use the term extremely rarely myself. (Feels pretentious for what I do.)
    And, Jessica, I’m not the coach (let alone Master Coach) around here but, for the situation you’ve asked about, I’ve found reminding myself of Abraham’s advice to be helpful: “Nothing is more important than feeling good.”
    PS to Jeannette: I’d prefer to think that abundance flows to you in all avenues…even in the realm of “action.” 😉 And it seems, from some of these posts, that if you were called a “witch,” you may find yourself in some very good company.

  • Leslie Richter says:

    Lol I have to agree with Paul wonderful times we are in, to be able to talk our talk.
    I certainly have had to battle fears from before about talking about this stuff, I still can smell singed feathers.

  • Peregrine John says:

    Though I have a sneaking suspicion (based on my wanderings) that a great many don’t follow that differentiation, I very much appreciate having it in my head, and I thank you for taking the time to explain! At the very least, it’ll give me a clue to what’s up, which is always good.
    (Still bumps in my reading like a hairball, though. 😀 )

  • oh my gosh, my pray rain journal is a prop? hee hee Paul!! Wow.

    I am really feeling some new space in my brain in reading these posts!! (Thank you, everyone!)

    Thanks for these clarifications and distinctions, Paul.

    I’m wondering … when I read Maguire’s book .. at some point in it I looked up at Cher, my favorite cat, who happens to be a gorgeous black cat which is alo my favorite kind of cat .. (so much so that animal shelters know when I foster a litter of black kittens, usually one stays behind with me) .. anyway, I looked up at Cher and asked if she was my familiar. lol

    I’m just enjoying this freedom, I guess, to traipse through a world that felt .. off limits .. before.

    What great company here! 🙂

  • OMG Leslie! I’m STILL laughing at your comment: “How many lifetimes are we going to chose to be a dumb ass about our energy and our choices?”

    Well, not this one, huh?

    This one’s different!

    I have to say, anyone who’s not yet had a reading from Leslie, … trying to find words that do it justice here … whew. All I can say is it’s something else! I HIGHLY recommend it if that’s your sort of thing!

    Well, even if it’s not, probably. ha!

    Thanks, my friend, for the reminder about how powerful it can be to work WITH planetary and moon energy. Is “Spells For Success” getting a thumbs up from you, then?

  • Paul. says:

    This post reminds me of how fortunate we are to live in this time. “The leading edge of creation,” I believe Abraham calls it. Unlike in times past when people would be persecuted for discussing things like “energy work” or “Deliberate Creation,” we are lucky enough to have sites like your own, Jeannette, where not only can we discuss, but also explore and examine these forces.
    I remember when my grandmother and aunts were teaching me “the craft.” (For those of you knowledgeable about such things, yes, it was unusual that a boy be taught this but the circumstances were a bit unusual as well.) It was done with almost a paranoid secrecy: curtains were drawn and lesson times chosen to minimize others from seeing and the many, many times I was sworn to secrecy (with some pretty omnious threats, especially for a 7-year-old ). I was told the secrecy was for protection lest these secrets fall into the wrong hands, sort of like giving a baby a loaded pistol. But later I also learned how my grandmother’s life experience was filled with repeating episodes where her skills were alternately revered and then ultimately reviled by her town, causing her family to flee to the next village. She had learned the value of secrecy and a bit of that lesson still lingers with me to-day.
    My family was very adept in techniques (the how’s) but not so in understanding (the why’s), which lead me on my path, investigating many of the “mystery” schools and branches of the occult. (An aside: “occult” means “hidden.”) And my own personal study, which has led me to the LoA and to here, has also taught me Sharon’s point: “energy is energy….” These are just different ways of manipulating the energy while using the same Laws (such as the LoA). Spells, prayers, hoodoo powders, magick rituals, Pray Rain Journals are all tools for focusing and aligning our vibe. They use many of the same “truths”* of our Universe to work.
    As Sharon says, “energy is energy” but, as we know, there’s energy of high vibration and energy with lower vibration. And, as Deliberate Creators, we get to decide every moment of every day, which end of the vibrational spectrum we want to work at. Or, as Glinda the Good asks, we get to ask ourselves, “Are you a good witch? Or a bad witch?” (Is anyone really surprised that I quoted The Wizard of Oz?) As Jeannette points out, we can affect others around us but one of the first lessons of most all branches is the Law of Return, which it states that the energy you direct outwards will return back to you, depending on which path you’re studying, either in direct proportion or multiplied. Sound familiar? Yep, it’s a corollary to our beloved LoA. In short, it Allowed students to choose for themselves what level of the Emotional Guidance Scale they wanted to work at while, hopefully, guiding them to the higher vibe.
    If I can clarify a bit of terminology, it might put Peregrine John at ease. The term “magick” was revived for two reasons: to distinguish the craft from stage magic and to set itself apart from “low magic,” orignally by the esoteric scholars of the late 1800’s. To them, low magic was what was practiced by my family: the ability to influence energy through spells, potions and the like without really interacting with the energy itself (and often without knowledge of the underlying processes). Practitioners of “high magick” sought to interact directly with the energies (particular the very high vibe ones) and the Non-Physical Beings themselves. While that sounds like a noble study, some of the “blackest” magicians known came out of the mystery schools of “high magick.” (The terms “white magic(k)” and “black magic(k)” are usually used to distinguish “good witches” from “bad witches.”)
    Wow, I seem to have gone off on a little lecture here; I’m sorry. Happy Hallowe’en, everyone!
    *I put “truths” in quotes because while many of us who read this blog accept these truths, not they are not yet generally accepted by the world.

  • Leslie Richter says:

    Recently I have been enjoying a book from the library called “Spells for Success”. What I like about it is the simplicity of working with the moon and the energy of wanning and waxing. As it goes towards a full moon it has the energy of drawing forth and as it starts losing it’s fullness it has the energy of letting go. You always hear about people planting a garden according to the moon, smart people.
    I like the idea of working with the rhythms of the earth. I suspect the more concious we can be about swimming downstream the more we can create with a more aligned flow.
    I really enjoyed all these posts and especially what Shron H wrote.
    “While it may appear on the human plane that one person is manipulating another, on the soul level there is only cooperation. I think we make agreements to help each other acquire or release karma.”
    I totally agree, I always think the human plane is like an iceberg, there is so much more underneath. I remember reading a quote that said no one can take your confidence away unless you let them. I was a bit shocked at first, yeah but…oh.
    I have witnessed some very interesting things when I have done energy readings for people and I especially have a talent for seeing the thread with past lifetimes. One time a woman came to me with a serious health condition that required her to take serious drugs. She was chocked, she had all her life preferred to take a more natural approach and was full of why me energy.
    I saw a past lifetime of her being a very male doctor after the butchery of witches. Being very self-righteous only those with trainning should be practising medicine and only men could get trainning. It was a very take charge and put the leeches on approach and don’t listen to or support other’s wisdom.
    The woman had a hard time hearing this, probably because she was still operating with a similar all or nothing energy. It’s almost spooky how there is a connection and a flow from one lifetime to the next. It is as Sharon H mentioned an agreement with self to balance out the karma, to shift and evolve.
    Hitler apparently put out his left arm when everyone saluted and everyone else put out there right arm. The left arm receives energy the right arm gives out energy. How many lifetimes are we going to chose to be a dumb ass about our energy and our choices?
    Love Leslie

  • Oooh boy, Jessica!

    You’re making me think of lots of things at once! (Like when I saw that CSI episode, I wondered if the hypnotist was implying the girl wanted to die.)

    I was also thinking about how when I hired my first LOA coach, one of the ways I benefited from working with her most was just being in the energy field of someone who KNEW, without a single doubt, that LOA works.

    I’d never been with that energy before (note, this was long before the Secret and even Ask & It Is Given, so there were no LOA meetup or mastermind groups back then). (Ha – I’m such an oldtimer! lol)

    But just conversing with someone who shared her confidence with me gave me an infusion of confidence, too.

    And I experienced that with others, too, on other subjects.

    So while it may be temporary, or seem temporary, I think it can take hold .. for our greater good. (Probably for the other, too, but I won’t go there.)

    I think it also depends greatly on our own intentions and awareness and energy.

    Thanks for stimulating the discussion even further, Jessica!

  • Jessica Earl says:

    ps. my comment about a “temporary” state would be equivalent to putting a “spell” on someone… wouldn’t the spell wear off at some point?
    I believe that if we choose to intend for others that it usually comes with a price/consequence. I just mean that I’ve seen how LOA does seem to “work” on others -like a person (A) really wanting to be with a particular person (B), then getting together, only to break up later on when that person (B) “wakes” up and wonders what the heck they were doing all that time??!!

  • Jessica Earl says:

    Wow! Cool posts. I only have a couple minutes, but I just wanted to share a couple reactions…
    On a CSI show the other night it was about a hypnotist who was “controlling” others for her benefit. Her comment about hypnotherapy (the show kind where you make people do foolish things like cluck like a chicken) is that “people can’t be made to do things that they were not willing to do subconsciously” (paraphrased)… which sounds similar to El’s discussion of vibrational alignment. I wonder though just how much influence we have over others.
    This links to my next comment about a friend of mine recently pointing out my sensitivity of picking up other’s energy. When I am not aware of it, I’ll find myself feeling… other’s feelings instead of my own. I’ve come to learn and understand it better… but it has caused a lot of challenges for me to overcome. My point is that most of us are influenced by the energy around us when not paying attention.
    How many times have we walked into a room where someone was fighting and even though no longer actively fighting, the tension is high? It is uncomfortable and hard to shake off… which is where being aware of it and having a counter intention helps. However, the opposite is true. Those individuals who are happy and positive are like a magnet. They FEEL good to be around, yet suddenly after you are no longer around them, you feel bad again?
    So I guess in terms of influence over others, I am wondering if it is more of a “temporary” state, assuming that the person is someone who is easily receptive and influenced and may not be aware of this. Others may and purposely intend on not being influenced.
    So I’m just saying that it probably depends on the energy that is flying around… along with the level of awareness.
    okay, more later. I just wanted to share a little. What do all of you think? I like this topic.

  • And the posts just keep getting better! woo hoo!!

    Got it, John. Like .. eye of newt as a prop. Thanks. I’m learning!

    I love what you said about manipulation being somewhat inevitable. We affect each other. !!

    (And thank God for it, huh?)

    So if I didn’t feel a need to see that squirrel live to see another day, I could be more pure in how I affected him and others.

    This reminds me of Byron Katie reminding us we don’t know what’s best for anyone else. Or ourselves even. lol

    Hmm. I’m giving this one some more thought. I can tell I’ve got some growing to do on this topic.

    Thanks, as always, my friend, for your excellent wisdom!!

  • Peregrine John says:

    You sound perhaps well-versed on this topic, John?
    About magic or silly spelling? LOL Hey, I’m a bit of a pedant, I’ll admit it. By “with props” I think they mean that items and actions help focus the mind and reinforce what’s being attempted – which is usually one form or another of personal betterment. It’s one of the primary functions of ritual and tradition.
    Sharon reminds me of the line from Hamlet (which I might have mentioned here before): There’s nothing good or bad, but thinking makes it so.
    As regards manipulation, is not nearly every interaction a form of manipulation? It’s theoretically possible to live without doing so, and that might be one way of describing the Buddhist ideal, but as a practical way of living (with apologies to the Buddhists), it’s very unlikely to come close to happening. Nevertheless, I think that limiting it, which LOA-practitioners and Taoists alike (among others) also describe as “non-neediness,” both helps get along with others and keeps the intention pure and free enough to let it happen.
    Hm, that was a bit convoluted. I’ve rewritten this section 4 times so far, trying to keep the length manageable for a comment thread. It’s on my list of Topics To Cover Properly, now, but what I’m trying to get to is this: Less neediness leads to more smoothly flowing and less disruptive, “manipulative” vibrations; and outside of a carefully limited definition, the word “manipulation” quickly becomes either useless or emotionally neuteral. There was also a bit in there poking fun at girls who think that wanting more sex is bad for a relationship, but I’ll let that go for the nonce. 😉
    As for being well-versed in general… well, you make me blush, really. I’m just always trying to understand things.

  • El Baugher says:

    When I started on this path I’m on, it began with religious investiagions. I went to church as a child and when older, I found I wanted to have faith in something, but “God” wasn’t what I was looking for.
    The very first time I ever prayed for guidance, I found myself sitting accross from a Wiccan witch getting a tarot reading VERY unexpectedly about 24 hours later. It didn’t hit me till 2 days later that she was the guidance I’d prayed for (DUH!) and I returned to her (she even turned out to be the daughter of a family friend).
    I told her I’d prayed and was sent to her. She gave me some good book titles to read and told me what she’d have me do if I were going to be a student of hers. I didn’t want to be a witch, so I wasn’t taking any teachings from her really, but she handed me the LOA concept and I’ve been forever grateful.
    In my humble opinion, witchcraft is the exact same as religion. Instead of God, they worship Mother Earth and various archetypes. It really IS self help with props. I studied Wicca quite extensively because it was the only religious type experience where they were consciously creating for themselves. Every other religion I found gave away all creative control to a “God” that was supposed to know what’s best.
    I know I get funny looks when I create something right in front of someone else’s face so I can understand the fear people feel/felt from lack of understanding when it comes/came to witches. But instead of gratitude journals and intention setting and vision boards and anything else we LOA’ers use as tools, they use wands and cups and swords and spells etc.. Incredibly similar path… with slightly different scenery.
    I prefer MY loa perception because I don’t NEED anyTHING to create. I need control of myself and connection to my source. I don’t need anything that rhymes or a ceramony or eye of newt to make the Universe take the shape I want it to. I only need connect to my source and intend to have that which I want, and it becomes. The tools witches use though are more about what things represent to THEM. So having a ceramony and casting a spell is really the same as building a vision board and creating an intention.
    As far as creating in someone elses experience, I don’t believe you can. What someone experiences is only theirs. The way you experience your enviroment is all about your own personal and individual perception of your life. You can NOT perceive for someone, therefore their experience is their own, no matter what. I believe you affect the energy fields that touch your own, everywhere you go. And that you can affect an area of energy by simple intention, but if you alter an enviroment with intention…and it happens to be the enviroment of someone else…. that does not mean that you also alter the way they experience their enviroment…. so you’re still only creating within your own experience.
    If you intend negative vibes for someone else, you can only create the negative vibes for yourself. If something negative also happens to the person for whom it was intended, it’s because they were already attracting the negative and when they found themselves in the negative vibrational enviroment that you intended into existence, their own vibration shifted and attracted the negative that you created. You can’t MAKE something happen to someone if they’re not attracting an experience that’s a vibrational match to your intention.
    I think praying for other people is a good example of this. I thought “God” was never listening because people pray for all these other people and bad things still abound. Then I listened to people at prayer. “God please don’t let that happen” “God please watch over Marie and guide her through BLANK”. People pray and there’s just FAR too much “whatcha don’t want” in these desparate sounding pleas. And the things they’re praying WON’T happen are obviously already happening, which has lead the person to pray in the first place. So, things go wrong in your life… and 30 people pray for you every night…and you are a vibrational match to what’s happening in your life, and to what people are accidentally praying into existence…and the result is…. you live what you don’t want and exactly what they all prayed for…by accident.
    I’m sorry for the record length comment. LOL I have more but I’mma shut up now!!
    Happy Creating,

  • “Similar path, different scenery” – that sums it up well, El.

    You made me laugh out loud about preferring LOA in that it doesn’t require eye of newt! I remember reading some of the items required for the spells and wondering “How do you get your hands on this stuff??”

    Not sure I’ve ever heard any one else explain co-creation as well as you just did. (And I just finished an Abe CD with this very question on it! So that’s saying something!)

    You’re echoing something I learned from Gregg Braden in that many folks are praying for what they don’t, and not even realizing it.

    Glad you didn’t limit yourself to a short post here, El. I’m grateful for ALL the words you shared. (Please come back to share the rest when you feel inspired to!)


  • Michaela, I’m relating to much of what you’re sharing here.

    I’ve been feeling a little question-marky in my intentions sometimes. Simple example is like Sunday when I was driving back down the canyon with the dogs, there was a live squirrel on the side of the road, my first thought “That’s too close!” and my second thought an intentional: “He’s safe and sound.” Then my third thought “But what if it’s his time and he’s looking for his exit?” and next thought “there’s a car behind me, they better pay attention!” and recognizing I’m really wanting this squirrel to be left alone and my final thought “It all works out perfectly.” If he goes, he goes, if he doesn’t he doesn’t.

    Maybe safe and sound looks like squished on the road.

    I don’t know.

    Guess I’m still feelinq question-marky.

    When it comes to others, I’m feeling a generic wish of “whatever they want” is probably serving us all well. Doesn’t impose on their creation, lines up with their higher intentions (and lower ones) as well, and still leaves me feeling like I’m in service.

    This is a fascinating topic.

    Thanks for contributing to the conversation, Michaela! It’s a pleasure to hear from you again!

  • Michaela says:

    Some months ago I visited a well-known LOA forum from time to time. Discussions like “Yes, you CAN have your Ex back!” or “Yes, you can manifest a relationship with a certain person” or “Yes, you can have him/her even if he/she is not at all interested in you” used to have the most participants, views and replies. Obviously, it seemed to make a lot of people really happy to learn that they could exert that kind of power over their ex-partners or lovers or potential partners.
    It made me very uncomfortable to read that. I used to imagine being the “victim” of that kind of manifestation myself and it feels extremely bad to me. (Though actually I don’t really believe that someone could infringe my free will in such a manner.) I’m not sure what people get out of manifestations like this – why would I want to force anybody into a relationship with me?!
    Having said that, I do believe in praying for others. If you take the standpoint that God/the universe is really benevolent and everything is ultimately happening for our good (an approach used, for example, by Unity church, Christian Science but also LOA supporters) you kind of “align” your thought with this whenever you pray for a good outcome. I don’t see that as “manipulating”. It’s more of “going with the flow of good”. 🙂 I try to be very general in my wordings of prayer, like praying for “a wonderful solution”, “things turning to good”, “the universe/God taking care of the situation or person”.
    Even when a beloved person or pet is sick, I acknowledge the fact (it’s difficult though!) that I perhaps should not pray for healing, that I just should pray for the right solution or outcome. I remember praying for a cat aquaintance of mine, a dear old tomcat I loved very much. I didn’t want to let him go but I thought something like “If it’s his time, please let him go in peace and let him being taken care of”. It was kind of praying for the “right solution”, too, I think. (He DID go soon after that, his oldest friend cared for him during his last days, she took him to the vet and even buried him in her own garden.)
    Am I still on the topic, Jeannette? Did that make sense to anyone? I hope so! 🙂

  • Thanks, Mariam, for being open to seeing the correlation. I was a little nervous about sharing these thoughts, and am glad to hear you’re receiving it the same way I did.

    Your comment is much appreciated, my friend! 🙂

  • Mariam says:

    Wow really cool vision, you have found an amazig reciprocity : if magic exists (it totally does) then the law of attraction exists – so energy of tought creates whatever we want. I was reluctant accepting this fact, but the link you made with magic and l.o. attraction is undeniable!!
    Keep up your amazing work!

  • Thanks for that, Bonni – “it’s all the same thing.” I like the easy way you show how rituals can serve.

    And you’re TOTALLY right about how magic & LOA are the same in that many people don’t realize they’re doing it! But that doesn’t stop it from happening. Good point!

    I find myself dwelling on your words “careful direction of faith/belief.”

    This is a meaningful post, Bonni. Thanks for sharing here!

  • bonni says:

    A little more than a year ago, I undertook to read a great deal of different metaphysics. I was inspired to learn about manifestation, and I read about ritual magic (or magick if you wish), about prayer and religious ritual, about miracles, about many different approaches to creating our own reality and even altering other people’s reality.
    I am absolutely convinced that the manipulation of energy is universally taught and understood. It takes different forms and guises, yes, and sometimes involves rituals (religious as well as magical), and it always involves some degree of that which might be called faith, belief, or knowledge/understanding. But it’s all the same thing.
    The purpose of ritual is to channel intentions, energy, belief, etc. The process of gathering the herbs or candles or other ingredients, of preparing them, of doing the ritual, this is all part of of creating a focus. I don’t personally believe that the act of lighting a candle every day for a week and saying a specific prayer seven times a day (or whatever) is any more or less effective than any other means, but it definitely does tend to cause a believer to believe with a great deal of focus and emotion, and therefore can be very effective (if you’re not a believer, well, it’s probably just going to be a lot of mumbo jumbo and fol-de-rol to you).
    Yes, most “black magic” is done by people who don’t even know they’re doing it, just as manifestation is done by people who don’t consciously know they’re doing it. People create reality all the time, without knowing it. And if you create negative things, you pay the consequences of it, just as you reap the benefits of creating postive things. You always reap what you sow, even if you’re sowing it without conscious understanding or awareness.
    I could write at some length about the similarities between “magical ritual” and “religious ritual”, but it tends to raise people’s ire when I do that, so I won’t, but just consider that both religious ritual and magical ritual involve strong symbolism, the desire to alter material reality, invocation or evocation, the use of sacred objects and/or substances, and the careful direction of belief (faith).

  • I agree, Leah. I suspect some folks (myself included on occasion) might think they’re operating from pure intention, but are sometimes driven by egoic need or self-centeredness.
    Like my intention that my foster kitties live .. or that The Love Tabby comes home – how do I know that’s what’s best for everyone involved?
    I’m off to track down your writings, Leah. Thanks for pitching in to the conversation here! Much appreciated! 🙂

  • Leah Mullen says:

    To answer your question, I think all manisfestation involves others as no woman/man is an island. However it’s like what Oprah said in Essence Magazine years ago. She said “always have pure intentions” because that determines the outcome. Sure you can do harm to another and rest assured it will come back to bite you–ie Karma, Law of Attraction etc.
    I write about ritual, spells, Law of Attraction etc, but ultimately what I try to report on via my writing is the concept of positive action and behavior modification. And I think belief in a philosophy like the Law of Attraction can change bad habits, negative thought patterns etc into activity, gratitude and all those things needed for success.

  • Sharon – I was so lit up by your words that I could hardly finish reading your excellent post to thank you for it!
    Especially this: “Voodoo and magic work, and so does prayer, because of the intensity of emotion and belief and the vibration that is generated. We like to pray for people, but couldn’t that be considered a “manipulation?” It’s just that we deem the outcome to be good.”
    and this: “We don’t have any idea what path a particular soul has come to travel. Perhaps healing from an illness isn’t in that soul’s best interest when looking through the lens of eternity. Being attached to any particular outcome creates a barrier to the expression of what is the highest and best result.”
    REALLY well said, in my opinion.
    Thank you so much for a thoughtful and thought-provoking post, Sharon! Please visit with us again!

  • Sharon H says:

    Hi Jeannette,
    Energy is energy, and it’s neutral. It’s our use of it, or our manipulation of it that determines what form it will take. So, do we use our powers for good or evil? We can have good, loving thoughts, for ourselves and others, that will shape what manifests. Or we can have base, fearful thoughts, for ourselves and others, that will also shape what manifests.
    Voodoo and magic work, and so does prayer, because of the intensity of emotion and belief and the vibration that is generated. We like to pray for people, but couldn’t that be considered a “manipulation?” It’s just that we deem the outcome to be good.
    The thing I try to remember with the Law of Attraction is that it does not work in isolation of other Laws–like the Law of Cause and Effect and the Law of Karma. I always add “for the good of all concerned” when I’m setting intentions. We don’t have any idea what path a particular soul has come to travel. Perhaps healing from an illness isn’t in that soul’s best interest when looking through the lens of eternity. Being attached to any particular outcome creates a barrier to the expression of what is the highest and best result.
    Also, unless we are in constant conversation with our Higher Self, we don’t always know what is in our own best interest. Ever looked back on something that you thought wasn’t good at the time but you see how it set you on a different path that has been a real blessing?
    Here’s what I believe is the key. In the interaction between two souls, I believe there is always free will. While it may appear on the human plane that one person is manipulating another, on the soul level there is only cooperation. I think we make agreements to help each other acquire or release karma.
    I am continually moving towards opening and allowing rather than doing and efforting. For me, the most fulfilling life, one of magic and wonder and flow and brilliance, is lived by listening to my heart. Any loving act or thought opens the creative flow and allows energy to formulate into beautiful manifestations. It also generates good karma.
    So rather than trying to manifest my boyfriend to propose, I would instead send him my love and declare that I am open and excited about sharing my life with him. Then the resulting proposal is free of any lower vibration. We get to live happily ever after!
    Many Blessings,

  • You sound perhaps well-versed on this topic, John? “Self-help with props.” What exactly does that mean? I’m kind of getting a sense of it as I repeat it in my head, and I think I’m liking the sounds of it …

    PS – just read your last comment on the Abe post … you’re just plain old well-versed, aren’t you?!

  • Peregrine John says:

    I wish everyone would get over the word “magick”, actually. People only use the extra letters to make it sound more old-timey, and thereby more deep or something. Big, fluttery red flag, marked Pretentious. When I read it spelled with “ck”, it trips over itself in my mind as though the writer had a hairball. Why not go all the way and spell it “magicqk”? Oy…
    Anyway, yeah. Witches of my acquaintance see what they do pretty much as either self-help with props (their words, not mine) or straight-out manifestation. Or both at once!

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