Deliberate Creation: Take 2

laptop.jpgAfter receiving an unprecedented number of personal emails (thanks, everyone) following the last post about recreating reality with my neighbor, I thought it would be helpful to offer another less dramatic example.
We all have small opportunities sprinkled throughout every day to show our commitment to the life we want. Sometimes those are the easier ones to start playing with, rather than the big deal that’s got us tied up in knots.
Thursday I experienced a new challenge at the computer. Emails were coming in, but nothing was going out. My outbox was filling up, and each time I would try to send another email, I’d get another error message about being unable to connect to the server, or something to that effect.
After 20 minutes or so, my concern grew. I make a living by phone and email, so to not have email access is more than a minor inconvenience. I’d never experienced this problem before. It definitely wasn’t my internet provider, because I was online and receiving emails just fine. Tried researching Windows Mail help. Sheesh. I should know better. It gave me a couple of suggestions that seemed irrevelevant and the fixes they offered didn’t make a bit of difference. I shut the whole thing off, and rebooted. Still nothing going out.
I started wondering who I could call that could walk me through an easy fix. Everyone I thought of would have been happy to help, but I “knew” they wouldn’t be available immediately. Plus, I have a tendency to prefer not to ask for help.
So then my frustration grew right alongside concern.
I started thinking about whose fault it was that there was a breakdown here. I thought about Microsoft, Geek Squad, and Comcast always gets thrown in this group, too, when I go down this road …
I wondered about recent emails I’d received and tried to reply to, thinking maybe one of those was the culprit.
All the while the clock’s ticking, and my anxiety is growing. Clients expect to hear back from me within a certain period of time. What if this was more than just temporary? What if … ?
Then I got conscious to what I was flowing.
Frustration, worry, tension, anxiety.
How’s a solution supposed to show up when THAT’S what I’m flowing?
Right, it can’t.
I’ve got to get to relief, easy, smooth, pleased.
So I walked away. I took a shower, which always seems to help clean the vibe up. During the shower I smiled my big smile for seeing my outbox empty and everything flowing again just the way it usually does. I said out loud, “Ah! I KNEW it!” and imagined my pleasure with myself for remembering to shift the vibe.
After the shower, I thought about checking in on computer. “Ah, give it another minute,” I thought. Meaning give ME another minute to get really solid on “this thing works great.”
I swapped out a load of laundry and gave the dogs a treat, remembering to feel my “relief” vibe about the outgoing email.
Then I came back to the computer. “All is well,” I reminded myself, as I sat back down. I could really feel it – not just a pretend “all is well” vibe – but a sincere one. (I get there pretty easy because I practice this one a lot. It gets easier the more you practice it.)
And sure enough, all was well. The outbox was empty, everything was in sent mail just as it belongs, and we were in business again. I couldn’t explain what changed – except my vibration. Which is all that matters.
It doesn’t matter whether we’re shifting the vibe to create world peace or make it through the next green light – it’s the same process. Remember what you want, feel how that feels, and relax.
This is what deliberate creation is all about, right? Flex your muscles, and have fun with the process. It will lead you to a whole new world. 🙂

  • October 21, 2007
  • Good Vibe Coach says:

    Glad the post inspired you, Anonymous! Keep us updated!

    And Pippa, I LOVE the gratitude you experienced at the beginning of your quest!! It gives me goose bumps to read that. That’s EXACTLY how it works – we feel it first, then it happens.

    Congrats on mastering your power as a deliberate creator. The whole world truly DOES lie at your feet. Fun, huh?! woo hoo!!

  • Pippa says:

    Wow, Jeanette, a whole new world it is!

    Inspired by what I have found in your blog, yesterday I really put my energy into finding a little maidenhair fern for my desk. This does not sound “big” but after 2 months of searching, it is! I found it, but more than that, I was completely surprised by the deeply overflowing sense of gratitude which filled me as I *started* my quest, the sort of feeling that I would normally have expected at the successful end. I felt so excited and so blessed! And like the whole world lies at my feet…

    Thank you for teaching me.

  • Anonymous says:

    Thankyou for this. I hate asking for help too, I wonder why that is…. but inspired by your advice I’m going to work on shifting my vibe for something I’m struggling with

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